ET to Parkinson’s disease progression.

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This article I will start using my experience as an example.

I was born in Czechoslovakia after WWII in time when the living was hard, especially in a communistic country which was governed by USSR.

When I was about 4 years old, massive poisoning of the population has started and as a part of this, I was vaccinated.

Soon after my health problems started. I was getting frequent colds (as my body tried to detoxify itself) and chronic bronchitis set in. With it, another previously unknown problem showed up and this was later labeled as dyslexia.

Since my father was a very smart man, he managed to earn quite a good amount of money so my family was privileged and could afford anything that was available, which was not much, but since I became sickly, my mother was pampering me and feeding me with my favorite foods which in Czechoslovakia were mostly dumplings and crapes (palacinke).

Since I was eating predominantly sugars, my immune system was not functioning and I had frequent problems with sties as I was rubbing my eyes with dirty hands.

I was 7 years old when we finally got permission to move back to Yugoslavia (Jugoslavia) where my parents and my older brother were from originally.

Changing not just school and friends but a country with a different language and eagerness to catch up with my education without missing a year was a pressure which has added to my ill health and toxic body and I started as an eight-year-old child experiencing tremor in my left eyelid.

This tremor has been given a label ET (essential tremor).

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I know how afraid I was that this will become a permanent problem but I have noticed that whenever I am under a stress, ET occurs.

Realizing this, I started to take it easy and not worry so much about my grades but spend more time relaxing and doing things of my interest.

Of course, my grades plummeted but I did not care, my ET had stopped. I have made the necessary change, and I have controlled my stress by not taking things so seriously.

I went from being an excellent student to a mediocre one but I always wanted to know and understand how things work and not just memorize what I was being told to memorize.

This helped me to realize that life is a game and it depends on you how you are going to play it.

My health was steadily worsening with flu-like symptoms being triggered very easily and with high fever and a bad cough which I thought that one day will kill me.

Now I understand exactly what was happening and that if I did not change my ways I would be dead by now or at least incapacitated with Parkinson’s disease.

Why am I so sure of this?

Parkinsons cartoons, Parkinsons cartoon, funny, Parkinsons picture, Parkinsons pictures, Parkinsons image, Parkinsons images, Parkinsons illustration, Parkinsons illustrations

Everything that we call a chronic health problem is triggered by a toxic body and this toxicity comes through the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the stress we are exposed to. Now to this I have to add the “medicinal” remedies we ingest or are inoculated with will speed up our health demise tremendously and unless it is a real moron, every doctor is aware of it.

This is why it is very surprising to me when some doctors claim that ET is not related to Parkinson’s disease.

For the involuntary movements to occur, the body has to be very intoxicated.

The myelin coating around nerve axon has to be damaged and the electrical impulse elevated (through stress for example).

By lowering the electric impulse (by controlling our excitement or stress) ET stops but the weak spot created by inadequate layer of myelin remains and can cause a problem in the future.

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If the deterioration of the myelin continues, then even the regular nerve signaling may escape through the unprotected axon and affect a nerve which will create involuntary movement.

This clearly shows how one small problem gradually transforms into a large problem which is then given a different label and from ET it graduates into a full-blown chronic health problem we call Parkinson’s disease.

Read this article and you will see how wasteful it is to ask a doctor for health advice.

A young woman in her twenties started with ET and because her doctors had no clue how the body works, she was not guided to heal herself. Instead, she was labeled as sick with progressive neurological disease and given medicinal remedies to “control her condition”.

Instead of hydrating and cleansing, she was being further poisoned and as expected, her condition had progressed from ET to full-blown Parkinson’s in just a couple of years.

This is a clear example of how increased toxicity in the body, reinforces the symptoms of ill health and gradually destroys human life.

Doctors explain the gradual deterioration of the body on the muscular level, the loss of energy and the pain and aches as the loss of neurons and insufficient dopamine production because they do not know that energy is actually electricity.

More toxic the body becomes, the more acidic it is. Increased acidity interferes with the capacity of cells to hold an electric charge. The body becomes low on electricity and we feel it as a loss of energy.

When the body is low on energy, all the systems suffer. Ho hydration is possible and this further increases the toxic buildup.

The deterioration of the myelin layer will cause a permanent electrical escape and consequent ET movements.

The “modern” die is loaded with dietary carbohydrates (sugars), and low on animal saturated fats, greatly contributes to this problem.

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Now you have a toxic body producing a new life. What do you expect will happen?

The toxic and dehydrated mother will have not enough milk production and the baby will be stabbed with multiple toxic vaccines and raised on carbohydrate saturated artificial concoction we call the baby formula. Soon after it is going to be given a sugar loaded compote, then pudding…

It is no wonder why young babies these days succumb to diabetes and other chronic diseases that were attributed only to older people in the past.

This is why younger and younger people suffer from chronic health issues such as is Parkinson’s disease.

The fake knowledge of medicine and especially the nutrition is causing obesity and acidic bodies so there is no surprise when a young athlete dies in his prime and a young gymnast breaks her both legs while lending a perfectly executed jump.

The medicine we are being taught in medical school is useless and the sooner we do something about it the better.

If you are waiting for your doctor to change, I wish you good luck. His ego is attached to the title of “Doctor”.

He is not just Jacob, he is Dr. Jacob and don’t you forget it!

Do not waste your time by waiting for a miracle. You can heal right now and you can rejuvenate yourself simply by understanding your body and by supplying it with what it needs.

If you do not know how to do things correctly, follow the Self Healers Protocol.

If you are afraid because it requires you to do things contrary to everything you have ever been told, then get my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body and learn the truth. Learn how the body really works and stop poisoning it with the politically correct diet.

Love and light to us all.


Colloidal silver versus antibiotics.

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Most people have never heard about the colloidal silver and many that did reject it after investigating about it on the Internet. As soon as you type colloidal silver into a search engine a picture of a blue man shows up insinuating that this is what happens to those who use the colloidal silver.

Candida Auris, a new Boogeyman in town.

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It is becoming more and more obvious how we are being manipulated and by whom.

The most obvious manipulation is being done through the scare tactics spread by the media, and here we can easily see who is working for whom.

Those that spread the fear are the one that should not be trusted since everything has a solution and instead of the fear, a solution has to be presented to calm the situation.

For example, there is an article about this terrible, new, drug-resistant disease caused by a fungus called Candida auris.

The danger this Candida presents to humanity is so severe that it is kept a secret so that people do not get into a panic.

Well, how best to keep the secret than publish it through New York Times and Zero Hedge report, oh yes and through the so-called alternative fear monger Alex Johns Prison Planet that has millions of views daily. That will keep the secret sealed preventing the panic.

The “secret” article is mentioning where this fungus originated and how it is spreading worldwide causing death, and the important fact which is that it is resistant to medication.

What do we do?

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Don’t panic, the monster is here, we cannot do anything about it. We cannot help you but keep calm because you are not supposed to know about it!

This whole thing looks like a terrible script of a Z rated movie.

I guess those are the desperate measures of the desperate people that are losing the battle.

Let us shine some light on this terrible pathogen.

To grow, fungus requires a slightly acidic medium with a PH between 5-6 being optimal.

For energy, the fungus depends on the decay of organic matter.

It prospers the best in a warm and wet environment.

It reproduces through spores.

Spores have a shell, a membrane made of polysaccharides Chitin and Glucan which resembles the cellulose and are none-digestible.

Those are the most important characteristic we have to know about fungus.

Through our “educational” system we are being told that eating meat acidifies our body and this is why we should not eat meat but instead we should eat vegetables, grains, legumes, and other starch rich vegetables.

Vegetarian cartoons, Vegetarian cartoon, funny, Vegetarian picture, Vegetarian pictures, Vegetarian image, Vegetarian images, Vegetarian illustration, Vegetarian illustrations

This is contrary to the truth.

The starch is glucose. The glucose is sugar. The excess of sugar in our blood is converted by the liver into fat and uric acid.

Every person that eats dietary starches is acidic.

The acidic body has a problem keeping a strong electric charge. As the electric charge diminishes, our energy goes down.

As the energy weakens, so does the immune system.

This means that the acidic body will be low on energy with a low immune system and the perfect PH to grow the fungus. (bravo vegans and vegetarians, are you listening?)

Now you have an environment that is warm with a PH of about 6 and full of partially digested elements which serve as the perfect nutrition for fungus.

The most common infections from which vegans and vegetarians suffer are fungal infections.

Since vegetable loaded diet is what is being recommended to us by our “experts” there is no wonder that as more and more people are becoming dependent on carbohydrates (sugars) their bodies are becoming acidic, low on energy and fungal problems are taking over.

This is not happening just with humans.

Image result for images with animals and fungal diseases

Our nature is becoming acidic. From the soil to our forests and waters, it is all increasing its acidity.

The chemical pollutants are causing this. Some are the industrial by-products and some are spread intentionally for the purpose of crop destruction with the aim to starve the population.

Of course, the activists to protest this are nowhere to be found. They are stuck with cows and farts.

The carbon tax will save the world!!!

Here, I am pointing to the stupidity and the lies we are being exposed too daily.

There is a misconception when the word “drug-resistant” is mentioned.

The drug-resistant means that it cannot be killed with the drugs that are being used but it does not mean that it cannot be killed at all.

As I am writing this article I see that Mike Adams has just posted an article on this same thematic and again, panic, terrible uncontrollable stuff. Is it really so?

There is not a single pathogen that can resist nanoparticle colloidal silver.

Image result for royalty free images of nanoparticle colloidal silver

The nanoparticle colloidal silver destroys fungus, virus, bacteria including the all mighty Pseudomonas and jet some “experts” are infecting a patient with the virus to combat the pseudomonas in the body. How ridiculous is this, and it is true and celebrated?

The nanoparticle colloidal silver can be successfully used on the Pseudomonas, the Candida Auris, and any virus but when a big cleanup is desired, we can use a sound frequency to burst any of those pathogens.

Dr. Royal Rife has demonstrated this and many people are using the sound modulators (Rife machine) for this purpose, why hospitals do not do the same?

I have warned you in the past that more and more laboratory-created pathogens will be released into the public in the attempt to scare the population to accept vaccination, and scientists will claim that they have a vaccine for just about anything there is which can prevent the disease and save your health.

The truth is that we do not need any vaccine or drug to be healthy.

What we need is to know the truth and I am doing the best I can to provide it.

It is very easy to recover your immune system so that your body becomes resilient to any pathogen.

As simple and easy as it is to strengthen our immune system, at the same time it is so difficult since what has to be done is deemed by our science to be toxic and dangerous to our body.

This is exactly the reason why we are forced to go to school.

Those false truths have to be implanted and sealed into our brain so that our reality can be manipulated.

Do not get sucked into this.

If you are eating and drinking correctly, your immune system is bulletproof and you have nothing to fear.

For those of you who are new to this site, do the Self Healers Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.

Are your muscles the cause of your pain and suffering?

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I often write about the health issues caused by dehydration. When we think of the pain, we usually think of inflammation but we seldom think about the mechanics behind it.

I have a friend who is very young, in his twenties but his health is constantly worsening. Being paramedic, he is constantly in touch with doctors and listens to their recommendations.

What started as a mild erectile problem, progressed into the muscular problem and soon it will become a neurological problem before it becomes labeled as an autoimmune reaction.

His case is a perfect example of how the body deteriorates on the cellular level when it becomes dehydrated. Almost all chronic health problems can be attributed to the cellular dehydration and pain is often the only tell that alerts us to this problem.

This is why Dr. Batmanghelidj calls his book, ” Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”.

By doing certain exercises, my friend irritated his penis and suffered problems in erection. Being young and unable to perform, he felt ashamed. This created stress which became the reason of his bodies cellular dehydration. This stress was further magnified as his father’s cancer started to enlarge.

Constant worry, the permanent state of stress, depleted his body of energy needed to run the cellular osmotic pump and symptoms of chronic ailments started popping up.

Erection was not improving much and constant tiredness was present. Being paramedic with an ambulance, he had to do the heavy lifting. The muscles that have to work hard and cannot hydrate become acidic faster.

Dehydrated and acidic muscles lose tension, become mushy, break easily, but what alerts us to this condition is the pain that is caused as a result of the forced cellular hydration we call the inflammation.

What has started as a pain caused by a “pulled muscle”, has evolved into constant back pain, and now this pain is spreading throughout his body and includes headaches as well.

It is incredible to see the speed of his bodies deterioration.

Image result for royalty free images of muscles

I am using him as an example bu many people are suffering from the same problem and are convinced by their doctors that they have muscular sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathy, neuromuscular disease, and we can go on forever as far as the labels go.

Since muscles have many different functions in our body, the symptoms caused by dehydrated, acidic muscles will be different in different parts of the body.

Dehydrated muscles of the blood vessels will make the blood vessels lose their elasticity which will contribute to the symptom of hypertension. This can also be one of the reasons varicoses and aneurysm.

Dehydrated muscle of sphincters will prevent them to contract properly which will produce symptoms such as, shortsightedness, acid reflux, uncontrollable urination and defecation to mention some.

Dehydrated and acidic skeletal muscles will contribute to lose joints and frequent dislocations, easy muscle tears, and problems in a posture such as are scoliosis and spondylitis or as it is labeled Ankylosing spondylitis AS, from which the singer Dan Reynolds is suffering

A hernia is just another example of a dehydrated and acidic muscle problem.

Hernia cartoons, Hernia cartoon, funny, Hernia picture, Hernia pictures, Hernia image, Hernia images, Hernia illustration, Hernia illustrations

All these chronic muscle problems involve dehydrated and acidic cells. Those muscle cells are not hydrating because the blood is toxic or there is a lack of energy due to stress.

Since the body wants to help the cells to rid themselves of some acid, it triggers an inflammation. This increases the pressure on the sensory nerves which causes the pain.

All that we receive from our doctors is what they call the pain management. The medication further increases the toxic load of our blood and consequently of our cells which causes further deterioration of our health.

Have been mentioning only the symptoms caused by muscle dehydration but we have to be aware that the same culprit that dehydrates our muscles, at the same time dehydrate every cell in our body.

This means that as the toxicity continues to increase, many seemingly none related symptoms start to show up.

For example, Cataract has nothing to do with damage caused by the UV light from the Sun. It is simply a symptom of dehydration of the eye lens.

When the heart muscle becomes weak, we are told that it is because the heart is enlarged or the blood supply is inadequate when in fact the problem is dehydrated and acidic cells of the heart muscle.

Hernia cartoons, Hernia cartoon, funny, Hernia picture, Hernia pictures, Hernia image, Hernia images, Hernia illustration, Hernia illustrations

Here, you can have a pretty good idea how chronic “diseases” really evolve, and how easy it is to prevent them, stop them for worsening or even allowing them to heal.

To do this, the first step is the most important one and this is the hydration.

I have mentioned that hydration is a two-step process. First comes the hydration of the blood and then comes the cellular hydration.

Both of them require a substantial increase in ionic value which is achieved through the ingestion of sea salt.

Image result for royalty free images of the ocean

Water with a strong ionic action is called plasma.

The plasma is the key to hydration.

I wrote many articles on hydration and it is explained in my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body”.

The knowledge that is given to us through the medical university is false and this is why doctors are so lost.

Because of the false science, they cannot see what is poking them right in the eye. Everyone is aware of it but still, people value doctor’s opinion and come back for some more no matter how many times they got hurt before.

People prefer to pay a lot of money for health insurance where only allopathic (modern medicine) treatments are permissible., such as chemotherapy, radiation, mind-altering drugs…are used.

In the meantime, some people have decided to support my work and consult me about their health problems. They are healthy and free of medications. Could there be any better health insurance than this?

Love and light to us all.

Where have all the roosters gone?

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Christopher Ingraham from the Washington Post mentions the fact that “The share of U.S. adults reporting no sex in the past year reached an all-time high in 2018, underscoring a three-decade trend line marked by an aging population and higher numbers of unattached people.”

Is this surprising to anyone?

I remember when I was young, girls were making themselves pretty, accentuating their femininity, and the boys were the peacocks, lifting weights, wanting to be the next Schwarzenegger or Frank Zane. and then, all of the sudden in the nineties everything has changed.

If this does not wake you up, what will?

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Vaccination cartoons, Vaccination cartoon, funny, Vaccination picture, Vaccination pictures, Vaccination image, Vaccination images, Vaccination illustration, Vaccination illustrations

I wrote about vaccines and the immune system many times but it looks like it is very important to write about it now again.

Officials in Rockland County declared a state of emergency Tuesday, March 26, 2019, announcing that the ban would begin at midnight and remain in place for 30 days, or until unvaccinated minors receive the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

The reason for such a drastic measure is the counties battle with its largest measles outbreak in decades.

County Executive Ed Day said, “we must not allow this outbreak to continue, The records show that only 72.9 % children have been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine, so unless they all get vaccinated, the unvaccinated children are banned from all public places and schools.”

Similar thing Rockland County tried last year when public health officials there barred unvaccinated children from attending schools with vaccination rates lower than 95 percent.

The Washington Compost article mentions that 82% of the affected children have not been vaccinated.

I truly doubt their statistics and even so, if 18% of children contracted the disease for which they were vaccinated, this is a poor vaccination record.

The whole article is just a vaccination promotional shtick.

Is the reason behind those decisions corruption, false knowledge, or the combination of those two is irrelevant. This is unconstitutional and prevents nothing.

Recently US warship was quarantined because of the mumps outbreak where all of the soldiers were vaccinated against this disease.

Dozens of Harvard-Westlake students caught a whooping cold after being vaccinated.

Children contracting polio after receiving polio vaccine in India.

Many diseases which were thought to be eradicated, are now returning as the vaccination is enforced and propagated.

Vaccination cartoons, Vaccination cartoon, funny, Vaccination picture, Vaccination pictures, Vaccination image, Vaccination images, Vaccination illustration, Vaccination illustrations

Are people so blind not to see the relationship or are they scared out of their wits?

Vaccines are used to spread all those diseases. This was obvious to the officials in Africa when they imprisoned the medical team that was spreading the AIDS virus through vaccination and infecting thousands of African children.

Now, if doctors and other health specialists are not aware of this, they are completely brainwashed, stupid, or totally corrupt.

In any case, I would have nothing to do with them if I would be a parent.

My children would never see any vaccine as long as I am responsible for them.

The basic motto of Globalists is, create a problem and then produce the solution which in the case of vaccination is not to protect the children, but to do just the opposite. Sick children are more valuable. They create fear in the family, dependence on medical care and the overall system, and consequent profits for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Parents have to work so that they can afford to take care of their kids.

The whole system is rotten to the core and doctors have a big part in it.

This is why do not preach to me of a well-meaning doctor.

Every doctor and other health professionals who are involved in vaccination is a scoundrel that is accountable for every harm inflicted upon innocent children and unsuspecting adults.

Image result for royalty free images of vaccination

We are all so brainwashed in believing nonsense embedded into our brains through our schooling (indoctrination) system that only very few find their way out of it.

The media and the entertainment industry are here to remind us what is the truth we are supposed to follow, and as we are awakening, we can clearly see the manipulation that is going on, and it is not a pretty picture.

Now, going quantum again, remember that you manifest where your focus lies.

What preoccupies your mind will be the thing that your mind will manifest. What is manifested becomes your reality.

It is imperative for us to break free and to do this we have to avoid the sources of the controlled manifestation.

Stop watching the Tel a lie Vision, stop watching the moves of destruction and horror.

Stop following politics. They are all designed to manipulate you.

Start focusing on the life you want to have.

Spend more time in nature, meditate, think positively about everything.

Fill your head with images of the world you want to be the part of.

Think of them in depth of every detail.

The more precise your description of things become, the faster you will manifest them into your reality.

You are not what you think you are.

You are what you know you are.

There has to be faith behind everything you want to experience.

Let your heart to guide you.

The brain of your heart has no polarity. It radiates only one emotion and this emotion is love.

Whenever you have the decision to make, think from your heart. Will this decision help others?

Image result for royalty free images of living from the heart

Changing the way we behave will change our reality.

This is the ultimate truth and it is the same if your prosperity or your health is in question.

The way of becoming happy is to think about what you can do to make others happy. By making them happy, you become happy yourself.

Love and light to us all.

How pure should be the salt that we consume?

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From the time of Pasteur, the people that are concerned about their health pay a lot of attention to cleanliness.

Wash your hands well with the soap every time before you will handle the food.

Wash your hands before you are going to eat.

AF and the irregular heartbeat

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Since blood circulation is the one thing that becomes affected by just about every chronic health problem, I believe that it is time for us to understand what is going on.

As soon as I pointed to mistakes I was prevented from continuing publishing this article

Please go to my other site. Love and light to us all

Braking the chains

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Image result for royalty free images of your mind

The past Saturday night a huge event happened and this article is going to reveal the most important information that humanity has to know in this time of the transition.

We are going to be talking about our reality.

What is this reality, what is the freedom to chose, and the mechanism with which we are being controlled and kept prisoners?

In the end, I will relay the message I was given that will help many to save their lives during this event.

If you are wondering what is this event?

The event is the moment when we are going to break the chain of enslavement and regain full control over our brain which means our manifestation which ultimately means our reality.

This is a very complex subject and I was drilled on it the whole night. I hope that I will be able to present it in the way for everyone to understand.

Here we go.

Our brain is designed to create an experience of “reality” through which the spirit (Creator, God, Allah, Jehovah…) can have fun and experience emotions.

Image result for royalty free images of your mind

Originally, the brain was given a program that was fixed. It was a program of unity and cooperation.

One can look at it as if every brain is a cell of the same body. They have to work in unison so that the body can function properly, and they are controlled from the same center.

The body we can refer to as being the body of our creator.

Then, our creator decided to have more fun and allowed those cells (the brain) to make its own decisions. It gave brain freedom of choice. Now the brain was given its own mind and it was given the choice to follow the program of unity or to follow the individual mind. This mind we call the ego.

In the beginning, it was all good because the mind was connected with the central control of the creator and just experimented in small events but then a huge change has happened.

An extraterrestrial group came and saw the opportunity to corrupt the free mind and use it for their own benefit.

The Bible calls them the Nephilim, the fallen angels, or the gods. We call them the Anunnaki.

Those beings poisoned our brain utilizing the food (glucose) and applied new brain programming through which they created guided manifestation.

Since that time, we have been in a prison, incapable of controlling what we manifest, and our reality gradually became more and more violent and wicked.

Here is how the brain functions and how our “reality” is created.

When we are born, our brain is controlled by the reptilian part which is the basic brain designed as a part of the whole, a unity. The frontal lobe is empty and this is the part that is designed to bring us the freedom of choice but it has to be adjusted first to the existing reality of which it is a part of.

So a baby can live but it needs to be taken care off until the frontal brain installs the programs that will allow it to function in this “reality” in making.

Whatever information the new developing brain absorbs, becomes a filter to the rest because this is what the computer thinks is the truth.

This is how it works.

Everything that you experience is recorded as an image. When we look, our vision is full of details but we remember only what we have been focusing on.

When you look, you see your friend, you see the whole space around you but you remember only the things you’ve focused on, for example, the eyes, the mouth, the smile of your friend but you cannot remember even if you try, the color of her eyes, or the shoes she wore, or the hairstyle…

Image result for royalty free images of lips

When you relax and close your eyes, as soon as you calm down, thoughts start emerging. Those thoughts are actually the imprints of the images you had experienced but again what you are aware of is the parts that you have been focusing on and you do not recall the rest.

Your brain is projecting the images and your mind is creating the desired outcome utilizing the information of your brain through those stored images.

The brain can only project the images it had stored, it calculates the most likely probability and it projects it outwards and this is what we see and call our reality.

Although the brain had captured many details, it only projects those images that stand out and those are the images you have been focusing on, they are the most likely to be used as your reality.

Of course, they have to make sense to your brain’s program and the brain has to be convinced in their truthfulness or it will not project them. This is where faith comes in.

If you come to the point in which you have to make a decision to go one way or the other, which way you will experience depends on where you are going to focus. This does not mean that the other option is gone. If the decision was hard to make, you have been focusing on two or more things for some time and finally decided to continue focusing on one of them, the other option or options have been captured through your focus and they continue to unfold.

You have just fractioned your “reality” and now you have another to follow. Since we perceive things in a linear way, we can follow only one experience at the time in a linear fashion, but the other experience is unfolding in what we call the parallel reality.

As we follow one “reality” to the end we cal our death, we become free to put our focus on one of the other realities that we had created and we call that a reincarnation.

If something has happened to us while we were following one course of events that had scarred our body, the parallel reality will carry that mark and we are going to find it on our “reincarnated” body.

This is why when Dalai Lama dies, the priests search for a newborn child with the same marks that the Dalai Lama had because this is the same spirit on a point in which a different focus had created a new line of events and a different line of experiences is unfolding.

Close up pr Kid's birthmark on his chest

The mind is going to follow the most probable events shown by our brain in the form of images.

This is why the frequent presentation of particular images is going to be most likely projected by the brain and accepted by our mind and as such it will be projected and viewed as our reality.

Creating a line of repetitions is time-consuming scientists have found out that by intensifying an image, the brain immediately selects it as if it was an image on which the brain was focusing for a while.

The original design of this was intended for our spirit to introduce to us something new, or to put our focus on something that may save our lives.

You may be walking engulfed in some thought and just as you were about to step in front of a passing car, something told you to stop and to look to the left.

This something was accentuated image that your brain projected for your mind to notice and it changes the events in your life. This was a message from your spirit to save your life and allow you to continue with the current line of manifestation, but it could also start another parallel experience.

Now, scientists are using this program to change what you will manifest. They call it the flash-point imaging.

This is done by emphasizing particular things within the image you are experiencing which then will stand out and be depicted by your brain as the most bright, the most noticeable, ad the most likely thing for your brain to manifest.

Through the flash-point imaging, people are manifesting (doing) things that they would otherwise not do.

To be certain in the success of this programming, people who are predisposed and prone to this particular line of thoughts are selected and used as human robots to kill someone, to cause a disaster, or whatever they are programmed to do through this flash-point technology.

This is why we are constantly being monitored and recorded. Our images are then selected, intensified and injected into a particular situation where we are then being used as executioners and creators of events.

To be able to manifest a reality that Cabal wants us to experience, we are shown their desired reality through the movies, teachings in schools, and information through the media.

Our brain is collecting images and when we calm down, those images come in a way of thoughts that our brain manifests and those accentuated ones (through our focus, or repetition, or flash-point technology) are then projected outwards as our reality.

We are being programmed all the time and I was shown that it is impossible to come out of this situation. Many times I was put in a situation that I can change only by letting go and this is hard to do especially when you are in pain.

Letting go means to recognize your shortcomings and allow your spirit to take over.

Since everything that we call our reality is just the projection of your brain, by letting go you stop the advance of imaging in a linear fashion and allow for a change to take place.

Since our brain is bombarded by images that are controlled by someone else we cannot make conscious decision to change. The brain is designed to select from the accentuated images and the only way to stop it is by letting go.

This is why people that had an incurable disease and accepted their situation, cashed everything and decided to spend their last three months of their lives doing what they were dying to do but could not, after three months of living happily and joyfully, found themselves to be healthy again. No trace of the disease that was supposed to kill them. They have let go and changed their imaging. The new images had nothing to do with any disease and they stopped manifesting it.

Everything there is is a product of imagination, belief, and faith manifested through our brain as our reality.

There are two ways we can change this and free our minds from outside interference.

One is to shut down everything for 72 hours. This clears the brain so that it can start over from scratch.

In the past, there were 3 days of darkness where the brain was shut down and when it was restarted, a new program was used. Humanity started from scratch, stone-age.

This time we had woken up sufficiently that it would be a big waste to clear it all out so another option is given to us.

To continue without a restart, we just have to clear our brain from the interference that we are subjected to constantly. For this to happen, a total electric blackout for 72 hours has to be orchestrated.

This way, our brains will have the time to clear the implanted images without destroying the progress that we made lately and consciously we can enter the new “World” we have started to create.

Knowing this will make it easier and less scary when this blackout happens and it is very near.

You can help yourselves by stopping watching the television and advertisings. Stop watching the News and spend more time in nature observing. If you have to watch something, watch comedies but without the economic program of advertising because they are full of flash-points to control you.

Please take this seriously and save your lives. The blackout is unavoidable because a great majority of people is incapable to resist the programming. It is to far gone.

I am sorry that this article is so long but there is much more I want to disclose only it has to wait otherwise this will be a book and not an article.

Please take a moment and send love to Christine, Andrew, William&William, Werner, Patricia, and Elsa because they had to go through terrible experiences with me as this truth was revealed.

Love and light to us all

We broke the same bone. Mine is healing and hers is not. Why?

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Many times when people encounter difficulty to heal from a health problem from which someone else healed doctors explain that “everyone is different and we never know how will people react to the treatment”.

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