Hand holding medicine capsule pack at the pharmacy drugstore.
Everyone is aware of the list of the side effects every medication comes with.
The list is a part of the small print on the box the medication comes with. Most people do not even look at it.
Recently I was asked to write about those side effects and how real are they since most people do not experience any of them. This is true but many people do.
So if you are using a medicinal drug and you want to know if it is important to read about those side effects, my answer is, not at all.
This may have surprised you so let me elaborate a bit about my answer.
Let us use some references.
The most popular drug worldwide is the aspirin. It is estimated that 40 thousand tons of aspirin are consumed yearly. This would let us believe that aspirin is safe and harmless drug wouldn’t it?
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) suppresses the cellular production of prostaglandins and thromboxane in our body.
What are prostaglandins?
Prostaglandins are proteins made by our cells that control the variety of chemical reactions. Because of this, prostaglandins are involved in;
– constriction or dilation in smooth muscle cells of the blood vessels
– sensitize the spinal neurons to pain
– decrease the intraocular pressure
– regulate the calcium movement
– regulate the hormones
– acts on the thermoregulatory center to produce fever
– acts on the kidney cells to increase filtration
– inhibit the acid secretion in stomach cells
– regulate the inflammation
– cause the contractions of the uterus…

When you know what prostaglandins regulate and you use a drug that suppresses their production in your body there will be a variety of problems caused that your body will have to overcome so that it can function efficiently.
So when you use aspirin because your doctor told you that it will thin your blood and this is what you need, or you want to suppress a fever or a headache, you can see how many other changes will this create in your body.

When our body produces a chemical compound, it produces it locally and only one area of the body will get affected by it. When we use the medicinal remedy, it will bet absorbed and affects the whole body. This throws the body out of a balance.

Decreased production of the stomach acid, decreases the production of sodium bicarbonate in your stomach so a stomach pain related to acid burns is to be expected including a stomach ulcer.

Thinning the blood actually means to prevent it from coagulating so prolonged hemorrhaging may be expected. This can lead to cerebral strokes as the small hemorrhaging of the brain persists and contributes to the accumulation of blood in one area of the brain. This increases a pressure on the brain tissue preventing it from oxidation. Doctors call this a stroke.

The suppression of prostaglandins reduces kidney filtration and contributes to the kidney failure.

So is it necessary to look at the list of the side effects?

Would you decide not to use aspirin if you would have been told what are the consequences of using this drug? Most likely you would use aspirin because your trustworthy doctor has recommended it so why bother reading about the “possible” side effects at all.
The question is not if the drug will create the side effects. The question is only if you are going to feel the symptoms of those side effects or not. More toxic is your body, higher is the probability that your body will show more symptoms that were caused by the suppressive action of the medication in question.

Bottle of Aspirin
I have used aspirin to demonstrate what medicaments do to our body but aspirin at least lowers the pain, fever, and headache so it will make us feel better. But what about those completely unnecessary drugs like statins which suppress cholesterol synthesis in our body?

Three different types of statins available in the UK, Atorvastatin, Pravastatin and Simvastatin Stock Photo
The cholesterol that you eat in the form of animal saturated fats will break down in your digestive tract into fatty acids and amino acids. So this is what your body will actually receive. From this, your body decides how it will utilize those elements. If your cells demand cholesterol, this is what your body will produce and send through the circulation so that the cholesterol can reach the needy cells.
What is cholesterol being used for?
30 % of the cellular membranes of the animal cells are composed of cholesterol.
Within the cell membrane, cholesterol also functions in the intracellular transport, the cell signalling and the nerve conduction.
The cholesterol is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D and in the synthesis of many hormones.
The cholesterol also plays very important part in the biliary fluids.
Extremely important is the role of the cholesterol in providing the necessary proteins and fats for the production of the myelin coating around the neurons.
The false interpretation of LDL and HDL cholesterol as a good and bad cholesterol just show you how disconnected the doctors are from the reality. The fats are the same only the protein is different and what protein will be manufactured depends strictly on the cellular demand and has nothing to do with cholesterol creating a health problem.
On the contrary, interfering with the cholesterol production prevents the body to supply the cholesterol that was demanded by the cells and now our body has to decide where it will use the available cholesterol and were not. This causes multiple health issues as the body cannot function normally when it is deprived of the necessary building blocks.
People on statins drugs will experience muscle problems including heart attack, mental problems like depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, hormonal imbalances, eye problems….

There is not a single benefit that comes from using statins and they should never be prescribed, never!!!

There is not a single health problem caused by elevated cholesterol, no matter how high the blood cholesterol may be.

There is no need for me to continue describing the health problems caused by other medicinal drugs since all of them are undesirable by our bodies and the body wants them to be eliminated as fast as possible. For this reason, all medicinal remedies induce diuretic effect lowering the amount of water in our body. About the consequences of dehydration, I wrote many times. Dehydration is the major reason for the acidic body especially on the cellular level and it is the number one reason for allergies and other chronic diseases humanity suffers from.

Elderly positive male pharmacist in white coat working the pharmaceutical store and consulting customers
So is it important to read about the side effects of medicines?
Not at all. If you are naive enough to use the medicinal remedies for extended periods of time, be prepared to suffer the consequences and as I have demonstrated, the consequences are general and affect everyone who uses the medicinal remedies. There is no such a thing as mild medicine if it is used prolonged time.
I know, many of you will remind me of their necessity to control pain or another symptom.
Medicinal remedies are useful as a temporary solution to an acute health problem but they do not promote healing. So if you are using a medicament to suppress a symptom, you will use it for 1-3 days. As soon as the symptoms (the pain or inflammation) are gone, you should stop with the medicine and start with the healing process. No healing is possible while the body is poisoned by the medicinal remedies.
If you use medicine for a short time, you do not have to be concerned at the collateral damage and the side effects that medicine is producing. The collateral damage and the side effects of the drugs are all cumulative and require extended usage of the medicinal remedy. The more toxic is the body, earlier and more symptoms of ill health will show up. It is a simple math.
Eat correctly, hydrate and avoid stress. This is the best medicine one can take and I promise, no health problems will occur.
Love and light.



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In this blog, I want to remind women about the importance of clean body during the pregnancy, labor, and nursing of their child.

By nature, a women’s body will maintain the reproductive organs clean as much as possible so that they are ready to accept the egg and start the new life.

This is why a woman has menstrual cycles. Those are the cycles of periodic cleansing that affect not only the uterus but the breasts as well.

Normally the menstruation should last 3-5 days and the blood lost, should be bright. The first day there will be only small amount of blood eliminated. Most of the bleeding should be the second day and then it should taper down again.

Lately, it is almost impossible to find a woman with a 3-day menstruation. Even 5-day menstruation is becoming rarity. Younger and younger women are experiencing prolonged menstruation with abundant blood loss and the blood is dark and often contains coagulum. With this symptom also their breasts become not just sensitive but painful. Why is this happening?

When the blood is polluted, cells refuse to hydrate with it. This leaves them dehydrated and acidic. Since the uterus of a woman in a childbearing age is very active, a lot of blood passes through it and contaminates the cells. Same is happening with their breasts. Since the cells become dehydrated and acidic, the forced hydration is set in motion and inflammation starts. It takes more time to cleanse inflamed uterus then a healthy one and body use the opportunity to eliminate as much of the toxic blood as possible so that it can replace it with a new, clean one.

Toxic blood is darker and the coagulated parts are the damaged and rejected parts of the tissues that are being cleansed.

Since inflammation occurs in the breast as well, they become painful during the cleansing process.

If nothing is being done to hydrate and cleanse the blood further complication occurs and cysts and tumors will appear.

If polluted, the body will not allow the pregnancy to occur and if it does, the body will most likely terminate it in early stages.

If the zygote takes and the fetus starts developing, women with toxic dehydrated blood will experience the morning sickness. Their body will try to save as much water as possible so instead of cleansing through the kidneys, to save the water it will cleanse through the mucous tissue of the stomach and the intestines. Accumulation of toxins in the stomach will cause the morning sickness and possible loose stool.

A woman has to avoid toxic food and this includes all medicinal remedies during the pregnancy. Especially problematic are the neurotoxins like alcohol and garlic but caffeine and nicotine have to be avoided as well. Many women had mongoloid children if they were administered stronger drugs during their pregnancy like vaccine or antibiotic. Just suggesting that women should be vaccinated while pregnant shows us how evil has medicine become.

Te fetus receives its nourishment through the placenta. Most of the impurities are filtered out but not all of them. The polluted blood creates other problems for the mother to be.

Polluted blood contributes to the muscles loss of flexibility. The elasticity of the tissue is diminished and less mucus is manufactured. This creates a big problem in childbirth. A dehydrated woman cannot dilate properly and it is less lubricated. The whole experience of childbirth becomes dramatically painful and often complicated. This is one of the reasons why so many childbirths are done by Caesarean section.

Another reason why so many childbirths are done through the Caesarean section is the financial aspect of it. Doctors make more money by doing this and do not have to wait for hours so that the natural process can take place.

Hospitals are like factories and many things are done not the way they should. Reason for this is partially the bad education doctors have received in the medical school and partially because of the convenience.

During the labor, women are often instructed to push hard even when there are no contractions. This contributes to hemorrhoids popping up and unnecessary pain.

As soon as the baby is born, doctors cut the umbilical cord prematurely and shake the baby, forcing it to cry. All of this is a bad practice and I recommend that you bring your child to this world in the comfort of your home.

Many women fail to produce enough milk. A dehydrated body will hold onto the water instead of producing milk. This is one of the reasons why so many babies are using baby formulas. The baby formulas are full of sugar and chemical stabilizers. This is one of the reason there is diabetes Mellitus occurring in young children. The chemical stabilizers found in baby formula and baby foods containing animal protein plays a big factor in the rise of leukemia in children.

What to do when a couple decides to have a baby?

Both parents have to hydrate and cleanse their bodies. Eat as healthy as possible and avoid known toxins such as the caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and medicinal remedies (garlic).

Well hydrated woman will have a clean blood so her menstrual cycle will be short and the blood loss minimal with no major discomfort (a pain).

During the pregnancy, there will be no morning sickness, only slight nausea at best.

It is good to be physically active during the pregnancy because the strong and flexible muscles will help greatly through the labor.

7-month fetus in womb : Stock Photo

During the third month of pregnancy, the spirit enters the fetus and from then on the fetus is going to be more connected with its environment and it is not a fetus anymore. Now it is a baby in the womb.

Mother can talk to her baby. The baby will listen to her. The music and sounds the mother is exposed to, baby will feel as well. The conditioning for the life in our world is starting at this point so mother should try to expose herself to the best environment possible because her baby will be affected by the same environment.

The best place to give a birth is at home or in the sea. The practice of waterbirth is becoming more and more popular.

The worst position of the body during the labor is laying on the back. Squatting position is the most natural and it is easily achieved in the water.

The rhythmic breathing and pushing are nonsense. A woman should wait for the contraction and help it by exerting a moderate amount of pressure during the contraction. Deep breathing is recommended since the whole process of giving birth is labor intensive and requires oxygen.

Once the baby is aligned and its head is resting on the cervix, woman should stop pushing and let the baby come out pushed only by the natural contractions.

The baby needs time to align itself, to raise the left shoulder to the chin and drop the right shoulder to make more aerodynamic form. The pressure of the skull stimulates the cervix to dilate. Well hydrated cervix will dilate easily and because of a good lubrication, the movement of the baby will be easy as it twists through the birth canal without any friction.

Once the baby is out of the womb, it should be handled gently as the whole birthing process was very traumatic, and should be placed on mothers chest where it will feel a comfort and warmth.

Being content, there is no reason for it to cry. As it takes breath, the umbilical cord flattens. The baby had sucked in the immune system and now the umbilical cord can be cut. There is no need to rush.

After the placental expulsion, a small piece of the placenta should be cut off and given to the mother to eat. This will stimulate the immune system of the mother and speed up her recovery.

Baby should be fed by mothers milk until all its teeth are out. During the teething period, baby can chew on a piece of meat (fresh or dry). When the teeth have developed the baby can be given solid food to chew on. As small pieces of solid food start to enter the babies digestive system, intestinal flora will start to change and adapt itself to the new environment.

Giving young babies fruit compote and other cooked and minced vegetable products regularly promoted as the baby foods is wrong. This kind of food is full of sugars and it immediately starts to compromise babies intestinal flora and the immune system by shifting the genetic expression.

If the mother eats correctly, she can start giving the baby some of her food but the food should be macerated first. This is what all creatures are doing in the wild.

Do not allow your babies to be vaccinated.

If by any chance you could not have avoided vaccination of your baby, start giving your baby some water with sea salt in it several times a day. This will help with the detoxifying process.

If the mother does not produce milk, take some oatmeal and soak it overnight. Then let the mother drink the water where the oatmeal was soaked. This will stimulate milk production. Mother has to be well hydrated so that she can produce enough milk.

The barbaric handling of babies in hospitals, the separation from its mother and the isolation are traumatic for babies and should be avoided. The memory of those experiences is being stored in the sub-conscience and it will affect the behavior of the child when it gets older.

Traumatic experiences reflect later on child’s physical and emotional development.

All the wrong things we are being told in medical school are there by the design, to keep us in a state of fear from as early age as possible.

Because of the fear we easily submit, accept and follow the leader whoever it might be.

We are being molded into a sheep and not into the powerful human creators that we are.

It is all done by a design of which most of us are unaware of.

It is the time that we wake up and explore our strength and power to create.

Love and light.


Closeup portrait of young nerdy guy with big black eye glasses trying to read book but having difficulties seeing text because of vision problems. Negative emotion facial expression feelings

I have been asked to write about the age-related eyesight problems such as the AMD (age-related maculate degeneration, glaucoma, nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and other eye diseases that affect humans as we get older.

Often as our eyesight deteriorates, the doctor suggests that this is normal because we are getting older so this is to be expected. Once the problems with our vision start, there is a little hope for the normal eyesight to be restored.

Why is it so?

Is there something that can be done to stop this eyesight deterioration?

Can the perfect eyesight be restored?

As always I suggest that we look into nature. What do we see?

We notice that wild animals do not have problems with their eyesight. Occasional trauma or parasite infestation can do a damage to an eye but it is rare, and no chronic problems commonly found in humans occur in the nature.

Let us look at some commonly occurring chronic eye problems.

Nearsightedness or myopia.

We are told that myopia occurs when the eyeball elongates and the focal point of the eye is extended and does not hit the right spot on the retina.

What could cause the eyeball to elongate?


We know that when cells are well hydrated they are pressurized and round. As they start to dehydrate, they flatten out, elongate. Is this what is happening with the eyeball?

Well, this would be a perfect explanation since myopia is getting worse in time which would suggest that as the eyeball is becoming more dehydrated it elongates more as well causing the vision to deteriorate.

To myopia, we have it’s opposite, the farsightedness or hyperopia.

We are told that the hyperopia occurs when the distance between the eye lens and the retina shortens and the focal point changes in the opposite direction from myopia.


Why would this happen?

If the internal pressure of the eye increases it will stretch the weaker parts of the sclera causing the eye to elongate vertically. Since sclera is tough connective tissue it will pull the cornea and the macula closer together as it bulges towards the top and the bottom of the eyeball.

Those explanations would make a perfect sense if the vision would remain blurred at any distance, but this is not what is happening.

As the name of the “disease” suggests, in myopia people can see well when the objects are close. They only have a problem when the objects are further away. In farsightedness, it is the opposite.

If the eye lens would focus properly and only the focal distances would be creating this problem of blurred vision we would not be able to see sharp image no matter in what proximities to the object we are since the focusing point would be always in the wrong place.

Obviously, this is not what is happening. The science is failing us again.

I am not an ophthalmologist but I can think.

So if what we are told about myopia and hyperopia is not correct, what could cause those problems of the eye to focus incorrectly?

Every photographer understands that focusing lens has to be changed for every distance or a two part lens can be used where the distance in between them can be changed which will change the focusing point.

The human eye has very flexible lens filled with water and protein making a gelatinous soft form which can change its thickness depending on its pull. This lens is connected to a cylindrical eye muscle which does the pulling and adjusts the shape of the eye lens. More relaxed the cylindrical muscle is more convex will be the shape of the eye lens and close objects will be seen more clearly.

I think that here is where we should look for the trouble when we experience problems in our vision, especially when the image is not correctly focused.

More dehydrated the eye lens becomes, less convex it will be in its relaxed form and this means that we will not be able to focus correctly on the objects that are near our eyes. Further the objects are, the curvature of the eye lens will be able to focus correctly and the objects will be seen sharp. Further is the object on which we are focusing, the flatter the lens has to be so the cylindrical muscle pulls on the lens. This flattens the lens and we can focus on the objects which are far away from us.

If the cylindrical muscle becomes dehydrated and loses its flexibility, it can no longer stretch the lens and we lose the ability to focus on the objects which are far away from us. Here again I believe the problem is not just in the eye muscle but also in the loss of the flexibility of the eye lens.

Due to the dehydration on the cellular level, we develop problems of focusing and instead of hydrating and repairing our lens and muscle we simply ad another focusing lens (glasses) to correct the focusing point.

Using reading glasses deteriorates the vision further because the brain does not have to stimulate the cylindric muscle to focus. This makes the cylindrical muscle lazy. What you do not use, you lose, and further deterioration of the eyesight develops.

I am not suggesting that the eyeball does not change its shape. The dehydrated eye will be elongated horizontally and the eye with increased internal pressure will be elongated vertically but those changes will not cause problems in focusing. Focusing is controlled by the brain and the brain will compensate for the focusing length if the lens and the cylindrical muscle work properly. There are people who have increased eye pressure but they have no problem with focusing. This is rare because cellular dehydration will affect all the cells in the eye and multiple problems with vision will occur almost simultaneously.

Through my other articles, I have explained that the polluted blood is one of the causes of cellular dehydration. Cellular dehydration makes cells acidic. To solve the acidic problem the brain instructs the organ to raise the pressure of the extracellular liquid. This is done through the process of inflammation. Often to solve the problem, our body decides to grow more blood vessels or to thicken the membranes or to create the defensive shield of additional tissue. In this attempt, other difficulties with the otherwise normally functioning organ can be experienced, as the new membranes and blood vessels may obstruct the organ from functioning correctly.

This is the case in diabetes where reinforced cellular membranes make it difficult for the insulin to penetrate causing the insulin resistance or diabetes type 2.

Is this the same reason for the maculate degeneration of an eye? I strongly believe so. Of course, there is another element or more of them that contribute to all health problems.

As far as our eyesight goes, when we are exposed to strong ultraviolet light like the one from the fluorescent light bulb or the sparking of a welding machine, this may create damage and dehydrated cells cannot recover so permanent damage occurs. Such light can damage the eye lens or macula. Since the dehydrated lens cannot cleanse and fix itself glaucoma may occur as the protein degenerates and becomes visible. This causes problems to the light which cannot penetrate and vision diminishes. If the damage is made on the macula, the cells try to fix it by improving the blood circulation. They try to create more blood vessels and protective membrane. Those changes create problems with vision and could have been avoided if the cells were properly hydrated in the first place.

Migrating parasites can damage our eyes but well hydrated healthy cells will recover and fix the damages caused by them.

Now the question is, can eye recover and can normal vision be reinstalled?

I have seen it happening.

Many of my clients report to me that they had significant improvement in vision since they have been on the Self Healers Protocol. I myself started to use the reading glasses when I was 47 years of age. Now at 61, I can read without them again.

Since our eyes are mostly supplied with lymphatic flow, the recovery is very slow. It is the same with our bones, joints and the central nervous system and the nerves in general.

The Ophthalmologists will use medicinal remedies in an attempt to cure the eye. I just cannot see it having a positive effect when they misunderstand the cause of the problem. What are they really trying to achieve? As usual, they just approach it on the symptomatic level and this never results in healing.

The important thing is, now we know that we can prevent chronic eyesight deterioration if we maintain our blood clean and this we can achieve by properly hydrating ourselves.

Avoiding the stress is another helpful thing to do but first of all, we have to stop poisoning ourselves with the toxic garbage we call our food. Do not play with the food. Eat it the way our creator has prepared it for us – manipulate your food as little as possible. The wild animals do it and they do not suffer from any chronic diseases humanity is plagued with.

Many people are told that the reason for their eyes deterioration is diabetes or high blood pressure.

This is not correct. All those problems develop simultaneously as a result of toxic blood and lack of energy caused by a stress. Toxic blood and stress prevent cellular hydration which is the basic step towards the dysfunctional body.

Hydrate with water and sea salt, correct your diet and control your stress. Be barefoot as much as possible and sunbathe as often as you can.

Love and light.



Senior Woman Suffering From Backache Getting Out Of Bed

Almost every alternative health site is mentioning adrenal fatigue as the cause of the insufficient hormonal production of the adrenal glands. Since the mainstream medicine is the “true medicine” the term adrenal fatigue is not accepted. The mainstream medicine calls the same set of symptoms an adrenal deficiency or the Addison’s disease.

So how do we know when we are suffering from the adrenal deficiency syndrome?

We assume that adrenal deficiency exists if there are following symptoms troubling the patient.

Signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency may include:


Body aches

Unexplained weight loss

Low blood pressure


Loss of body hair

Skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation)

The adrenal insufficiency can be diagnosed by blood tests and special stimulation tests that show inadequate levels of the adrenal hormones.

Supporters of the adrenal fatigue believe that the problem begins when many different life stresses become too much for the body to handle. Our adrenal glands, small organs located above the kidneys, usually deal with stress by producing hormones like the cortisol. According to the theory of the adrenal fatigue, when people are faced with long-term stress, their adrenal glands cannot keep up with the body’s need for these hormones. When this happens, symptoms of “adrenal fatigue” may appear.

In all, if you feel terrible and with pain as a chronic condition, you may be told that you have an adrenal fatigue.

If you follow my work, you know by now that our body responds to its environment. Not just the internal environment – our emotions, blood, lymph, intestinal content.. – but also the external environment like microwaves, electromagnetic fields, noise or the lack of the sunlight and grounding.

All those things that shape our environment will influence adjustments in our genetic expression.

Whenever we feel different, this was caused by our cells responding to the genetic impulse. This means that if our cells altered the hormonal production, this was caused by the genetic reaction to the environment. If we focus on the chemistry, in this case on the hormones and we try to adjust them, this is a useless attempt because our genes will react to the artificially administered hormones and change their expression again. This is why administering medicines never end up with a lasting effect.

Doctors claim that if medicines are not used, health problems escalate into very difficult to cure health problems like depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.

Now all of the sudden the adrenal fatigue has transformed itself into an autoimmune or genetically influenced disease.

This proves my point again. None of those diseases exist. The symptoms are just the reflection of the body’s toxicity. This toxicity can be caused by the polluted blood or the polluted mind (stress).

Kidneys, adrenal glands, and blood vessels (aorta and vena cava). Detailed medical illustration. Isolated on a white background. human excretory system.

The adrenal hormonal deficiency is the result of the environment and not the hormonal depletion. As the cells of the body change their behaviour, this does not affect only our muscles, our digestion, and our brain. The genetically influenced changes will influence the changes in the hormonal production as well. This means that the changes in the hormonal activity of the adrenal glands will be directly influenced by the same factors that have altered the rest of our cellular behaviour.

In short, this means that all of the health problems expressed with those symptoms we attribute to the adrenal deficiency are causing the adrenal deficiency as well.

Now you know why when we administer those hormones artificially, we do not get the expected results.

The depleted adrenal glands ( the low adrenal hormones levels) are just another symptom that caused all of the other symptoms we attribute to the disease we call the Addison’s disease or the Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

Understanding that our body will never do anything to harm itself is extremely important because this knowledge automatically eliminates many “scientifically proven truths” and makes it easier to search for the truth elsewhere. If this is what our body does to help itself, what is it fighting against and how can we help it?

Asking this question is the correct approach when we are searching for the answer of how to solve the medical problem.

It always comes down to the toxicity, lack of water, salt and energy. Another explanation why the Self Healers Protocol is so successful in restoring humans health.

There are no chronic diseases. There are only different levels and kinds of toxicity and what we call disease, are the symptoms our body shows as it is trying to deal with this toxicity.

Now the answer to the question “is the adrenal fatigue a disease?”.

Definitely not. It is just a symptom of severe toxicity our body is exposed to.

Love and light my family.





I have been mentioning this before but since there are frequently asked questions of proof to what I am writing about, it is important for this issue to be addressed again.

We as the population are groomed in the same way. Same or similar schools with same or similar schooling program so we end up with the same or similar understanding of the world we are living in.

The Same curriculum is pushed throughout the educational system of all countries and we all become exposed to the “scientifically” proved information we assume is truthful.

This is the reason we continue to ask for the scientific proof of the facts being promoted, especially if they differ from the standard narrative.

My work convinced me that almost all glorified “scientifically proven truths” are just a fake science which is promoted to suppress the truth especially if the truth found a way of surfacing and becomes exposed to the public.

As more and more scientists talk about the necessity of fat in our diet, the truth is under constant attack from the industry that profits from the misinformation. The profiteers are the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They wrongly promote vegetarian, low fat and low salt diet wich contribute to many health problems and create revenue for those industries.

This is what influential Mayo Clinic has to say about fats:

Harmful dietary fat

There are two main types of potentially harmful dietary fat:

  • Saturated fat. This is a type of fat that comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat, poultry, and full-fat dairy products. Saturated fat raises total blood cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, which can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat may also increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Trans fat. This is a type of fat that occurs naturally in some foods in small amounts. But most trans fats are made from oils through a food processing method called partial hydrogenation. These partially hydrogenated trans fats can increase unhealthy LDL cholesterol and lower healthy high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. This can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Here the health “experts” place the naturally saturated fats in the same bucket as the artificially saturated trans fats claiming that they are both equally harmful to human body.

In the UK, the team who published their report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine pointed to research that suggests the absence of a link between the consumption of saturated fat and a host of health problems including coronary heart disease, type-2 diabetes and the most common type of stroke.

Immediately there was a strong counter-push from the team’s paper – co-authored by Pascal Meier, a cardiologist at University College London and editor of the journal BMJ Open Heart, Rita Redberg, editor of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, and Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist at the NHS Lister hospital in Stevenage – has triggered furious criticism from a range of experts in cardiology and evidence-based medicine.

Then there was the attack on sugar and the culprit for all of the health problems caused by carbohydrates was declared. As expected, it was a total miss as fructose was selected as the culprit. Not only that the wrong sugar is bashed but the real culprit, the glucose, was proclaimed to be the safe carbohydrate that promotes health in the human body.

The same information is promoted through the mainstream medicine as well as through the alternative medicine. This is why I insist that there is very little difference between the two of them.

This is the excerpt from PaleoLeap article:

This is precisely the concept that Drs. Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet set forth in the Perfect Health Diet. Defining a “safe starch” as “starchy food which, after normal cooking, lacks toxins, chiefly protein toxins,” the Jaminets encourage healthy non-diabetics to consume approximately 400 calories per day (or 20% of daily caloric intake) of safe starches, prioritizing glucose over fructose. While acknowledging that a high-carbohydrate diet leads to all kinds of metabolic disorders, the Jaminets also argue that a diet too low in glucose can lead to problems like nutrient deficiencies, kidney stones, and lower mucus production, which impairs the immune system.

I guess, all wild creatures suffer from kidney stones, nutrient deficiencies, and lower mucus production. We are just too stupid not to realize this as the animals in the wild do not have any access to dietary glucose at all. Not even the herbivores (the animals that eat vegetation).

Realizing how corrupt is this world we are living in, should we be surprised when articles like this one show up?

The name of the article is Salt Crimes and you can read it here:

Now you know why I do not like to be called a doctor. The corporate licenses and medals in a form of diplomas are just a wall decorations and have nothing to do with the actual knowledge. More so, people forgot to observe and how to think.

All we want to know is, how qualified is the person that is promoting the information.

teachers day top jokes

“Oh! He is a professor, he must be correct!”

“The information is written on the official site of the Mayo Clinic, this must be true!

The Internet is a great tool for obtaining information but it provides ample misinformation at the same time.

So how do we get to the truth?

To trust some information especially when it is contradictory to mainstream science is not an easy task. I understand completely when people contact me with their concerns showing me the articles which contradict my work. This is why I am constantly writing new articles showing you how things work. I do not benefit from your sickness. I have no remedies to sell. I am just a messenger. It is you who have to open your mind and think. Absorb as much information as you can so that your brain can calculate more precisely.

Following the Self Healers Protocol is the cheapest and easiest way to heal. Since there are no medicinal remedies to be used, it is also the safest health protocol there is. Many people have benefited from it so why not to try the Protocol?

If you have a history of health problems I recommend that you contact me first or schedule Skype appointment since the cleansing symptoms may be strong and confusing.

For those of you who feel healthy and are seeking for the optimal health, you can follow the Self Healers Protocol without my assistance since the cleansing symptoms will be mild but the benefits will exceed your expectation.

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Mitochondria on a dark blue background. 3d illustration

Often when discussing energy levels of our body and obesity we hear doctors mentioning mitochondria. This is understandable because mitochondrion is where the cellular energy is produced from either the fat or glucose. Often when talking about the health I am mentioning how an adequate number of mitochondria is required to supply the cell with the needed energy and that the number of mitochondria diminishes if our cells are fuelled with glucose.

Besides of being the energy converter that produces energy from triglyceride or glucose, extremely important function of the mitochondrion is to regulate and store calcium.

Another important thing that mitochondrion does is a steroid production.

Overall, the mitochondrion is responsible for the cellular metabolism because it has its own genome and according to the fuel it receives, mitochondrion will adjust its protein production and the type of metabolic process it will activate and it is capable of producing the necessary enzymes for those reactions.

Section of mitochondria


Now, what does all that mean?

Let me show you some examples.

Human cells when we are eating properly ( not according to our nutritive type but the real omnivore raw diet) our cells have plenty mitochondria involved in the cellular metabolism. The number of mitochondria will depend on the cellular energy needs. So if we are active with sports, our muscles will demand a lot of energy and the number of mitochondria will rise. This is why if we are not physically active and we start some sport, the next day we cannot move from the muscle pain. There were not enough mitochondria to produce the adequate amount of energy so the muscle cells were under stress and produced some steroids. This allowed them to use glycogen as the fuel and convert some protein into glucose for a fast energy fix. This produced lactic acid and now the cells are acidic so inflammation is provoked to cleanse those cells. The inflammation increases pressure on the sensory nerves and pain occurs. Those are local changes and affects only the muscles that were under the stress.  Many athletes are injecting steroids to force this reaction as it allows the muscles to grow faster but by doing so they affect not just the desired muscles but all cells in the body. This causes cellular damages that lead to many health problems and premature death. Many bodybuilders have died young for this reason.

Strong bodybuilder man with perfect abs, shoulders,biceps, triceps, chest.

Now if we continue with exercising, the muscles that are being used are adjusting to the amount of energy that is required by producing more mitochondria. Within three days the mitochondria count increases enough so the cellular energy demand is satisfied and no more muscle pain occurs. Whenever you start doing a more difficult type of exercising or drastically increase the weight, your cells will be underpowered again and muscle pains reoccur until the mitochondrial count increases again. Mitochondria will also produce the necessary protein to reinforce the muscles so between the increased mitochondria count and the increased amount of reinforced proteins the muscles start to enlarge themselves.

When we are talking about our brain, here mitochondria have a lot of work to do since neurons use way more energy than the muscles. People who seldom have to do any prolonged thinking or be focused for any length of time will experience tiredness, blurred vision and headache if they will be forced to all of a sudden engage their brains for a longer period of activity. The brain also needs to be conditioned to more intense work by increasing the number of mitochondria to cope with the increased energy demand.

Another important role of mitochondria is its hormone signaling ability which is very important within the cells of neurons. Now you can just imagine how important it is for the brain and the heart, as the heart has its own complex nerve system called the heart brain, to have plenty mitochondria to be able to fill the messaging demand of the hormonal activity. No wonder that depression sets in when the neuron mitochondria amount becomes severely reduced and the heart experiences problems for the same reason.

As mitochondria control the calcium by storing and releasing it they are extremely important in bone restructuring. So when the mitochondria count is high there is a considerable amount of calcium that can be stored and released from the cells. As the number of mitochondria drops, the cellular reserves of calcium drop with it as well. One may think, what a hack, few mitochondria more or less. Well, it is not just a few mitochondria difference. The mitochondrial count can come down from let’s say 4000 mitochondria in one cell to below 500. Now, this is a substantial drop so do not get surprised when your bones cannot redeposit calcium. There could be plenty of calcium within the blood but it cannot be deposited within the cell as they lack the necessary mitochondria so eventually kidneys have to eliminate the excess of calcium from the blood and bones will remain brittle. The osteoblasts responsible for depositing calcium in the bones have to have high mitochondria count to be able to do their job properly.

science background- testis section study of the biological object in the microscope

Those are just some of the important tasks mitochondria tackle multiple times a second of each day.

In my books as well as in many of my articles I explain how the carbohydrate diet reduces the mitochondria cellular count and with it, many cellular functions become disrupted so our cells fail to do their job properly and symptoms of health problems appear.

I have heard people talking about the Self Healers Protocol simply as the protocol of hydration. Actually, it is much more than that. It is the protocol of hydration, detoxification genetic realignment, and the subsequent cellular healing. Increasing the mitochondria count to the optimum levels is very important part of this protocol.

This is achieved quickly and easily through the change of the diet. It is not about reducing the amount of carbohydrates we eat daily. Only their absence can trigger the desired effect as I have described in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”.

As many of you reading my posts are open minded, absorb this new knowledge and utilize it for improving your health. Please do not just keep it for yourselves. Please share this with your families and friends. Help whomever you can and the Universe will reward you for it.

Through love and compassion we raise our frequency and help our beloved planet to anchor itself in the new dimension it has just entered.

Love and light to us all.


human and higher power, abstract watercolor painting, 7 chakra yoga reiki

Whenever we experience some discomfort or pain this is when we go to see a doctor. The pain is what is signaling that something is wrong with our health. Sometimes we try to ignore it hoping that the pain will go away but as the pain level increases, the visit to a doctor’s office is unavoidable. So the pain is associated with a health problem and according to the symptoms, the doctor gives a diagnosis and name of the disease which is causing that pain.

This is a reason why the first question we have after we see the doctor is what disease do I have. Pain becomes a synonym of disease and every time we experience pain we automatically think of a disease.

We are all programmed in this way so when I am mentioning a healing pain, nobody understands what I am talking about. This is not surprising because doctors are unfamiliar with the term healing pain as well since healing is not what they do. Doctors know that they are not healing, only curing (preserving) the situation from getting worse at best. Even here they are unsuccessful so pain usually intensifies and suppressive medications are being administered to control it. As the health turns to worse, stronger and stronger medications (poisons) are being used. From diuretics to antihistamines and analgesics, ending with prolonged treatments with steroids as the final assault before they proclaim that the “disease” has autoimmune character and that’s why it is incurable. The patients are going to suffer from the pain until the death claims its body and soul. Amen.

Blood transfusion on a hand of an old man

blood transfusion on a hand of an old man

So, what is this healing pain that I am mentioning and why do I think that we should be aware of it?

Many people have tried to implement the Self Healers Protocol without consulting me since it looks so unbelievably simple and easy to follow, only to be disappointed as more debilitating symptoms started piling up and more intensive pain occurred. Often, even after talking to me and me explaining to them that there is a possibility of worsening of the symptoms and not to panic as the healing process often bring discomfort and pain, some people lose their confidence in the Protocol and take refuge in local doctor’s office accepting poisonous medication to alleviate their symptoms and in the process stopping their healing process.

Female hand holding pills and tablets. sick woman looking for help

female hand holding pills and tablets. sick woman looking for help

                    What causes those healing pains and why are they unavoidable in some people?

I have mentioned in the past how pain is a body’s signaling, that what we are doing is no longer tolerable and we have to change or the body will malfunction.

Pain is created from asserted pressure on a sensory nerve which the brain decodes as an itch or a pain depending on the intensity of the pressure that is applied. The pressure is usually caused by an inflammatory process in which the tissues swells increasing its volume. This creates a pressure on the sensory nerve causing the sensation of pain.

As inflammation is a readily occurring symptom in the chronic diseases, it is understandable that the pain will be present as well. Doctor’s intervention is focused on eliminating the pain with toxic medicinal remedies and nothing is being done to actually heal the body and prevent the pain from occurring in the first place.

The situation changes when we actually start supporting the body in its healing process.

Here we have different reactions depending on the severity of the cellular dehydration, the cellular toxicity and the cellular damages that resulted from them. According to those factors, the healing symptoms will occur during the hydration and healing process. Sometimes the pain will result as the part of the healing process that is occurring.

Sometimes, in the acute cases where the pain suddenly appeared as the result of inflammation, with quick hydration the pain is eliminated never to come back again.

Sometimes when the body is suffering from the cellular dehydration and consequent cellular acidity and damages on the cellular level occur, pain can be caused during the hydration process even if the patient never experienced pain in this area before.

Once the cells are given the opportunity to hydrate, they start the hydrating process trying to hydrate as fast as possible triggering the forced hydration even if the osmotic hydration is functioning perfectly. This causes the inflammation and the pain appears.

Another reason for the healing pain comes from the destruction of the unwanted tissue by the macrophage.

I have mentioned in my articles on cysts, tumors, and cancer how they are not diseases. They are additional blood cleansing stations produced by our body to rid the blood of toxins and the blood glucose in particular.

During the hydration and the cleansing phase, those auxiliary cleansing organs (diseases as we are being told) may have extra work to do as the cellular toxins end up in the blood after they are being expelled from the cells. No wonder some cysts and tumors initially increase in their size as the cellular hydration takes its place. As the toxic load diminishes and the need for the auxiliary cleaning stations are no longer there, cyst and tumors become attacked by the immune system and taken apart. This produces sharp stabbing pain that pulsates and diminishes in time as the cysts and tumors are being destroyed and eliminated from the body.

The commercial, mainstream, corporate doctor has no knowledge of any of this and it will interpret any pain as the result of the disease that has to be suppressed by toxic medicinal remedies. Those remedies stop the healing process and increase the bodies toxic level which actually feeds the disease and makes the healing impossible. What kills the life of the patient is not the disease but the medical treatment implemented by the doctor.

If you decide to take the healing process of your body into your own hands and you have never used any pharmaceutical medicines or medicinal plants before, most likely you will have an easy recovery with no pain to speak of while you are following the Self Healers Protocol or simply hydrating with water and sea salt.

If you have a history of chronic pains and treatments with medicinal remedies, I strongly suggest that you accept my guidance as discomfort and pain may be a part of your healing process. Knowing in advance what to expect and the reasons of that pain, will calm you down and make healing much faster and less traumatizing experience.

Our body is designed to heal itself. We just have to understand it and provide what is necessary so that our body can cleanse and heal itself.

If there is something confusing in this article, do not hesitate to contact me. Your understanding of the problem will benefit your healing process and speed up your recovery.

Love and light to us all.