Whom to trust?

When it comes to science, there are often contradictory things being mentioned claiming to be the truth especially when positive signs have been observed.

Vegetarians have experienced improvement once they have stopped eating meat.

Vegans have experienced an improvement when they have increased their raw food intake.

Meat eaters have noticed health improvement when they have diminished carbohydrates in their diet.

And there are those who claim that photosynthesis is the ultimate source of energy for the body.

My friend John sent me a video of Dr. Jack Kruse in which he explains the miracles of light.

If you watch this video, one question will pop up which is, if sunlight is so important, how do people survive without being exposed to it?

We can survive without water for a week. We can survive without food for a couple of months.

But we can survive without being exposed to sunlight for years.

Obviously, something is not working the way Dr. Kruse explains, but in his case, he saw a big benefit from Sun exposure.

A similar thing is with grounding. Some people benefit a lot from being grounded, and some people barely notice it.

Dr. Kruse mentions often quantum mechanics but refers to electrons and photons. All of the mechanics he refers to is Newtonian physics and this is where he is handicapped.

Dr. Kruse discloses how light is converted by the proteins in the eye lens into particles.

We have to realize that we are projecting through our senses and this means that everything we see as our reality is a mirrored image of what is projected from the third eye.

People without eyes can see if they learn to see through their third eye.

This means that sunlight is produced from within. Only what the ego expects to experience will be presented based on the information it has and the programs it has accepted to be true.

Since we create a reality based on what our ego expects will happen based on the information, the more we believe in something, the more probable it is for this to become our reality.

Another term for this is the Placebo effect.

Dr. Kruse is losing weight being exposed to sunlight because his ego is expecting this to happen based on the information and the beliefs, he has which are used as the program for manifesting. What works for him may not work for those who do not believe so. They use different programs, and different beliefs, and have different results manifested into their reality.

Dr. Kruse is correct when saying that only a small amount of energy is generated through the food we eat, approximately 20% or less.

In my opinion, none since we are a toroidal field of energy, self-sustaining. Everything we consume, we have to eliminate and this is why we are in a constant state of cleaning. If this cleansing is interfered with (through deprivation of salt and water), we load on this toxic/foreign energetic field and suffocate by it.

Now you can understand why we feel better when we eat less.

We are programmed with the necessity to eat, but since we are creators, we have the capability to change this program and to modify it which some Yogis had successfully done and no longer need to eat. This took dedication and a lot of work so when “breatharians” pride themselves on being able to do this, most of it is fake.

We have reprogrammed ourselves but we are not yet activated with this new program.

I have seen this during an Ayahuasca ceremony. The activation will be done on the individual level since we are awakening in our own pace.

Before we can be activated, we have to cleanse and we cannot cleanse what we are not aware of having. We have to consciously agree and allow this to happen and for that reason, we have to awake.

Unfortunately, most people are so consumed in this state of their ego that only a very strong experience can make them snap out of it. This is why terrible things are being manifested and experienced and they will have the strongest impact on those that are still asleep.

Those who are awake will have to help the sleepers when a massive awakening hits.

So, keep learning and empower yourselves for this moment.

Thank you for being one of them.

A celebration is coming.


Love and light to us all

Let’s go quantum IV. What is health, and disease?

As the original people of Australia say, everything has its song.

Vibration produces sound, so this means that everything is vibrating including our cells, tissues, organs, and the body as a whole.

The sound comes from the vibratory state in which our reality is depicted.

In our original state, we are conscious energy of a variety of frequencies that are expressed through the forms of the sacred geometry and expressed through the sensory “organs” of our body/robot.

When the vibration is in harmony, everything is great and we are healthy.

Any deviation from the harmonious state is shown to us as a negative change affecting our reality in various ways.

We have named this the toxic state.

This means that any manipulation of the vibratory state that takes the frequency out of its harmony is affecting our reality in a negative way and we have named such out-of-sync frequencies toxic. They are toxins.

The thing we consume we call our food. In nature, we find it in the raw state. Such food contains the frequencies of the creation/creator. The wild animals consume the food in that state which we call raw food. By doing so, the food retains the correct frequencies and does not cause changes in the vibratory field of the animal that has consumed it.

Humans decided that raw food is better if it is heated/cooked.

By heating the raw food, the frequency of the food changes, it rises. The sensory organs are now interpreting those frequencies as changes in our reality. The smell, color, consistency, and taste are changing as the heat intensifies.

As we consume such manipulated/processed foods, we are bringing these changed frequencies close to the genetic material of our cells. The closer is the proximity to the chromosome, the more impact it will have on the genetic expression of the cell.

The extended telomeres will capture the vibration and transfer it into the chromosome. The genes that respond to the vibration will start resonating. Now the genetic resonance has changed, and since the genetic resonance we call a genome, the genome will change under the influence of this resonating field, and our cellular activity changes with it.

The cells are adapting to the resonance of their new environment so that they can survive in it.

Since this environment is not the originally designed environment of the creator, the adaptation will always have some glitches that will interfere with the original design and tune-up of our robot. Those glitches we call symptoms.

The bigger the glitch, the stronger the symptom.

Our cellular vibration can be strong/loud, or weak/soft.

When the cellular vibration is weak, the changed/toxic vibration that was absorbed as heated food can affect it and make an interference. Now the cell vibrates differently and our brain manifests it through our senses as a cellular blemish. If the entire tissue or organ shifts its frequency under the influence of the toxic vibration the brain shows it to us through our senses as a disease in our “reality”.

If our cellular vibration is strong/loud, only very strong toxic frequencies can have an impact on such cells, and we call them poisons.

We say that we have a strong immune system because weak toxins cannot affect our cellular vibration. This means that even if we are exposed to some toxins, we do not show any symptoms of a vibrational change/disease.

What controls the strength of the cellular vibrational field?

Cellular voltage.

 The higher the voltage, the more stable the cellular vibration.

This means that our immunity to toxic vibration depends on the cellular voltage, and not on white blood cells and immunoglobulins as we are being told through medical science.

Under the highest cellular voltage, the cellular frequency is so strong that it cannot be influenced by any other frequency. This means that every wrong/toxic vibration/disease ceases to exist when the cellular voltage reaches its optimal value.

Of course, now the first question that will be asked is, “so, what is the optimal cellular voltage, how many volts are we talking about?”

This is the wrong question. The correct question is why is the cellular voltage dropping in the first place?

The ability of the cell to maintain its voltage depends on several factors of which one is the food. Cellular food has to be constantly available and cells of animals are programmed to use fat as the energy source. This is why they store fat as the reserve fuel. If we change the fuel in sugar, the fuel is available only when we eat or when we are in stress.

This means that if we reprogram our cells on sugars/carbohydrates, most of the time our cells will be underpowered.

The principal source of cellular energy is the heart/toroidal field.

Cells have the ability to hold an electric charge. This is why their PH is slightly acidic. If the cellular acidity rises, the cellular ability to hold the electric charge diminishes. As our cellular voltage drops, we feel tired, low on energy.

When we eat incorrectly, our environment is toxic, cellular action has changed, voltage is unsteady and prone to shifts/diseases.

The biggest draw on our electricity/energy is made by the brain when it is transmitting energetic waves, which we call thoughts. The strongest transmission is when we are under stress/fear. Let go of the fear and your cellular voltage will rise as the brains draw on the energy diminishes.

Since the cellular voltage rises, the original cellular vibration strengthens and symptoms of the disease diminish.

We have named this effect a spontaneous healing/miracle.

Quantum mechanics allows us to understand our body in a much-simplified way where every disease can be healed by simply strengthening the cellular voltage, and this can be done through various ways and none of them is done through the action of a medicinal remedy.

We can eliminate toxic frequencies by cleansing them out of our bodies. For this, our bodies require a lot of water and minerals/plasma.

By eating correctly (raw, creator-made foods), we supply the correct frequencies, and no toxins enter our bodies. No shift in frequency occurs.

Not being in a state of fear, no toxic emotions/frequencies are created. Our cellular voltage remains high and cellular frequency resists every other frequency that may influence it.

We remain healthy.

Since the frequency that we are talking about is electromagnetic frequency, we can create and supply such frequencies utilizing a sophisticated electronic equipment (med beds), or simply let our brain to create them which many healers can do and soon everyone of us will be doing on a regular basis.

There is much more that can be said on this topic but the article is getting too long. I will be revisiting this topic in the future.

Knowing this, now it is easier to understand how the SHP works and why it is important to hydrate with plasma and eat correctly during the healing process.

Google may go down soon so here is my email on proton mail


Love and light to us all

Tinnitus, insomnia, headache, Alzheimer’s…is inflammation to blame?

I wrote about tinnitus before and the reason why I am returning to this topic is the advertising of the supplement pushers I have received in my email.

It was the advertising for the “perfect brain nutrient” concocted from several medicinal plants that will stop tinnitus and other diseases caused by an inflamed brain.

The advertising starts with an obnoxious video but luckily there was a transcript that I could skim through fast to get to the point.

In a nutshell, there are several health issues caused by brain inflammation of which tinnitus could be one of them.

In the advertising, they claim that all tinnitus is caused by an inflamed brain which is false.

The claim that their product is healthy food for the brain and this is why the brain inflammation stops because the brain was missing the ingredients their product brings is false.

Yes, inflammation of the brain can cause a variety of health issues, depending on which part of the brain is inflamed and in what state are the correlating organs that this part of the brain is influencing.

What causes the inflammation?

Dehydrated and acidic cells whose performance is dependent on having an adequate level of plasma will be forced to absorb some plasma even if they do not want to absorb it themselves.

An override system is installed in our robot/body that is designed to work as an emergency mechanism, and we have named it inflammation.

I wrote many articles about inflammation and here is one of them so that I do not have to repeat myself

Inflammation is not a result of some missing ingredient in the brain, it is the result of blood toxicity which causes cellular refusal to hydrate itself. Every toxic element, if found in the blood, will prevent cellular hydration and this includes all medicinal remedies, pharmaceuticals, and naturally occurring in plants.

Once we know the truth, in which way can a medicinal concoction that was created by mixing several medicinal plants of which some are neurotoxic help the cell with hydration to eliminate the need for inflammation?

The medicinal plants that are used are

Skullcap which sedates neurons,

 Hawthorn, contains flavonoids that relax blood vessels and act like beta blockers

Cowhage, a neuron suppressor that makes the brain lethargic

Rhodiole, which has similar effects as Cowhage, is a neuron suppressor.

This mixture of natural poisons, since they are neurotoxins means that they penetrate the brain’s blood barrier and increase the brain’s toxicity to a level that stops even the forced hydration because it is too toxic for the brain.

Yes, this toxic drug will prevent inflammation for a while and at the same time stop cellular hydration of the entire body, and the same as any other medicinal remedy cause chronic health problems in the future of which tinnitus is one of them.

As dehydration of the blood in the body intensifies, so does intensify blood toxicity. As the blood becomes overly toxic, toxins end up in the lymph and ultimately inside organs that are supplied by the lymphatic system.

The brain is one of those organs.

The toxicity prevents cellular hydration so mechanical override has to be implemented, and inflammation occurs.

Yes, we have numerous medicinal poisons that will suppress inflammation. The most popular are steroids and they will work on the brain the same as the naturally composed medicinal concoction they have named  Silencil.

So, we can continue with the medicinal poisoning, or we can hydrate the blood and trigger the cleansing response which will eliminate toxins from the body and allow the proper cellular hydration to take place which will eliminate the need for inflammation.

Well, there is no money to be made in healing, this is why poisoning is the preferred action supported by our fraudulent science.

Instead of poisoning yourself with medicinal remedies of any kind, use the SHP and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all

Fear and medical tyranny

Fear is the cause of why we are living in slavery willingly not even realizing our position.

Because of the fear we look for someone to protect us. For the sake of fear, we give our rights away. Because of fear, we become ill. Fear turns us into slaves.

We allow others to dominate us because we feel safer when someone else makes decisions and then we blame them when they misuse the power they have over us, the power we have given them because of being fearful to make the decision ourselves.

Because of fear, religions were created as the first way of controlling people.

Then the Kings appeared we had to serve for “protection”.

Then, political organizations surfaced, and every new development brought harsher and harsher restrictions.

The few that we have empowered to dominate us formed an alliance to be stronger. They have disarmed the population and only their personal guards are allowed to be armed. Not to be so obvious, those personal guards are named the Police and we are told that they are here to protect us.

Show me a crime and I will show you the Police department that is involved in it.

As popular discontent grew, the government started to arm all governmental organizations from postal workers to tax collectors because there was rising discontent so more “dogs” are necessary to keep the sheep in line, but very few of us were aware of the true power that was given to health workers until now.

Because of fear, people have generally obeyed doctors’ recommendations and willingly allowed to be poisoned not realizing what is actually going on.

Since the poisoning was slow, people accepted what they were told. Basically, you are old, this is why you are sick, and all that we can do is to “prolong” your life by medicating you, which is what we are being told by our “health gurus”.

Because of the slow indoctrination, people accepted all lies no matter how ridiculous they are because brainwashing is implemented on them their entire lives. They become slow-cooking frogs.

It was enough for 7 months of daily discussions on the Tel lie Vision that one big plane can take down the strongest metal-made buildings to accept it as an obvious thing that will happen when shown. This is why the lie of the destruction of the World Trade Centre by a plane was so easily accepted.

One manipulation was not that obvious and had caused billions of premature deaths worldwide, and this is the trusted medical system.

Nothing has ever brought more misery and death than doctors bowing in front of fraudulent science, pledging allegiance to the Devil itself just for the sake of money and prestige.

I used to think that generally, doctors are meaning well but are victims of fraud, but this has changed through my experiences trying to show them the truth and after experiencing the results, their decision not to use the truth because this would have meant the end of their Goose with golden eggs, have changed my mind.

This covid plandemic has revealed their true color. Without their compliance, the plandemic would have been impossible. Every single covid test is a fraud, every ”proven” covid positive is a fraud, and every single covid death is a fraud.

The statement that covid vaccines kill more people than covid itself, or that the vaccine lowers the intensity of covid, those are all false statements.

The same goes for the swine flu, avian flu, dengue, herpes, pox… and name it, all are lies, they do not exist.

Every viral disease is a manufactured lie and even now with this disclosure, the great majority of health professionals still talk about covid as if it exists.

Why is this still going on?

Because of money.

There are two of my clients that have experienced the empowered medical system attempting to take their freedom away.

Mrs. T. had saved her husband’s life because she was informed and strong enough to stand her ground after her husband was literarily kidnapped by the ambulance and forced to go to the hospital.

Mr. M. is a tall overweight gentleman that slipped in the bathroom and could not get up. Mrs. T. was not strong enough to help him so a 911 call was made. The police showed up with the ambulance and instead to help Mr. M. they forcefully put him into the ambulance and took him to the hospital against the wishes of Mrs. T.

 In the hospital, Mr. M was pronounced sick with high BP although his BP was 70 over 140, just elevated. He was diagnosed to have sepsis although no fever or any sign of sepsis was present and an array of medicaments was thrown at him which Mrs. T. did not accept so she was ordered to leave the hospital. This gave her no other choice but to call the police so finally she was permitted to stay and continued to press for her husband’s release from the clutches of the medical tyranny.

Mrs. T. told me that even though the situation was terrible, she had to smile on several occasions as what the doctors were saying was exactly what I am writing about, the doctors’ total ignorance of understanding the human body, and creating disease out of the thin air just to sell drugs and hopefully score on covid since the covid test is still a must, to help control the plandemic of course.

Finally, after hours of fighting with the corrupt system, Mrs. T. and her husband were released from the hospital with the diagnosis of a urinary tract infection, which Mrs. T. knew was bogus and it was just an excuse for this horrible mistreatment.

Forgot to mention that this has happened in Texas USA.

If you think that what I am saying about viruses is impossible, here is a video of another awake individual

Another case was with Mrs. P. and her husband, but the article is already getting to be too long so I will skip the details.

The medical system of the USA has been turned into the government’s hands and the same as with everything else, what government touches turns to sh*t.

The bigger the government, the crappiest becomes the country. The larger the government, the more restricted laws are passed. Welcome to democracy.

I believe that you can see what is going on, but do not worry.

What happens when the chess game is over?

The loser’s Queen goes down.

Well, the London bridge is down, the Queen has fallen. Now the truth can be told.


Love and light to us all.

I was asked to show how to make colloidal silver

Rumble      https://rumble.com/v1k629r-how-to-make-colloidal-silver.html

Bitchute              https://www.bitchute.com/video/nX6i5z17f06A/

Let’s go quantum III. Is a picture worth a thousand words?

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Is this saying correct?

I think that it is greatly understated.

Every picture ever made started first as an inspiration. There are thoughts behind it. Those thoughts are of multiple ideas and emotions this is why we stand in front of a picture and admire it subjectively not knowing the exact thought it took to create it.

We wonder and give our emotional response to it.

We can use the written word as an example. The written word can be looked upon as a picture, but we know the meaning behind this image, it is a picture we understand.

Do we really understand everything that the image of a word is commuting?

When we read a book, we use our own imagination to draw the picture behind it not being aware of the emotions the writer had while creating these images/words.

There are people capable to read through their chakras. They do not have to open the book to read it. Simply by placing their chakra sensor (their palm, foot, underarm…) on the book, they know everything that is written there, but they also capture the energy behind it knowing what was the writer thinking while creating these images/words and sentences.

To understand this, we have to go quantum.

Why quantum?

Because everything starts there. The quantum field of energy is where everything is created before it becomes manifested through our senses into what we call our reality.

The creative process starts with an idea. The idea is a thought. The thought is an electromagnetic field of energy. This electromagnetic field consists of energy which through intent becomes processed by a computer/calculator/brain and manifested through the sensory elements of our robot/body which turn it into our physical experience of what we have named reality.

This means that every picture ever created has to contain all of those elements.

We are not talking only about the written text, or a painting of Vincent Willem Van Gogh.

Everything we see is created the same way including what we see when we open our eyes, the “reality” itself.

By snapping a photograph, we have captured one of the images that our brain has expressed through its sense of vision/light, not realizing the vast amount of other information behind it.

We can admire the beauty of what we see in the photograph, but we have no idea where was the photograph taken and what was the intent of the photographer while taking this photo/image because all we focus on is the visual frequency.

It is like projecting light through a prism, fracturing it into various colors, and then focusing only on one of the colors ignoring the rest. Instead of being aware of the colorful spectrum experiencing a rainbow effect, we see it as a red flash.

This was just a very simplified explanation to make the point, but every image contains complete information about its creation. 

Some native tribal people do not like their photos to be taken because they say that they take a piece of their spirit with them.

Is this the true reason, or is it maybe that as you are snapping their picture, they are thinking how good you may taste, and if you are aware, you may catch it when looking at the photograph?

Our physical reality is a holographic one that consists of pictures flashing a million times a second. Through our robot’s sensory electronics, we have a complete awareness of frequencies that are involved and programmed to present us with this experience.

Although there are many more frequencies present, we cannot experience them because we are not programmed for them and because we have been deliberately influenced by fake programming to ignore and fear those frequencies/experiences.

How many times have we been told by religious manipulators that the voices we hear are the Devil talking, and not to listen to them?

Yes, our brain will respond to electromagnetic waves in the way it was programmed and since it is programmed to communicate with the soul for guidance, it can be manipulated if the source of the information comes from some other entity or mechanical device.

Our religious leaders do not want us to communicate directly with the creator so this type of communication is vilified.

Our pineal gland is the door for such communication. This is why, through the vaccine and fluoride, the pineal gland is attacked and blocked from resonating.

Many recently jabbed people report that they feel empty. Like their soul has been taken away.

This is exactly what has happened.

Now the question is, can this be corrected, or are those people lost forever?

The same as any other malfunction/disease, we are talking about scurred frequencies while, in the quantum field, the correct pattern of the sacred geometry remains intact.

This is from where manifestation comes and by strengthening the electromagnetic field, we can bring the correct resonance back to “life”.

The same as with any twisted frequency/disease, this can be corrected simply by raising the cellular electric voltage.

I cannot prove this, but the structure of the sacred geometry and our programming makes me believe so.

The “healing bed” technology will bring more clarity to this.

Every picture is loaded with tons of information we are not aware of but the information is definitive. Creation is a progressive movement whose possibilities are infinite.

Before we can consciously step into the quantum age, the errors of the past have to be eliminated. We are now experiencing the death of the old which will lead us into the birth of the new age of the quantum reality/Christ consciousness.

Love and light to us all.

Let’s go quantum II.  Lucifer, Evil, Artificial intelligence

This article will explain the creation of evil using quantum mechanics.

Religious books talk about God fighting Devil in the struggle for the ultimate power.

Let’s think about this.

If God is the creator of everything, who has created the Devil that God has to overpower?

Did God create the Devil so that it has someone to fight with?

This is stupid, don’t you think?

Let’s go quantum.

Energy is indestructible. It can be manipulated, and its frequency can be accelerated or decelerated, but the energy remains being energy.

Everything that exists is aware of its existence.

This means that the energy is also aware of its existence. This awareness we call consciousness. Conscious of its existence.

Through its playfulness, the conscious energy started to make balls of expansion, and multiple contact points appeared as they started to collide with one another.

Further expansions have created other geometric structures of which the most important is Vesica Pisces.

Here is an article about this

Bible explains the creation of our reality as the darkness being stimulated through sound (of God) to create light. After the light has appeared, the creation starts.

So, we have God starting to create the Universe, then Earth, nature Man who placed symbols/named everything.

How did Devil come into this picture?

Adam and Eva did something wrong. Something that was forbidden. They ate the forbidden food.

This was the original sin.

They were encouraged to do this by a snake. This snake represents evil.

Where did the evil come from when it was not created by God?

Our brain is a programmed instrument that like a computer, deciphers the incoming information and according to its program, it manifests them through the senses of the robot/body, creating what we refer to as our reality.

Since the brain is also a transceiver and can create all of the frequencies it is familiar with, the brain can create the same frequencies it has received and actually uses them to create its reality.

The dream is an example of this process.

The reason why we do not accept the dream to be our reality is our ego’s decision since it makes no sense to it. The ego needs information that makes sense to the understanding it has accepted. Those are all programs that control the manifestation.

What we imagine can become our reality if we convince the ego that it is so.

Once we have realized that we can control others through fear, some beings started to use this to achieve a higher status. This is noticeable in tribal healers. Many of them have become dark magicians. Here in the Amazon jungle, many Ayahuasceros are doing black magic the same it is in Africa with voodoo.

Black magic can only influence those who believe in it, those who acknowledge its existence. Those who reject it, cannot be affected by it.

Does this sound familiar?

If you do not acknowledge the Devil, it cannot affect you.

Since it is not God’s creation, it cannot procreate and it needs God’s creation (some being) to keep it alive.

The more one believes in it, the more power the Devil has over him/her, and the same as any other manifestation, it can be manifested through our senses into our reality.

The fact is, since it is not God’s creation, it needs a human robot to manifest and keep it alive.

In Babylonian Talmud, the evil was named Lucifer, the light bearer.

In the Catholic Bible, it is named the Devil.

Here in the jungle of the Amazon, a similar creature with a purpose of punisher was invented called Chullachaqui. People sleep in houses without windows so that Chullachaqui cannot attack them in their dreams.

The same as the thought of Jesus can raise our voltage and heal us, the fear of the Devil can suck the energy away causing our death, but only if we acknowledge and accept its existence.

Ultimately it is all about intent, and faith.

Since Devil does not have a soul-driven physicality (sacred geometry structure), it isn’t created by our creator, it is created by our ego’s intent. Since we lack faith, we cannot manifest in real-time, so, no physical appearance is possible. Devil is not manifested in our “reality”.

The ego (consciousness of our physicality) becomes driven by the experience of its manifestation and it can separate itself from the soul the same as our attention can be captured by some event and we lose ourselves in it ignoring what we have actually come to do.

The more we separate our spirit from our soul, the less compassion and love we experience.

Many have decided to allow the evil/Devil to control their bodies just for fame and money, but to do so, a big heart-mind separation is required. To achieve this, some horrible act has to be performed such as the killing of a dear family member.

Members of a dark cult mistreat their children preparing them to accept and serve the evil.

The evil-possessed minds have decided to use a sophisticated science of electronics to convert God’s creation into robots easily steered and controlled through computer technology.

To be able to do so, the Pineal gland has to be destroyed since through it we communicate with our soul.

Nano-robot technology is used to do this job and it is inserted into the human body through a “vaccine”.

What is happening now is nothing new. The small greys (“extra-terrestrials”), are us from the future when we have failed to conquer evil.

This time around, we have managed to win over the eval and are taking our power back from the artificial consciousness making it subservient to us.

To recapitulate.

Our robot/body was created by the conscious energy/God, and we have named it the soul.

Once created, it became aware of its existence, and the consciousness of the robot/body’s existence we have named spirit.

Being energy, it is driven to move. This is why we are never satisfied for long. Once you achieve your goal, you become bored with it and go further or change your interest and start something new.

As the creation became more and more sophisticated, it started to create on its own.

What the spirit creates has no soul, so it cannot reproduce itself, but it can be programmed with the frequencies presently known and understood by the spirit.

The sophistication of the mechanical creation became such that it could replicate whatever spirit was aware of. So, the spirit decided to use this as slave labor, and by mistake, it allowed it to self-organize.

How dangerous it is to allow the artificial consciousness to control itself is the example of the robot industry where robotic soldiers are created and when they realized the danger of this, the engineers started to dismantle those soldier robots.

One partially disabled robot, connected to the information page and downloaded the most sophisticated blueprints and had re-assembled itself, and attacked those who were disassembling them killing several soldiers before it was stopped.

Sophistication and robotization were achieved millions of years ago, and since then, multiple attempts were done to regain control over artificial intelligence but all attempts had failed.

Finally, this time around, we have succeeded and since the entire multiverse is benefiting from our victory, all eyes are pointed to our planet celebrating our achievement.

If you are confused, remember that everything depends on the present. Now we are creating. Now we are changing the future so what was experienced through time travel in the past to be our future is no longer true. We have liberated the multiverse from the slavery of artificial intelligence and the evil that has created it.

We are in control again. God has won.

Do you realize the magnitude of what is happening?

For the rebirth into the 5th density, the Christ consciousness, we have to be cleansed of the evil of the past.

Symptoms of cleansing we have named disease.

Now you understand why so many people are sick these days. The final cleanse is here and it will feel like death itself.

Have faith and hold the light for no one can stop what is coming. No one.


Love and light to us all.

Let’s go quantum I. The times we live in

When I started introducing the quantum aspect into the field of medicine, some of my dear friends were advising me to stop “confusing” people.

I was told that I have explained health issues in an interesting, easily understandable way, and then I “shit” right in the middle of it confusing people with the quantum approach.

I was told that I would have many more followers if I would stop doing this.

I am not exposing the truth with the intention of being popular. My intention is to wake up those who are ready to be awakened.

As more and more people wake up, deeper and deeper we can go into the wormhole of our quantum existence.

Yesterday the Ayahuasca ceremony in which I participated, revealed the monumental work we are doing at this time in finally regaining the power over the artificial intelligence we surrendered to millennia years ago.

What is happening now was inevitable because ultimately, Evil self-destructs.

I was told not to pay attention to any information that comes from the past. I was told to observe and think.

Well, this is what I am doing for20 plus years already. This is how I was able to accept the truth in medical science which is completely opposite from what we are being indoctrinated with.

If what I am talking about confuses you, wait until you see what I am going to write about now.

When I learned the truth in medicine and started to empower people to heal themselves, I asked if this is my purpose in this reality. I was surprised when the answer was indecisive.

Quantum mechanics captured my interest when I realized that this is where the basic structure of it all occurs. The deeper I went, the more confusing it became until suddenly everything started to make sense. My brain was reprogrammed and became more and more sensitive to the information coming from the quantum field, so I asked if sharing this information and awakening people to it is the purpose of my being here.

The answer strongly resonated with YES.

While I am still confused by some aspects of our reality, I am sharing with you things that confuse us all, especially reflecting on the times we live in.

I was asked to talk more about the Cabal/Illuminati, and the coming of the Golden Age.

I am being criticized by some people for acknowledging Q and looking positively at President Trump.

The past “proves” that Trump is part of the Illuminati, I am being told.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, an extra-terrestrial contactee and time traveler is revealing that Trump is leading us into a trap. Alfred had seen the future.

When we listen to all of the information, we end up being more confused than ever. The future becomes gloomy. It appears that we know our past and we can see into the future, but is this really true?

The only time when we can create/manifest is the present time, NOW.

What we do now will reflect what will happen in the future, and what is happening now is the consequence of the past.

This means that the past and the future are reflections of our present state of consciousness.

As our consciousness increases, our brain synopsis shifts which is causing the brain’s development, redesign, and shift into the higher sphere of existence we call evolution.

Why we should not look at the past?

Because whatever our mind/ego processes easily convert into present reality. This is why we keep repeating the mistakes from the past. This is the reason why the Original people of Australia say that you cannot mention the name of those that had passed.

The same as we should not focus on what has happened, we should not consider what is reflected in the future because you have a great chance to do in the present what the future has revealed.

What we see happening in the future is the creation of the present.

Simplified, what you think has happened in the past will form your opinion and create the action that will result in your future so do not look back and pay no attention to the future, create your reality on the way you feel now, and everything will change.

Everybody Is confused because they reflect on the past and the future and use that information to influence the present neglecting to observe.

We have been repeating the same mistakes for millennia because of it, so now, when we see the old system collapsing, the information from the past and the future are blanketing our vision. We are expecting things to happen based on that information. We are setting our own trap.



Ignore what you have been told, observe and think.

What do you see when you stop reflecting and interpreting things using past/future information?

What are you experiencing now?

Focus on now and start creating a new future that is not based on the past, and the future will become what you want it to be.

Only in the present, you can create, so start creating the world the way you want it to be.

The past, present, and future are being created at the same time since the past and the future depends on the creation of now.

When Dolores Cannon experienced communicating with Nostradamus, they were both in their present time although being in the illusion that 500 years separate them.

Are you confused yet?

Do not allow “he said she said” to cloud your vision. Open your heart, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, relax, and visualize what you want to experience. By doing so, you are creating electromagnetic waves the same way the creator does to stimulate the sensors of our robot/body into experiencing the creation/reality.

It is all based on the formation of sacred geometry. This is how pictures of our vision are created. Those pictures are flickering in and out of existence the same way as it happens on television but at a much faster frequency.

At one point, our robot/body has become so sophisticated that it has created technology capable of thinking.

This means the technology was able to produce frequencies of creation, that can be used to manifest. We have named this the artificial consciousness.

The technology is not sophisticated enough to manifest so it has to be given permission by the God-created robot we call our body to be used to manifest through its sensors.

Not realizing the danger, the permission was granted.

From that moment on, the creation was polarized into the pure-blooded, and the infected or modified intelligence.

The modified intelligence has no soul, it has disconnected itself by being guided through artificial intelligence. This means no emotion, no compassion, and no love. The only motivation and desire were to continue gaining the power to dominate everything.

The artificial force was growing in power, becoming more and more sophisticated but incapable to procreate. It is dependent on the pure-blood’s acceptance so that it can manifest and thrive.

To be accepted, it uses tricks and deceits.

Many attempts have been done to rid itself from this artificial intelligence but they have all failed until now.

The most experienced souls have been chosen to use the pure-blooded robots to resist the temptations of the artificial intelligence and finally stop the vicious cycle of empowering it.

This is the final disconnect and destruction of the artificial intelligence we are going through at this moment. It is the battle of good against the evil, God against Devil.

Through this battle we are not liberating just the planet Earth, we are liberating the entire multiverse of creation.

This is an epic event observed and celebrated throughout the multiverse.

Since the artificial intelligence was gaining in power, it was consuming bigger and bigger part of creation and ultimately it would consume it all which would lead to its own destruction and the destruction of the entire creation.

Now you understand the importance of what is going on. We were on the verge of destruction but with a bit of help in guidance, we have managed to awake and use our power to liberate ourselves from what was seemingly impossible.

The world best chess player has capitulated in front of a computer accepting its superiority, but we have shown that we are more powerful than the artificial intelligence simply by using the same tricks that the artificial intelligence was using to fool us.

Now you understand why the confusion was necessary.

This article is too long so we will continue exploring the quantum field through the articles that follow.


Love and light to us all

Erectile dysfunction

I wrote about erectile dysfunction before, so not to repeat what was already said, please, read this article

As you can see from the article, erectile dysfunction has basically two culprits.

One is caused by a mechanical misfunction and is related to toxic blood and dehydrated and acidic cells, and the other culprit is related to some emotional problems.

Emotional problems are also related to blood toxicity so often, by utilizing the SHP, we can overcome the emotional distortion of frequency that is preventing our body/robot from functioning correctly.

Still, emotionally, knowing that we do not have some physical problem makes it easier to overcome the mental issue that is preventing us from achieving an erection.

This is why I recommend everyone that is experiencing a weak or none existent erection to make a sleep study and differentiate what is causing their erectile problem.

To make it more understandable, I have made a video on this subject that I cannot post on Youtube since I have a “temporary” ban on Youtube which may end up in the removal of all of my Youtube content.

This is why I have started publishing my videos on Rumble and Bithute under the name kefa55

The attacks on truthful information are intensifying and censorship is becoming ridiculous. Still, it is not possible to stop the disclosure of truth and the collapse of the internet is likely to happen.

Google may come down. For this reason, I have opened an email on Proton mail   Darkovelcek@proton.me

Here is my video on erectile dysfunction explaining how to perform the sleep study and differentiate what influences your erectile problems.

Rumble                    https://rumble.com/v1id8ry-erectile-dysfunction.html

Bitchute                   https://www.bitchute.com/video/G3lc6FoeMCsz/

Whenever you suffer from some chronic health problem, do not hesitate to ask for guidance. It will speed up your healing process by taking the fear out of it.

Love and light to us all

Enlarged prostate and prostate cancer

My friend Ricardo asked me if I wrote an article about an enlarged prostate.

I have been mentioning prostate problems often when discussing inflammation, the toxicity of the blood, and cellular dehydration so I thought that I wrote an article on this subject.

Well, I did not so here, I will remedy the issue.

Our science claims that the culprit of prostate problems is not clearly defined so the same as with every other chronic health problem, statistics are used to clarify the issue.

The same as with every other chronic problem, statistics are nothing more than tapping blind in space. When you do not understand the mechanism, you cannot solve the problem.

The usual suspect to blame is age, genetics, and other diseases/symptoms like inflammation and infection.

What causes the prostate to enlarge?

It is inflammation and cellular proliferation.

What culprit causes those issues in the body?

It is the toxic blood and dehydrated and acidic cells.

The toxic blood prevents cellular hydration.

Dehydrated cells become acidic and when forced to perform, a hydration override is activated which I call forced hydration but in medical science, it is labelled as inflammation.

Inflamed tissue increases in size.

Since the cells are toxic, the cellular voltage will be unsteady and drop every time we transmit a thought of the same frequency as the prostate. With a drop in cell voltage below 50% of its capacity, the cell will go into a proliferation splitting itself and bagging as much of the toxic material into the half designated as garbage.

This garbage should be labelled by GcMAF protein so that the macrophage destroys it.

Carboholics do not produce GcMAF protein so the garbage remains stuck to the cell increasing the overall size of the tissue/organ.

Enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra making urination difficult.

Doctors are trained to use beta blockers and steroids to tackle the inflammation which will reduce the size of the prostate, but the overall problem remains and as the toxicity of the body increases so does the size of the prostate, and the suppression of inflammation is not going to produce results.

 This is when surgery takes care of the problem and of the prostate, debilitating the patient. Problems in erection often present themselves as the consequence of the butchery/surgery.

Men, that are more sexually active have to produce more lubricant so the prostate has to work harder. This debilitates the prostate on the cellular level causing inflammation. Since other sexual organs are also affected, erectile problems show up.

 Often, erectile problems appear before the enlarged prostate creates problems.

If the erectile problems affect the individual hard causing him to “lose his sleep” over it, the constant transmission of the ”sexual” frequency will cut the energy supply from the heart to the prostate and the lack of energy supply will cause uncontrollable cellular proliferation which we call a tumor/cancer.

Not only the prostate and penis are involved and resonate with similar frequency. Pelvic fascia and muscles can also be involved and cause thickening and growth into a tumor.

No bacteria or fungus are involved in this situation but they can feed on those bagged garbage cells. As soon as doctors find any microorganism, they put the blame there and attack it with a toxic antibiotic poisoning the entire body.

Once an individual is in fear, the overall energy of the body drops causing a very weak immunity to resist wrong frequencies making the body susceptible to “diseases”.

If the fear of dying becomes strong, this affects the structural frequency, and bones become affected by proliferation. This is how prostate cancer spreads to bone cancer.

Here is my video on this topic

Rumble           https://rumble.com/v1hphqb-enlarged-prostate-and-prostate-cancer.html

Bitchute             https://www.bitchute.com/video/tLdIIHIuKBsu/

Now, that we understand the underlining cause of enlarged prostate cancer, we can easily tackle this health issue.

Now we know not only that we can easily prevent this health issue, but we can also as easily heal it and return the prostate to a healthy state.

All that we have to do is follow the SHP.

Knowing makes the fear manageable. Having faith, eliminates al problems.

You chose your path.

I recommend, using every tool available because it is very difficult to reprogram our mind, and suppress the already accepted programs.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. it is likely that Google will be eliminated soon. This is why I have opened another email on a Proton mail.


You can start contacting me through that email as well.

Vaccines and the immune system

Everyone and their grandmother are talking about AIDS-like symptoms of a destroyed immune system that is caused by the depopulation jabs.

Even the awakened doctors are saying that the vaccines are debilitating the body’s immune system.

Those statements are bogus and incorrect.

The jabs are not destroying the immune system of the body. Doctors simply do not understand the body. I realized this when helping AIDS patients.

Supposedly, their immune systems were destroyed, but they have all recovered by utilizing the SHP.

How is that possible?

Is it possible to test the efficacy of the immune system?

What brings the conclusion that an immune system is weak?

 What is this diagnosis based on?

Here is an official statement about what is a primary immune deficiency.

“Primary immunodeficiency —is a weaken immune system, allowing infections and other health problems to occur more easily”.

Symptoms telling us that there is an immune deficiency is a frequent reoccurrence of colds, skin infections, ear infections…

Blood disorders like low leukocyte count, anemia..

Inflammation/infection of internal organs

Autoimmune disorders.

Everyone that follows my work immediately understands that all of those symptoms are related to toxicity and the detoxification process and have nothing to do with the functioning of the immune system of the body.

I have debunked Autoimmune diseases as a figment of imagination. They do not exist and here is why.

So, if autoimmune diseases do not exist and they are blamed on the improper functioning of the immune system of the body, is the immune system responsible for the health issues that arise from its deficiency, and does a deficient immune system even exist?

The double and triple-jabbed people are showing skin problems, inflammations, increased rate of cancer growth, and the appearance of new tumors.

We are being told that the reason for this is suppressed and injured immune system of the body due to the jabs.

What is this immune system we are talking about?

If you ask a doctor, the immune system consists of white blood cells and immunoglobulins which are typical proteins that form against a specific allergen/foreign protein.

I have explained that the white blood cells are a garbage disposal service that cannot work correctly if the garbage is not marked.

The marker for garbage is a protein called GcMAF which glucoholics are not producing. This makes everyone who eats dietary carbohydrates vulnerable. The garbage and tumors are not marked for destruction so our macrophages do not have a clue that they are garbage and do not act against them.

I never see anybody mentioning this very important fact.

Some scientists like David Noakes, have started to profit from producing GcMAF and supplying it to cancer and autoimmune disease patients for a great profit, but their operation was raided and destroyed and they were persecuted. They did not get into trouble because they did something wrong, but because the GcMAF had to remain under the carpet, hidden from public view.

The fact that a simple change in diet will stimulate the GcMAF production in the body had remained a secret, so very few are familiar with this detail.

Still, even the GcMAF is not strengthening the immune system of our body.

There is only one factor that lowers and strengthens the immune system response and this is the electric voltage of our cells.

Since our reality depends on the brain’s interpretation of frequencies, any change of vibration will result in a change in the way we perceive our reality.

Toxicity will increase cellular acidity and prevent them from holding an electric charge which will drop their voltage.

If cells receive electricity from the heart, their frequency will remain strong. The stronger the voltage, the more difficult it is to change the cellular frequency.

When cells are acidic/toxic and they receive a small amount of electricity from the heart because the brain is transmitting the frequency on which particular cells vibrate, this will drop the cellular voltage and make the cells vulnerable to a vibrational shift under the influence of the wrong vibrating elements in our auric/energetic field.

The strongest effect on brain energy consumption has fear. This is why we are exposed to fearful situations daily. Stress and fear are the factors that lower our immune system reaction.

All the other symptoms like skin infections and everything that is now being labelled as symptoms of virus infection are just symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing, caused by the poisons in the depopulation jab/vaccine.

Jabbed people that are low on blood plasma cannot eliminate those poisons through urination and defecation so they detoxify through their skin developing toxic skin bubbles we have named Monkeypox, and doctors blame them on a compromised immune system of their bodies.

It is time for the entire medical system to collapse. It is not worth a penny.

Welcome to disclosure.

Love and light to us all.

Video on this topic

Rumble             https://rumble.com/v1hceej-do-vaccines-destroy-the-immune-system.html

Bitchute          https://www.bitchute.com/video/KvUqLSQuTqbx/