The great PARADOX

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I frequently remind my friends and family, please, do not refer to me as a doctor.

Now, more than ever it becomes obvious that what looks white is actually black.

What is presented as a solution is actually creating a problem.

What is promoted as being good, is, in reality, bad, and what is advertised as medicine is actually a poison.

Here we come to the title of medical doctor and it does not take much to realize that doctors are groomed to be the messengers of misinformation and nest from which diseases are manufactured, nourished and spread.

The last person to ask for health advice is a licensed health professional, doctors included.

Why do I say this?

To become licensed, you have to go through the rigors of total brainwashing which we call schooling. It takes years to become brainwashed sufficiently to embrace the lies as truths, and when this is achieved you get your professional license.

Since what you know is in fact lies, you have become a professional liar and broadcaster of misinformation.

More of this broadcasting you do, your title changes and you become a teacher or professor.

If you think that I am exaggerating, I will give you some obvious examples which you can easily verify yourself.

For example, the most obvious misinformation (lie) is that our body cannot regulate the levels of salinity so if we intake too much of salt, we will create problems in our health such as are hypertension, swelling and water retention.

This is what we are being told, and this is what health professional are repeating like parrots.

Every client being it a native from the jungle or the sophisticated, the super-educated medical doctor will repeat the same when I tell them that they need to consume more salt, “what about my blood pressure?” they will ask.

How difficult is it to verify this information?

All we have to do is to taste a drop of our urine, then eat some salt and taste our urine again. Everyone can do it. No equipment is necessary to do this test, yet nobody bothers to check it out.

The sad thing is that our health providers are least likely to do this test because they “know the truth”. They have been taught by experts in the field and no matter what results they will find, they will not change their opinion because it is not about what you can see for yourself. It is all about what you have been told.

When a healthy person consumes a lot of salt (not refined sea salt is the salt I am referring to), Their blood pressure does not increase, they do not show the signs of inflammation or water retention.

All that happens is that the thirst increases because the body needs more water so that it can eliminate the surplus. We urinate more, and the urine becomes very salty. Sadly, we believe that drinking more water creates hypertension and water retention because we have been told so by experts.

There we go, the lie that our body cannot regulate its salinity goes right into the toilet, but try to convince the doctor! Good luck with it.

The next “truth” we can easily disprove is the fact about cholesterol.

Whenever I mention how eating eggs and pork is a healthy thing to do, the first question is “and what about my cholesterol levels?”

Cholesterol is produced in our body according to the cellular demand and has nothing to do with what you eat at the moment.

If your cells demand more cholesterol because they need it, your body will provide it no matter what you eat. Many vegetarians suffer from high cholesterol but the first thing that the doctor will warn you when your cholesterol levels are elevated is not to eat eggs and pork.

If you want to see it for yourself, have your blood tested for cholesterol and then you go and have a meal with eggs or pork and have yourself retested.

You will see that the cholesterol levels remain the same or in fact, they can start decreasing.

It all depends on the reason why did your cells demand more cholesterol. Often the liver is summoned to produce cholesterol because the diet is low on fats and the cells have to defend themselves from the insulin.

Our cells have to get energy from something. We are programmed to use fat for this purpose but vegetarians reprogram their cells to use glucose. Glucose stimulates insulin production and insulin irritates our cells. So the cells need to protect themselves by reinforcing their membranes. Since the membranes are made of cholesterol, more cholesterol is needed.

Since vegetarians do not have fat in their food, their intestines cannot produce the needed cholesterol so the job is given to the liver.

The liver will convert glucose into fat and it will bond it to protein producing the cholesterol.

By eating more fat, we diminish the role of glucose and less cholesterol is requested by our cells and the blood cholesterol levels start to go down.

This is easily verified but no-one is even trying.

Now, this leads us to the most important lie of them all. A lie that is the cause of over 2000 genetic errors in the human body and that is the lie about the glucose.

Throughout our education, we are being told that our cells need glucose to be able to make energy.

In the medical school the emphasis when the Krebs or the citric acid circle is being explained, the glucose is used as an example even when the fat is being processed in the same cycle.

We are being brainwashed how glucose is the necessary energy sours and fats are being barely mentioned. The fact that our body cannot store glucose and the surplus of glucose is being transformed into fat before storing it become completely ignored by our scientific experts.

Why does our body store so much fat? This question is asked but the true facts are ignored because our science is providing us with fake information and purposefully we are being lead to false beliefs and useless knowledge. A knowledge of lies paraded as truths.

We are living in a great PARADOX of all times where all that we hear from the trusted professionals are lies and deceits. They are spread through schools, media, the entertainment industry, and your trusted experts.

The only truth is what you experience yourself but when our health is in question, we are too scared to trust ourselves and since the body has to readjust to its environment, changes we make will result often with unpleasantness which we confuse with a negative reaction of our body to the change.

To be able to see the changes one has to stick to certain protocol for t least a month before they can voice their judgment. This gives enough time for genetic adjustment and the results became noticeable.

Often even the smallest mistake may interfere with the result and this is why I strongly recommend everyone to be guided by someone who is experienced with this process.

We are here to experience and not to read or listen about experiences of others.

What you experience is the truth.

If you are given a medication that makes you feel bad, this is your experience so why do you go back for more?

Because you are brainwashed and in fear. You do not trust yourself and you blindly follow instructions because this is how you are programmed to react. You are a slave of the system

Unless you wake up, you are gone.

Please, please, please, open your eyes, your mind, and your heart.

Love and light to us all.


Obesity, the manufactured health issue.

Is there any problem with obesity?

Scientists make of it a big issue because they blame the obesity for our health problems.

I pointed many times that it is not the obesity that makes people sick, it is the type of food we eat that creates our health problems including obesity as one of them.

Now the “experts” are debating that if we could find out what makes our pets fat, maybe we could solve the problem why humans are getting fatter than ever before?

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Welcome to the year of the great change!

I was hoping for those changes to come last year but they were delayed again. The delay has its benefits and those are less destruction and lower loss of human lives that this change is bringing.

The more time we have, the more people can awake and be saved.

The truth is seeping out and those willing to accept it and change has a great opportunity to benefit from it and advance.

Since our environment is changing on its vibratory level, there will be changes in the whole structure of the matter and the three-dimensional world around us.

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Is obesity a disease?

When I was growing up, chubby kids were a rarity. We had one chubby kid in the whole school and he was a son or a restaurant owner.

Kids did not tease him because as he had to walk with all that fat, his muscles were bigger and he was stronger so nobody wanted to get in a fight with him.

And mind you, he was just chubby for today’s standards.

If you watch some old movies, most of the actors were slim and the chubby one was the laughing stock or the bad guy.

The things were changing slowly and today people look at you strangely if you have a normal weight. Unless you are pudgy, you must be sick. Obesity is not only ignored, but it is also actually promoted especially with women.

The great majority of women these days are overweight and they think that this is beautiful.

The taste we cannot discuss, for each its own, but the true features will always be altered if layers of fat are covering them.

For me, there is no ugly human. As long as they are in good shape and loving, they are beautiful. The beauty radiates from within. I simply cannot believe that anyone really loves to be fat.

Carrying the extra weight is no fun at all.

I myself immediately notice when I put 1 kilo extra. I start to feel heavy and slow.

When I was carrying the extra load of 25 kilograms I was stiff but I had forgotten how one feels when in proper weight so I coped with it thinking that this lousy feeling comes with age.

When I started to cleanse and changed my diet everything changed, from the way I looked, my health but the best thing was the way that I feel now when I am back on the weight I had when I was attending the University.

Because obesity has become today’s norm, and so is a sickness, doctors are starting advising people to watch their weight. Just about every obese human when they visit their health-care professional encounter the same response; you have to lose some weight.

This goes before you even had a chance to say what brings you to see the doctor.

Doctors are immediately drawing a relation between the fat body and diseases as if the obesity was a disease on its own.

Well, is it?

Just about every fat human today has a fatty liver syndrome if nothing else is discovered.

In my experience here in Amazon region of Peru, it is hard to find a slim human. The women, r girls I should say since I am talking about females in late teens and early twenties, are fat and their doctor advises them to get pregnant right away because their health is failing and soon they will not be able to procreate.

Similar stories I hear from people in the USA and England, many obese women have problems with their uterus and they are unable to conceive.

It all points to the conclusion that obesity is a symptom of the unhealthy body but it used not to be so.

My school-friend Zvonko was chubby but he was healthy long into his old age.

Well, Zvonko was the son of a restaurant owner and ate a lot of grilled meat. His extra calories were from mostly animal fats which combined with potatoes and bread caused him to gain weight but on the functional level, his genome was not altered too much and only a few genetic errors occurred not presenting the body with any bad symptom.

As I was mentioning in my previous articles, the obese body can be healthy or it can be unhealthy. The health has nothing to do with the amount of the fat we carry around. The fat is stored calories and produces no danger to our health. The only reason doctors focus on it is because they do not understand what is happening in the body and as usual, they focus on the symptom.

Since almost all fat people have health issues, “toddlers” come to the conclusion it must be the fat that interferes with their health.

Yes, people who eat less amount of food, they are slimmer and generally healthier from their pudgy friends. The more people eat, the heavier and sicker they get because they eat the wrong type of food.

As I had mentioned earlier, it is not the calories which create our health problems. It is the source of those calories that creates the health issues.

When you increase your weight with meats and fats you stay healthy and when you increase your weight by eating the fruits and vegetables you develop chronic health problems.

Very often we can hear doctor repeating “you have to lose weight so that you can get healthy”.

This statement is completely wrong.

Yes, we can feel better because we become less toxic but there is no way that healing will take place unless we change our diet and hydrate.

All of those slim-fast programs which are based on a calorie counting are going to end up in failure.

They are based on starvation so the body tries to quickly replenish the lost fat whenever it can so that it can survive the next go-around.

Teasing the body with carbohydrates and not giving it enough just makes the things worse.

It constantly keeps the body and the mind in a stress situation.

Considering the way people become fat these days it is safe to say that obese people are sick.

The wrong food is promoted and the correct type of food is demonized.

Soy boys are all over the place and the women mostly look like truck drivers dressed in the most unappealing way.

Where are those days Briggite Bardot, Jane Mansfield, Marilin Monroe, Clark Gable, Victor Mature, Steve Reeves, and let’s not forget Charlton Heston? You will not see those guys chewing on radish.

We have to forget the science that is shoved into our face and we have to observe nature since we have lost our ways.

People behave like scared pussycats. Everyone is afraid to offend someone and apologizes in advance. Yes I am a white male and my friend Thomas is a black male and Hilno is brown female and we love each other. Color has nothing to do with anything as long as you have the spine and not shivering behind your mother’s skirt.

Vegans often attack me as insensitive and barbaric because I eat the poor animals.

We, the animals and the plants, we all have the sole. We all can feel the pain and we are all afraid of change and death so if you do not want to harm any living thing, this Earth is not a place for you. Here you have to kill to survive so kill what benefits your body and let the rest live.

I went a bit off the topic but it is important to eat the correct food and leave the philosophy of correctness to those not capable to see the truth.

Obesity is a problem, it is not a virtue and it is caused by the wrong knowledge pushed on us through the indoctrination schooling system.

Learn the truth and change your ways. Become responsible for your own health.

Love and light to us all.

The relation between the immune system and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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