Swelling on gums the child.

There is a particular reason why I want to address a tooth abscess.

When first I started promoting the Self Healers Protocol, I had noticed something very particular.

What was happening to many of my clients was a development of a tooth abscess below the seemingly healthy teeth.

This was very strange and I had to find why is this happening and how can people protect themselves and prevent this from happening.

For those of you who had never had a tooth abscess and do not know what tooth abscess is, here is some information.

In general, an abscess is an encapsulated infection.

Detailed view of elbow with big carbuncle or furuncle

When some pathogen enters the body, the immune system will react and try to destroy the intruder. The first action of our body will be to inflame the area and with this extra pressure push the intruder out if we are talking about a wound.

By constricting the blood vessels, the blood’s return into the vein and getting back into the heart is reduced, slowing down the spreading of the infection.

At the same time, the body creates a membrane around the infected area and isolates the pathogen. The membrane becomes reinforced with white-blood cells and in this way, the spread of the pathogen (bacteria) is held in one place and under control. This membrane that forms around the infected area is the capsule of an abscess. Within this capsule, the bacteria continue to proliferate (multiply) and at the same time, the immune system is trying to destroy them.

A lot of toxins are produced so the inside of the capsule becomes filled with what we call pus.

This new formation which is composed of the capsule and the pus we call an abscess.

The formation of a gas from the metabolism within the abscess increases the inner pressure which increases the sensation of the pain.

If an abscess forms in the mouth in the vicinity of a tooth we call it the tooth abscess.

Often the tooth abscess is connected to the root-canal and as the internal pressure of the abscess rises so does the toothache.

What is so special about the tooth abscess?

The tooth-abscess often forms near a perfectly healthy tooth.

Since the abscess has a capsule, no antibiotic will penetrate it so healing of the abscess is not possible, at least this is what we are being told in the school and dentists repeat this to their patients.

How does dentist treat an tooth-abscess?

Dentists drill the perfectly healthy tooth so that they can access the abscess through the root canal. So they destroy a perfectly healthy tooth and in this way, they can drain the abscess and apply an antibiotic directly into the capsule of the abscess and destroy the infection.

Inflammatory abscess,acne on face

To make the thing worse, once the dentist has access to the abscess they do not bother to check what pathogen is causing the problem. They simply administer the most popular antibiotic. This often does the job but sometimes it does not.

This is what has happened to my friend in Macedonia.

His dentist drilled his tooth, drained the abscess and administered antibiotic but the infection remained. Antibiotic was administered orally as the infection started to spread through the sinus labyrinth. The antibiogram was never done so later when it was obvious that the antibiotic is not working there was no way to test for the pathogen since the antibiotic had polluted the sample.

My friend is on the oral antibiotics for almost a month and the pain persists.

Now they want to do a surgical procedure to cut into the abscess and take it out. Why was this not done in the first place since this way the tooth would be saved?

Here you can clearly apply the term “the blind are leading the blind”.

My friend Mr. H. from Macedonia was on my Protocol and I warned him to use the Colloidal Silver during the Protocol until his immune system strengthens itself.

Why is this important?

When there are bacteria living in our mouth and on the roots of our teeth and our immune system is weak, bacteria proliferates and as there is no resistance coming from the body, bacteria and its toxins sip into the blood and pollute our body, especially the heart.

The infection is not spreading because the bacteria are kept in check by the presence of the fungus in the blood.

While on the Protocol the immune system strengthens and the amount of the fungus reduces so the bacteria attempts to spread but the improved immune system immediately springs into action and creates the abscess.

When we start using the Colloidal Silver for the prevention of the abscess, the bacteria becomes destroyed before the immune system strengthens and no abscess occurs.

Normally, now I would describe what and how to use the Colloidal Silver for abscess prevention and I would explain how to use the antibiotic correctly so you do not destroy your whole body and keep it concentrated only in the desired area but I will have to hold onto this information.

Occasionally I ask for a contribution, kind of an exchange for the information I am freely giving away and helping everyone to heal but I always receive a donation from the same handful of people.

When you contribute, I am grateful and you can be free to ask me whatever detail you want to hear and I will gladly share my knowledge with you and help you to heal and empower you with better understanding so that you can help others. It is all about energy exchange.

I want to end this blog with the statement that tooth-abscess can be prevented and healed without the loss of the tooth. Many of my clients healed their tooth-abscesses and saved their teeth. It is not a brain-science. It just takes some clear thinking and the clues are all over my posts.

Love and light to us all.

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Inflammation cartoons, Inflammation cartoon, funny, Inflammation picture, Inflammation pictures, Inflammation image, Inflammation images, Inflammation illustration, Inflammation illustrations

In the last week’s discussion about the inflammation, we had explained how inflammation is not a result of the fight of gen and antigen. Instead, it is an override action of the body to increase the amount of the blood in a particular tissue with the purpose of hydrating this part of the body.

This can force dehydrated cells to take in some water or it can flush this particular area of the toxicity.

Often people confuse inflammation with a water retention which are two completely different things. The water retention is mostly the result of a bad blood circulation and in extreme cases, diuretics must be used to get the water out.

Although diuretics have to be used if the inflammation endangers our life (choking) in almost all other cases the opposite is what has to be done and this is to hydrate the body with water and sea salt. This helps cleansing of the blood which will cancel the need for inflammation and the inflammation will subside.

Here is the second part of the program on the inflammation:

As you can see from the discussion, as far as the chronic diseases go, the inflammation is the bodies response to force hydration and it usually ends up with cleansing the area that is inflamed. So how do we combat the inflammation?

By keeping our body clean and well hydrated. Prevention is the best course of action.

To be able to detoxify, our body needs water, ions, and energy.

The water and sea salt we can drink and the energy our body produces unless there is a problem (stress, pressure on a nerve, and pollution).

As Dr. Jeremy had explained, grounding helps to stimulate electron movement in our body and helps with the cleansing.

Grounded cartoons, Grounded cartoon, funny, Grounded picture, Grounded pictures, Grounded image, Grounded images, Grounded illustration, Grounded illustrations

Misplaced muscle or disc in our spine can insert pressure on a nerve and interfere with the energy flow making the cleansing impossible. This is why a visit to a chiropractors office can really help.

Since our muscles are the ones that hold the skeleton in its place, if we are dehydrated on the cellular level, our muscle-tension will be low and there will be a lot of movement in our articulation. We will notice our joints to be noisy.

If we go to the chiropractor for alignment and feel great, this may be a short-term relief since there is a big chance that in a short time you will be in the same place as you were before because the joints will slip to the wrong position easily.

Cartoon ID: chiro-8

This is why it is better to hydrate first, cleanse, and regain the muscle tension. Only after you have done this, go and have yourself adjusted. This will ensure that you will stay aligned and feel well.

As you can see, there is a close relationship between the inflammation and cleansing. You can be sure that this topic will be often revisited since there is no health possible when the body is toxic.

Love and light to us all.


Dental root canal treatment and restoration

As implied by the title, this post is about the root canal, its pros, and cons.

Why do I think that this topic has to be addressed?

As we are being brainwashed in schools by being served selective knowledge so that we understand things the way we can best serve the dark Cabal and not ourselves and the people we are supposed to serve, the dentists are not exempt from this process.

First a brief explanation of the term we call the root canal.

A tooth has a bone-like structure.

Looking at a tooth we can see three distinctive parts. From the top down there is a crown, the neck, and the root of the tooth.

Tooth medical anatomy

The base of a tooth is made from a bone-like substance called the dentin.

The crown of the tooth is protected by a strong layer called the enamel.

The root of the tooth is coated with a less dense substance called the cement.

The centre of the tooth has a cavern called the pulp and it extends through the root of the tooth. This hollow extension of the cavern that spreads through the root of the tooth is called the root canal.

Through the root canal enter the blood vessels and the nerves into the pulp which nourishes and monitors the tooth.

A tooth is a self-monitoring and self-healing organ but to be able to perform properly it has to stay intact. It is governed by the same laws as the rest of the body and this means that it does not tolerate toxicity.

The same as any other organ, it will give you signs of warning if something goes wrong. Usually, we do not respond until the alarm is pushed and the alarm is the same as in other parts of our body and it is the pain.

What is the cause of pain?

The cause of pain is always the same and it is the increased pressure. What increases the inner pressure of the tooth is the inflammation.

Now comes the obvious question, why does the tooth hurt when we have caries and the bacterias did not reach the sensitive pulp yet?

The nerve receives the information about a cellular acidic buildup. Such acidic buildup usually occurs when the cells are dehydrated and cannot cleanse the acid out. This is why the natural respond of the body is a forced hydration or the inflammation as we call it.

In the tooth, the acidic buildup is usually caused by the toxic acids created by the bacteria but enamel does not have nerves so how does the brain know that there is an acidic problem in enamel going on and reacts with inflammation?

Most of the tooth decay is caused by the blood pollution and it starts from within the body and not from the outside of the tooth.

Similar to the bone and their osteoblast cells which use the alkalinity to deposit calcium and other minerals (salts) to form the bone, the tooth has cells called the ameloblasts that do the same depositing calcium and salts to form the enamel of the tooth. To do so, the ameloblasts, same as the osteoblasts need an alkaline buffer. If the alkaline buffer is missing the tooth becomes fragile and cannot repair itself. What is the most common cause of the buffers depletion? A sugar based diet which is the vegetarian diet acidifies the blood and buffers are pulled in to control the blood’s alkalinity.

Now add to this the fact that the same glucose loaded diet disarms the immune system of the body, no wonder that the bacteria in the mouth are thriving and destroying the teeth.

The tooth can be healed but the dentist, same as physicians, are not told how to heal. Instead, they are educated in further tooth destruction so more money can be extracted from the patient.

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So here it comes, make the destruction of the tooth big enough so that the tooth cannot repair itself. This is achieved by drilling the tooth.

Once the hole has reached the vicinity of the pulp no more drilling can be done unless we take out the nerve. This procedure is called the root canal.

By removing the nerve we have desensitized the tooth and we can butcher it all the way to the root itself.

Usually, by this time the tooth has been drilled many times and it is weak so dentist recommends a crown to be placed over it.

Close up photo of the teeth rehabilitation

The root of the tooth serves as an anchor to hold the crown in the place.

A tooth without a nerve is considered a dead tooth and cannot rebuild itself any longer.

Very often an infection can occur in the dead tooth and bacteria may be growing there and sipping into the bloodstream polluting the rest of the body. Since there is no nerve, there is no communication between the brain and the tooth and the inflammation does not occur. Even if inflamed, there is no sensory report of a pressure transmitted to the brain and we are not aware of what is going on.

This permanent seepage of the bacteria into the blood may contribute to a variety of chronic health problems.

This is why the alternative medicine proponents are advising against the root canal and if you had it done, get the remains of your tooth out.

This is all just a great setup where dentists are performing more root canals than ever and later they are advising for the tooth to be removed and replaced with artificial anchors and teeth.

The funny thing is the fact that those artificial anchors do not have sensory nerves as well and present exactly the same health threats as the dead roots do.

Illustration showing the dental implant with crown

Now the question is, are root canals safe?

Before I answer this question I want to point that the tooth should be healed and not drilled but if you already had a root canal and now hearing about the dangers that it presents are worrying about it, here is my view on it.

If you had a root canal done and there is no gum sensitivity, no irritation in your mouth, I recommend that you keep it and do not worry about it, but to make sure that everything is ok around the dead tooth I recommend once a day (before going to sleep is the best time) take a sip of the nano-particle colloidal solver and hold it in your mouth for 10 minutes or longer. Then you can swallow it or spit it out.

The colloidal silver will be absorbed through the mucous tissue and keep the root of your tooth clear of pathogens. Even dead, the root of the tooth makes the best tooth anchor.

When I was 9 years old I cracked my front tooth. The dentist made a root canal and remodeled the broken part of the tooth.

Through the years I had completely forgotten about this event until several years ago when I was 59 years old this extension broke while I was chewing on a carrot. Now I keep regluing this part over and over since today’s dentist have often lower skills than the dentists of the past and their work does not last. Here sparks the immediate question. Do they have lower skills or are they purposefully doing a bad job so that things do not last?

As always the money tells the tale.

Tooth Ache cartoons, Tooth Ache cartoon, funny, Tooth Ache picture, Tooth Ache pictures, Tooth Ache image, Tooth Ache images, Tooth Ache illustration, Tooth Ache illustrations

As dentists butchered my teeth when I was young now I have caverns as the fillings fell out and three more root canals. I leave them be and maintain my gums healthy by utilizing the colloidal silver and occasionally a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution that I make from 35% food grade solution of hydrogen peroxide.

I do not recommend you to use the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution sold by the “big pharma.” because they add chemical “stabilizers” making the solution unhealthy.

By eating correctly and keeping my gums healthy I maintain my teeth in satisfactory shape as I’m waiting for the tooth regrowing frequencies to become available to us so that I can regrow those damaged teeth.

If you do not want to change your diet and if you do not want to maintain your gums healthy then you better extract your tooth and forget about the root canal because you may develop problems which will undermine your health.

Next Friday I will continue this thematic by focusing on the tooth abscess since many root canals are made destroying healthy teeth just to combat a tooth abscess.

Love and light to us all.

Tooth Ache cartoons, Tooth Ache cartoon, funny, Tooth Ache picture, Tooth Ache pictures, Tooth Ache image, Tooth Ache images, Tooth Ache illustration, Tooth Ache illustrations


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin cause skin inflammation red and scaly.

What we are told about the inflammation in the medical school is incorrect.
We are told that the inflammation is a consequence of an internal war between gen and antigen and as such, the inflammation affects the body in a negative way and it contributes to many if not all chronic health problems.
Even a simple observation shows us that the inflamed tissue or organ, become red and sensitive to touch. All chronic pains are related to it.
This is why it is not surprising that the allopathic (modern) medicine is focusing on how to reduce and eliminate the inflammation. For this purpose, the allopathic medicine is using prescription drugs. Those drugs are mostly antihistamines but since the inflammation causes discomfort and pain, often painkillers are being used.
Since we came to ask the doctor for help because we were in pain and now the pain is gone, we praise the doctor and his healing abilities.
Unfortunately, the treatment did not address the cause of the inflammation so as soon as the medication wears off the symptoms may return. This is why so many people are permanently medicated.
This permanent state of being medicated caries its own consequences and new symptoms occur that require more medication and since it carries a different name (of disease) we do not make a connection to the health problem we had and just accept it as something new that could not have been predicted.
For those of you who are following my work, you know already that the chronic health problems are related and that it is easy to predict what will happen if we do not address the culprit and just suppress the symptoms through plying the pharmaceutical poisons, medicaments.

The alternative medicine uses the same science when analyzing diseases and to find the solution and to combat the inflammation it uses natural medicines or remedies as we call them.
Since the alternative healers recognize that the food has a lot to do with the state of our health, they recommend that we ad certain medicinal remedies directly into our food. This is why turmeric, ginger, and garlic are prized for their natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Here, the inflammation is again treated as a bad thing that causes problems and has to be suppressed.
I have just watched a video where Jordan suggest we should all take cannabinoids (CBD) because they benefit our health by binding to the cannabinoid receptors implying that we are made to use them. This means that our cells will benefit from them.
This is so far from the truth that it is not funny.

infographic of how the wound heal by platelet and white blood cell vector
Cannabis is just another medicinal plant whose action acts directly on the central nervous system and since our life depends on manifestations, cannabis helps us by numbing our neurons. Another suppressor. Since we create our reality with our mind, keeping it away from the stress will improve our manifestation.

Since we have been told that the inflammation is the result of the body fighting an intruder, everyone focuses on the immune system which has very little to do with the inflammation itself.

Here is the latest video where panelists of the Owners Manual For The Human Body discuss the inflammation and very quickly into the discussion there comes toxicity and the connection of the toxic environment to inflammation.

I recommend you to watch this video:

In the video, Dr. Jeremy explains how a bacterial overload increases the toxicity of an tissue which will result with inflammation.
This is one example but a tissue will inflame even if there are no bacterias present which is the case in all chronic health issues.
Also, the inflammation will occur when we get wounded, immediately an inflammation creates a swelling and the bacteria (if there are any) did not have the time to reproduce in any substantiated amount to be able to create a problem. So what has caused the inflammation in this case?

We may twist an ankle and it will swell and become inflamed. Why? What is the cause of this? Why does the body react in this way causing us discomfort an pain?

Inflammation cartoons, Inflammation cartoon, funny, Inflammation picture, Inflammation pictures, Inflammation image, Inflammation images, Inflammation illustration, Inflammation illustrations

As you can see there are more questions that need to be answered.

Since the inflammation is such a common health issue and so many medicaments are devoted to it, it becomes very important to really understand what is exactly going on and there will be another video devoted to this topic.

Since doctors do not understand inflammation, they are regularly fighting a ghost and such battles are lost before they have even begun.

Unless something happens that takes the precedent, we are going to continue the discussion on inflammation next Tuesday.
Love and light to us all.

Inflammation cartoons, Inflammation cartoon, funny, Inflammation picture, Inflammation pictures, Inflammation image, Inflammation images, Inflammation illustration, Inflammation illustrations

There is another boogie man in town. Klebsi Plague is knocking on the door.

Vaccination cartoons, Vaccination cartoon, funny, Vaccination picture, Vaccination pictures, Vaccination image, Vaccination images, Vaccination illustration, Vaccination illustrations

The alarm has been triggered, the deadliest bacteria ever with 100% death rate is coming from China. At least this is what we are being told by the fear-mongers of the dying Illuminate/Satanic/Cabal run society that is controlled by the weak scared politicians, “banksters”, and the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry encompasses the Hollywood actors, musicians and what we call the mainstream news media. It is now obvious more than ever that the news is actually a scripted play. This scripted play is what triggers the public into action and does what it was programmed to do when an official statement is declared, the sheepishly indoctrinated public responds with a unified baaaaa(yeeeee).

Osama Bin Laden and seven of his followers tricked the whole USA defense system on the American soil and made tremendous destruction flying hijacked Jumbo jets into the buildings with an incredible precision. It does not matter that they could not fly a small Cessna plane, Allah was guiding them, now we must destroy Afghanistan, baaaaaa

Iraq has weapons of a mass destruction we have to destroy them, baaaaa

Zionist Jews are our friends. They think of us as lower than animals, they have killed Jesus and brag about it, they created many covert terroristic acts against the USA, killed many Americans but they are our friends and we have to finance them and protect them, baaaaa

Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s almost destroyed the USA, Hillary treated American people as her private slaves selling everything she could and lied about it but never less, she is the best and most competent person to be the new USA president, after all, she is a woman, baaaaaa

Now as the most dangerous bacteria that cannot be killed is on our doorstep we must all accept the flu vaccine and if we die, at least we have done the right thing by doing what is expected, baaaaaa

It is not surprising that American people do not panic listening to the fear-mongers anymore. We have heard such a thing many times before and many people had paid with their lives following the instructions of their scripted media while performing their collective unifying, baaaaaaa

Sheepish cartoons, Sheepish cartoon, funny, Sheepish picture, Sheepish pictures, Sheepish image, Sheepish images, Sheepish illustration, Sheepish illustrations

I know that I do not have to worry about you my brothers and sisters who are longtime followers of my work. Unfortunately, there are many people still asleep and it is really a heartbreaking realization of how brainwashed our health professionals really are as they themselves follow the destructive lies of the medical/pharmaceutical corporate world and willingly poison themselves like this young doctor in the video below:

In this video, you had heard that doctors wanted to do organ transplant on the young doctor because her organs failed from the brains miscommunication. The brain stopped supporting the organs so what brain surgeon came up with the idea that organ transplant will correct this problem????

The doctors are so confused that they have lost the ability of coherent thinking. And if it is not a pure stupidity then it has a deep connection to money and of course the scripted play of the major media and a brainwashed greedy doctor as is the case of the next video:

In this video, a medical professional, a doctor, is promoting Tamiflu. How foolish or corrupt you have to be to do something like that?

I guess it is too much to expect from doctors to listen to their own patients and realize how they are poisoning them.

And then we have these health experts declaring US president Donald J. Trump mentally unfit to hold his office. Well, let’s hear from the president what he thinks about vaccines:

Obviously, something is wrong here.

Mr. Trump can think clearly. Somehow he had managed to escape the sheepishly baaaaaa programming and now he can actually think for himself. What a disaster, and to make the things worse he is in charge of the USA government. Is this the beginning of the end for the fraudulent pharmaceutical/medical practices?

I certainly hope it is, especially with Melania on his side. There will be no compromising, the system is going down.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA, July 18Th, 2016 
Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his Melania at the podium during the Republican National Convention in the Quicken Arena.

My brothers and sisters are not afraid of the flue even the so-called incurable Klebsi plaque does not scare them. They know that their bodies have a strong immune system and being 60 years young is just a beginning of the game called life.

For those who are new to this blog and our work and wonder what they had missed and how to protect themselves, the answer is short and simple.

Our body is a perfectly designed self-repairing robot which we had damaged through our mislead eating and drinking practices. Those wrong foods have reprogrammed our genetic expression forcing our cells to accept and manipulate foods designed for plants and not for animals.

The human body is an animal body and when it is forced to utilize the energy sources for plants, it does not perform very well. It starts to rust (oxidizes), we can hear it squeaking as it loses its lubrication. The defences go down, it ages quickly as it deteriorates, shrinks, and collapses.

All of this happens before our body reaches its true puberty of 70 years of age.

It looks just about right in a 600-year lifespan our body is designed for.

Go back on track, cleanse your body, change your diet, heal and rejuvenate on the cellular and emotional level.

All of this you can do by following the Self Healers Protocol but you have to take the responsibility.

You have to be at the helm and guide your vessel. Many have done it, so can you!

As always, I am here to give you a hand and a push when you get stuck.

Do not worry, be happy, the new beginning has begun.

Love, light, and celebration to us all.

Detailed view of the beautiful waterfalls in the sunshine in Plitvice National Park, Croatia

The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body, the radio show is back!

lighting of on air signboard in sound studio and retro  microphone is foreground

I am happy to announce that the radio show in which we are elaborating on the issues of health is back on track.

After a year of being off the air, finally, the program is resuming.

This is a recording of the first program where we are introducing the panelists to those who are not familiar with the program.

In the weeks to come, we are going to dissect a variety of health-related topics.

Under the watchful eye of India Irie Sanatana Dharma, panelists Dr. Jeremy Ayres, Clive de Carle and my self, are getting back together and the vibration is incredible.

This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to get some up to date health information in the weeks to come.

Please open the video and get to know us better.

I was very surprised when Clive who is an incredible authority on medicinal remedies shared his experience with his electronic healing device which was healing his patients while being off by mistake.

A similar thing has happened to my dear English friend Roger.

Roger is a great dowser. He has been dowsing from his early age and it is incredible what sensitivity he has to detect all kinds of electromagnetic frequencies.

Sometimes, to pinpoint the exact frequency in Hz, he uses frequency modulator.

This machine works on one 9 battery.

One day as we were testing something he had locked on to the frequency and the number of this frequency was visible on the manual dial.

Later as we were rechecking the frequencies he had confirmed them utilizing his rods but I had noticed that his frequency modulator was switched off and he had still received positive signal.

The dial was preset to the desired frequency but the instrument was off.

This surprised Roger and a shadow of doubt appeared on his face.

Actually, this was the most brilliant moment of realization of the power we possess.

Our brain, being a frequency transducer, produces any frequency it is familiar with.

Once the eyes saw the frequency number on the dial, it did not need to receive this frequency from the instrument. Instead, the brain produced it by itself.

That day we had learned that all we have to do is think of the frequency or write it on a piece of paper or in the air, and the frequency will be there. Roger could detect it with his rods.

Dowsers have been distracted by false signals for a long time, not knowing how to get rid of the false energy signature that someone had left there.

Dowsing cartoons, Dowsing cartoon, funny, Dowsing picture, Dowsing pictures, Dowsing image, Dowsing images, Dowsing illustration, Dowsing illustrations

For example, one douser, eager to find gold, was thinking about the gold a lot and his mind had left an electromagnetic signature of gold in that place. So there is no gold there but because of the mistake of one douser who mistakingly thought that there is a gold in the area now his brains energy signal of gold is lingering there. Any douser who tries to look for gold there will receive now this false signal of gold where there is none.

This day we had discovered how we can easily erase this false signal or implant any other false signal we wanted simply by utilizing the power of our brain.

With the help of Roger, we have done many tests and the results were out of this World.

Those experiments had cemented the realization of the power of our thoughts in my mind and convinced me that the future of everything lays in the power of our brain.

It was so refreshing hearing Clive coming to the same realization.

Now is the time of awakening. This is why I wrote those articles on the quantum understanding.

Everything is expressed through frequencies and our brain’s program decipher it into what we call our reality. A World build on imagination where everything and anything is possible only if you can imagine it and if you can make yourself to believe in its reality.

Love and light to us all.


Twelve colorful LED lights in red, yellow, green and blue.

When I was growing up there were two major sources of artificial light used to illuminate our homes and workplaces. Homes were predominantly illuminated with warm incandescent light bulbs and offices and other workplaces have been using predominantly a fluorescent light bulbs.

We had been told that the fluorescent lighting is not that healthy but no big fuss was raised about it.

Then all of the sudden small fluorescent light bulbs that are filled with mercury flood the market and under the pretenses of saving the energy the incandescent light bulbs were taken of the market and all of the illuminations was taken over by the fluorescent lighting.

Hand holding light bulb on green Natural background , green energy concept

Contrary to the widely advertised benefits of the new small fluorescent lights claiming their durability, the reality proved this was a lie as they did not last any longer and often they lasted even shorter time than the incandescent light bulbs.

The reason behind this is the fact that in our home we switch the light off when we do not need it and the fluorescent light bulbs do not take the frequent switching on and of very well.

This is why the fluorescent light bulbs do well in the workplace where the light stays switched on all the time.

The latest light-bulbs that hit the market are the LED light-bulbs.

LED light bulb isolated on white background

They produce the same type of light as the fluorescent light-bulbs but last longer and use even less energy than the fluorescent lights.

Many people had realized the convenience and the saving that the LED lights bring and they had replaced all of theirs light-bulbs with LED lights.

Now all of the sudden studies are flooding the news about the toxicity of the LED light-bulbs and the dangers the exposure to this type of lighting is presenting to our health.

I have never liked the white light that the fluorescent lights emit. Those are higher frequency spectrum wavelengths and they do affect us in a different way than the warm incandescent lights but do they really harm our health?

Here, in this video, Dr. Alexander Wunsch is being interviewed by Dr. J. Mercola explaining the dangers of the LED lighting to our health.

This video is the typical example of a great detailed knowledge which means very little as it is misguided by the notion that the photosynthesis is a major creator of energy which is not.

In my recent articles on the quantum understanding of things, I had just shown you that the major energy supply actually comes from the plasma under the influence of the MAGRAV (magnetic-gravitational) fields controlled through the nanocoated membranes.

The photo-electric effect plays just a small role in the process.

It is surprising how much attention is given to the unhealthy LED light while the fluorescent light and especially the new mercury filled fluorescent light-bulbs are not even addressed.

There is the very small emission of UVB rays emitted from the LED light-bulbs. So while the strong UVB radiation from the new generation of fluorescent lights that can actually burn your skin and retina are ignored, passive and none damaging LED light is demonized.

We can never get the true picture of how the things really work since we do not take into the consideration all the possibilities. Since we do not know all the facts, we have to rely on our observation so that we can fill in the gaps.

Thinking Outside The Box cartoons, Thinking Outside The Box cartoon, funny, Thinking Outside The Box picture, Thinking Outside The Box pictures, Thinking Outside The Box image, Thinking Outside The Box images, Thinking Outside The Box illustration, Thinking Outside The Box illustrations

Proclaiming that exposure to the LED lighting is creating eyesight and hormonal problems while I did not meet one person that I can say had his/her eyesight damaged from the radiation of the LED light or is getting obese or anorexic from it.

I myself am using LED lights already four years and I have never experienced any skin irritation, eye irritation or any other health problem.

Many health problems that are mentioned in the video as a consequence of the LED light are actually caused by the cellular dehydration and the blood’s toxicity. Since most people eat the wrong way and do not eat enough sea salt and are dehydrated, how can we even say with any certainty that the health problem that they are experiencing is caused by the lighting?

My experience point to the lack of water on the cellular level being the culprit number 1.

I have seen several people with skin burns and skin eczema and conjunctivitis caused by close exposure to the new generation of the fluorescent lights but I had never seen anyone being hurt by the LED light.

hanging tungsten light bulb, energy saving and LED bulb

I agree that the LED light is not the best light to use but as for now, I believe that it is the most feasible solution. After all the LED light-bulbs were reverse-engineered from the alien technology. So how bad could they really be?

As I had mentioned before, we are examining things utilizing a limited and often fraudulent information. This is the reason why we cannot get truthful results. This is why we get hung on certain points while missing the whole picture. No one gets healed and the never-ending medicated state of human existence continues.

The medical and the pharmacological businesses love this kind of medical science and this is why it is promoted and cherished.

Fortunately, the quantum science is taking over and things are being explained on a different level. Finally, we can see the light and the end of human suffering is close.

As always, I applaud you to absorb the new information, sleep on it and do your own experimentation and observation. The only things that we can trust unconditionally is our own experience.

Love and light to us all.

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Going quantum 3

Mathematical vector endless seamless pattern with formulas, figures and calculations handwritten on the background of stars. Scientific space endless texture

In the last article, I have explained the basic things about the fourth state of matter that we call the plasma.

I have also explained the properties of nanoparticles and their ability to switch between the gravitational and magnetic expression in which one is doing the pulling and the other is pushing. Within the nano-coated reactor, the plasma can produce the GANS (gas in nano state) and depending on the frequency and the MAGRAV (magnetic-gravitational) field it will be determined what will be the final result.

Dr. Keshe also explained how the leaf is basically a reactor with nano coated membranes and plasma in between (water with salts) and depending on the gravitational pull it will either produce the CO2 or oxygen depending if the nano-particles of the membrane act as magnetic or gravitational forces. The sunlight magnetizes the field and at night mother Earths gravitation causes the release of the carbon dioxide.

What makes it possible for the leaf to create either the oxygen or the plasma is the presence of nitrogen. This is why nitrogen is used as a fertilizer.

The nitrogen has 7 protons so if it loses a proton because of the gravitational force it will become an isotope of a carbon and if it gains a proton from the magnetic field it will become an oxygen isotope.

Exactly the same thing is happening in our skin.

Our skin, the same as our kidneys, is loaded with small reactors we call the glomerulus.

Nephrons 3d illustration

The glomerulus are round chambers and within them are the blood vessels. The glomerulus are nano coated and through them, the chemical changes are happening. What we call a chemical change is actually a physical phenomenon of the MAGRAV field.

Here there is a video in which Dr. Keshe explains how the skin serves as a blood cleanser and as the bodies energy producer depending if gravitational or magnetic fields are engaged in the process.

He also explains how the same alveoli or glomerulus structure is present in our lungs and in our kidneys only we use different names for them. If the reactor is in the skin or the kidney we call it glomerulus and if it is in the lung we call it the alveoli but their function is exactly the same.

Now you will be able to understand how can the lungs and the skin cleanse the blood same as the kidneys and also you will understand that most of the energy our body need is actually produced by our skin using the environments frequencies to stimulate MAGRAV reactors of our body – the glomerulus.

In the first hour of this video a Russian doctor is explaining the workings of the skin on the chemical level and from the 1: 06,00-hour point Dr. Keske starts to explain things on the quantum level of our physical expression of the MAGRAV field and the plasma.

From Dr. Keshe’s explanation, you have learned that 80 % of the energy is produced in our skin and the remaining 20 % of energy will be supplemented through our breathing and digestion.

For those of you who have used the Self Healers Protocol and cleansed and healed your bodies, now you understand why you do not feel hungry and a small amount of food is more than enough to satisfy your energy needs.

Being a nano-coated reactor, our skin manufactures amino acids under the influence of the frequencies that come from the environment. Those amino acids will be reabsorbed into the skin and further nourish the body and also act as the precursors for the hormones and vitamin D3.

Under the influence of nitrogen, same as in the leaf, our membranes will manifest the oxygen or the carbon dioxide depending if the magnetic or the gravitational fields will be triggered by the nano-coated membranes and glomerulus.

I prefer to use more basic explanation using frequencies and electromagnetic fields because I find them to be easier to understand. Here through the teachings of Dr. Keshe you can see the step up in manifestation where from the plasma under the influence of the magnetic and gravitational forces the quantum energies are converted into a three-dimensional elements and then we can go even further into the more complicated explanation of those three-dimensional elements changing their form utilizing the biochemistry as the tool.

vector - hand draw Organic Chemistry on background

I do not think that it would benefit us in any shape or form to complicate the things so I believe that using the frequencies will make the understanding easier unless you would prefer me to go more into the plasma field of things.

Because more and more haling equipment will use plasma GANS I will occasionally explain things in this field so that you can understand them better.

As far as the plasma goes, the important realization is that to function properly, our body needs plenty of copper, zinc, and iron since the GANS that are produced from them are the running force of our body.

The sea salt contains all of the elements needed by our body and by ingesting the sea salt, you are supplying the body with almost everything that the body needs. Plenty of water is necessary so that the body can selectively eliminate what is the surplus or the unwanted toxic garbage.

Yes, there is a much smaller amount of copper in the sea salt in the comparison to the bodies demands for it but by supplying enough of sea salt and filtering unnecessary elements out, our body will keep the copper content optimal at all times.

Little by little we are realizing the vast importance of the sea salt in regards to our health and how great health problems may occur in its absence.

I firmly believe that we are on purpose educated the wrong way as to avoid salt at any cost, since this is creating a generation of unhealthy people dependent on doctors a poisonous medicinal remedies as suppressors of the symptoms our body creates to let us know that we are doing the things the wrong way and that we have to change what we are doing if we want to regain our health back.

I can just imagine how difficult all this new knowledge must seem to you so let me know when you get stuck and I will try to find a way to make it easier for you to understand.

I love you with all my heart and I hope that you will absorb what you need from this knowledge and utilize it to heal yourself.

As always I am here to help and guide you if you so desire.

The healing potential is within us and when we do the right thing, healing occurs.

For those who are able, please send me a donation so that I can continue helping others. There are many who cannot afford medical care and some are not even able to buy the correct food.

Do not feel obligated. Donate only from the goodness of your heart.

Love and light to us all.

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Atom with nucleus, atomic shell and orbiting electrons on a yellow background Stock Photo - 56346208

In my first article about the quantum mechanics, I had explained the miracles of the light and how light is simply an expression of energetic wave-lengths where every wave-length is representing a different color.

Also, I had explained how our brain’s program changes light’s waveform into a particle form where the single particle of light is called a photon.

The photon is a product of our brain and it does not exist in a real form. Since the photon is the basic particle that forms a matter, it makes it obvious that the matter does not really exist. This means that we live in an imaginary reality where anything is possible.

All that we have to do to create is to imagine it and believe in its existence.

Our imaginary world is composed of multidimensional matter.

We have been told that the mater can be expressed in a gas, liquid, or solid form. Only recently we have been introduced to the fourth form in which the matter can be manifested and this is in a plasma state.

What is plasma?

Plasma is a denser form of ionized gas. This means that plasma is a great conductor of electricity.

Plasma is the most abundant form of matter in the Universe. Every time the Sun’s electromagnetic discharge occurs, huge amounts of plasma are being released into space.

Why is plasma important and why was its presence hidden from our knowledge until recently?

Plasma is the building block of matter. You can say that plasma is a nano-particle ionized field.

Why is the nano size of a matter so important now in physics?

Nano-particle creates electromagnetic-gravitational field but they can switch their magnetic direction which makes them obsolete in holding the memory. This is why in nano-particle size, the elements do not express their natural properties.

This is why plasma makes such a great building material.

To form the plasma, many things have to happen beforehand, from the sound that moves the energy field and creates oscillation, to sacred geometry that produces the light, to brain forming the photons, electrons…plasma.

planets, stars and galaxies in outer space showing the beauty of space exploration. Elements furnished by NASA

To explain it simply, plasma is like the cement bricks that we use to build our house.

Let’s say that we want to build a house.

If we have a lot of time and we want to save some money and if sand is available, we may decide to build the house from the scratch.

We collect the sand, mix it with the cement, add some water to the mixture. Then we pour the semi-soft mixture (plasma) in any type of mold we want and we start building our house.

It would be much faster to build our house if we simply buy already mixed concrete or cement blocks. Well, to use previously prepared cement is like skipping the basic points of the creation and use already available premix – plasma, in creating our reality.

Since our brain is using this already prepared plasma to create and shape our reality we can say that plasma is the precursor of the matter.

Since plasma is ionized, it is full of positive and negative ions. Every energy wave has electromagnetic properties. Since our thoughts are electromagnetic waves, if they are directed into a plasma field our manifestation will be much faster. We skip all of the basic steps and we directly use plasma as our building block of our reality.

How can we quickly produce plasma so that we can use it for fast manifestation?

Butt welding underwater pipeline using automatic equipment. Mobile system for welding pipelines. The construction of an underwater gas pipeline. Plasma welding.

Now we are embarking again to a new physics of quantum field science.

One of the experts in this field is Dr. Mehran T. Keshe

Dr. Keshe is a director of Keshe Space Program Institute.

Dr. Keshe explains how the push and pull characteristic of nano-particles are utilized to stimulate elements to go into a state of plasma which he calls the gas – in the -nano state (GANS).

Essentially what is needed is a reactor. This reactor has two membranes. The membranes are coated with nano particles and they are submerged in seawater. Why the sea water you may ask?

Because the sea water has all the necessary elements to produce any type of GANS.

The sea water is loaded with electrically charged particles ions and under the magnetic and the gravitational fields of the nano-particles they start producing GANS.

What we were told are the chemical reactions, are in fact physical reactions caused by gravitational fields. The science is being rewritten again.

Here is a video in which Dr. Keshe explains the photosynthesis in a leaf as a GANS production in which the upper side of the lief is smooth and the underside of the leaf is dull because it is coated in nanoparticles. In between those two membranes which serve as a reactor, there is a plasma (water colloid of ionic minerals) and the changing electro gravitational field starts to produce GANS.

During the day, the gravitational pull of the Sun causes the oxygen to be released from the lief and during the night the strong gravitational field of planet Earth is causing the release of the carbon dioxide.

As you can see, nothing is the way we had been and still are being told.

Here you can watch the video. In the 58 minute, Dr. Kash talks about the plant.

Now you can finally realize why is the sea salt so important for our health.

Our body has a variety of membranes (reactors) and for our body to work properly, all of the minerals and salts which are in the seawater are important.

When we ingest the sea salt and water, we provide our body with everything it needs to create whatever is necessary through the actions of its MAGRAV reactors we call the membranes.

Our blood is calibrated to tolerate a certain level of elements. When this level is breached, our body will expel the surplus through the urine. This is why we do not have to be concerned of how much of the elements we are taking in as long as there is plenty of water to eliminate what is not needed.

What is kept by the body is what was missing and the body can function properly.

When we take supplements, we often do not have enough of water in our circulation and elimination of the surplus is drying out our blood of the precious water creating a toxic environment. Almost always we supplement what our body does not need which makes the situation worse.

As we had mentioned the water, it is important to understand that water also has a fourth state in which it manifests itself.

Water can be in a gas form as it evaporates, in a liquid form and in a solid form when it freezes.

When in liquid form, the water H20 arranges itself ionically where it is mostly in negatively charged form when touching other objects and mostly positively charged form in the center.

The outside layer (top layer) is mostly negatively charged and with the contact of the positively charged foreign body, it creates an electromagnetic field that causes the water to have a tension.

Stronger is the electromagnetic field, the stronger will be the tension.

big, medium and small water bubble elements, transparent background, 3d illustration

Put two spoons together and place a drop of water where the spoons touch each other. Now start to separate slowly the spoons and you will notice that the drop of water creates a bridge. Stronger is the electromagnetic field the farther you can move the spoons one from each other without the water bridge collapsing. The water is acting like a plasma.

This tendency of water to change its ionic action in the presence of foreign bodies allows it to create a colloid in which the positively charged particles will be kept apart by the negatively charged particles of water.

This tendency of water to separate its ions and cations allows the cells to accumulate electric charge. Same as a car battery does. Since the water is in this ionic separated state within the cell it makes it behave like plasma. In the plasma state, the water’s characteristics are changed and it will not freeze so easily. In some cases, it can stay in a liquid form up to 40 degrees Celsius below 0.

I think that I am getting a bit too far, to technical so I will stop here.

In this article, I have shown you that the chemistry we are told in the school is not really what moves and shakes our body. It is the physics of magnetic and gravitational fields and this is why the most necessary thing is water salts and nano-coated membranes of which the most abundant nanomaterial is copper.

When we provide our body with the elements it needs and with the water, the body can produce whatever it needs including the amino acids and about the amino acids I will talk on the following blog.

Love and light


Atom royalty-free stock photo

As you had noticed, it is impossible to explain many things in medicine if we do not open our mind to the possibility of the energetic fields and their influence on our body.

Often, the frequencies are mentioned and their influence on our body is astonishing.

Watch this video and see how when the correct frequency is applied, in this case, the frequency is transmitted through the sound, stimulates the growth of new teeth.

Different frequencies will stimulate different organs and limbs or fingers can be regrown.

To be able to explain these things we need a help of quantum understanding.

In the year of 2015th, I have published an article explaining the basics of frequencies from the quantum physics standpoint. Here is the article:


Since this is a blog on health, the information given is the basic foundation so that we can easier understand our reality and the functioning of our body.

In the above-mentioned article, I explain how motion in the field of energy produces circles. They collide creating various trigonometric forms which we call the sacred geometry.

One of the most important geometric shapes is an oval form we call the Vesica Piscis.

This form is where the light and the electricity are formed. Since the electricity is associated with the light, there has to be magnetism and gravitational fields involved. This automatically proves our science to be wrong when our physicists claim that the light has no mass and that for it has no weight.

Presence of electricity creates the MAGRAV (magnetic and gravitational) fields. The gravity gives the light its weight.

Since the light is a movement of energy it has its frequency. Different frequencies of light are expressed in different colors. As such, the light is a wave and the different frequencies represent the different wavelengths. When light passes through liquid or crystal, the different wavelengths will bend in different angles and in this way separate one from each other. This produces the visible colors of a rainbow.

From my above-mentioned article, you had learned that the light can manifest itself also in a particle form.

Now, this is disputed by some experts and rightly so, because the light has always a waveform.

Now the question arises, what is the double-slit experiment all about then?


The double-slit experiment shows us several important things.

First that the light is conscientious of its existence. It changed its behavior when it was observed and behaved as if it was in a particle form.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that even when the light is observed just before it hit the wall, it behaved as if it was in a particle form. This means that it passed the slits in a waveform since it was not observed there but since it hit the wall as a particle this means that the light didn’t want to disappoint the observer and it has changed its attitude by correcting its past. It is like if the light backtracked back to the slits and passed them in the particle form just to satisfy our expectation.

How can a simple observation change the behavior of the light?

Well, it cannot. Simple observation will not change the expression of the light. We are observing sunlight and the colors of the rainbow. The light is in the waveform even though we are observing it.

So what made the light change its form when it was observed in the laboratory?

The behavior of the light was influenced by the expectation. Not only did the light know that it was being observed, the light knew what did the observer expect to see and it simply didn’t want to disappoint the observer.

Isn’t this something extraordinary? This is the proof of the instant manifestation.

Now we have something that does not exist, a light in a particle form, and we gave it a name. We call it the photon.

Photon is the smallest particle from which all matter is made from.

Mathematician Nassim Haramein has mathematically proved that photons squeezed into a small globe create the sacred geometry of the flower of life and we observe it as an electron. This means that the foundation of an atom is something that does not really exist. Isn’t this amazing?

Right here at the very beginning learning about the foundation of the quantum physics, you have learned that our reality is pure fiction.

Another thing that you have just learned is the power of your thoughts with which you influence the light to manifest for you, and to do so you use expectation.

Why it has to be an expectation? Why couldn’t it be simply your desire or your thought?

To manifest or as some call it to bent a light, you have to create an image of what you want to manifest and you have to be absolutely sure that this will happen.

Jesus Christ told us to be careful of what we want (because it can happen), but he also told us that to manifest we have to have faith. Jesus said that if you have faith you can move the mountains. You have to absolutely believe that what you want to manifest is going to happen.

When you are doing something, you expect certain things to happen. Those are the things that your brain can understand and it believes that they will occur. In this case, manifestation is easy and happens regularly and instantly.

Consciousness, metaphysics or artificial intelligence concept. Waves go through human head. 3D rendered illustration. royalty-free stock photo

When you stick your hand into a water, you expect it to get wet, and it does.

When you fall on your knee, you expect to experience a pain and to see your knee change the color, and it does.

Well, now you may say that this is normal and to be expected because of the properties of water or the hardness of the floor on which you had landed with your knee.

Is it really normal when we had just discovered that everything is only an illusion?

It is all normal because you expect it to be so. There is no other explanation for this.

Since the light has consciousness, this means that everything that exists in our “reality” is conscious of its existence. The realization of the fact that the light knows what you expect, is a proof of this.

Since all matter is an expression of the light under the influence of the brain’s expectation, this means that everything that forms our reality is conscious and knows what we are expecting to see or experience.

What you expect to see, you will see. What you expect to feel, you will feel, what you expect to happen will happen. What you expect, you automatically manifest.

The energy of consciousness, some call God, some call it Allah, some call it Vishnu… has created everything but through the eyes of the observer with expectations, a human.

Our life is just an experience of certain expectations. For this to be possible, our brain has to be loaded with certain programs of possibilities and the basic understanding of the game to be played.

Consciousness concept. Brain and signal waves in background. 3D rendered illustration. royalty-free stock photo

We can experience as our reality only what we can understand. This is why it is so important to never stop learning. The more information our brain had deciphered, the more possibilities can be created.

The more understanding we have, the more we can expect to happen and in this way, we manifest more and more complicated things. We create our reality.

The basic program is telling us how we look, what are we and what are those things that we see as reality around us. We are told that we have to eat to grow and to live. The program tells us the description of the frequencies that surround us and the brain program manifests them into objects utilizing the light.

For a long time, we have been told that the matter manifests itself in three forms, as gas, as liquid and as solid. Only recently we have been allowed to recognize the fourth form of matter and that is the plasma.

Why haven’t we been told earlier about the existence of plasma?

This was because we have been held in the darkness as far as our reality goes, and plasma is the building block for the creation of the matter especially when it comes to the “living” things.

Now I will give you some time to digest all of this and I will continue this topic on the following blog.

Love and light