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Is chelation the answer to heavy metal cleansing?
This is a very good question and if you believe the scientists, we do not have to look any further. Chelation will eliminate heavy metal from our body. There are numerous studies confirming this fact.
Unfortunately, the reality paints another picture. The experiences in dealing with people whose health is compromised by the toxicity of their bodies with heavy metals show us differently.

First, what is chelation?

Chelation is a type of bonding of a metal ion with an organic matter.
Scientists are convinced that through chelation and only chelation, can metal and minerals which are inorganic, enter the human body. The scientists claim that chelation makes the inorganic metals and minerals absorbable and manageable by the living creatures.
The scientists claim that inorganic minerals and metals are incompatible and inert.

This sounds for fledged since many people have experienced heavy metal poisoning from none biological agents like paints for example.
I have often heard health professionals saying “if you could absorb heavy metals directly, why don’t you eat iron shavings when you are low on iron?”
Those are just a petty, stupid remarks. It is known fact that lead pipes are no longer allowed to be used in plumbing because people were suffering from a heavy metal poisoning with lead when they were drinking the municipal water.

Many people are toxic with heavy metals and their health is suffering from it. Usually, they experience the loss of appetite, nausea, hair loss, body mass loss and loss of energy.
When someone is diagnosed with the heavy metal poisoning, doctors immediately recommend chelation through medicinal remedies and biological chelation through the food.

If the science was truthful, chelation would have no problems to eliminate the heavy metals from the body, but it is not happening.

About ten years ago a man asked me if the Self Healers Protocol could cleanse heavy metals from the body. He said that 10 years ago when he was 40 years old he became very ill. He had lost his hair, became skinny and very weak. He was a professional painter and had worked in Germany.
The doctors diagnosed him with a heavy metal poisoning. He was retired as he was not able to work and was given a chelation diet to eliminate the heavy metals from his body. Once a year he had to have a test done to see what was the status and if he can go back to work. As I have mentioned, he was 10 years retired because the heavy metals did not leave his body.
I do not care what the scientific study explains, in the real world the things show different result and this is just another proof that scientific studies are manufactured same as their results, to serve the science and not the people or the truth.

He was my first client with the heavy metal poisoning so I did not have any reference but understanding the body, I had no doubts that the protocol will do the job.
Three months into the protocol, he had to go to Germany for his annual testing. Two weeks later I had received an e-mail from him where he with excitement notified me that the doctors cannot encounter any heavy metal in his body. The mercury, the lead, and the aluminum were gone.
What the chelation process was unable to do in 10 years, the protocol accomplished within 3 months. This was exciting news indeed.

The question is, why did his body hang onto the toxic heavy metals for so long, and why did his body all of the sudden released and eliminated those heavy metals?

I have explained before that our body has to maintain the proper ionic concentration so that electric currents can flow undisturbed. Normally we receive ions through the food we eat daily. This is very important since we loose ions daily as well. We do not refer to the electrically charged particles as ions. In medicine, we call them the electrolytes but we are told that electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and hydrogen phosphate. In fact, every blood particle from the protein to a virus are ionized and serve as conductors for the electricity in the blood.
As we are losing ions daily, they have to be resupplied back. The blood has about 84 minerals and some of them are highly electro conductive like iridium, rhodium, gold, silver, and copper.
When we are low on electrolytes, the body will hang onto those that are present as long as the blood limit is not breached. When the blood concentration of any particular mineral exceeds the allowable capacity, it will be eliminated through the urine.
Often, not to lose potentially important elements, the body will absorb them and store them in different parts of the body so that if necessary, it can release them back into the blood. Sometimes the cells overload on those elements and this causes a problem in the cellular behaviour.
The cells will be cumulating the wrong element because the correct one is not available so the cells will hang onto what they have.

We are instructed to avoid salt because of all the wrong reasons. We are told that kidneys have a problem in eliminating it, that salt increases the blood pressure and causes water retention.

All lies and misinformation spread through the scientific world of modern medicine.
We are being provided with the artificial table salt or so called bleached and iodized salt. They are both toxic and unfit for human consumption. They cause health problems which result with previously mentioned symptoms.

Freshly harvested none refined sea salt is hard to come-by.
Why is it so?

Freshly harvested none refined sea salt has all the elements of our blood and can be used as the blood replacement in transfusion. Now here comes the scientific claim that minerals cannot be absorbed into the blood if they have not been chelated. The same reasoning is repeated when the supplement pushers want to sell you the fulvic minerals. It simply is not true.

Now, how do we know that minerals will be absorbed into the blood without being chelated or dissolved in fulvic acid?
By the simple act of observation.

As soon as the body has enough ions and water, it starts to eliminate those ions that it does not need and cleanses itself.

Do not take my word for it. Do it yourself.
Start hydrating your body with water and sea salt and you will be amazed how quickly will the symptoms of detoxification occur.
If the body would have any problems absorbing minerals dissolved in water, no cleansing would occur.

Try to drink distilled water and see if any cleansing symptoms will occur. Not even a sniffle.

There are so many useless things that we have to memorize when we are studying and it becomes really difficult to admit that most of the schooling was a waste of time and caused more harm than good since the “knowledge” became a filter that later prevents us from accepting the truth.

So if you have a problem with heavy metal toxicity, forget chelation, forget the fulvic minerals, forget the vegetable loaded diet and follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Nothing will ever detoxify your body like water with the sea salt and clean diet based on the raw or as raw as a possible animal based diet full of saturated fats and proteins.

When in doubt, contact me and I will show you the way. It is so easy that it is laughable.
Love and light to us all.




Memory cartoons, Memory cartoon, funny, Memory picture, Memory pictures, Memory image, Memory images, Memory illustration, Memory illustrations

When we think of memories, we recall our experiences of the past. Everything that has happened in our lives can be recalled. Memories are reminders of thing that had happened to us and as a reminder, they are making us more aware of things that can happen when we are in situations that could be potentially dangerous.

You can be warned many times not to play with a razor because it is very sharp and it can easily cut you. The warnings will do a little in preventing you from playing with the razor until one day you accidentally cut yourself.

Getting injured has now become the experience you needed to get so that you fully understand the meaning of this danger. After you had your experience you will become more aware of the danger and every time that you touch the razor, you will recall the incident and you will be extremely careful not to do the same mistake again.

What is a memory?

As we know by now, everything that we experience is just our brain’s interpretation of electromagnetic frequencies that we are exposed to.

The brain transforms those frequencies into everything that we see and experience.

For example, a dog is identified by the brain and as he walks, its energy is moving through the energetic field of the space around him. Since space is energy, it has its electromagnetic properties. Now when the dog is moving through this energy field, his electromagnetic field is making a disturbance on the electromagnetic field of the space he is going through. This electromagnetic disturbance will remain after the dog had walked away and it can be picked up by sensitive equipment. Also, the electromagnetic trail will be picked up by another sensitive electromagnetic detector we call the telomere.

This means that our cells are aware of things that we are not, since the telomeres are the antennas of the DNA that inform our genes of the environment around them.

Once our cells have the information, it is obvious that our brain has the information as well but the information was not a part of our conscious experience.

Why is this so?

I believe that the reason we are not aware of everything that is happening or has happened in the environment around us is that we are not living in the present, observing and feeling the environment we live in, and another reason may be the distraction the deep awareness may bring.

Memory cartoons, Memory cartoon, funny, Memory picture, Memory pictures, Memory image, Memory images, Memory illustration, Memory illustrations

Can you just imagine if you have to concentrate on doing one thing and you are aware of everyone that is thinking about you and you are detecting everything that has happened on this spot you are in now during the centuries or millennium before this present time? It could be quite confusing and noisy don’t you think?

Our experience of the environment around us comes in photographic images. A million times a second, a new picture is taken of the space around us. We remember only the things we are focusing on. The rest we ignore and do not remember. This is why we have different experiences and different memories from the same event.

For example, a woman meets a handsome guy. She will remember his eyes, his mouth, his shirt and pants, his shoes and socks and the hairstyle he had. She will remember what they spoke about, what they have been drinking and eating, even though she ate very little.

On the other side, the man will from the same experience remember her face, her chest, her hips, and legs. Everything else will be lost as it was not rendered important from the man’s point of view.

Since we have a photographic memory, how can all the other things be lost?

They really are not lost. They are embedded in the electromagnetic field of the photograph and they will stay there forever only the conscious mind will not be able to recall them since there was no attention given to them during the event. This does not mean that the information is lost and can never be recalled again. You may recall things in your dream or while having another experience some details from the past may be recalled as a warning or a reminder.

The photographic images are the imprints of the electromagnetic field and same as a tape recorder or a memory chip, this electromagnetic imprint will remain stored forever or until the electromagnetic field around us disappears. Same as the computer would lose all its memory if it would be cut off of the electromagnetic charge so it has to have a battery to support this field when the computer is not in use or plugged into the electrical outlet.

When we are hypnotized we can recall the events fully and remember things that we have never been fully aware of. But there is something stranger than this.

In the deep hypnotic state, we can recall being in the womb, being born but we can also remember past lives and many of them have nothing to do with our parents.

How is it possible to retain memories of events that are not related to our body or to our parents as we received their genetic pool?

Where have been those memories stored, and how did we receive them into our brain since this is a new body that was not exposed to those old electromagnetic photographs we call the memories of experiences?

To explain this I have to use channeled information because there is no other way at the present time, to obtain this knowledge.

The planets are living conscious bodies. All life on the planet is activated by its resonance. Those frequencies the planet is emitting are influencing the genetic activation.

As we know, Earth’s Schuman frequency activates the protein and the genetic expression of all life on the planet Earth. Every experience of the disturbed electromagnetic field is being recorded. The information is then stored within crystals. The crystals of this planet are the library of Earths history.

When we accomplish our task and pass all the experiences we decided to have during our life time, we leave our old body behind. Our spirit has to go and offload the stored experiences as they are the records that belong to the mother Earth. This is done in a crystal cave deep within the Earth where every spirit that has ever reincarnated on this planet left its mark.

If our spirit decides to return and reincarnate again on Earth, before it can enter the fetus, the spirit has to visit the crystal cave. Here it will reload the complete databank of all previous experiences it had on this planet and bring them into the new body.

Since the receiving and emitting antennas that are receiving and sending the electromagnetic information are telomeres of the DNA, our genes are directly involved in the memorizing effect as they are the one doing the decoding of the information.

Now it becomes clear why toxic people have reduced the ability to memorize things and to recall their memories.

Funny Elderly Cartoons | Funny Old Women Memory Joke Picture - Mu memory is so bad. How bad is ...

More toxic is the body, less energy flows through it and the telomeres coil up and shrink.

Such telomeres have more resistance to vibration and their receiving and emitting abilities are reduced. More pollution there is in the body, weaker is the electromagnetic field, tighter is the curl of telomeres, and they are shorter with the reduced scale of vibration. The reduced range of detected frequencies will limit the number of genes that will be stimulated to resonate, which limits the amount of information our cells will receive.

This limits the body of what it can experience and causes it to age and deteriorate.

On the other hand, the stored electromagnetic information of our previous experiences sometimes bubbles up into our sub conscience and creates vivid dreams and nightmares.

Since we operate mostly from our sub-conscience, we are not fully aware where do those images come from.

We can be suffering from phobias and nightmares not knowing where do they come from, what is triggering them and how to get rid of them.

As we are living in the time of changing frequencies where we are exposed to higher and higher resonance it is very important for our bodies to be clean of toxicity with a strong electromagnetic flow. This will allow a higher number of genes to resonate. This resonance will bring new information as it will create cellular changes but also more old information will be coming up with this resonance and we have to clear it out of our body.

This we can do easily by acknowledging them, forgive and ask for forgiveness. Then through deep respiration clear those energies and establish a new, clean field of energy for our body and Mother Earth alike.

I hope that this information is not too confusing and as strange as it sounds it will make it easier for you to understand what is happening in your life and why do you feel the way you do.

The more we understand what is happening, the easier it is for us to overcome our fear. The fear factor is the biggest energy consumer in our body that deprives our cells of energy and curls the telomeres.

Let go of the fear. Let your spirit take over. Trust your intuition and your gut feeling as they are directly influenced by your spirit and serve you as your guide.

Since your genes possess all the information that you need, you can easily extract this information using kinesiology, pendulum, and dousing.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.

.the older one gets... there are moments there..   I understand, Maxine.




Illustration Featuring a Man Checking Out His Beer Belly

Many people are not satisfied with the way their body looks and the way they feel so they are realizing that movement is a necessary part of their life. This is the main reason why so many people, man, and women, are starting with some kind of exercising or activity programs. We often refer to this as the midlife crisis.

Why do we use the term “midlife crisis?”.

Because this usually happens when we notice boredom in our life, loss of enthusiasm and the necessity of changing the routine. So one day we look in the mirror and realize that our body has changed and not for better.

We realize that the body did not change and caused our inactivity.

Actually, it was the opposite. We have stopped to be active and as the result of it, our bodies have changed. So now we hit the gym, start hydrating and the miraculous recovery begins. It all goes well until we realize that whatever we do the belly continue having a bulge on it.

This is the same with men and women.

The toughest thing is to minimize this tummy bulge.

The cause of the stomach bulge is a higher accumulation of adipose tissue (fat cells) on the midriff of our bodies. As we have been accumulating excess weight, the adipose tissue has expanded and now even when there is no fat present, this adipose tissue creates a bulge on the stomach and the kidney area of our body, the so-called love handles.

Fat woman picks up a thick layer of the stomach. On a white background.

Women do have more problem with this especially if they had a baby.

The reason for this is that the body is expecting another pregnancy so it tries to hold onto some reserve food (triglyceride) and more adipose tissue is formed to be able to handle the fat load during the pregnancy.

Often, after the baby was born, mothers do not go back to their routines. They change their lives, their baby becomes the center of their universe and everything changes. This is where the family problems often occur as the relation between the husband and wife change as well.

Usually, if the woman goes back to the routine she had before the baby was born, she loses the stomach fat and with the proper exercising and activity, she will regain her beautiful body not leaving a trace of previous pregnancy or pregnancies. This was common in European women. I know quite a few of them that preserved their great bodies and it is hard to believe that they were ever pregnant.

The stretched tissue will return to its original state. I have mentioned this in the past, the body does not support what it does not need.

Unfortunately, many women stop being physically active. They think that cooking and taking care of their children is physical enough. Stomach muscles are not getting any exercise and they atrophy. Remember, the body does not support what it does not need.

When the stomach muscles are weak, the pressure of the intestines, inner organs and the pulmonary expansion during breathing will extend the weak stomach muscle wall and the belly will bulge looking like the person is pregnant.

Strengthening the stomach muscles will make them hold tight wall and no bulging will occur.

In many articles like this one:

the belly pooch is mistakingly attributed to a condition with the medical term of diastasis recti.

Diastasis recti is a condition in which the stomach muscles separated on the seam of their connection. In another way, this is nothing more than a hernia.

Client 3 before

If inner organ makes a pressure on this separation, it will bulge out same as in a hernia when intestine show up under the skin as it has protruded through the muscles that create the stomach wall.

Exercising is recommended to solve this problem but although it is helpful it will take a long time and it may not solve this problem at all.

As you have been reading my post on the cellular dehydration of muscles, you know the real reason why hernias occur and what has to be done for them to heal. I explain this also in my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body.

Briefly explained, dehydrated cells of a muscle will lose elasticity and diminish in their size. The same will happen with the muscle in which they reside. Since the stomach cavity is formed by crisscrossing groups of muscles, as those muscles get thinner and lose flexibility, openings start to appear. With increased abdominal pressure (lifting an object) intestines or nearby organ can protrude through this intestinal wall and this we call a hernia. Often we can feel the muscle opening before intestines bulge out and we refer to these openings as hernias as well.

Since we are not using these muscles because we are inactive, our body does not pay much attention to them and the muscles of the stomach wall get weaker and weaker to the point of becoming mushy and break easily. The surgeons are aware of this since surgically repairing such muscles is impossible. They just keep breaking.

This means that in the case of diastasis recti, hydration is a crucial part of muscular healing and has to be part of the recovery protocol.

As you know by now, no cellular hydration can take a place without the sea salt so following the Self Healers Protocol will solve the problem.

Most people with pudgy belly do not suffer from diastasis recti. This does not mean that the hydration is not necessary but proper diet and exercise are crucial.

To be able to reduce the adipose tissue we have to eat less so that not triglyceride is over produced.

Pot Belly cartoons, Pot Belly cartoon, funny, Pot Belly picture, Pot Belly pictures, Pot Belly image, Pot Belly images, Pot Belly illustration, Pot Belly illustrations

As we exercise we strengthen the stomach muscles which will keep the stomach wall tight and as the adipose tissue diminishes, so will diminish the belly flap.

We have the habit of eating three meals and more daily. This is unnecessary and causes problems. Eating once or twice a day is more than enough an if we skip eating occasionally that would be even better.

People who eat a lot of carbohydrates are often in a starvation mode as the energy is depleted so when they start eating they readily overeat. This triggers uncontrollable triglyceride production and most of this fat ends up in the adipose tissue.

I see this daily. Many people are exercising hard in the gym and their bodies look like a body of a truck driver. Chunky with big bellies.

Exercising is necessary but nothing can beat a proper diet.

There are many “experts” advising on the “best way to exercise” according to the result that you want to achieve but they all advise you to load up on carbohydrates. This is complete nonsense.

Eat the food of God, hydrate with water and sea salt and hit the gym.

If there is no time for the gym, walk and do 3-5 sprints several times a week.

This is going to force you to breathe deeply, oxygenate your body and tighten your muscles.

If you want to sculpt your body esthetically, working with weights under a supervision of a trainer will do miracles for your look and your health.

I am not a proponent of the more the better philosophy of bodybuilding.

Give me a body of Franc Zane and I would be very happy.

Frank Zane

If you are desperately trying to lose the belly podge and not succeeding, let me know and I will guide you there.

Love and light my brothers and sisters.



Magic deer walking in the forest. Spirit of the forest.

Before I get into the article I want to remind all of you that are contacting me personally and not leaving a reply on the post unless you attach your e-mail address, I cannot contact reply since your e-mail address is not automatically captured.

By leaving a comment, other people can benefit from your experience or a reply.

Many of you, my friends, are sending me messages of miraculous recoveries but who can really benefit from your testimonies are other readers who are skeptical or just not ready yet to make the plunge.

We are all aware of how different are the messages revealed here on this site and for most people, it is very difficult to accept things that are contrary to their beliefs. Hearing other people experiences could trigger the final decision to take the plunge and give it a try.

I have mentioned before in my articles that we can heal if we cleanse and change our diet. Since there is a lot of information about how to do this on this site, many of you are making the attempt of changing the way you eat and hydrate with water and sea salt. Many of you are successful in your attempt but many of you are not.

Why is it so?

In general, people are reasoning that if they just reduce the number of carbohydrates, hydrate and cleanse, their bodies will heal.

Unfortunately, this is not how it is.

To make it easier to understand I will go into the quantum aspect of our existence again.

Our body is a robot that responds to electromagnetic frequencies. When we eat our food, the food represents specific frequencies. Those frequencies stimulate our genes to vibrate. This vibration stimulates the cells to respond with an adequate reaction which we can see as cellular chemical changes.

If certain food makes our genes to vibrate in such a way that cellular chemistry changes, this means that this type of food is not to be used anymore.

If we continue eating such a food our cells have to adjust to it and for the cells to adjust, the genetic expression has to change. This usually ends with us showing symptoms of ill-health.

When we are sick, minimizing the amount of bad frequency will not allow the genetic recalibration since the bad frequencies are still present. We may slow down further deterioration but healing is out of the question.

For the body to heal, first the cells have to return to their normal working order and to do so the genetic expression has to be adjusted. For this to happen, a total absence of the bad frequencies is necessary. Only then the genes will start resonating correctly and return the cellular chemistry to where it should have been in the first place.

Readjusting the frequency we can do through the food, electronic frequency transmitters and our thoughts since thoughts are electromagnetic waves as well.

Evolution. Abstract science backrounds with female portrait Stock Photo - 14446448

Since we are most familiar with the food it is easier for us to understand what to eat to be healthy. This means that as far as the healing goes, no traces of the wrong foods can be present in our meal.

Many people ignore this fact or simply do not understand it and are surprised that not much improvement was achieved with their state of health and they did so much to change their diet.

So much is not enough if even a trace of the wrong food is present in the meal.

Often I receive a question about our intestinal microbiome and how to change or improve it so that it will stimulate our immune system in working better. I think that those questions are sparked by articles from the medical alternative and the supplement pusher sites but lately, the main medicine started publicizing the same nonsense as you can see from this article:

Here, the mainstream medicine acknowledges the fact that people have the wrong gut bacteria but instead telling the truth they are brainwashing people into accepting human source products as their food because they are “healthy for us”. When we accept this then we may easier accept the human flesh in the hamburgers and sausages we buy and the fetal tissue in the vaccines they stab us with.

Our World is becoming more and more Satanic each day.

Just about everything that is presented to us is fake and the truths are being censored and labeled as conspiracies. How do you know when journalists are lying to you?

Their lips are moving.

Unfortunately, not just journalists are liars. By sticking to their faulty beliefs and not being open to other information, almost all professors and doctors are liars as well.

Professor cartoons, Professor cartoon, funny, Professor picture, Professor pictures, Professor image, Professor images, Professor illustration, Professor illustrations

It is a known fact that the gut microbiome is supported by the food we eat. So is our microbiome is wrong, this means that we are eating the wrong food. Correct the food that you eat and your microbiome will change.

This is too simple for our sophisticated scientists and the industry cannot profit on such truth so false studies and narratives are promoted. Politics as before.

Fortunately, the humanity is awakening and we are realizing the truth. For those that have had the strength and courage to implement the new information, the era of the New Medicine has started already.

We are a self-healing organisms but for the healing process to start we have to adjust the frequencies.

We can do this by cleansing the wrong frequencies out of our cells and providing the beneficial frequencies which will readjust the genetic resonance.

brain against blue dna strand with ecg line Stock Photo - 42227063

Do not hesitate to contact me because by me following your daily lifestyle I can catch the mistakes that you are making and guide you to faster recovery.

Within our genetic structure, there are imprints of old experiences that had happened to us a long time ago even in previous lives. Some of those frequencies are bulbing up with this energetic change we are in. They create fear and phobias. It is easier to deal with them when our body is healthy but sometimes psychological regression has to be performed for those thoughts to be acknowledged and released.

About this, some other time.

With love and light.




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Coming to this site with the knowledge implanted into our brain by the schooling system, things will be very confusing. This is why it does not surprise me when I receive requests from some of my followers to explain things in an easier fashion.

When I say “followers” I am referring to people who are open minded and willing to absorb a new, different information which is contrary from the one already stored in the brain performing the filtering action. The absorbed and accepted information serves as censoring an filtering device with which we evaluate the truthfulness of the new information that we are exposed to.

This is why I applaud every one of you to have the courage and expose yourselves to the new information without censoring and rejecting it. This new information will help you by expanding the information bank in your brain so that your brain can make a better job in calculating when making a new conclusion or decision.

I am always thinking about how to simplify my explanation of a complicated system and this is why I am using the food as an example since we are all familiar with it.

Because of the misinformation of the popular science, there are some “truths” floating around that are being used to confuse those who may be on a correct track.

One of that misinformation is a soluble fibre of vegetables used by our body to regulate the digestion, and another is the “bio-form of minerals” or so called the fulvic minerals.

When I wrote about the soluble fibre of plants, I had explained that there is no such an animal as soluble fibre. Since fibre is just another name for cellulose and cellulose cannot be digested, the idea of soluble fibre is incorrect. The parrots calling themselves health professionals are simply repeating this nonsense that was injected into the “science” by some reputable (miss-informative) source and is being repeated to an oblivion by everyone who wants to sound relevant and educated.

Funny Too Much Fiber Diet Cartoon Picture | Funny Joke Pictures

Another lie perpetrated onto us by our health “experts” are the fulvic minerals.

The experts are claiming that minerals cannot be absorbed into our body and used by our cells unless they are in some kind of biologically accepted form. This is how the fulvic acid minerals were born. They are very important items for the supplement pushers because they give them revenue but as far as our health is concerned, they are all just a big joke.

You do not have to believe me, try it for yourself.

Start drinking diluted Sea water every day. The Sea water has all the minerals which are present in our blood. They are not fulvic (they are not mixed with the fulvic acid). They have been dissolved by running water from the earth and accumulated in the Sea. They are in the exact form for which our “scientists” claim is impossible for our body to accept them.

Soon after you start to drink the Sea water your symptoms of detoxification will start.

Many people incorrectly think that the salinity of the Sea water gives them diarrhea, phloem, and strange urine color.

Those are just a symptoms of your bodies detoxification. When you detoxify, the symptoms will disappear even if you continue drinking the Sea water.

Since not everyone lives near the Sea, the sea salt can be utilized and it will produce the same effect.

Everyone who is telling you that you have to eat vegetables so that you can get minerals is just a parrot repeating lies, and for all of you who are spending money an buying fulvic minerals just think how much money you have thrown away into pockets of dishonest or brainwashed “health professionals”.

Fulvic Minerals

There are some minerals that we do not have to absorb because our cells produce them. One of such minerals is a potassium and another seems to be calcium.

For our cells to be able to produce those minerals, our body has to be supplied with sodium, silica, magnesium, and oxygen. All those elements are plentiful in the Sea water and the alkalinity of the Sea water is 9.5

The Sea water can be used as the universal blood substitute in transfusion so if we are looking for the best available medicine, we do not have to look any further. There is no need to know the blood group or R factor, the sea plasma can be administered to everyone.

The Sea water surrounds us. It cannot be patented so no one can make a profit on it, this is what we would think.

Well, the supplement pushers found a way. They are now selling the Sea plasma for a lot of money. The Sea plasma is one-third of Sea water mixed with two-thirds of a distilled water.

The Sea plasma is a great thing but water mixed with not purified sea salt is almost the same thing, much cheaper and easier to get in inland areas of the world.

We have been so deceived in believing that salt is toxic for our body that many people will refuse to take it no matter what someone is saying that is contrary to their beliefs. They will be so scared to drink water with the sea salt that from the stress of doing so their heart will increase its rhythm and the blood pressure will shoot up.

After seeing this video, I stayed speechless. In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine that people will be dumbed down so much as this Harvard graduate is.

The wonders of education. I just have no idea what are they teaching the students now since such snowflakes are released into the society. And what is the most absurd thing about it is the fact that those young people paid a lot of money to be “educated”.

They should request their money back since the educational program did not make them functional.

If you think that my views on the education are wrong then watch this video

and just for laughs please enjoy this one

Now you can be sure that watching a Tel a lie Vision will not make you smarter but the opposite.

Everything that we are served through the media is fake and we have a tough job ahead of us to change it all.

Love and light.



Blurred image of patient waiting for see doctor. for background uses

What label would you put on an agency that distorts the science, creates a fraudulent advertising, writes a fake news reporting, is criminally negligent, lies for profit, has the power to kidnap your child and submit it to a torture, and is protected by the law?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a Mafia cartel but their criminal immunity comes from bribing the politicians so they do not fit the description.

This means it has to be a government agency. Only the government can legally murder and torture innocent people and be protected by the law and be immune to prosecution.

So is there anything worse than a government run health program?

"Spectickles" Cartoon A Day - Hacked Quack - Bill Abbott Cartoons.

I do not think so but here we are. We are witnessing a fascistic medical system being implemented in the western world and the brainwashed zombies are frightened that by repealing the O-bummer insurance they will be exposed and vulnerable.

The insurance is a money scam, and medical insurance is a scam and a fraud of the worst kind that preys on the weak and scared. The sad thing is that governments are immersed in it up to their throats.

This is the reason why people are paying 5 times more than necessary for their medication. Every honcho on the take has to get his/hers share. Bigger the government, higher the cost.

There are generic drugs available for those who prefer to be drugged and not healed but the government approved insurance companies will not accept them. Now you know why. Some government beggar would have been left without the doe and this cannot happen. The government steals collectively.

Here is an article on the generic drugs:

To increase the sales of the toxic health disrupting drugs, the sheepishly public has to be convinced of their importance and their health benefits. This is why articles like this one about the importance and the health benefits of the cholesterol reducing drugs – the statins, are published in the mainstream newspapers around the world:

To you who follow my work, I do not have to preach about the importance of the cholesterol for the properly functioning body. You would be surprised to know how many brainwashed doctors there are that believe in the good and the bad cholesterol lie and sincerely repeat those lies to their patients instructing them to swallow the statin poison daily.

Now there are not enough people taking this poison as far as the pharmaceutical complex is concerned. The general public has to be “educated” so that they can make “educated decision” on this matter.

Do not eat eggs, coconut oil, butter the good doctor will advise you. Have margarine instead with tofu and coffee.

Many health professionals are still blaming the circulatory problems on the saturated fats promoting the vegetarian carbohydrate loaded diet even when you come down with diabetes.

Yes, monitor your sugar, shot the insulin and be sure that you have some carbohydrates so that you do not fall into hypoglycemia. The recommendations are straight from the medical books written and edited by the pharmaceutical corporate world.

To make sure that the public is well informed of the impossibility to heal from diabetes, articles like this one are flooding the news:

Hurray! There is a diabetes cure on the horizon!

How many times did we hear this one? The health industry will never allow diabetes to be cured, it is their big cash cow.

So the lies are piling up. Those stupid immune cells that attack mistakingly their own host. Ain’t that just awful?

Only the brainwashed “experts” can swallow this big lie.

As long as they can keep you convinced of the health benefits vegetables provide, and their necessity for the well functioning human body, their insulin producing labs have nothing to worry about. There will be a plenty business for them and for the health professionals involved in this scam.

The body can easily heal from diabetes but there are several fraudulent “truths” that have to be debunked before so that people can let go of the fear and change their diets. This is easier said than done.

The News articles educating the population with the false knowledge, are making sure that nothing changes and the sheep stay in the herd.

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Onto this lie, we can paste the next one claiming that even if you do not eat a lot, you will gain weight if you rink dietary beverages:

The falsehood of this claim that the dietary beverages promote obesity even if not much nutrients are ingested is equal to another false claim that the second-hand smoke is more toxic for the body than the original smoke inhaled by the cigarette smoker.

We are being fed a lie after a lie. No real news to be found anywhere, only lies and deceits.

Stop eating carbohydrates and the miracle will happen but this cannot be revealed, the cash cow would be endangered.

To make sure that articles like this one are not being seen by many, stricter and stricter measures of censorship are implemented so please keep spreading the word and help to awaken as many people as possible.

Sick people are living in fear and they are easily swindled. So please help them to see the light.

Love and light to us all.



Man talking on the phone close up shot

I wrote about this subject some time ago but the ignorance of the public and the blind greed of the corporate establishment are reminding me that this subject has to be talked about and more exposure has to be put on this matter.

The young population is especially targeted and the most susceptible to experience the ill effect of the microwave radiation. The young people’s health problems which were influenced by the EMF emitting devices often results in the formation of cancer.

The corporate world is protecting themselves from the liability by publishing misleading statistics and the doctors and scientists on their payroll are shamelessly covering up their dirty secrets.

By now, we know that major media is nothing more than corporate advertising agency so the statement reported in the New York Times written by their science reporter Gina Koala saying that there is “overwhelming evidence” that cell phones do not lead to cancer is false an misleading. “Despite the explosion of cell phone use,” she said, “it looks like the incidence of brain cancer has remained pretty much rock steady since 1992.” The “bottom line,” she concluded, is that “You can use a cell phone without worrying.”

This is completely misleading since the most aggressive and deadly brain tumor (Glioblastoma multiforme) is increasing steadily at the rate of 3.1% a year in the last few years.

We have to take into consideration the fact that it takes time for cancer to develop a visible health problem and to be detected, so a sudden increase of brain cancers we can expect to occur in a couple of years from now.

Since the majority of the public believes what they are being served by their media, they are unaware of the danger they are exposed to.

Very few people are using just the basic cell phone. The great majority is using the so called  smart phones which constantly communicate with the cell phone towers exchanging data. This creates a constant microwave radiation so not only the brain is in danger during the phone call, but we are endangering the organ closest to the cell phone while carrying it in our pocket or attached to the belt.

The young generation is so hooked on the cell phones. I see how they carry them stuck in their underwear during the time they are in the gym and I assume nothing changes when they leave the gym as well.

No wonder that ovarian and testicular cancers are on the rise as well particularly in young people.

How can “science” get away with this and keep us ignorant?

This is because scientists argue that the cellular damage to occur from the ionic radiation of the microwave energy has to be much stronger than what cell phones are capable of producing.

It is correct that the ionizing radiation from cell phones is low but the statement that only a strong ionic radiation will cause cellular harm is false.

If we place a smart phone in a beehive, many bees will not return back to it and in some instances, the whole beehive becomes abandoned.

Why does this happen?

Animals know instantly when their environment becomes toxic. They do not have to wait for the symptoms of ill health to discover this.

There is no need for the harmful frequency to be so strong to actually break the DNA bonds as scientists are implying.

Even low microwave radiation interferes with the normal cellular activity. We see this in their reaction of producing the stress proteins. Cells produce their stress proteins whenever they are in an alert mode of fight and flight situation. Realizing that cells produce stress proteins when they are in a danger, signifies that even a low-intensity microwave radiation interferes with the cellular activity. If nothing else, the cellular hydration, cleansing, and reparation will be stopped.

Now here is the question, why aggressive cancer forms under the influence of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) radiation is easily understood.

I have explained that cancer is not a disease. It is an additional cleansing organ our body produces to help itself when the particular area of the body is dangerously toxic.

In the instance of microwave frequencies, the tumor grows as a physical wall to protect sensitive organ from being irradiated. It is not a cellular malfunction as we are wrongly being told. This can easily be reversed but since the EMF radiation does not only come from the cell phones and electrical devices but they are also a part of the wrong frequencies emitted from the wrong foods that we eat, reversing the problem takes more than just stopping to utilize the cell phone.

People with higher body toxicity will develop cancer faster when they are exposed to the EMF radiation. Toxicity has a cumulative properties and more toxic the body becomes the easier it surrenders to cancer.

Also, easily affected will be the children because of their fast growth and rapid cellular multiplication. No wonder why the instances in children’s brain cancers and leukemia are so high.

Portrait of cute toddler speaking by cellular phone


Our bodies are always adjusting to their environment and they adjust to tolerate those frequencies, but there is always some ill effect caused by genetic adjustments to those frequencies.

The Illuminati are using our governments to implement the brain programming through the school education and Tel a lie Vision programming, now this is expanded through the cell phones and next generation is going to be the 5%G wireless programming which we are hopefully going to stop before it takes the hold.

Do not use microwave ovens, they radiate toxic frequencies into the room and the food itself that was irradiated by them is toxic to our cells.

Stay clear of this microwave ovens

A Large Communications Tower on a Blue Sky

Special attention should be given to the RFID chip also called the RFID 666 chip. If you accept it your intellect and IQ is lower than the one of a dog. Even the dog would not take it voluntarily.

We have to learn the truth about who we are and use our power to liberate ourselves.

The knowledge is the power and we are here to learn. Do not think that your education has finished with you getting the diploma. That was just the bad programming, the sheepishly period of your life when you were told what you need to know to be able to serve your slave master.

Now you have to learn the truth. We are here to learn from our experiences. As long as we live, we are learning. There is no point in living when we stop learning, our purpose was done and we leave our Avatar that we call our Body.

So get busy learning or get busy dying, your choice my friends.

Love and light to us all.