Nutrition and the dual fuel system explained.

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Since obesity is such a big problem that many people cannot resolve I decided to address this issue again, especially after I was asked to comment on this article:

This article was published by a diet doctor, so we have to understand that he is still practicing and this is why he does not understand the difference between the two fuels that our body uses for energy production.

In this article, I explain the difference between the two fuel systems:

The diet doctor’s article is again showing us the dangers of partial knowledge and how this misinformation causes us to come to the wrong conclusion.

The doctor is telling us that glycogen is stored in the liver and from there it is easily distributed to the organs and he is telling us that the body can run on this glycogen for 24 hours.

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One claim is only partially correct and the second is a lie.

Most glycogen is stored within the muscle cells, a small amount is stored in the brain and only up to 100 grams can be stored in the liver.

If the good doctor thinks that 100 grams of glycogen can power our body for 24 hours he is delusional, or he simply does not understand what he is talking about.

While fasting, I was losing approximately 300 grams of my fat deposits daily.

Fat has more than three times the caloric value of glucose. This means, converted to glucose, that I would need about 800 grams of glucose to equal the caloric value.

Next, the good doctor is telling us that blood insulin prevents the release of fat from the adipose tissue.

This is an utter lie. If this would be the truth, no triglycerides would be found in the blood while insulin is present and we all know that this is contrary to what we encounter.

Obese people, including diabetics, all have elevated blood triglycerides and high levels of insulin in the blood simultaneously.

Triglycerides are fats predestined for cellular energy production and there is never a shortage of them in the blood.

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Then our fuel expert is telling us that the only difference between glucose and fat is that it takes cells longer to produce the required energy from fat than from glucose, so it is like going into the freezer and waiting for the fat to thaw.

Actually, the mechanism of energy production is similar but glycogen is not glucose.

Glycogen is glucose bonded to protein and as such, it cannot be utilized for energy production.

Glycogen has to be disarmed first.

I explain that our cells use the stored glucose only as the buster fuel, for emergencies and life-threatening situations. This is why most of it is in our muscles so that we have more power.

In the brain, so that we can think faster, and as a general donor, in the case that we are under the stress longer than the glycogen deposits can last. Glycogen deposits in muscles last about 20 minutes and in the brain for about 5 minutes.

Glucose is bonded to the protein so that the cell cannot use it unless necessary. This way, cells are being forced to utilize fat for energy production.

The glucose has to be released from the protein first and for this the action of a stress hormone is necessary. If we are not under stress, we have no access to the glucose from glycogen.

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This information changes the picture dramatically and as we can see, our nutritional guru, the good doctor, has no clue about it.

The biggest misguided statement is when the doctor tells us that when we eat, the calories are stored in two ways. One is as glucose and the other is as fat.

Actually, the glycogen is not produced from the glucose we eat.

Glycogen is created within the cell and fat is used for its production. Most of the glycogen reserves are made during our sleep and we are not eating while sleeping so no blood glucose is available.

Contrary to misguided teachings, blood sugar is not there as an energy supply. The sugar is present in the blood to able nucleic acid production and the creation of proteins.

The only time the blood glucose will be used for energy production is when the blood glucose levels rise above the calibration point, and this happens only when we eat dietary glucose as food.

Our cells are not programmed to receive glucose for energy production, this is why when we eat dietary carbohydrates and the blood glucose levels increase, our cells refuse to accept it and insulin has to be injected into the blood to dilate the cellular membrane so that glucose can be absorbed.

This is where in time, most health issues come from.

The biggest mistake doctors make is when they evaluate glucose and fat as the same type of fuel presenting the glucose as just faster burning.

Now you see that the claim that it is easier for the cell to get to the glucose from the glycogen than to get to the fat is bogus and comes from partial knowledge.

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The reason why our cells burn glucose is that we are forcing it to do so by ingesting dietary (cooked and processed) carbohydrates.

The glucose that is provided through our diet is reprogramming the way our cells behave and they have to reduce the number of active mitochondria.

This is why an hour after our meal, when the cellular energy goes down, since blood glucose is no longer available (blood glucose levels are within its calibrated margin) cells start using fat for energy production but since the remaining number of still-active mitochondria is low, not enough energy can be manufactured which leads to starvation, stress, and glycogen consumption leaving the body hypoglycemic.

The only correct statement is that when fasting, since glucose becomes unavailable, the body reprograms itself to properly use fat as its energy source and we experience healing. The healing is a result of glucose absence from the cell.

Now here comes the proof that the blood sugar was never meant to nourish our cells.

While fasting, the blood sugar levels are constant and no sugar is being used bu cells for energy production. It is all about the fat, my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.

Twisted science

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Here is another article that was written for the purpose of misleading doctors and all those who blindly believe that what we are told through our ¨science¨ is the truth.

 In this article, ¨scientists¨ are telling us that fatty acid, propionate, is the cause of diabetes and increased levels of blood sugar.

To simplify their gibberish, what they are saying is that propionate which is used as the food preserver triggers glucagon release which acts as the opposite of insulin, increases the blood sugar levels.

They say that it does it by stimulating the liver to convert its glycogen into the glucose and release it into the blood.

As proof for this theory, they mention what happens in mice when it is given propionate in the food. Propionate stimulates glucagon production that acts on the liver to produce glucose.

The increased levels of the blood sugar then stimulate insulin production and consequently create insulin resistance we call diabetes 2.

type 2 diabetes cartoon

Propionate is a fatty acid so right of the way, doctors are being programmed to blame the fat as the cause of diabetes.

 There is so much garbage put together in this so-called scientific article that it is not funny so let me make a quick explanation.

 First, those mice that they use for experiments have dietary glucose as part of their diet. The pellets they feed the mouse with have carbohydrates. This is the source of the blood sugar increase.

 Let´s assume that propionate stimulates glucagon release, Glucagon is not a stress hormone and it will not convert glycogen of the liver into the glucose. If it would do this in the liver, glucagon would then also convert the glycogen of the muscles and the brain putting us in a stress mode by creating an energetic overload and this is not what is happening.

If the liver would be stimulated to produce the glucose, it would use fat to do so and not the glycogen, but in my opinion, this is not what is happening at all.

It is a known fact that some gut bacteria can transform glucose into propionate fatty acids. This is what fermentation is all about.

When mice are given pellets to eat, the glucose enters the digestive system. Some glucose will be absorbed into the blood and a minute amount of it will be converted into propionate and absorbed as such.

 There is no need for the liver to produce more glucose since the glucose was part of the food that was given to the mouse in the first place.

 The propionate could have triggered the release of glucagon and stimulated the liver to convert some fat into the glucose as well but this is a secondary, not important result of having the glucose in the diet in the first place.

 It is no wonder why doctors cannot solve the obvious puzzle when they are constantly being misled through the so-called ¨scientific¨ articles.


To keep those doctors confused, more ¨scientific¨ bul. is shoveled in their face focusing their attention on fats and fructose, and keeping glucose out of sight:

 All lies and deceptions.

Wake up my colleagues, you are being had to do the Devils work. Your action creates more death and suffering than all of the wars and traffic accidents put together.

 Reprogram yourselves. Accept the new knowledge and assist people in their healing process.

 Love and light to us all.

p.s. thank you, Peter, for those articles.

The mechanics of stress.

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My friend Karim has asked me to explain how does stress actually affects our health?

I wrote about stress many times but to make it clear and easy understandable I will explain this subject through the world of quantum mechanics.

By now, most people are aware that the food they eat influences the way they feel.
The realization that the food can cause health problems is setting in although most people still do not understand the exact way this happens.

I hope that by getting in the basic principle of the mechanics of our ¨reality¨ will help you to understand the relationship between the food and your thought, and their impact on your health.


When we look at things around us through quantum understanding, we realize that everything is just energy in different states of vibration. This vibration is expressed as frequency and our brain is programmed to manifest some of those frequencies as a solid object with their specific properties, or as liquids, as gas, but also as a feeling, as thought, as an emotion.

We know that we can change the frequency of the food by heating it. I often speak of it as a cause of disturbance of the original frequency which can and usually does affect the frequency of our body.

When frequency changes, so does the brain´s interpretation of it change and we see those changes as physical (real) changes such as are the differences in the smell, the texture, the taste of the cooked food or a symptom of discomfort or pain, or swelling in our body.

The same quantum principle applies when our emotions are in play. This is why when we want to explain how does stress affects our health, the quantum explanation is the closest to the basic core of the existence and this is why it can be understood the best.

Every thought has its particular frequency. This frequency is interpreted by our brain in the same way as any other frequency for which our brain is programmed and this is why we can express our thoughts through visualization.

When You think about a dog, you can visualize the dog. You think about disease, you can visualize the disease. When you think about vacation, you can visualize your vacation.

There are thoughts that you cannot visualize like the pain for example, but what you cannot visualize, you cannot experience as a part of your visual reality.

What we call our reality is nothing more than our brain´s visualization being projected through our eyes utilizing light. Our thoughts are made of the same frequencies but they have not been projected through our eyes, so we do not experience them as our reality.

Cybernetic Brain

Our organs resonate in particular frequencies and they have their specific reasons for existence. For example, the skin is what envelopes our body and holds it as an integral structure.
If a change of frequency occurs, this structure starts to show anomalies because our brain is programmed to present the changes in the frequency in a particular way. Our brain is producing and interpreting those changes and visualizes them. When projected, they become part of our reality.

What is stress?

Stress is an emotion caused by an intense experience.

When we hold onto this emotion, we trap the energy. Every time we think, we transmit those frequencies. The transmission uses a lot of energy but what is more important is the fact that our mind cannot focus on multiple frequencies at the same time.

Our mind is what we call the consciousness and the brain’s interpretation and calculation we call our subconsciousness.

Our consciousness is what forces the brain to produce the frequencies that are on our mind and by doing so, the brain becomes stimulated to project particular images that trap the energy in those particular frequencies. If your thoughts are disturbing, so will be disturbed the frequencies your brain produces.

Realms of Consciousness

For example, you are an honest person but because of something, you lied to your friend and he/she got hurt because of it. Now you feel bad. Your integrity is affected. You cannot get it out of your mind so those bad frequencies are constantly radiating from your brain.
As an “envelope”, the skin represents the integrity of your body so the constant presence of a bad feeling of your integrity now starts to affect the frequency of your skin and your brain manifests it as skin damage (inflammation, dryness, stiffness…).

Every emotion has its particular frequency which corresponds with the frequency of some organ of your body.

Another example is when someone you respect does something that offends you and you do not want to argue but you feel bad about it. When you hold the emotion in, without expressing it but it is making you feel bad and it is constantly on your mind (focus) this is an emotion of trapped anger. The anger was not dealt with. It was not digested so this emotion starts to interfere with your digestive system affecting your stomach or your intestines.

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Another example could be of a sexual nature.
If you are in a relationship where you feel that your sex life is affected. You have a prostate problem and as a result of this, you cannot achieve an erection. This makes you feel less of a man, you cannot satisfy your woman and this feeling is constantly on your mind, the disturbance of this energy can be expressed by your brain as prostate cancer.

As you can see, energy in various frequencies is processed by the brain and they relate one to the other so it does not matter at all if the brain manifests them as your visual reality or if your mind stimulates the brain to just vibrate with those energies. Your physical body will be affected in the same way.
Your thoughts expressed through your emotions will do the same damage as the wrong food.

I hope that this was not too difficult to understand but if more explanation is needed, please let me know and I will try to clarify it in some other way.

Love and light to us all.

Are doctors preventing or creating strokes?

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Although some doctors claim that a lesser number of people are being affected with stroke during their life, the evidence does not support their statement.

In the past, very few people experienced stress and the stress affected only the very old people.
The things have changed and more people are at risk of getting stroke no matter their age.
Why is that happening?
First, what is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when blood supply to a tissue or an organ becomes restricted to a level that not enough oxygen can be provided to the cells in which case they die.

A stroke can occur in any part of the body but when we talk about the stroke, we have in mind the life-threatening areas of the body such as are the heart and the brain.

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One important thing that has to be mentioned and often is neglected is that the brain will be differently affected as far as the stroke goes than the heart because the blood that circulated the body cannot enter the brain. The brain has a barrier similar to the ´placenta which protects it from most of the toxic elements that could be found in the blood.

The majority of the heart strokes are caused by the narrowing of the coronary arteries due to the plaque buildup.
Second but rapidly increasing in numbers is an embolic obstruction of the coronary artery.

Now, what is this embolic obstruction all about?

There could be debris of some sort that is large and can get stuck in a small coronary artery, or the place or already preexisting partial blockage and preventing blood flow.

Most commonly, such debris is a coagulum, a piece of coagulated blood. Such obstruction is also called the thrombotic obstruction.
How and where is thrombus (coagulated blood) formed?

Economy class syndrome mechanism, deep vein thrombosis(DVT), Pulmonary Embolism(PE), coronary thrombosis, illustration diagram

The followers of my work know that the blood particles are repelling each other because they have the same polarity. When the electromagnetic potential is high, the magnetic field is strong and the blood particles are kept in a distance from each other.

Such blood circulates rapidly and there is not the danger of the particles hitting each other or hitting the arterial wall so no damages can be caused and no coagulum will occur.

It all changes when our electromagnetic potential changes.
The magnetic field drops and the blood particles do not repel each other. This causes them to cluster. When doctors see this happening they immediately prescribe ¨blood thinners¨-

What they prescribe are actually anticoagulants that prevent proper blood coagulation. In this way, the blood will not coagulate easily and the creation of thrombus is prevented.

This may sound like a good idea if the brain is neglected, but if not, a new can of worms was just opened.

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The thrombus cannot pass the brain’s blood barrier so it cannot affect the brain and no brain stroke will result from it but the blood thinners can.

This means that if a small brain artery bursts, the blood will not coagulate and it will continue to seep out creating a tamponade and a brain stroke.

An incredible number of elderly have been affected by such a stroke doe to the blood thinner usage.

By trying to prevent one problem, doctors create another one that is even worse than the first one. Are we being surprised here?

If you feel tired and with low energy, your electromagnetic potential is low and you are at risk of getting blood clots.

If you have varicose veins, your blood circulation is compromised and you are in the danger of getting blood clots.

If you become sensitive to injuries and every small impact causes your skin to turn blue and yellow, your blood is not coagulating properly.

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Do not wait for things to become worst. Help your body to repair itself.
Do not take the dangerous pills your doctor prescribes.
Heal yourself.

It is easy.

Follow the Self Healers Protocol.
Once you have had the stroke, the recovery is slow and problematic. Your best bet is to prevent it from happening.
If you need help, do not hesitate to give me a shout.

Love and light to us all.

 Does fructose and fat cause liver damage?

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All this garbage and only the high fructose corn syrup is being blamed. Really?

For years, saturated fats have been blamed as the cause of cardiac and circulatory problems.

Lately, some studies have been published that counter this belief but the mainstream medicine is clinging to the old, manufactured ¨truth¨, that fats are bad for our health.

I have just received an article from my friend Peter that was published by MedicalXpress.

The article is titled ¨ High-fructose and high-fat diet damages liver mitochondria¨


The liver indeed transforms fructose into fat and uric acid, so the more fructose ends up in the blood, the more fat and uric acid will be produced by the liver since our body has no purpose for fructose in its original state.

Since our cells will not use fructose for the production of energy, no insulin is released into the blood. No insulin production, no GLUT sugar transporters will be produced and the sugar absorption from the intestines into the blood will remain very low.

This means that no matter how much fructose is in your diet, your sugar absorption will remain low and so will the blood sugar.

Tropical fruits

High levels of fructose in our diet will have only one symptom and this is diarrhea since all of the fructose that will remain in the intestines will ferment, produce alcohol, inflame the intestinal wall preventing water absorption and through diarrhea the content will be eliminated.


This means that fructose, no matter in what amount, will not change the gene expression AND WILL NOT HARM THE BODY.

Here in Amazon jungle, monkeys always come down with diarrhea during the mango season exactly because of this.


What those brainwashed parrots that we call scientists are calling the High Fructose is corn syrup.

The high fructose corn syrup is about 50% fructose and 50%processed glucose (dietary glucose) as I call it.

The dietary glucose stimulates insulin production and in this way, it also increases the GLUT sugar transporting protein levels.

Because of the glucose, sugar absorption from the intestines into the blood increases.

Complex Carbohydrates Food Sources

GLUT will bond the glucose but it will also bond to the fructose. As a matter of fact, GLUT will much faster bond with fructose than with the glucose so once the amount of GLUT increases, more fructose than glucose will be absorbed into the blood.

In the article, those parrots are repeating that glucose is healthy because cells will use it for energy production which they will not do with fructose.


They do not even realize what problems are created in the cells by doing this. Cells will have to be reprogrammed and the reprogramming is done through the change in the gene expression which then affects the whole body.


Those ¨parrots¨ are repeating how the presence of a big amount of fructose will make liver fat since the liver has to transform the fructose into the fat so that it can use it and at the same time it will produce a lot of uric acids.

Those bozos that call themselves scientists do not realize that all of the surpluses of glucose will also be transformed by the liver in exactly the same way as fructose into the fat and uric acid.

Obese African American man with pizza — Stock Photo

Instead of blaming the dietary glucose, they continue to blame the fructose.

Only a brainwashed individual that went through the superwash we call a university can be so blind.

As long as those ¨scientists¨ continue to pound the sand, diabetes will remain an unsolved mystery.

We are becoming so brainwashed that more and more ¨scientists¨ believe in Flat Earth theory.

World turtle — Stock Photo

It is enough to take a boat ride to realize that the Earth has curvature but this is to difficult for a brainwashed individuals to grasp.


Since people are being more and more aware that we are being lied to, they try to utilize their wrongly programmed brains to find the truth.

This is impossible because as we know, the problem cannot be solved with the same tools that had created it.

If you want to heal, cleanse your blood and reprogram your genes.

You can do all of this by following the Self Healers protocol.


If you want to know how the body functions, do not ask a medical doctor.

If you want to know how the Universe functions, do not ask a physicist.

If you want to learn the truth about things do not go to school.


We are now crushing this twisted world of misinformation and soon we are all going to realize how much mislead we were.


Love and light to us all.

Is personal hygiene killing us?

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People living in modern society are now accustomed to bathe every day and many do this multiple times a day.

We use soaps for our skin, shampoos for our hair, toothpaste for our teeth, deodorants, perfumes, and other beauty products never thinking what are those things that we put onto our skin and into our mouth made off and what if any effect do they have on our health and wellbeing.

We have to understand that our skin is a living organ which is very absorptive and our mouth is a mucous tissue which is as absorptive as our intestines so it is easy to realize that whatever ends up on your skin and in our mouth will be absorbed and end up in our blood.

On top of the usual bath or shower, we do wash our hands frequently because we have been told that many diseases will find their way into our bodies if we do not do this.

hygiene cartoon

We are creating a sterile environment that disarms our defense mechanism and then we wonder, why are we so sensitive to the food we eat?

When I was a kid living in Yugoslavia, we took bath once a week and every day we just washed our face and the upper body, often with a sponge or a wet cloth, and guess what?

We were way more resilient to getting sick then people in the USA are today.
When a North American person travels out of the country, they have to be very careful about what they will eat because their stomachs are very sensitive.

I never had this problem.

Not just that. I also never suffer from any kind of allergies.
What do allergies and personal hygiene have in common, you may ask?

Plenty, and here, I will explain the relationship.

The commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and other health products and cosmetics are made very cheaply and to be able to have extended shelf life, many toxic additives are used.

Open human hand with soap — Stock Photo

Also, since commercial soaps are made of cheap vegetable oils instead of saturated fats, foam enhancers and stabilizers are being added.

To camouflage the bad odors that those toxic elements have, chemical phenols are used to give the products tolerable smell, and to make the products antibacterial, more toxic poisons are used.

All of this will penetrate your skin and enter the blood.
The industry claims that the amounts used are minimal and they are approved by the FDA (Federal Despicable Agency) as if this now makes it ok.

The truth is that what destroys our health is a constant presence of toxic elements in our blood. The amount is irrelevant here.

Since we are accustomed to washing ourselves not just once a day but multiple times a day, we are washing off the skin’s protection (cholesterol) and allowing all those toxic substances to enter our blood.

Their presence stops the cellular osmotic pump so no cellular hydration is possible.

hygiene cartoon

By doing this every day, little by little, our cells become dehydrated and toxic.

I have explained that dehydrated cells among others, create allergies.
Nowadays, many alternative sites are warning us of the dangers of those cleaning agents by telling us that they are cancerogenic which they themselves do not know in which way and how this really works.

This is just another scare tactic that is used to keep us afraid and this is why it is tolerated.

Did you ever wonder why health experts such as Dr. Mercola, and Health Ranger, are allowed to operate? Now you know why.

Only lately as the Evil forces are realizing that it is the end to their tyranny, they are attacking everything that moves so even those half-truth sites are being attacked but not suspended.

It is all just a show.

Ingredients like the triclosan, dioxin, polyphenols, fluoride, and other toxic stuff should never be part of anything that we put in or into our bodies.

Some people are awakening and searching for pure, natural products that are free of those poisons.

hygiene cartoon

My wife is making soaps using pure coconut oil as the base and only natural ingredients such as cacao butter, oat, almonds, and natural herbs. This is such a fantastic product that once people try it they keep coming back but the cost of the ingredients is high and no aromatic effect so many people do not believe that there is anything in those soaps.

Natural ingredients do not have a strong odor. If the soap has a strong smell, it has chemical polyphenol in it.

Even using soaps like those, we should not wash ourselves more than once a day because we are going to eliminate the cholesterol from the skin and make ourselves easily exposed to foreign invaders.

Look for natural products and educate yourself. This is cheaper than healing later what you had damaged with your ignorance.

Love and light to us all.

Can I eat a cake and remain in the state of ketosis?

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The most common question asked by my clients once they feel great and healthy is, ¨Darko, when can I start eating the way I used to eat before I have started the protocol? ¨

Of course, my response is ¨whenever you feel nostalgic for your sickness¨.

Most people do not want to make any changes in their life and just the thought that they will never be able to eat dietary carbohydrates scares them to death.

People do not realize that once their bodies are programmed correctly, their food desires change.

Sometimes, a nostalgic craving appears, so what to do then?

This is simple. Go and eat whatever your heart desires, your body will inform you if you have made a mistake.

You will notice that the food does not taste the same as you remember it and it may even repeat on you.

Acquired Taste Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Listen to your body.

As an example I will mention my way of dealing with sweets.

When there is an occasion, I go for it. I do not have one slice of a cake, sometimes I eat the whole thing.

Then I feel sick to my stomach and say, ¨I will never do it again¨, which never happens since in several months, on another occasion, I repeat the same thing.

The same I do with my red wine.

Remember, changing the genetic expression is a timely process. You will not reset your body with one wrong event, but because you are poisoning yourself, your body will let you know through symptoms that you will feel.

Sunburn Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Ex diabetics will not return to increased blood sugar levels by once loading on dietary carbohydrates. Their sugar absorption is low so their blood sugar will remain stable, but going back to having the dietary carbohydrates frequently will start increasing the sugar absorption and changing the gene expression as the way to adjust to this poison.

Within a month or two of dietary carbohydrate consumption, diabetes will return.

Since the body’s system was reset, your body will have a different gut flora and a differents gene expression so when you eat something that is not suited for your system, your body will react to it.

For example, if you eat a piece of bread or pasta, you will fell stomach acidity which you have never felt before.

If you eat a lot of it as you used to, you will end up with indigestion and diarrhea. This never happened before so it may seem as if your body is not functioning well.

Those changes in the reaction to the food show you that readjustment is what body does to be able to survive in the environment that you are creating in your body.

Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time - YouTube

Our body has its original calibration and gene expression in which it performs the best.

Whenever we force it to reprogram itself, genetic errors occur and we pay for it in the long run.

Do not be afraid to switch your body back to its original programming.

All of your diseases will start to disappear and remember, you can on occasions feast on the ¨forbidden fruit¨. You may have to pay for it through indigestion which will remind you of the way you had often felt before.

Love and light to us all.