Arming your immune system to the fullest.

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Since we are in this battle, it is important to understand how we can best protect ourselves.

To protect yourself, you have to know your enemy.

So, who is our enemy?

Who is feeding us the information that makes us fearful?

The media. It is the Major media and most of the so-called alternative media.

I just saw an article from Mike Adams. Many people follow him as the health guru (and he is just a supplement pusher), and all his articles spread fear the same as this one:

Please stop watching the “Tel a lie Vision”, stop reading the newspapers and stop searching the net for horror stories.

If you want to know what is going on, watch BCP (The Black Conservative Patriot), or “And we know”, or “Report 22, or RedPill78”. There are more sites that are well informed but these are some that I go to when I want to see what’s going on.

Also “Benjamin Fulford Report” comes on every Monday and it is excellent and “Jim Willies Newsletter” is packed with a good information as well.

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The fear can lower your immune response because it robs your body of energy. This disarms the immune system.

The fear together with the information of a very bad symptoms that you are being bombarded with and the massive deaths blamed on the “incredibly dangerous virus”, can trigger manifestation of those bad symptoms and the death itself.

Do not forget what I was talking about how the nocebo effect is as real and powerful as the placebo effect.

Your belief can cure you but it can also cause your disease and your death.

This is the reason why we are bombarded with those horrific reports which are totally manufactured and false.

Yes, people may be dying but from what?

Definitely not from the corona COVID-19 or the COVID-400 that those who drank laced adrenochrome were marked with.

This is a weak virus and only the extremely toxic people have strong symptoms and are possibly dying from it. People with the highest toxicity are the old and those with a chronic respiratory problems.

Keep in mind that the dark “scum” is everywhere and many of them will be eliminated. Their death will be blamed on the Corona virus as well.

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This is already happening in Italy where 60 Priests in Vatican were eliminated as the plague they are.

The culmination will be from March 31st to April 11th, and blackout of the Internet may occur during those days.

Knowing what’s going on will help you to control your fear. Instead celebrate in your home, sing, dance, and laugh.

This is the best way to raise your energy to the maximum and with it you will be making your immune response strong.

Drink water with sea salt so that your body can keep itself clean.

Do not accept any vaccination and if they are trying to fumigate your home, do not open the door. Do not let them into your house. Those fumes are toxic and will provoke your body to go into cleansing of your lungs creating a flu-like symptoms which will be then misinterpreted as corona virus infection.

All lies and deceits and now the attack of the misinformation is worse than ever before.

On the other hand, we are daily being fumigated with toxic fumes supposedly to protect us from mosquitoes while the hospitals are overcrowded with people that are experiencing respiratory problems like never before.

Because of the misinformation, the young and brainwashed people are throwing stones on the buss carrying elderly to a safer location in Spain.

In Peru local brainwashed idiots have burned 500 bats in a cave to protect themselves from the virus.

Brainwashed and fearful people present a danger to themselves and others.

My friend Jad who lives in Dubai told me today that they are being informed that the houses will be fumigated.

We are all attacked at the same time and we are fighting back and winning.

If you have symptoms of cold, do not worry. Drink nanoparticle colloidal silver if you can get it, use anti malaria medication chloroquin, and if none is available, steam your respiratory system with chamomile tea or simply with water vapors.

Hot steam destroys virus.

Just a bit more patience. Hopefully, on 12th of April we will celebrate.

Love and light to us all.

Armed with knowledge against the fear

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The war is raging. The ammunition of the dark side is the spreading of diseases, misinformation, and inflicting fear.

This is the reason why wherever you go, some new usually contradicting information pops up.

The game is very complex and very deep.

The evil has spread from the King/Queen, all the way to the lowly “piss-boy”.

A great majority of those who did not sign contract with Lucifer are still asleep and unaware of what is happening.

They still think that virus is what this lock-down is all about.

The evil has penetrated all aspect of the human life, so it is a mind boggling how so very few can pull this off and destroy the evil forever.

A virus, even when weaponized, cannot infect other person unless it comes to a direct contact with the mucous tissue. This means that virus cannot be airborne for more than couple of meters when someone sneezes on you.

The droplets of saliva cannot linger in the air.

The mucous tissue that is exposed is the nose, mouth, and eyes.

This means, wearing a nose mask will not protect you unless you have also some diving mask protecting your eyes.

Wherever there are multiple cases of a flu-like respiratory problems (called the corona virus or the Chinese bug) there was something else going on.

I was just visited by a local doctor Pablo who knows about my work. He came to get some antiviral plasma and nanoparticle colloidal silver. Bundled up, with mask over his nose, and first question was, “what do you think abut this virus, I had never seen so many people coming down with respiratory problems before. The hospitals are full”.

I asked him, “when was the last time that there was so much fumigation against the mosquitoes performed as it was done here recently and that is still going on?”

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He looked at me surprised and after thinking a bit he replied, “I have never experienced so much fumigation as what is going on. I have stopped them lately from entering my home”.

I saw a big relief on his face. After a short conversation it was all clear.

The local government is still following the NWO directions by poisoning the population through a mosquito fumigation that is done with mist of petroleum and water (no pesticide), invoking a false flu-like symptoms.

After all, if there is no influenza virus, it must be the scary corona COVID-19!

This fakery is going on all around the world. The most severe cases are in areas where the 5G is put into action.

Wuhan is the first big city that is completely covered with 5G an where the 5G was put into action.

The same results we saw on the cruising ship that had just activated the 5G system.

According to Jim Willis reporting the Italian minister of health had proclaimed that there were only two confirmed deaths in Italy caused by the COVID-19 virus and that was a couple of days ago.

What is the cause of so many deaths in Italy and Spain? (If the reports are true, which I doubt. I do not believe anything what the media reports).

Has 5G something to do with this?

If you are in the area where 5G is activated, throw your cellphones as far from you as possible, take the battery out.

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If you come down with flu symptoms, do not go to the hospital. Do not let them to jab you with anything.

Stay home and drink nanoparticle colloidal silver or antiviral plasma that is explained on my blog couple of weeks ago.

If you do not have any of this, make a chamomile tea, cover yourself with a blanket, open the lid and inhale as hot vapors as possible. Virus deactivates in heat.

This is if your lungs are attacked.

Under no circumstance accept vaccine:

Do not seek virus testing. This is a great way to donate your DNA to be used against you in the future.

If you are positive and no symptoms, you do not need help and if you have symptoms, do as I have explained.

Remember, hipper oxygenation is another great antiviral tool.

MMS, hydrogen peroxide, and breathing exercises perform miracle.

This virus is weak and only very toxic people will collapse from it.

This is why mostly elderly over 70, show strong symptoms.

Virus is produced by your cells as a result of the cellular detoxification so more toxic you are, the more virus will be present.

In the USA proximately 700 people die weekly from influenza during the influenza season, so why is this COVID-19 shutting down the borders and disrupting business?

It is all fake hysteria spread through the Media.

So much misinformation is going on that it is really difficult to figure out the truth.

If you see a forceful vaccination being implemented, Q is just another fake of the deep-state and fight back.

How can they sleep at night? No heart, no soul.

I do believe that the White Hats have kidnapped the biological Armageddon and are using it to destroy the dark Cabal.

If this is true, within the next couple of weeks this will become obvious to many. And the situation will be easing down by the month of May.

For now, stay at home to minimize your exposure to the wounded beast.

Do not panic, the virus is least of our worry.

Most of what we are being told about this virus toxicity is pure lie.

Do not fear.

That’s the worst thing that you can do.

Love and light to us all.

The knowledge is our best protection.

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Through this video I am sharing more information of the basic knowledge about the characteristics of a virus.
The more we know, the better we can protect ourselves but the most important thing is that the knowledge is allowing us to control or eliminate our fears.
The fear is our worst enemy because it disarms our immune system.

How does it do this”

The fear depletes our energy levels. Our cells with low energy levels have a weak magnetic field. This allows virus, bacteria and fungus to touch them, they are not being repelled.

This means that if you are fearful, virus can easily attach itself to your cells and force them into a cleansing mode.

Heavily polluted cells will release a huge amount of toxic elements making the blood very toxic.
In some cases the toxic levels can be so high to create an anaphylactic reaction and death.

The most vulnerable organs are the cleansing organs that have been previously damaged from a heavy toxicity.
Since the older we get the more toxic we are, elderly will have the strongest reaction to a viral outbreak, and if they had respiratory problems to begin with, here is where the most of their problems will be located.

Understand that this is not age related problem but toxicity related problem. This is why some young people come down with heavy symptoms.

Learn more through the video.

Follow the Self Healers Protocol and detoxify yourself.

Love and light to us all.

Weaponized biology

My friend Robert sent me this video of Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr. Francis A. Boyle.

Dr. Boyle is revealing the fact that a Nazi operated biological weapon laboratories exist and are in full use.
Those of you following my work are very well aware of this.

As I have explained in my previous articles and videos, this Wuhan corona virus is a biological weapon that was manufactured in Wuhan, China, and it was put into the use there as well.

Dr. Boyle said that the virus had escaped and this is what started the global shutdown.

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Let me be clear on this.

No virus ever escaped from a biological weapon laboratory, ever.

There are two ways how biological virus spreads into the population.

One is an intentional infestation with the purpose of creating a data of its efficacy, which was the case of the Lyme disease and first HIV cases in Los Angeles on the gay community before it was intentionally used in Africa.

The other way that the bio-weapon spreads into the population is an intentional attack which was the case of AIDS spreading through Africa, the Spanish flu, the avian flu…and now the corona virus “pandemic”.

How do we know when the biological weapon is used as an attack and when it is releases as an experiment?

If the bio-weapon was released quietly with nobody being aware of it, then this is a part of an experiment.

If the release of a bio-weapon is heavily publicized, this is an deliberate attack for which this bio-weapon was created.

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In the year of 1920, Geneva Protocol was signed which prohibits the use and the manufacturing of biological and chemical weapons, so why are such weapons still being manufactured?

Bacteria and virus are very difficult to contain in one area so once released, they will affect also those who had released it.

This is not smart way of resolving a conflict, wouldn’t you say?

Those bio-weapons were never created to be used in a conflict of one country against another. As you can see for yourself, they are used to create a general, universal, panic.

The whole planet is in a lock-down.

Who controls the release of those bio-weapons?

The shadow, unelected government which has no country and no border.

Wherever you have a “World Organization” such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization…they are all facades of this Illuminate or Cabal evil that is enslaving the humanity.

Malum Nalu: 50 days on, World Health Organisation ...

Spreading HIV, for example

Since this Evil is spread through the entire planet, only a worldwide assault can be used to deal with it and this is what we are witnessing at this moment.

The focus is diverted on the corona virus while the battle is raging.

In the past, this were the tactics of Cabal. Now, the good forces have kidnapped their setup and are using it against them.

The statistics are showing that this version of corona virus is weak and only very toxic people are dying from it.

As I have pointed out in my video, a special strain of this corona virus was created (most likely by Bill Gates) and was used as a bio-marker in adrenochrome. Everyone who had lately used adrenochrome from Wuhan is now infected and better yet, marked with this virus for everyone to see.

They cannot hide. Do you agree Mr. Hanks?

The Armageddon that the “chosen ones” were planing for us, is coming down on them.

Stop listening to the news. All you are hearing are lies and decoys.

Coronavirus Fears

It is time to go within, search your soul. Meditate, pray and above all celebrate.

The light is starting to shine on humanity as the evil is being rounded up and destroyed.

The corona virus is easily fought with nanoparticle colloidal silver but also with Chloroquine so no vaccine is necessary and do not even think of getting jabbed as this is how the diseases are spread.

Those of us who follow Q, are well informed of what is going on.

No panic my brothers and sisters. WWG1WGA

These boys and girls are coming for you, you self righteous hypocrites.

Love and light to us all.

Our planet is on the lock-down

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As the fear is rising, I have made a video that briefly explains what is going on.

Do not be frightened. Instead, sing, dance and celebrate but do it at home. Do not congregate so that there is no opportunity for a terrorist attack.

The military of the world is united in the fight against the evil, and the light is winning.

The chains are being broken.

Freedom at last.

Love and light to us all.

Fear or not to fear? That is the question.

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Here we are finally. What I was expecting to happen two years ago, finally commenced.

As planed by the dark forces, the Armageddon was put into a motion and many people are caught unaware and frightened.

The borders are being closed, towns sealed, military presence on streets, and curfew.

Are we at war?

Well, there is this Corona Virus there but why the military? Are they going to shoot the virus at the first site?

If you were sleeping till now, I understand your fear. After all, to make us scared, all this was put into the motion. The Bible told us that this will happen right?

Better yet, the dark side put it on paper for us to manifest, and called it a Biblical prophecy.

So, how come that some of us are not scared, instead we are exhilarated.

The Armageddon was orchestrated as the final victory of the dark which is in the Bible depicted as the chosen ones assuming the power over all humanity.

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Everything was put into a motion but surprise, the light took over and what was supposed to be the great sacrifice of humans to the Lucifer, has turned into the final victory of light.

This is not to say that all is good.

We are in the most dangerous period and knowing what is going on will save your life.

Stay calm.

Help the light by meditating, praying, singing and dancing. The dark cannot stand it.

The fear will lower your immune system, you will become ill. Do not fall for it.

Turn off your TV and radio.

Do not read the Newspaper.

Use this time to reflect.

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It is not easy to do those things if they are your daily routine. This is why in April, there will be 10 days of darkness where even the Internet will be very limited or even taken down.

Here in Peru, businesses are closed. Only food stores are opened but food is rationed.

Citizens are told to stay home. What is going on?

We were exposed to a month of heavy fumigation with petroleum vapors, no pesticides.

This was to increase our toxic load and force the body to cleanse.

What are the symptoms of cleansing?

Nausea, diarrhea, body aches, fever, in one word those are the symptoms of FLU.

So, now as the cleansing is occurring, people are being told that they have the corona virus.

The light forces took over this manufactured “Armageddon” and they have launched an operation of dismantling the dark Cabal.

Checkmate in chess. Finger pushing over king chess piece ...

By the end of April, things should be easing down so stay calm.

As far as the health goes, virus cannot get to you if you are at home.

It will be dealt with as the dark Cabal falls and no more biological weapons will be released in the future.

Control your fear because the fear will disarm your immune system.

Do not accept to be vaccinated as the vaccines are the means of spreading the virus and poisoning your body.

Strengthen your immune system by cleansing your body.

If you do not know how to do this, follow the Self Healers Protocol, it is bulletproof.

If you are medicated and in fear of dropping your medication, contact me and I will help you to do it safely. This includes also diabetics on insulin.

This is the final shakedown which is necessary especially to those who are still sleeping. If this does not wake them up, nothing will.

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My friends and family, we may be cut off as the Internet becomes limited so if you want to stay in touch, let me know by supplying me your e-mails. Many of you are already on the mailing list so you do not have to resupply your e-mails.

I believe that e-mail communication will stay open.

Please, if you can, support my work through donation. I am very grateful to those of you who have been supporting my work so far.

Just a little longer and we are all going to be free.

Finally, the time has come, so stay calm with those pleasant thoughts of love, happiness and freedom for all.

Love and light to us all.