Only surgical intervention can eliminate the virus!

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My friend Peter had sent me this link with a question, “I don’t understand how people can still believe this sh1t…”

My wife with her friends (most of them not Peruvian) was distributing material about the facts of this plandemic and the truth about the depopulation jab last night and they were all surprised at what they have learned while talking to the local Peruvian public.

Most of them ( here in Tarapoto, almost all of them) were jabbed twice, some of them experiencing “side effects”, and preparing themselves for the third jab anyway.

When asked why did they got jabbed, the answer was to protect themselves from COVID and the information about all of this came through the Tel a lie Vision, radio, and the medical staff.

Everybody has a smartphone, and no one uses it for anything else but to share selfies and trends.

There is a vaccination center here and every time we pass by it, we can see thousands of people lined up in a long chain waiting to be jabbed.

We have become dumber than the animals.
Sheep has to be corralled before vaccination or slaughter or they will leave, but the dumb human willingly forms the line and extends its arm to be jabbed even after experiencing the bad effects of the previously received jab.

Jews are correct, the goyim (the non-Jewish human) is lower than an animal, only, as we can see, the Jewish population is one of the most vaccinated, so who are the goyim here, exactly?

People become stupid as they separate their spirit from their soul. By ignoring God (soul), they immerse themselves into the world of fear, greed, and envy that is controlled by their ego/spirit.

In disconnect, there is nothing to hang onto, nothing to use as a supporting mechanism so the only thing left is the fear.
People start rationing based on a lesser fear.

This is why a pregnant woman that has aborted after being jabbed is back in the line of another jab so that she does not lose her baby the next time she gets pregnant.

Can you find any sense in this type of reasoning?

No reasoning can suppress fear. This is why fear is promoted, and if you have nothing to hang onto, the fear will consume you.

Fear is the most powerful weapon that evil is using in its quest for enslavement.
The fastest way of spreading it is through the media and entertainment which the evil is in control of.

This is why the fear of COVID and other viral infections will exist as long as the evil controls the media.

We have two main sources of media.
One is the Major media because the majority of people follow it and trust the information that is provided through it. The main distribution of such news goes through Tel a lie Vision.
Then we have the alternative media which has a way lesser following, and it is not allowed to be presented on the Tel a lie Vision.
The only way to get to it is through the Internet.

A great majority of people rely on the information they receive through the TV because they use the Internet to share selfies and play games and not to look for the truth.
If by accident they stumble onto the truth, they are being told that what is contradictory to the TV exposed information is a conspiracy theory, and they leave it at that.

Since the indoctrination of lies is effectively being distributed through the schooling indoctrination centers, the more educated we are, the more mislead we become.

This shows us the reason why everyone who is watching the Tel a lie Vision, no matter how educated they are, is willingly accepting to be poisoned through the depopulation jab and finds the reason why it should be jabbed again even if he/she had a terrible experience after being jabbed by the same mad-sin a month earlier.

Globally controlled Major media/TV news stations are all controlled by four Israeli families.
Since the great majority of sheepish people are incapable of stopping to watch the Tel a lie Vision,
a surgical military strike is necessary to cut this cancer out.

Once this s done, everyone will be forced to see the truth.
There is only one truth and it has to be presented without being manipulated and misrepresented with lies to which we refer as another version of the truth.

There are no versions of truth but there are versions of reporting it.
All reporters that have been deliberately misrepresenting the truth by reporting lies are accountable and will be persecuted for the crime their lies have caused and the lives lost because of them.

Here in Peru, in an interview, the Minister of Health said that 90% of COVID death (180.000) on the national level, were people that were not vaccinated or had received only one vaccine.
On top of this, he said that t0% (20.000) have died from which 90% were not vaccinated or had only one jab.

This is obvious misinformation since statistics show that most of the covid deaths occur in vaccinated people, and when you take into consideration that virus does not exist, 100% of covid deaths come from vaccinations.

Being misled and not investigating because let’s face it, selfies are more important, now teenagers are lining up for the jab.
A thousand of them are now lining up streets like sheep, but no corral is necessary. They are totally oblivious to the times they live in.
What a shame.

If we have to punish all those responsible for what is happening with this mass poisoning of the population, we would end up imprisoning almost all teachers, doctors, politicians, journalists…
There are not enough accommodations to do this.
When we add pedophiles to this list, half of the population will end up being jailed.

What an interesting time we are living in.
Resist, hold the light, the celebration of our victory is approaching.

Love and light to us all.

The last days of darkness

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We are all witnessing the dark days on our planet.

Our freedom is being stripped away completely.

The programming worked perfectly, from the obligation to go to school, the need of an identification document, the permit to travel/passport, license to use your horse/ motorcycle/car/plain, license to provide your food/hunt/work, the choice with whom you will spend time together/wedding license, the choice how you will take care of your own body/mad-sin, the obligation to use a seatbelt, helmet…

This is all just programming and a gradual increase of control of the state over its citizens.

The government took our freedoms away bit by bit and now we are being openly poisoned and forced to willingly accept the poison they want to poison us with under the pretenses of protection.

We know that the government is just an operating system being used by the Cabal to exploit us, but the Cabal was dealt with and the politicians have remained and continue implementing more and more drastic measures fulfilling the Cabal’s plans for the depopulation of this planet.

Now the full-fledged fear is kicking into those who are still sleeping or being distracted by trivial things like the shape of our planet, the evilness of President Trump, religious differences, genders, racism…

Those who are awake are being exposed to horrific images of tortured children, evil things that Falstaff/Fauci has done to children and animals, and the disastrous consequences of the depopulation jab…

It all creates dark energy which is empowering the Luciferian crowd into false security provoking them to reveal their true color.

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My wife Hilnoretna, is becoming consumed by this as well. She wants to see the proof, and when finally some of it came to her attention, it created a subconscious shock.

A couple of days ago she saw a picture of a deformed newborn baby with multiple arms and legs, looking like a squid and it has broken her heart.

The next day, she felt lousy, at night slightly feverish so we knew a detox is in process.

Since she is a well hydrated and loving conscious being, she went into an emotional detox which ended with explosive diarrhea.

Dehydrated and unaware people that do not understand their bodies, develop fear which makes things worse.

The fear is the most important weapon that Cabal is using against us because it lowers our voltage/immunity to change so we become sick, and at the same time, it is the energy the evil uses as their nourishment, the fear has become the weapon of choice that is used to expose and to destroy the remaining occult members of the Cabal and their minions.

Since there is a growing resistance to the depopulation jab as the COVID is getting exposed, all other so-called virus diseases are being unleashed.

Because the virus is nothing more than the toxic soup “Falstaff” and his minions had created and patented, it was all incorporated into the depopulation jabs, so now people are showing signs of those “viral infections” as well, and new plandemics can be instigated.

Since things are not happening as planned and those “diseases” are not showing up because the over-saturation of those toxins is bringing down the immune system or simply killing people on the spot, the other “viruses” are being spread separately.

Could Merck unleash a SMALLPOX pandemic to strip mine even ...

The airplanes are spraying this stuff all over the place, it gets onto the food we eat and the water we drink and eventually ends up inside of bodies of the people.

The jabbed people are given the seed, the driving mechanism which will start utilizing those particles and self-assemble them as they grow.

In some areas there is an outbreak of a Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, in others is chickenpox, smallpox, dengue fever, HIV, neurological problems…

All of this will have a small impact because the strongest weapon of the Cabal is the fear that is being spread by the media, and the role of media was taken over by the independent truth-seekers on the Internet.

This will bring down also the myth of the “righteous” God chosen people (mentioned in the Bible) who are the controllers of all world mainstream media.

Again, I am not antisemitic, I am a truth-teller, so here is some more truth about the “chosen people”:

Israel has to be dealt with if we want to have peace on this planet.

Jewish people have no idea what their religion is about and as Catholics do ceremonies drinking the blood of Jesus, and eating the flesh of Jesus (the bred and the red wine). Jews use babies in their ceremony sucking their blood and eating their flesh (Bris).

Yes, you may say it is just a symbolic ceremony.

It is an intent, and this is how we manifest. Symbols are conscious representations of frequencies that give those symbols particular meanings.

A great majority of people do not understand the symbolism behind those ceremonies and I do not condemn Catholics or the Jewish people. It is the religion and those who actively participate in the darkest aspects of it that are to blame.

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Many awakened people are blaming the Kazarians, saying it is not the Jews.

Kazarian’s do not exist anymore. Now they are called the Ashkenazi Jews, and again, only some of them do this evil but also some Hasidic Jews are in it as well.

The core of the Catholic church is involved and the Vatican is Lucifer’s residence.

There is only one truth and not some versions of it.

I have just learned that One nurse in Slovenia was fired for refusing the jab so she made a public statement revealing that there are three types of jabs.

Jabs that start with number 1 are placebo.

Jabs that start with the number 2 are mRNA jabs.

Jabs that start with a number 3 have all of the garbage I was writing about, in them.

This confirms what Dr. Zalewsky has discovered.

The nurse said that all politicians were jabbed with jab # 1.

Gavin Nuisance was unpleasantly surprised when his placebo jab has turned deadly.

Things may seem to be getting worse and escalating until the Winter Solstice of 21st of December when the energetic flip will take place and the light will break through the darkness.

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I hope, it will be earlier but we are in a spiritual awakening that is governed by the divine.

Hydrate, cleanse, forgive and allow it to happen.

Love and light to us all.

How to proceed with SHP?

This post is being influenced by an email from an unsatisfied client who is disappointed with the results of the SHP.

J. started following the SHP in July of this year and he has skin cancer and other chronic health problems.

He is a strong-minded individual and strictly follows instructions. He had all of the symptoms that I talk about and after a month he was starting to feel more energetic, but no changes on the skin.

Recently he finally got the pulser and enthusiastically started using it and he got so sick and miserable that he wrote me a big email of his disappointment and my fraudulent science.

His remark was, “I have not strayed from the discipline I first started this protocol with. I even began using the Bob Beck Pulser this past week, albeit being something that I truly wasn’t able to afford at this time. The worst part is, the carcinomas on my chest and neck still persist. Needless to say, I feel as though perhaps I’ve been given a line of bullshit regarding this SHP.”

I can sympathize with him but he made the same mistake as many other people do, and this is, he is not consulting with me. He does not understand what is happening so his expectation is not fulfilled and this makes him angry.

This is exactly what is happening to everybody when they have an expectation and do not understand or misinterpret the signs that they see.

J. said, how can I suddenly feel wost than ever before when I have not changed anything in my diet and followed the SHP strictly, on the other hand, he completely disregards the fact that he started using the blood stimulator which has forced more of his cellular toxins from his cells into his blood.

What do I constantly repeat? The symptoms of our chronic health problems are caused by toxic blood. When the blood’s toxicity increases, so do the symptoms.

As long as the blood is toxic, there will be no cellular repairs so in J.’s case, no skin changes.

In a matter of fact, the skin problems will worsen temporarily until the blood’s toxicity comes down again and hydration with plasma is crucial for this to happen.

I emphasize, please take the opportunity while I can still help and allow me to guide you.

More and more people are finally asking for guidance so soon I will not be able to guide everyone. This is why I ask everyone who had experienced the SHP and wants to help, let me know so that I can direct people to you when I will not be able to physically guide those willing to be guided.

Healing is a process that no one has ever experienced before because the healing process was misunderstood.

Those who did the Protocol correctly and were guided or were not terribly toxic so the help was not necessary, had their healing experience, and know what I am talking about.

The older we are, the longer we live with very toxic blood and cells, the more cellular damage occurs, symptoms have shifted many times and the healing process takes longer.

What I see as a pattern during the detox and healing is that people start experiencing symptoms in the reverse order from how they were appearing through the years.

I often hear “Darko, I feel better but my knee is hurting again. Then, a week later, Darko my knee is better but my muscles ache as they did before my knee pains have started…”

This proves my theory.

The symptoms are a reflection of the state of pollution in the body.

Since toxicity is of a cumulative nature because we do not cleanse, the older we are the more polluted we become.

Every stage of pollution brings particular symptoms.

As our toxicity increases, our symptoms/diseases change.

When we start cleansing our bodies, now the symptoms go in the opposite direction.

Often we are not paying attention to our body’s signaling so we miss or ignore some symptoms but during the detox process they appear and we start to question, how is this possible? I never had this problem before.

If you think back, you will remember that something was bothering you, you just ignored it.

Sometimes the detox creates so much toxic liquid in our body that the cellular detox has to be halted a bit and medicinal remedies have to be implemented for that reason.

This is the time when medicinal poisons do a good job.

The most common problem occurs when a certain organ is very toxic and releases toxins that become trapped in the tissue causing fluid retention.

Usually, a simple diuretic is enough to help the body to eliminate this problem, but when the toxic load is over the roof, even the cellular cleansing has to be stopped while the toxic liquid is being dealt with.

This is where the symptomatic approach would be very helpful and doctors can be of great help but because they are so misled, the doctor starts blaming the situation on salt and the meat in the diet.

This scares the patient and instead of helping, the doctor ends up harming his patient.

There are some symptoms that are very difficult to eliminate. There is some trapped vibration interfering with our frequency and we just cannot figure out what it is and how to get it to the surface. The diet and plasma are not sufficient to flush it out.

This toxic vibration comes from some emotional burden we are not aware of.

I have one of those. My left eye vision has a partial blockage. It is like a smudge. I have perfect peripheral vision to the left but from the focal point and towards the right, I ha like a smudge preventing me to see.

I remember when it has appeared. It was sudden. Not a slow-developing process.

At the time I thought that it was a mycoplasma so I immediately exposed it to magnetic pulsation. This has never progressed, but also, it has never healed.

I know that this will be with me until I figure out the origin of this problem and it will be when I will be in the total power of my manifestation so I am not bothered by it. I just continue to investigate and share my findings with anyone who is interested.

We, humans, are particular beings.

We ignore small problems hoping that someone will fix them for us or they will disappear by themselves.

This is not just what has brought us all those diseases.

This is also what has empowered the bad ones to take us hostage.

Things were progressively worst and we were just shrugging our shoulders hoping that it will get better.

Now we are in hysteria, and still, there are many of us giving in and knowingly accepting depopulation/kill shot just to be able to continue being a servant to the corrupt system.

The same as it will take a lot of pain and nowhere else to go before we accept to try a new medical approach, it will take a lot of suffering and desperation for the majority of people to finally open their eyes and demand change.

The time for this is rapidly approaching, and people are standing up demanding change.

Now and only now, will the military openly show their face although they have been very active all this time and in the shadow taking care of the business.

We have been saved. We are just not aware of it.

Love and light to us all.


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I have explained in my article about skin problems that almost every skin issue is related to dehydrated and toxic blood.

When the blood is dehydrated, the cleansing organs cannot cleanse it because not enough water is available.

We have three blood-cleansing organs. Those are the organs that contain glomerules and they are the kidneys, the mucous tissue of the respiratory and the digestive system, and the skin.

Since the skin can expel toxins with the smallest loss of water, the ultimate and the last blood cleansing organ that will still continue the cleansing process when the blood is the most dehydrated and that’s also when the blood is the most toxic is the skin.

Strong toxins are going to affect the skin tissue the same as they affect the tissue of other organs.

Why do kidneys fail?
Kidneys fail when they are exposed to strong toxins for a prolonged time.
The lower plasma levels, the lower is water availability and toxins linger inside of glomeruli, poisoning them.
The first sign of this is dark smelly urine.
After a while, kidneys start to fail.

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A similar thing happens with the mucous tissue. After prolonged toxicity, the mucous tissue develops chronic problems which we have named diseases. Bronchitis, laryngitis, colitis, gastritis… are all symptoms of inflammation in a variety of mucous tissues caused by toxicity.

What is common to all of them is that they all involve inflammation because, through the forced hydration/inflammation, the body is trying to solve the problem. The inflammation does not cause any disease, it is a symptom of bodies attempting to solve the situation.

When a strong toxic load is expulsed through the skin, it affects the skin with its toxicity and causes cellular dehydration and toxic reaction followed by inflammation.
The inflamed skin becomes red and sensitive. The cells of the skin become toxic and low on voltage which triggers the proliferation process. The skin becomes thick and starts flaking.

The dead skin flakes are the perfect food for fungus so it prospers there.

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Since doctors are not told the truth and have no idea why is the skin inflamed and thick, as soon as the fungus is diagnosed, they attack it with poisonous mad-sin further polluting the body. Then they say that this is an autoimmune process since there is no improvement and actually things become worse.

Since the scalp is inflamed, a steroid will be used to ease the problem and at the same time, it will be absorbed into the body and cause toxic issues.

Nothing that doctors do that relates to dandruff is healing the skin, it does just the opposite.

Why is dandruff affecting the scalp and not the beard, for example?

The same question can be asked when boldness is in question.

If we observe, what is happening when it is hot and we have to do some work, we notice that we start sweating. Which part of our head sweats the most?
It is our skull.
The brain has to be maintained cool and the blood is used as the cooling medium. The scull evaporates the most and sweat most profoundly.
If the blood is toxic, this is where most of the toxins will be eliminated and they will be affecting the skin.

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Babies have to have their skull covered because, without the hair, they lose a lot of heat through their skulls in cold weather. Actually, they can maintain the heat by faster blood circulation, but if the baby has toxic blood, it will develop skin problems especially on their skull.

I often mention that the organ that works the most will be the one that will show chronic health problems first when the blood becomes toxic.

Here is my video on this issue:

SHP is again the savior.
It is simple to heal once we understand how the body reacts.
We do not need doctors, we need the knowledge.

Love and light to us all.

Temporomandibular disorder, the chronic jaw problems

Many people are experiencing jaw discomfort or soreness, pain spreading behind the eyes, in the face, shoulder, neck, and/or back, clicking or popping of the jaw, Locking of the jaw or its limited motion, or a change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together.

On top of those symptoms, there are other symptoms that often follow them such as are numbness or tingling sensation in the fingers, dizziness, pain spreading behind the eyes, in the face, shoulder, neck, and/or back, and headaches.

There could be other symptoms as well, such as are limited mouth motions, and sensitivity of the teeth without the presence of oral health disease.

So if you go to see the doctor with one or more of such symptoms, he/she may diagnose you with temporomandibular disorder, and of course, the treatments will be symptomatic.
This means that depending what are the symptoms, the “proper” medications will be used to stop the symptoms from occurring.

Since one of the common symptoms is pain, and chronic pain is caused by inflammation, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs will be used including steroids.

If the individual is grinding its teeth and this causes discomfort or pain, medication to calm their brain will be used, sleeping pills as well.

Sometimes, doctors simply do not know what to do.
For example, if the jaw is clicking during mastication/chewing, or when there is a dull sensation and the motion of the jaw becomes limited.
Here, the answer is surgery, of course.

To find the answer, we first have to understand that the name temporomandibular refers to the joint that connects the jaw/mandible to the temporal bone of the skull.

The same as any other joint in the body, the temporomandibular joint has a cavity, cartilage, muscles, and tendons that connect it and keep the two bones in place. The muscles control the movement and the position of the two joining bones.

Now, when we understand that the problems are caused by the “joint”, what could be the underlining culprit?

When we chew a hard piece of meat for a longer time, we start feeling muscle pain and exhaustion of the jaw.
The same as when we lift more weights than usual, our muscles hurt, this can happen with our chewing muscles. So if we grind our teeth at night, we may wake up with painful or sensitive jaw muscles.

Instead of reaching for the symptomatic medication, we should address the grinding problem, the sleeping issue.

The same goes for any other symptom that occurs. But if we do this, then the medical field of the mad-sin and the pharmaceutical poisoning industry would collapse instantly.

Ultimately, the culprit to the temporomandibular disorder is the same as in every other chronic health problem we experience, only the location is in the joint of the jaw.

The culprit is toxic blood and toxic cells of the body.
The more we chew while our blood is toxic, the faster will the muscle cells of the jaw muscles experience cellular dehydration and acidity which brings weakness to the muscle, inflammation, and the loss of muscle tension.
This is the cause of a loose jaw, the clicking, and potentially a dislocation of the jaw.

At the same time, the cartilage will dehydrate on the cellular level, there will be no lubrication and the joint will overheat. grind itself down so arthritic pain can occur. This further contributes to the lose joint and the clicking that occurs during the chewing process.
Muscles without tension cannot keep the mandible/jaw in its correct position so it slides around.

A similar thing occurs to people with hip dysplasia problems, but then the hip joint is affected.

The fact that there is often a pain spreading behind the eyes, in the face, shoulder, neck, and/or back, and a numbness or tingling sensation in the fingers, just proves that the entire body is toxic and the symptoms of its toxicity are increasing.

I often mention that when one chronic symptom occurs, the entire body is very toxic not the cellular level, which means that the blood is toxic as well.

Sometimes, people with temporomandibular disorder experience hearing problems or tinnitus, and doctors then blame it on the mandibular disorder which is another idiocracy.

The same as the jaw joint, the ear becomes affected by the toxic blood and develops symptoms that are particular for the ear when it is toxic. One of such symptoms is tinnitus.

Remember, one symptom can never be the cause of another symptom. This means that no disease is the cause of another disease. The thing that connects them is the culprit that causes them both which is the toxic blood.

No matter which of the symptoms of the temporomandibular disorder one has, the healing process is the same. First hydration, then detox, which involves correcting the diet.
Healing is the natural process of a clean body and mind.

Yes, never ignore your mind and emotions because very often, your emotional state causes exactly the same symptoms as if being poisoned by inadequate hydration or diet.

Keep in mind, everything is just the energy of a particular vibration expressed by our senses according to our brain’s programming and our mind’s acceptance.

Again, the SHP to the rescue.

Love and light to us all.

Quantum reality

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Every time something is explained, if it is complicated, it takes an already tuned brain to understand it.
My book “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body” was written in very plain language so that it is easily understandable, and even like this, many people who contact me say that they have read it 4-5 times and still they ate picking things up that they have missed before.

They did not miss it, their brain just skimmed over the information it was not ready to process or accept.
Every time they read the information, the brain accepts it more and more as it is starting to make sense to the mind.

It is like when you move to a different city. You are disoriented and you think that you will never be able to get where you have to go as everything is new and too much information have to be obtained and processed. Then you start recognizing certain points and you start using them as reminders of your position. Soon after that, it becomes much easier to find your way through the neighborhoods and you start feeling at home

The same process your brain goes through when you are learning new things. The more they differ from the information that you already have, the more difficult it is for the new information to be accepted and recognized.

Being able to simplify things makes it easier for the brain to process and accept especially when the concept has to change.

We are trained in back-engineering things.
We take a diseased body and we start taking it apart, studying every part of it and figuring out what went wrong.

When we are trying to figure out the correct diet, we look at the teeth, the jaw movement, the digestive tract, and then we add religious “wisdom” to the soup, just to confuse the issue more.

We are being indoctrinated to ignore the spiritual aspect of it unless you look at it from the perspective of a religion that is further designed to keep us unaware of our spirituality. We become followers of a concept, not of our spiritual power.

Bible discloses that the essence of it all is darkness.
The darkness symbolizes a field of conscious energy, aether.
Then comes the sound (of God) which makes the disturbance in this field.
From this disturbance comes magnetism, gravitational field, electricity, and light,

Then comes the matter, then Adam, then animals that he has to name.

The double-slit experiment proves that unless there is a creator/observer, no particles exist, only light in a waveform.
This means that no matter can exist unless light becomes processed by the brain which is programmed to give a specific meaning to the frequency of light. It turns it into visible matter.

The question is now, was man created first so that his brain can be used as a manifestation device?

According to the double-slit experiment, when you remove the creator/observer, the particles switch back into the waveform, an energy pattern expressed in light of a wave.

Human footprints were discovered together with the footprints of dinosaurs.

As you can see, nothing is the way we have been told, and to find the truth, it is best to start from the essence, the vibration.

Since there are no particles in the quantum field, just conscientious energy that collides and makes points of contact which can be calculated and used as the matrix which a programmed brain will use to create whatever the consciousness can imagine, imagination a thought is what triggers the creation process.

When we are back in engineering, we break the matter into smaller and smaller pieces looking for the smallest piece scientists have named God’s particle.

This is ridiculous since science has accepted that the smallest particle is a single particle of light, a photon.
The smallest part of a matter we have named an atom which consists of proton, neutron, and electron which makes the electron the smallest particle.

We are talking of such a small dimension that it cannot be seen. This means that it is all just a fantasy, a product of imagination that scientists have created to somehow make sense of this reality of ours, but that law of creation was ignored.

This is why every time scientists broke a particle, new forces had to be invented otherwise the calculation was off. This is how we got into the prions and gluons…

Mathematician Nassim Haramein proves this through his mathematical calculations.

This is why developing an understanding of our reality through an understanding of the quantum field of energetic frequencies makes way more sense, and it is much easier to understand once we adjust our brain in that direction.

Once we understand that the essence of everything is vibrating conscientious energy being interpreted by the brain and projected through our senses, we open the door to a completely new way of thinking where manifestation becomes an obvious part of our reality.

Free Spiritual Screensavers - 10 images - christian ...

As we are breaking the chains of our enslavement, the truth is surfacing.
Many people are having a problem accepting it and prefer to cling to the past.

There is no way stopping the progress. We have graduated and reached the limit that this stage of the game offers. To move on, we store our past experiences into an electromagnetic library of experiences we have named genes, and we create a new game where we can use those experiences for further learning and advancement.

We must understand our reality so that we can heal.
Med beds will be available soon and to use them optimally, we have to manifest, we have to give conscious directions and guide our healing process since it is all based on manipulation of the frequency.

Just imagine that you have a stem cell/mother cell, as this cell remains for a longer time in one tissue, the frequency of that tissue stimulates the genes to program this stem cell to be a cell of this particular tissue.

Now if you consciously change the frequency of this tissue, the stem cell will be activated as a cell of whatever frequency you are transmitting into it.

This is what your conscious thoughts will be directing the med bed to do for you.
Not only that you can heal, but you will be able to change your features, your voice, your appearance, your sex…

Slowly Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Did I see a med bed other than on the Internet?
No, I did not, but I understand the principle and I have seen less sophisticated equipment that works on the quantum principle and it was fantastic so there is no doubt in my mind what an extraterrestrial med bed can provide us with.

We are subconsciously creating changes in life forms. We are creating new races of dogs, horses, chickens…as we focus on an idea of what we would love to see.

The med beds will help us to manifest our thoughts instantly so that we can heal but also to correct or change the way we experience ourselves, they can also make us young, imagination is the key. The thought becomes the electromagnetic vibration that is used by the med bed to help to persuade your consciousness of your physicality to accept the frequency of your brain (your thoughts) as your new reality.

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Welcome to the 5th density.

Love and light to us all.

What has happened to Red October?

The Hunt for Red October dvd cover - DVD Covers & Labels ...

The business as usual for the major media. They continue with the distribution of talking points serving their master, the Cabal/deep state.

Media was used to trigger the war in Yugoslavia to break up that country.
It was used to spread the COVID 19 plandemic.
It is used to promote and push the depopulation jab.
Media is manipulating and misinforming the people of this planet and as long as the media is controlled by the Cabal/deep state, people will not hear the truth.

Many friends are joking with me saying that again I was wrongly judging the situation and that unless people stand up together to fight this evil, we are doomed.
Nothing has happened in “Red October” I am being told.

Well, plenty has happened as it was happening for a several years without the media acknowledging any of it, so yes, to those who depend on media to tell them what is going on, everything is the same.

I am not going to start pointing to those things that have happened. To all of those underground cities and tunnels that have been destroyed. To the massive children slavery rescue operations, military tribunals and executions.

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Those of you that are not aware of this because it was not mentioned on the major media, you will not believe it anyway. After all, I am not a script reader in front of a camera with a mike in my hand that says CNN, or NBC, or Reuters… you will not trust me so why bother.

We are at war and no sane commander and chief will broadcast the moves he is going to make, and the time when he is going to act.
Q is revealing the order in which things will happen, and since the Cabal is following their ritualistic event- related symbolic rituals, we are only guessing how and when will the Alliance/white hats/Q military counter the events and turn them into their tool of victory.

On the 11th of October, the final battle for the Planet Earth has started by the Alliance military moving into the kill position.
The war is already won, this is made just for the optic and to allow more people to wake up.

Military is the only way and many people are noticing military movements, helicopters at night, politicians missing from the public view, Hollywood actors disappearing from the public eye, and many other unusual happenings but because the media is not reporting on this, people simply dismiss what they witness.

The media is the most powerful tool the Cabal has with which it controls people’s minds. It uses it to shape peoples opinions.

After a false-flag operation during Clinton’s presidency when the Twin Towers were attacked, the media was for 7 months elaborating daily on every “new channel” how the only way to bring own those towers is to run a Jumbo-jet into them above the 60th floor.

The world trade center standing with two gaping holes ...

At that time, I was wondering, if this is so, why are they teaching the terrorists how to accomplish the task?

I was visiting Croatia with my sailboat when the Towers were brought down and as I saw the plains, nothing has surprised me until my Croatian friend (who was not brainwashed) has pointed out that it looks like a demolition.

Immediately I’ve got it. There is no way to bring those towers down even with 10 plains simultaneously running into them. It is like poking holes into a chicken wire fence.
The plains cannot even bend those steel columns, just look what damage has the B52 fortress did when it rammed the Empire State Building. There was absolutely no structural damage done.

The media is nothing more than a brainwashing tool in hands of the Cabal/deep state that supports any agenda the Cabal creates and since politicians are the ones creating the rules, they are selected by the Cabal and not by the people, and the media has a big influence in steering the people to push the Cabal’s desired button.

Everything is a sham. Since the Cabal controls everything of value, it controls our schools and shapes children’s opinion steering them in the desired direction, which is Communism.

The media is promoting the “best” mad-sin, the importance of vaccine and vaccination, the importance of distancing, and masks. The media promotes the fear, the dangers of free speech, and the freedom to choose.

Only the media has the right to speak freely, if you disagree, the media will condemn you and make you be a terrorist just because you voice a different opinion.

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The media is our worst enemy and until it is dismantled, the majority of people will remain hypnotized sheep.

Just look at what doctors are doing. Now it is more evident than ever before that doctors are being led to poison people. I am disclosing this fact for 18 years but now it is so evident that only a hypnotize individual cannot see it and yet, most people are lining up to receive those life-damaging medications.

Some politicians are waking up and revolting against the Cabalistic mandates but no media is reporting on it

So if you are waiting for the media to inform you of what is actually going on, you will have to wait to the end and when the media falls and changes hands, you will be watching the reruns.

Fortunately, this will happen soon since the mass arrests are taking place as you read this article and the light is just about to be switched on.

We are living in the darkest of times and many people who are aware of what is happening, are losing their faith and thinking of surrendering and accepting the mark of the beast.

Do not do this, be strong and hold the light. The children depend on you.
Yes, it is hard, but you have been selected to be here at this time to do this, to hold the light, and to conquer the evil.

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Every one of us is a fortress, a powerful spirit with an old and experienced soul. We have volunteered for this job and have been selected as the most experienced and capable souls to do this task.
Remember who you are, stay strong, and hold the light.


Love and light to us all

Here is a video that will help you stay focused

What impact does the Jab have on the human body and can we shield ourselves from the radiation of Jabbed people?

It is difficult to answer those two questions because nobody knows much about this depopulation jab.
All we can do is to observe and listen to those who have done some research about those jabs.

What we can see is that some people collapse on the spot after they have been injected, some people have postponed reactions with various symptoms but the most affected organs are the brain, heart, and sexual organs.

How can we interpret this?

Dr. Zalewsky pointed out that only the third vaccine that he has tested had a graphyne oxide in it, together with aluminum, bromine, and biological garbage.
This explains why some people do not have any side effects to the jab.

This is what brings the confusion, why some people have such a bad reaction to the jab and some have no reaction at all.
This also creates the doubt if the jab is toxic or not.

The more vaccination you are exposed to, the greater chance you have to be poisoned by it.

Once that those toxins they have named COVID 19 are injected into the body, the body cringes, goes into a defensive spasm. This squeezes some of the cellular toxic material into the blood.
The more one is toxic, on the cellular level, the more toxic material pollutes the blood, and symptoms of cleansing of the blood occur.
The symptoms of blood cleansing we have named flu, and renamed recently into COVID, and its variants.

This means that unless you have been jabbed, you do not have COVID.

The graphene oxide has a characteristic of self-assembling under the influence of electromagnetic stimulation. This creates the appearance of artificial intelligence. It has no intelligence, but it is aware of its existence.
The larger it grows, the stronger the electromagnetic field it creates and people start noticing that metals stick to their bodies especially in the area of the head, chest, and lower stomach/groin.

This is because the brain, heart, and reproductive organs are more active and have stronger electromagnetic fields which the graphyne oxide is attracted to and assembles there faster.

Some people have noticed that after being in the vicinity of jabbed people, metals are sticking to their skin as well. They think that they have been infected by the jabbed people.

What is characteristic for those people is the fact that they have received a vaccine for another problem like the polio vaccine for example.
They did not test if they became magnetic so now they became aware of this magnetism and have tested themselves and they assume that the magnetism was contracted from the jabbed people.

Vaccines were not designed to protect us from diseases. They were designed to give us diseases. It is one thing they teach us in school, and another thing is the truth behind it.
Graphene oxide is being used for some time as a part of other vaccines without us knowing this.

Graphene oxide and aluminum are also used in chem-trails and people are finding them on the beach in Australia.
We have been breathing it in and it was causing Morgellons disease.
Most likely, we are all infected with it on a certain level.

The people that are magnetic, radiate strong frequency so when another individual comes close to them, they become affected/infected by this energy.
Their bodies go into a protective spasm and the more toxic they are, the more of the cellular toxins will be released into their blood causing symptoms of flu/covid.

Since every organ resonates with its articular frequency, and because of the graphyne this frequency becomes amplified, in the case of women, if the jabbed woman is menstruating, the woman that comes into her energetic field will be affected with this energy and her menstruation will be induced.

If a woman is pregnant, this frequency may cause her to abort and menstruate.
This is exactly what we are noticing is happening.

You cannot become infected with COVID poisons unless you have been jabbed, but you can be affected by the frequency of jabbed people and show symptoms of the flu as if you have been jabbed.

As soon as you leave the vicinity of a jabbed individual, there is no longer the impulse that caused the cringe in your body and now your body is cleansing your blood from your own cellular garbage. Once the blood is clean, the symptoms go away and now you are cleaner and you will no longer respond to jabbed people as you did the first time, at least not with the same intensity since your cells are a bit cleaner and have a lesser amount of toxicity that will be ejected from your cells.

Also, our genes respond to the changes in the frequency and instruct the cells how to behave so that they can survive in this new vibration. We adjust to those frequencies and no longer show health issues.

To overcome this adjustment/immunity, we are told to be vaccinated over and over again. This is why some people need to receive two or more jabs before they collapse.

The body does not want any toxic material and wants to cleanse it off.
For this purpose it requires plenty of water which it cannot hold unless it is in the form of plasma, loaded with minerals and salts.
Purposefully we have been indoctrinated to be afraid of salt so that our bodies are kept low on plasma and unable to detoxify.

When we eat meat and dairy, we receive minerals so we have been instructed not to eat this “toxic” stuff and instead to eat junk that is low on minerals such as are vegetables especially processed ones.

We are following the science of misinformation that is designed to debilitate us and make us toxic/sick.

Welcome to disclosure.
Are you starting to wake up yet?

Everyone who has received any vaccine during their life was poisoned. This means that we have all been screwed by our governments that are supposed to protect us.

Are you awake enough to understand this?

If you are, start loading your bodies with plasma (diluted seawater, or water with not refined and not iodized sea salt) and allow your bodies to cleanse.

You will have symptoms of flu or infection which will further prove to you that you are toxic and cleansing and that what we have been told are symptoms of infection or symptoms of flu are nothing more than the symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing.

Use the SHP because it will guide you in the best possible way to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate your bodies.

For those of you who are spiritual and understand the power we possess, use this power and consciously create an energetic shield and protect yourselves.
Religious people can achieve this through prayer.
Ultimately, it is all just an energy in a specific vibration that our brain can manipulate if you request it through your focus of intent.


Love and light to us all.

  Why do we feel tired?

Every one of us had experienced exhaustion after a hard day’s work.
We never question this because we understand that our body has to rest to recuperate, but some people recuperate faster than others and can take more punishment before they become tired.

Why are some people more energetic than others?

Those of you that follow my work know that a cleaner body can store more energy, and this energy, when being used, has lesser resistance so it runs more efficiently.

A quick explanation for new readers.
A clean cell is well hydrated and can balance its acidity and hold an electric charge, similar to a car battery.
When this energy is being used, clean blood makes a perfect conductor so the electric resistance is minimal. All of this contributes to low energy consumption so the available energy/electricity will serve us a long time.

On the other side, a toxic cell is dehydrated, it cannot balance its acidity and becomes overly acidic. The more acidic it becomes, the less amount of electricity/energy it can hold.
Toxic blood is less conductive. Toxic blood elements serve as resistors. Now, when active, the resistor/toxic elements convert some electricity into heat, this causes loss of energy and overheating. Now the body has less energy for running its task, and since it is overheating, it needs some energy to resolve this problem.

The more toxic we are, the less efficient we are in energy management. This means we get tired faster and take a longer time to recuperate.

When the body goes through a blood cleansing process, it will need a lot of energy.
For the cleansing process, the body will need plenty of water. Since it cannot use water because it is not electro-conductive, the body requires a high amount of plasma which is water with minerals so that a proper ionic state/conductivity is being maintained.

The higher the blood toxicity, the more electric resistance, and more heat is being produced. There comes a fever.
To cool its temperature, the body uses water and starts to sweat. This cools down the body but also causes blood detoxification since now with this water many toxins are being eliminated as well.

Now you see how the electric charge/energy is being utilized, and why we feel so tired during the cleansing state which we have been told by our doctors is a state of disease.

Even more energy is needed when cellular cleansing is occurring.
Cells need a lot of electricity to convert sodium (Na) into potassium (K). They use a capacitor/prismatic body to increase voltage. They use this high voltage to excite sodium and bond it with oxygen so that potassium is being made.

The increased level of potassium builds up inside of the cell because the potassium is slightly larger than the pores of the cellular membrane and the intracellular liquid becomes thicker and starts sucking the extracellular liquid into the cell.
The increased pressure inside of the cell forces some liquid out and cellular cleansing has started.

As those cellular toxins flood the blood, faster elimination of toxins from now very toxic blood is required, so heart rhythm increases and the body goes into tachycardia.

Since every action being taken requires energy, the body becomes rapidly depleted of energy and we feel tired.

When plasma levels of the blood are low, the body cannot enter the cleansing phase, there is simply not enough water to do the cleansing and as long as toxins are locked within the cells, the only symptom we feel is tiredness.
Our cells cannot hold onto energy.

Our heart produces plenty of energy to keep all of our cells charged even if they are acidic and cannot maintain the required charge, but the heart-produced energy is splintered into various frequencies in the brain which then goes to various organs and tissues of relating frequencies.
If the mind forces the brain to transmit thoughts of the same frequency as an organ vibrates, this organ will then be depleted of this energy and cause malfunction.

This means that when the brain is busy, it depletes the body of energy as well. When we have problems or we concentrate a lot, we use a lot of energy and can become tired.

Many people are worried about their energy levels being low and they use the most obvious excuses to explain it.
If they had changed their diet and now they do not eat carbohydrates, they blame their energy loss on the food and ignore the fact that they are hydrating, or cleansing, or being worried about the consequence of the dietary change and their brain is robbing them of energy.

This is why guidance is very beneficial during any type of healing process. Nothing can replace experience.

Before starting any healing protocol, we have to learn as much about it as possible so that we understand symptoms that appear and do not misinterpret or fear them.

Here is my video on the Germ Theory that I cannot publish on Youtube

If you are under the impression that nothing has happened during the Red October, you did not look in the right place and you have missed it.
Do not worry, we are all going to watch the replay soon. Most likely in a week as we celebrate our victory.


Love and light to us all

What creates aversion towards eating meat?

I have decided to use an email that my friend Mari has sent to me asking for clarification.

Here is part of her email:

Good day Darko,

I hope you don’t mind a few more questions.

Whenever I felt energetically out of balance in the last decade, I found could not eat animal meat, fish etc. The last time happened three years ago. I had been through and emotional trauma and as I was healing from this and coming more into balance my body said no to meat. I could not swallow a piece of cooked roast beef. I also through the trauma expressed a hyper thyroid condition which the specialist gave me toxic drugs and said that was my only option or to kill my thyroid, neither of which I was okay with. Since I had extreme thyroid storm; tremors in extremities, rapid heart rate, insomnia, hair loss and more, they put me on the meds right away once diagnosed. I had gone many months not knowing this was the condition as I was not in a country where I could go readily to the doctor, nor did I want to do that especially where I was.

I was not happy with the idea of being on these meds and knew they would hurt me in the long run so I did much research and after three years, found a way to balance my system through trial and error, by diet but I ate no animal meat but continued to eat moderate dairy, including plain yogurt. I ate more vegetables than fruit and carbs like pasta (which I have always loved) and homemade bread etc. I researched the supplements that would be beneficial for my situation. I am of Caribbean descent and pulses figure largely into our diet. Apparently, chickpeas or garbanzo beans are very good for that thyroid imbalance and I enjoy hummus and other curry dishes that use those beans. I wonder how we could not be getting any nutritional value from these legumes? I was eating them for protein in place of meat no only over the past three years on a vegetarian diet but growing up and the other two periods where I ate vegetarian for 6 years and then in the last twelve years there was about 18 months where I went back to meat when I was out of balance, off my centre and ungrounded.

Why do many people feel that they do not receive enough energy on an animal-based diet?

I have explained that the body adjusts through genetic reprogramming to the food we are eating.

Once we adjust our body to use sugar/glucose, changes in our body occur. Genes respond to them and instruct our cells to change some of their functions so that they are better sooted to this new environment.

Eating a diet that is loaded with dietary glucose will force cells to use the glucose in energy production. This creates changes in the number of mitochondria that are needed for this process. It is a different number of mitochondria that is needed to produce energy from glucose than to produce energy from fat. Creating energy from glucose requires fewer mitochondria so if you use the glucose setup and now eat animal fat and protein, you cannot produce enough energy, mitochondria are not adequate.

The brain uses much more energy than the muscles. When we have an emotional trauma, plenty of energy is needed and if the cells are adjusted to a sugar diet, there are an inadequate number of mitochondria in the cells and the brain will be starving of energy if no glucose/sugar is provided unless the correct shift in diet is made and time has been allowed for the genetic adjustment to take place.

A body that is adjusted to one type of fuel and is not being provided with this fuel, will have difficulties. This is often misdiagnosed as a hormonal problem and thyroid gland is being blamed.

The fact is that we can never fully adapt to sugar as our cellular fuel because we do not have any sugar storage in our bodies. This means that the fuel is provided to our cells only during the process of tanking/eating.

Since we cannot eat every hour, the longer is the fasting period, the more energy depleted are our cells and hypoglycemia appears. This causes hormonal disbalances and no artificial hormone manipulation can correct this process properly.

This is why adjusting the diet to bring a steady supply of carbs made Mari feel better, but not good since there will be many other genetic glitches that are caused when the body is fueled with the wrong fuel.

The Ayurveda diet is designed to teach people to eat according to their “body type”.

This is nothing else than teaching people how to eat the wrong type of food with minimal collateral damages in tune with their already reprogrammed body towards the wrong type of fuel.

As our bodies genetically adjust to the wrong fuel, we call this a different body type. Now Ayurveda is guiding us on how to best supply this type of garbage so that the body can function as best as possible while running on this wrong fuel.

There is an entirely new science created that teaches us how to eat according to our body type. Dr. Mecola and many other “experts” of so-called alternative mad-sin base their supplement theories on this nonsensical science.

I am often mentioning Dr. Mercola because he is very popular and his wrong teachings affect many people. I have tried to explain things to him even pointing about the toxicity of the Himalayan salt that he is promoting as a healthy alternative, but “experts” know too much, their cup is full, there is no room for improvement.

Do not know if Dr. Mercola’s heart is in the right place, but his mind is definitely not.

Other misguided “experts” that poison their clients are Dr. Joel Marion from “Bio Trust” which I call Bio Fake, and sad to say the Health Ranger Mike Adams, and Ocean Robbins, just to name a few.

The advertising of Bio Trust bothers me the most since Joel is promoting his bogus products on channels that search for truth and in this way, people simply associate his products to be honestly healthy when their turmeric capsules promote health and longevity, they do just the opposite but Joel does not care. He is a salesman that’s all, and he is poisoning people with some of his products while the other products are not delivering what they promise.

The entire nutrition-based science is wrong. Nutritionists have not a clue about diet as doctors have no clue about how the body functions.

You are asking for disclosure. Are you ready to accept the truth?

I am pounding sand for 18 years trying to open people’s minds.

The only thing that keeps me going is faith and the gratitude of those few who had the guts to make the change and trusted their intuition.

With the grace of God, more people will be made to see the truth.

Love and light to us all.