Food typing to the activity. DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?

We are all aware that food nourishes our cells and if we do not eat we suffer the consequences.

This is nothing new but it seems that “experts” in the field of their “expertise” that make living teaching others and guiding them towards their goal are unaccountable for what they do. What prompted me to say such a thing? My friend Mark send me this article knowing that I am going to have something to say about it, and he was correct as always.

Here is the article

In this article you can see how nutritionists who do not understand metabolism blindly follow school books and no mater how creative they get, the information they give to those they guide is incorrect.

It is all quite simple. There is only one type of a diet that is correct. This means, no matter what is your activity this type of diet is going to be the best for you. When we understand that our cells are prepared to utilize fat for energy, fat (triglyceride) will be the best source of energy no matter what sport we are engaged to do. Saying how carbohydrate diet is better for this activity and protein and fat for another simply makes no sense. It is like saying that the horse pulling wagon has to eat grass, racing horse needs to eat grains, horse running long distance has to eat grass and grain…this is simply ridiculous. When we understand digestion it all becomes very simple. For one, grains are a bad choice of food for all animals that cannot peal the toxic protective membrane. This means only some birds can safely eat it. Horses intestines same as intestines of humans will inflame. Inflammation will be stronger more grains they are given and the end result will be colics. Inflamed intestine has poor absorption and it creates the same problem with the health of horse as it does with health of human.

There are so many horse experts and trainers that do not even know that horses have digestive system more similar to humans then to cow or sheep. For example they do not know that horses can thrive on meat. What do you think desert horses eat when they cannot graze?

In 1954 National Geographic magazine documented how Kazakh chief Qali Beg led his tribe 3000 miles from Sinkiang, China to safety in Kashmir, India. Part of the tribe's journey was made on specially trained meat-eating horses, who were able to survive in the grassless Takla Makan desert.

Kazakh were feeding their horses with meat when in desert. Tibetan horses were being fed with sheep blood and meat as well. In the motion picture Hidalgo you can learn how Bedu people feed their horses with Camel butter and locust and share meat portions with them (this was not revealed). How do you think horses would survive in the desert? Horses on such a diet have smaller stomach and slender body. Arabian horse in Egypt has beautiful body.

We have so many experts and so many titles not worth the paper they are printed on. Why is this so?

I have mentioned many times how our educational system is in fact misguiding us into sheepishly followers and most “experts” are just parrots with personal spin always incorrect. Because if it would be correct it would be suppressed and not promoted. Truth is highly guarded secret available to very few. So if you want to know what to eat when in training or competition, please read this article I wrote some time before;

Unless we understand digestion and cellular metabolism we cannot know what to eat and how to eat it, neither can we make educated suggestions and lead competitor to the victory in any sport event. Stop being parrot, observe and think, most school books are worthless especially those related to medical science.

As we are awakening things are changing. Now in Italy parents of children fed vegan food will be prosecuted. Another stupidity.

Revealing the truth is way better idea don’t you agree?

What interesting times we are living in.

Love and light my family and be blessed.

A horse with a white hair coat and dark skin showing around the nose, eyes and genitalia.Slender Arabian horse, what a beauty!




THE END OF “MAD. SIN” or medicine as we call it

Never did we have such sophisticated equipment, so many healers, so many doctors, so many health specialists, so many nutritionists, so many health advisers and so many sick people as we do at this time in human history. So the inevitable is about to happen, something that strikes every aspect of life. We have seen it in economy, banking, business and empires. Yes I am talking about a crush, a self destruction that  will come like an avalanche.

Sick Person Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image: 16061127Warning: The elderly are ending up in care too easily people should be ...Bali Healers and Healing a Five-Day IntensiveFaith healingwomen healers

It may sound strange because immediately question arises; “how are we going to help the sick?” Do not worry, we have stopped helping the sick years ago. In the modern society only one type of medicine is allowed. This is allopatic medicine where in expensive universities medical “specialist” are groomed. We call them doctors. They are the highest paid salesman in corporate world of greed and illusion.

It is not surprising that if you ask for image of a healer on the Internet, no image of doctor will appear. Healing is not what is being told in medical school. Only curing is mentioned and doctors are unable to achieve even that, to preserve status quo.

Unfortunately, all alternative medical practices use the same “scientific” misinformation so although they have better results, true healing is not achieved.

This is why you should not worry when this crush happens. It will be the best thing that could happen to humanity. No medicine, fast health recovery.

Why? You may ask.

The cause of most of the diseases is toxicity and there is no stronger toxin than pharmaceutical medication but “natural” medicinal plants are close behind.

In my book and through this blog I am informing you about the connection between diseases and toxicity of the body. To make more profit, medical industry has created separation of symptoms and stuck all kind of labels on them calling them diseases. It has created “experts” and expensive cures. Sophisticated diagnostic equipment and obligatory routines to be followed and none of them make any sense, they do not heal and instead they further undermine patients health.

Simply if medication is toxic to be used on healthy body what makes it all of the sudden healthy when the body is weak and sick???

Exactly…NOTHING. It remains toxic and harmful for the body causing further deterioration. This deterioration brings different symptoms so new disease is diagnosed and new set of poisons are implemented and so until patient stops breathing. Then proclamation of victory is announced;’we have extended the patients life!”. Bravo, ain’t that great? Who is there to challenge?

I often mention that the science we know is crooked and misleading. Knowledge that our professionals possess come from such science. No wonder they are helpless and unable to help.

New knowledge that is not controlled by “politically correct scientific world” is showing us the innate ability of the body to heal itself. The only thing our cells request is clean environment and clean energy. Both are provided if we eat correctly. Unfortunately we are mislead here to. We are told that there is no healthier diet that vegetarian or even vegan diet. In several  articles and in my book I shatter this myth and just about everyone that has tried Self Healers protocol has experienced not only fast healing effect but rejuvenation of the whole body. Those few that claim not beneficial experience must have been doing something wrong. I see it even with some of my friends as they add tea and ingredients that I do not recommend to their diet. Small error can have great consequences as far as cellular response goes.

I have wondered how is it possible that as soon as you do things correctly, the body starts to get younger. Now I know that our belief on telomeres is wrong. They never shorten down through cellular proliferation. They are just same as cells or DNA. In polluted environment they shrink, curl up. Since they carry electrical charge, they produce electromagnetic field through which they communicate. Tighter the coil, weaker the communication. As soon as we clean up their environment they unravel and work better. It is as simple as that.


I recommend that if you are on any kind of medication talk to health professional that knows what’s going on and get of the poisons as soon as possible.

If you need help, follow Self Healers protocol and the collapse of the system will not faze you at all.

With all my heart I wish you success.

Love and light my friends.


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the cleansing show

Here is Naturally better cleansing show.

The one 100 monkey experience was giving monkeys sweet potato by trowing it in sand. They like the potato but did not like the sand. One day young monkey washed the sand of in a river. Several days later another young monkey followed its example and then the older monkeys copied it. Simultaneously with the old monkeys, monkeys on neighboring island started to was their sweet potatoes as well.
I hope that you have enjoyed the program.
Love and light.
Rumbo a Sauce

Are your circuits down?

Recently I explained how polluted blood undermines health of women and what changes it brings into their life. But what about us, men?

Do our circuits have anything to do with toxic blood?

It would be silly not to think so.

Reproductive system is made by cells the same as the rest of our body. This means, polluted blood will interfere with cellular hydration and force the cells to become acidic. Acidic tissue causes changes in electromagnetic field so the brain will try to correct this by inducing forced hydration (inflammation) this way forcing cells to hydrate and cleanse the acid out.

More polluted blood floods cells, earlier will the acidity and swelling occur. This means , more the men is sexually active, faster will the problems occur if his blood is toxic. This is why people can eat the same food, have the same problems, use the same drugs but show different state of health.

Some thirty five years ago my brother did research on impotency in man. I was helping him more as experimental rabbit and we have discovered that bad blood circulation causes loss of erection in men. Great, so how do we fix it? We had no answer to this questions and most doctors do not have it even today. My brother made living surgically installing implants and pumps and I quit medicine and became furniture salesman in Brooklyn New York. Later I returned to medical field but as researcher and what I have discovered hit me like a rock. I talk about it in my book but in few words, medical schools train students how to make people sicker to extort their money. Some wake up but for the love of money continue the wrong practice but most have no clue what they are doing.

Losing erection is not the only problem men acquire from toxic blood. Prostate goes through similar process and inflames. Since the cells are not being helped with medical care the problem intensifies and prostate turns into cancer.

Another problem are varicose veins. If man has sex or masturbates and blood is polluted the veins of scrotum turn varicose. They pop out and become painful.

Other problems like lack of lubrication and lack of interest for sex are also common occurrence caused by the same culprit.

Here I have explained dozen of so called diseases as one, caused by the same problem of toxic blood.

What makes blood toxic? Bad food, bad beverages, stress, lack of water and lack of salt.

Can blood be cleansed?

Of course it can. We have three organs to take care of this but they need water and salt to be able to operate.

By cleansing the blood and changing your diet and psychological state you can have blood clean like a new born baby. Same will not just clean your blood but allow cellular cleansing and healing and guess what? You will be healthy as new.

Erectile problems may be caused by your mind. This is rare but it happens. Over stimulation and rough manipulation of genitals can also cause mind traumas that stay in the way of erection. All these problems are fare second. Just imagine how many people have circulatory problems. They are all on the way to become impotent if they do not do what is necessary to get out of this predicament.

Read my book and learn about blood circulation, inflammation and hydration. Those are the best lectures that will save your sex and life if this is the order you look at things my friend.

Embrace the change!




Is it possible to reverse autism? Most doctors claim that they do not know what causes autism so how could they know how to cure it?

In several articles I have explained how there are no diseases only toxic elements in the body causing the cells to adapt to the new environment and trying to cleanse and re-adjust themselves back to normal.

Here is Clive de Carl with Kerri Rivera

As you can see, more and more health professionals will realize where is the problem. All we need is the knowledge and the will to take responsibility. The truth cannot be stopped. Disclosure has begun.




Eating disorders revisited.

As we restarted weekly program about health on “Naturally better Tell a truth Vision” Here is a video of the program. In the future I will alert you of the thematic and every Saturday at 12 am EST(noon) you can join us live and ask questions live.

I am often addressing the importance of proper diet since wrong diet and stress are the major two culprits of ur ill health.

The FEMALE ISSUES -higher responsibility, higher maintenance.

We are living in a particular time when the emphasis is on merging gender, “we are all the same”!!


And I thought that I was a scientist. We all get confused at times.
I had to lighten up this thematic but no matter what Cabal tries to pull through frightened, greedy no back bone entertainers actors and musicians alike and reinforce through political counterparts there is undeniable difference in gender not just in psychological but also in physiological level of our creation.
We can all notice that women can tackle multiple things at the same time. They can listen to you while having telephone conversation and take notes all at the same time. Man can concentrate on one thing and the World is passing them by without them noticing it. My wife knows that when I am working and she asks me a question, even when I answer she knows that I was not aware of her and my answer and that I did not register anything so if it is important she has to destruct me and demand that I stop what I am doing so she is sure I’ve got it.
This article is devoted to women but not in psychological sense, I will explain health problems that women are facing simply because they are women.
I always mention that polluted blood is the main cause of health problems and organs that work harder and have higher demand for cooling, energy and elimination of waste will be the first to show deterioration  problems. As an example I often mention prostate since sexually active men are suffering from prostate problems with much higher rate than men that abstain from sex.
Women on the other hand have different responsibility and that is to bare a child. This is a huge responsibility and the body knows it. To be able to deal with pregnancy the body has to be clean. Only clean body can be healthy. This is why the backbone of Self Healers Protocol is cleansing of not only the blood but on the cellular level. Clean blood is absolute necessity so that cellular cleansing can take place. This is why women can judge how polluted is their body by how strong is their menstrual cycle.
Healthy women should be menstruating no longer then 3-4 days with just two days of significant blood loss. This is enough to clean the uterus and prepare it for pregnancy. Every time woman experiences profound blood loss by menstruating for long periods of time this means that her blood is so toxic that it has to be changed. Since women in this state have polluted and acidic cells in uterus they undergo inflammation (forced hydration) and menstruation becomes painful.
If nothing is done to help the body to cleanse, it will start forming additional cleansing stations in places where it needs to be clean. Those cleansing station are cysts and tumors. It is known fact that blood exiting those stations is cleaner than the blood that entered them. This is not surprising knowing that body is a perfect creation with self healing abilities and never does anything  unnecessary or to harm itself. In long neglected cases big fibroid will develop and doctors are instructed to perform hysterectomy as the only solution. Often very polluted body will result in miscarriage as the ultimate attempt to cleanse itself and it is often nowadays experience that women will have one miscarriage and then carry full pregnancy but with morning sickness.
There are also more subtle signs of dehydration that women experience in pregnancy and that is the morning sickness. We are told that this is normal occurrence. Bull…excuse my French, but the ignorance of ” health professionals” is raising my blood pressure.
As you can see body is trying to do the best it can to keep itself healthy and all that doctors can do is to “cure” which is to try to preserve “status quo”, and this cannot be done because if we do not change our habits and help our body to cleanse, the body will be experiencing stronger and stronger health challenges (diseases).
Now get ready for the truth: all that one has to do not only to stay healthy but also to heal the body from all those problems no matter in what stage and how big the problem is, is to cleanse the body.
There is absolutely no necessity for surgery or medication of any type. All that is required is cleansing on circulatory and cellular level and how to do this is described in my book and guided through Self Healers Protocol. You do not have to believe me. Try it for yourselves.
Since I am out of the closet lesbian, you know that I admire you and will never wish you harm.
Love and light

The liquid crystal called WATER

I cannot start an article about water without mentioning Dr. Masary Emoto.

His work showed us not just that water is a liquid crystal but that water can be influenced to change the crystalline structure under the influence of energy. Since energy is manifested by frequency water can be influenced to change its crystalline structure by sound, light, electromagnetic stimulation and since thoughts are electromagnetic waves they will restructure the water as well. This shows us that water has quantum capabilities.

We are all aware of waters ability to dissolve things, carry nutrients into our body and toxins out of it. We know that body is using it to cool of by using its ability by absorbing and releasing heat and by changing its state from the liquid to the gas form (vapor)

Knowing these things about water will make it logical that dehydrated blood will have major problems and dehydrated cells will not be able to function properly. You would think that in medical school we are learning a lot about water and its importance in life. Wrong. Not a semester, nor a month, not a week not even an hour. Interesting isn’t it? No wonder that  great majority of people are dehydrated. Doctors are told at best that patients must take liquids. Most liquids if not all that are not pure water will dehydrate the body more since they bring more pollutants that have to be cleansed out of the body.

I want to bring your attention to the crystalline form of water. Images of water crystals are shown in many documentary films and on YouTube explaining how the crystalline structure is changing under the frequency of stimulants but few of us understand what does that really mean. We are shown images like this

This shows you the type of crystals water turns into when exposed to human thoughts. The last image is reversed. Water reacts to the meaning behind your thoughts. You can leave the message of your thought in a written form like writing on the peace of parer “thank you” and same crystals will form as if you were there projecting your thoughts into the water. To go further you can make just a mark on a paper and if you were projecting a thought while making the mark it will create the same crystal as your thought. For example if you think that the hook you are drawing represents the thought of “thank you” and you put the drawing on the water bottle, that water will crystallize in the same crystal .  The same things will happen when the water is exposed to the sound. Music composed with feeling of love, beauty and happiness will form beautiful crystals and music written with hate, terror and destruction will result in de-structured mush without any crystalline form.

As you can see the crystalline structure of the water is forming around your thoughts and not the written symbol of word or the tune of the sound. It does not matter what language you speak, what letter you use or what sound you make. What matters is the thought with which it was created.

Our thoughts are quantum representation that influences the photons and water is made of photons but it has a special abilities to show itself as intermediary between the physical world of three dimensional world and its quantum counterpart. It is fascinating, isn’t it?

Still we are looking on those crystals as beautiful forms not realizing exactly where is the big fuss?

The big fuss is in the property of water that changes with different crystalline structure. What are the properties of water you may ask? Well first the freezing and boiling point will be different in different crystalline expression of water. Why is that important? Well there are living creatures that survive in ice or in lava and there is no life without water possible so those creatures have water structured in a way that it can withstand those circumstances. We know now that there is water inside of DNA structure and it is crystallized in such a way that it can withstand cold of 40 degrees Celsius below 0 and not to freeze.

Another important property of water is its tension, its ability to make collective bond and this way produce drops. Higher the tension the bigger the water drops. This is how water absorption may be controlled. Lower tension easier water evaporation.

It is important to know that you can structure water to be healthy and help you in regaining your health or it can do just the opposite. There was an incident in I believe it was Japan on a business meeting where all participants got violently sick and some have even died. It was poisoning and all the they had was water. Water was tested and no poison was found. This was before we knew to check the crystalline structure of water.

Here is another information that you will find unbelievable but it is true and I invite you to try it when yo have a chance,

When we grab a hot object we usually drop it because we get burned and we stick the hand in cold water to control the pain. Still hand will hurt for a long time and blisters will appear. It will take long time for the skin to repair itself. I told you that life is highly adaptable and depends on water structure within it. Also now yo know that yo can influence the structure to change with your thoughts but also with other frequencies of energy. So next time yo get burned instead putting your hand into cold water immediately bring it close to the source of heat (open fire or hot stove..) and hold your burned place as close to the heat as you can take before tears start rolling down your face. Keep it like this for a minute letting your cells know that you are changing their environment and that they have to adapt to it. Sounds crazy doesn’t it??? You will see that after you remove the hand from fire the pain will go down and disappear within few minutes and blisters will never appear.

Now maybe you understand when I tell you to express gratitude to your water and food before eating it. It will restructure the water within it and depending on the thoughts yo send it, it will have different characteristics and aid you in whatever you asked for. We used to pray over our food before, what happened? We became to smart for the “nonsense” of spirituality. Well now you know it is pure physics, quantum physics at its best we are just ignorant and sidetracked by the “modern Science”.

Forget all you know and absorb the new. What is coming is amazing, enjoy the ride. I could be ranting about water another hour but I think that this article will trigger more interest so go and do some digging for yourselves my brothers and sisters and if you would rather look for it here I will return to this topic because there is so much more to say about it.



As people are waking up they are realizing that there is something terribly wrong with the health industry. There is pharmacy on every block and pharmaceutical department in every grocery. It is becoming difficult to distinguish if you are in grocery store or in pharmacy, medication is colorful like candy and placed in between coca-cola and ice cream.

Consumer advertising for prescription drugs may not have the impact ...VUJ Calculus - Urology Videoshome period paper paper advertising medical pharmaceutical ads

It looks like children toy department doesn’t it?

Dangerous drugs are promoted like a candy and in the case that you have forgotten, children will remind you because the Tel a lie Vision is programing their brains to do so.

In the case that you are not totally convinced that toxic treatment is the right thing for you, your family health provider will send a law enforcement to bring you to your senses. You will be fined and jailed for your own protection. And just as you may think that it cannot get any worse the few conscious doctors that actually improve peoples health are being prosecuted, imprisoned or they are dropping dead like flies.

In England doctors responsible for developing cancer fighting drug Gc MAF are behind the bars and their laboratories in England and Switzerland have been ransacked and vandalized. In the United States just last month 8 doctors died and 5 are missing. What is interesting is the fact that all of them were proponents of alternative treatments and very successful in healing their patients without the industry recommended approach of cut, poison and burn techniques. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on. The big pharma is desperately trying to stay in control but their days are numbered and they know it.

Here you can read details about these events

Another Florida Doctor Murdered, Bringing Total to 8 Dead & 5 Missing in Just the Last Month

We are in the times of change, people are waking up and more and more doctors are realizing the sham of the system they are involuntary a part of. I say involuntary because they are being lied to as the rest of us through the “mis-education” system. Through so called modern science which is nothing more than fabricated bunch of lies designed to keep us in the dark following the will and the orders of those in charge.

We are in the final hours, the beast is dying and it is the most dangerous. Friends and colleagues please do not cave in, stay strong because we are winning. Death does not exist it is just new rebirth in making and new World is coming to fruition. Humanity will finally become free.