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The news was flooded with the reports of a giant mosquitoes, 20 times the size of an ordinary mosquito emerging from the swamps in Carolina after a hurricane.
Of course, the major media, the loudmouth of the deep state government, was quick to spread this news.

CNN reporting

Of course, the NYTimes is not far behind

No doubt that those are mosquitoes on steroids but the reporting stops there. No elaboration which is strange since those news organizations are commenting and predicting all political events. Mind you, always wrong, but they all agree to tell you the “truth” behind their reports.They call it the balanced truth.

I do not know how you can balance the truth?

You either report the truth or not.
Well, the balanced truth is, they report an event(this is the truth) and then they elaborate on it spinning their version of assumptions which is false. The result is the “balanced truth”.

When it comes to science, no investigative journalism is ever done and everything is taken on the face value.

This is why the giant mosquitoes are reported and it is a big surprise, an unexpected strange event, but is it really so?

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Months ago, it was reported that genetically modified mosquitoes were released in Florida supposedly to make the Zika virus mosquitoes infertile.

I wrote an article about it mentioning that the Zika virus is a mild virus not worth the effort. It is no more problematic than the common flu virus so why all this fuss?
Something else is behind it so now when the giant mosquitoes showed up, “everyone is surprised?”

Not at all. Only those who trust the government and their loudmouth media are surprised.
Here is a great video of an awakened sole elaborating on this issue:

As the deep-state is crumbling, those bottom feeding operatives of the deep-state are still thinking that there is no change so they are continuing with the plan of global destruction.
Just a couple of days ago I saw a chemtrail here over the Amazon jungle. They are still at it trying to destroy as much as possible. Two days later I had diarrhea as my system rejects all the toxins I absorb.

Diarrhea cartoons, Diarrhea cartoon, funny, Diarrhea picture, Diarrhea pictures, Diarrhea image, Diarrhea images, Diarrhea illustration, Diarrhea illustrations

One thing the crooked scientists do not know and that is the power of our bodies to resist and to cleanse the toxic elements.

You see, all tests of the immune reactions are performed on compromised samples.
Regular people and laboratory animals who eat the wrong food are being tested. This is why the elderly and the children are at the most risk of suffering the worst consequences from this poisoning.
This is the reason why so many people are becoming sick these days but at the same time, more and more people are realizing the truth. They are changing their diets.

Image result for funny cartoons on ketogenic diet

More and more people are realizing the benefits of the original, animal protein based diet and as they switch to it, a miracle happens.
People started to realize that they do not have to eat multiple times a day and in the matter of fact, eating once a day really improves their health and makes them resilient to all diseases.
On top of it, they realize how their aging process slows down or stops. In many cases, the aging reverses itself.

Is this a surprise?

To those of you who are following my work, this is not a surprise at all.
This is how our body should operate in normal conditions.

Some “alternative medicine” promoters, use this effects to promote their supplements by declaring that the rejuvenation is a consequence of the supplement in question which is a lie.
This s obvious to everyone who had followed or is following the Self Healers Protocol.

There are no supplements use and all the positive changes occur.

Use this knowledge to strengthen your immune system and make your body resilient to everything those evil globalists are throwing at us in an attempt of depopulation.

Remember, the government is not your friend and governmental organizations are supporting the evil work of the globalists.

The latest proof is the engineered hurricane Michael in Florida.

Wake up my friends and help others to do so.
Love and light to us all.



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It is simply unbelievable to see scientific articles elaborating on things like if we are frozen in time and nothing new is happening around us.

We can all see the changes. Our scientists are acknowledging the rise of the Schuman frequency and the rise of the frequencies that radiate from the Universe.

Incredible changes are noticed not only on our planet Earth but on basically all planets we monitor.

Still, the science is pushing the absurd idea that the climate change on our planet is caused by the elevated levels of the carbon dioxide caused by human pollution.

ice cream earth melts - global warming 3d concept Stock Photo - 19776294

Yes, the humans are changing the weather pattern through the direct intervention with the HAARP system creating droughts in some places and floods in other but the major destruction caused by humans is not the increased CO2 levels but the poisoning of the soil through the oil-fracking and chemtrail dumping of poisons.

So-called green activists are ignoring those viable threats and instead, they protest what they are told to protest which is the “Global warming”. The green organization is funded by Soros-like mafia so this is what we get.

Since our indoctrination apparatus, the so-called educational system, is backed by the same gang of prominent criminals, the brainwashed students are completely lost and they bark on the wrong tree most of the time.

Since students are evaluated by their ability to memorize and not by their ability to think for themselves and find the solution, those whose brains become over saturated with the served information become the prominent leaders and professors.

This is the reason why those “prominent” scientists come up with the most ridiculous ideas.

One of the new “brilliant ideas” is now to make a volt to preserve the “good gut bacteria” or the microbiota as they call it in this article:

Those “scientists” are ignoring the changes in frequency, they are ignoring the planetary changes, but what is the worse thing that comes out of this article is the unbelievable ignorance of understanding the basic genetic purpose in the life of all living things.

Not only that those “scientists” do not realize that all of their samples of the so-called healthy microbiota is based on unhealthy and genetically damaged samples, they completely ignore the influence of frequencies on the gene manifestation.

Mad Scientist cartoons, Mad Scientist cartoon, funny, Mad Scientist picture, Mad Scientist pictures, Mad Scientist image, Mad Scientist images, Mad Scientist illustration, Mad Scientist illustrations

The purpose of a gene is to modify the cell so that the cell can adjust to the changes in its environment.

The environment is influenced by frequencies it is exposed to so if those frequencies are changing, so will change the expression of the gene.

When the expression of the gene changes, changes occur in the cell which is influenced by this gene.

By understanding the basic principles of nature, we realize that since the resonance of our planet is changing, so will change the life on it.

This means that preserving the samples of the microbiota even if they are the correct bacteria (which they are not), is absurd since the near future life is going to change as it adapts to the new frequencies of our planet and the radiation it receives from the Universe.

The new frequencies are observed everywhere and especially in Antarctica which leaves our scientists puzzled.

This is why it is not surprising that new life forms are being created and a lot of new life is coming from Antarctica itself.

We are in a process of reprogramming which C. Darwin called the evolution.

Evolution cartoons, Evolution cartoon, funny, Evolution picture, Evolution pictures, Evolution image, Evolution images, Evolution illustration, Evolution illustrations

As frequencies change, so does the environment and a new type of life sprouts up.

This new life may not have any resemblance with the life from before and often, in a desperate urge to find a proof of a faulty understanding, scientists completely lose their mind and reasoning like it is visibly seen in this video:

In a blind attempt to prove Darwinism to be correct, the prominent scientists prove how stupid and brainwashed they really are.

Even after discovering that those people in this video are inbred and have an undeveloped brain, they continue pushing Darwin’s theory that humans developed from apes when there is not a shred of evidence to support this.

They are mentioning a gene that made us walking on all four extremities and with their own eyes, they had witnessed how those people started to walk erect when they were coached to do so.

From this video, it is definitely visible that those scientists are missing the “rationally thinking gene” which was replaced by the “obnoxiously stupid gene”

This blindness towards what we do not want to see is common with all fanatics. I guess, a desperation to prove unprovable can turn us into fanatics. Such things were common in religion, then in science, and now, this is visibly happening to the Democrats in the USA.

Thank you God for this new frequencies because I doubt that humanity could advance without this help.

As our genes are adapting our bodies to the new oscillation, we are awakening and seeing things in a different light, and we can clearly see that we have been had.

We have been lied to on every level of our existence and nothing but full disclosure will satisfy us at this point.

When you apply this knowledge to the field of medicine, you realize that everything you are being told by your doctor is a misinterpretation of what is really going on, so there is no surprise in realizing that the action of your doctor is actually harming your health instead of repairing it.

Evolution cartoons, Evolution cartoon, funny, Evolution picture, Evolution pictures, Evolution image, Evolution images, Evolution illustration, Evolution illustrations

As I had mentioned in my last article, get ready for the avalanche.

Love and light to us all.


3D Realistic Genius Nerd Student, Professor or Teacher with Eyeglasses Happy Teaching in Front of Blackboard With Back to School Text Written. Vector Illustration Stock Vector - 42736967

For about 15 years I am warning my colleagues and anyone else who would listen about the toxicity of the dietary (cooked and processed) carbohydrates, in particular, the glucose.
This made me a laughing stock and many were asking me where did I study medicine and if I had ever been studying medicine at all.

Since all science is controlled by the same group of people, all school books carry the same message so bringing something new that differs from the commonly pushed and accepted information controlled by the so-called academia, always hits a wall of rejection.

First I was ignored, then I was ridiculed and then I was attacked.
Now comes the time of acceptance and this is something that the established and self-promoted academia does not want to happen. All their titles and recognitions are riding on the fake science.
Accepting the truth would nullify all of their titles and status. This would be a disaster for their inflated egos, but it is inevitable and it is on its way.

As the house of cards is starting to crumble, incredibly stupid “scientific” claims are being published. In some articles. The health experts are claiming that the ingestion of animal fat contributes to diabetes.
In other articles, the animal protein, especially the red meat is blamed for this.
In other articles, the coconut oil has something to do with it and the “scientists” are patting each other on the shoulder with their approval because as long as the culprit has something to do with what they have been preaching their whole lives, it is ok, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Professor explains the theoretical material Stock Photo - 18025515

We can see the same thing happening in politics.
Accuse someone of committing a crime without a shred of proof or evidence, call him a rapist because it is convenient and blame him for losing its temper because of false accusations is ok, just avoid the truth because revealing the truth will collapse the whole system.

And yes, the whole system is coming down. This will be wonderful to watch and experience.
What a great time to be alive.

The political, the financial, the energy, and the medical systems will all collapse simultaneously.

This will be an avalanche to remember but have no fear. The new systems are ready and running. All that is missing is the green light for all to see.

Many people are still in darkness and many refuse to change. No matter what, the avalanche cannot be stopped.

As we look at what is happening in the field of medicine, we can encounter the sparks of acceptance and change.

More and more doctors are realizing that the chronic health problems are not related to the animal fats we ingest, and some articles are appearing in major media suggesting that the heated carbohydrates can have something to do with our modern diseases and with cancer in particular.

Carbohydrate cartoons, Carbohydrate cartoon, funny, Carbohydrate picture, Carbohydrate pictures, Carbohydrate image, Carbohydrate images, Carbohydrate illustration, Carbohydrate illustrations

Of course, the acceptance of the truth will be presented in a form in which the scientists can save their face. At least this is their objective.
So instead of accepting the full truth and putting the blame where it is supposed to be, (on the dietary glucose), the scientists are now reinforcing trivial side effects as the main culprit of the carbohydrate toxicity.

Here are some of the articles:
Cooking starches pose a cancer risk
In this article, the acrylamide is blamed for the carbohydrates toxicity.
I am not suggesting that the acrylamides are healthy and pose no threat to our health but this is like blaming the powder sugar on the top of a cake as being the reason why the cake is unhealthy to consume.
The presence of acrylamides in cooked starches in relation to our health has about the same significance.

In this article

the experts have noticed that the “colon cancer survivors who have a diet heavy in complex carbohydrate-rich foods are more likely to have a recurrence than patients who have a lower amount of the carbs and a better balance of foods.”

Well, this is not surprising since we know that the dietary carbohydrates change the genetic expression and that the dietary glucose is the perfect cancer food, to begin with.

Now we are witnessing the emergence of the truth but the misinformation articles are continuing to flood the media.

This beefed up doctor on steroids is suggesting that the “deep fat”, a newborn term in the medical science, is the culprit of our diseases

Obesity is never the problem.
Our health problems come from the food we eat, no matter how fat we get eating it. The more of the bad food we eat, the stronger will be the toxic effects, and more fat accumulation will occur.

Carbohydrate cartoons, Carbohydrate cartoon, funny, Carbohydrate picture, Carbohydrate pictures, Carbohydrate image, Carbohydrate images, Carbohydrate illustration, Carbohydrate illustrations
This good doctor on steroids is showing strong signs of aging and no amounts of muscles can hide it. How can someone on steroids preach about health?

There are some truths in what he is saying but the same as the rest of the mislead health professionals, the truth is used to pushing the false science again and again. The fat is never the problem.

And then there is the gut flora fragility again.
A new article of a study explaining how the low-carbohydrate diet damages the gut flora is trying to stop people venturing to a ketogenic diet:

Here again, are our brainwashed health experts wasting their time and money in experiments whose results are interpreted by the brains of misinformed morons. They have the audacity calling themselves experts and scientists.

How can they even presume that the gut flora of people whose genes have more than 2000 genetic errors from eating incorrectly, is the correct gut flora, to begin with?

It is the blind leading the blind in a hope to find the correct way out.

Everything is the result of our corrupt system and very good evidence of this you can hear on this Laura Ingraham video

In this brainwashed society a teacher is in a desperate need of a teacher, a lawyer is in a need of a lawyer, a doctor is in a need of a doctor, a politician is in a need of a politician all in an attempt to save their own arse.

senior university professor handshaking with young graduates Stock Photo - 26738992

Every “expert” in its field is as lost as it can be and the avalanche is inevitable.
Only a complete destruction of this system can result in positive change.

Do not be scared, embrace the change and enjoy the process.

Love and light to us all.


Comparison. Portrait of beautiful woman with problem and clean skin, aging and youth concept, beauty treatment royalty-free stock photo

I had just received this video about the miracle injection of reversing aging.

I wonder how many thousands of dollars they cost and I doubt of their efficacy.

In the video, Dr. Fossel talks about the telomeres and their extension to rejuvenate cells in our body.

Everyone who follows my work will find many mistakes in the interpretation of telomeres and their action. The good doctor is more of an advertising agent than a scientist who understands the matter he is talking about.

Here is the video

Whoever is reading my blogs is aware of the fact that the telomeres in the body do not shorten down with the age. They curl up in a tighter curl in a toxic environment which makes them appear to be shorter.

Never the less, shorter telomeres of our chromosomes are a handicap because they cannot efficiently receive or transmit information. This limits the cell in the way it will respond to their environment. This is the real cause of the aging.

Telomeres DNA Concept royalty-free stock photo

The good doctor suggests that an injection of telomerase (an enzyme that promotes a growth of telomeres) will increase the size of the telomeres and keep them extended for 5 years.

It is nonsense if you ask me. If the environment is toxic, the cell is not going to be able to relax the telomers. It never is about the length of the telomeres. It is always about their relaxation which will not persist in a toxic environment.

Again fake scientists are selling a snake oil.

The good doctor does not look very young if you ask me. I guess, he needs a couple of liters of this stuff!

Here is one of my articles on this thematic

We do not need any injections to be able to become healthy and young. All we need is to know the truth and act accordingly.

Cleanse your blood, cleanse your cells, bring in the correct frequencies, and you will heal and rejuvenate your body and mind.

All this will be achieved by correctly following the self healers protocol.

We often make mistakes rending them unnecessary. Even the smallest misunderstanding can create an obstacle so please do not hesitate to contact me and let me guide you in this process.

Also, do not underestimate the power of your mind.

Everyone can communicate with their cellular structure and send an instruction to their cells about what to do.

Old Age cartoons, Old Age cartoon, funny, Old Age picture, Old Age pictures, Old Age image, Old Age images, Old Age illustration, Old Age illustrations

Our cells do not proceed without consulting us but this is done utilizing the program of our subconscious mind. This is why our cells follow the pre-programmed information. We believe that our body has to show the signs of aging so our cells are rewarding us by demonstrating it.

Animals in nature do not do this and they do not show any signs of aging.

There is much more to aging than the telomeres.

On my blog, you will learn the truth and utilizing the knowledge, you will be able to achieve everything without spending a dime on the “snake oil” pushed on us by the crooked world of “science”.

Love and light to us all.


Appendix removal surgical suture — Stock Photo

The first years of my sailing days I remember having an unpleasant thought about a secret fear, “what would I do if I get appendicitis while sailing alone in the middle of nowhere?”

Having the appendix and being far from civilization and hospital, alone in the middle of the ocean inevitably makes you worry.

I loved solo long-distance sailing, but any health issue may present a big problem.

All is good when you feel well but if a health issue pops up, it may get very hairy very fast especially when we are talking about a health problem whose only solution is surgery.

Needless to say, this did not prevent my long solo passages but inevitably, I find myself elaborating on this issue especially before the departure.

I am sure that there are many people harboring a similar thought and if not then they are inexperienced or something is wrong with them.

What is appendicitis?

An appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix.

Appendicitis — Stock Photo

The inflammation is said to be caused by a bacterial infection but as we know now, the inflammation is just a forced hydration and the causes for it may vary.

The appendix is a protrusion on the base of a large intestine which we often call the colon or the ascended colon, or cecum. This is the part of the intestine where the small intestine joins the large intestine.

The exact purpose of the appendix is not known but there is a belief that appendix harbors the gut flora and makes it possible for rapid gut flora repopulation if the original gut flora was destroyed.

Since no difference in human health was noticed after the appendix is removed, we do not elaborate much about it and doctor does find it as an additional source of their income so removing appendix has become a standard procedure whenever there is an opportunity no matter if there is a problem caused by the appendix or not.

Same as any other type of inflammation, inflamed appendix become enlarged and pushes on the sensory nerve causing a pain.

Since many bacteria populate the appendix, their number may grow and become a target to the immune system of the body.

Also, some bad bacteria may be ingested and end-up reaching the appendix causing an infection.

In an attempt to cleanse this area, the body may trigger a forced hydration causing a further swelling of the appendix.

This is very painful but what makes this a dangerous predicament is the possibility of the appendix rupturing and infecting the stomach peritoneum.

This area of the stomach cavity is a perfect media for a bacterial growth so the infection can spread rapidly causing a dangerous situation and sepsis (blood poisoning).

The body tries to control this but since a great majority of people have a compromised immune system from eating the dietary glucose, a burst appendix is a common and very dangerous progression of this phenomenon.

This is why many people gladly have their appendix removed voluntarily.

Appendectomy — Stock Photo

Since the ruptured appendix will quickly spread the infection throughout the body, vomiting, fever, and increased blood level of white blood cells are the symptoms always following such an event.

As I had mentioned earlier, as soon as an appendix inflammation is establish, doctors are hellbent to take the appendix out stating that this is the best thing to do because even if the appendicitis is controlled with the antibiotics and the symptoms are gone, it will surely return to haunt you, so better safe than sorry. Just let’s get it out.

A surgery is a violent attack on the body which will stay in the cellular memory as an emotional scar that will sooner or later have to be addressed and dealt with. This is why unnecessary surgeries should have never been done.

As far as appendicitis returning to haunt us, this is a myth.

A new study from Finland shows that the reoccurrence of appendicitis is not common at all.

Almost two-thirds of people who had experienced appendicitis had no another occurrence of it after it was treated with antibiotics.

This is just another example of how we are being lied to in the medical school by suggesting that the appendectomy is the right way to go about it.

Here I have a chance to mention what actually happens when your immune system is working correctly and the appendix bursts.

This has happened to two people on the almost correct diet.

Well, one of them was my friend Thomas who eats the “food of God” but because he is convinced that he is indestructible he ate a coconut oil after scooping it from a dirty floor.

Soon after his gut got very noisy, diarrhea occurred. Later stomach pains came and vomiting but he kept it for himself. After a couple of days, he asked me what could it be since he is not feeling well. After explaining his symptoms I told him to drink two glasses of a nanoparticle colloidal silver. This was two days after the stomach pain and other symptoms first showed up.

He felt better but during the night the situation got worst so I told him to go to the hospital because it could be appendicitis.

In the hospital, they made a blood analysis but no elevated white blood cells count was recorded. The doctor was puzzled.

Knowing that Thomas has a well functioning immune system and his symptoms will be different from what we usually see in people I had suggested that it could be appendicitis. The doctor shook his head in a disbelief but decided to make an exploratory surgery.

What he found really surprised all of us.

Thomas had a ruptured appendix but the infection had turned into an encapsulated abscess which his body controlled so there was no spreading of the infection and if left alone, it would self-absorb and cleared itself within next few days.

This is how our bodies should react when their immune system is up and running strong. Not eating the dietary glucose does the trick.

Another client of mine had the same experience where she walked through most of it because her doctor never suspected that it could be appendicitis.

It was a period of time last year when many people suffered from an outbreak of appendicitis. I would not be surprised if people were intentionally poisoned but I cannot prove it.

It is fascinating to know how strong is our immune system when it works correctly and no outside intervention is necessary. This is the real reason why we are duped into eating cooked vegetables and grains and sold a rotten bill of goods, especially through the indoctrination schooling system.

Nowadays the antibiotics are so strong and harmful that it is difficult to decide what would be a safer way of action. This is just another reason to follow the Self Healers Protocol and avoid all medication.

Surgery cartoons, Surgery cartoon, funny, Surgery picture, Surgery pictures, Surgery image, Surgery images, Surgery illustration, Surgery illustrations

Since people are scared into submission they rather follow the instruction of their doctors no matter how many of their friends ended incapacitated or dead after receiving the treatment. Doing something different is simply not a “safe” option. Many come to me only after their doctor told them to go home and say goodbye to their family. Then their family gets all upset if the Self Healers Protocol did not perform a miracle as it did for others.

Do not wait until it is too late. Take responsibility for your health and I will help you to heal and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Love and light to us all.

Are our prominent scientists suggesting to ADD OUR EXCREMENT TO OUR DIET for faster gut-flora recovery?

Gut bacteria , gut flora, microbiome. Bacteria inside the small intestine, concept, representation. 3D illustration. royalty-free stock photo

Researchers say that new studies show that using probiotics can be counterproductive in repopulating the gut with the “good” bacteria.

The over greased machine of the fake information, the media, is in full swing to topple anything that can be beneficial to our health in an attempt to give the supreme power to the medical and pharmaceutical Mafia which is paying for all of the fake research and spreading of the misinformation.

The topic of this blog is the bashing of probiotics.

My friend Angy asked me about my opinion concerning some articles whose topic was some new scientific research in which the researchers concluded that taking the over the counter probiotics may even be affecting us negatively and it can actually delay the repopulation of our gut with the “beneficial” microflora.

I was addressing the gut flora in some of my previous blogs but the articles Angy had sent me, are clearly demonstrating the poor understanding of the human body and the biology in general by our celebrated scientists so I have to make a response to them.

Those of you who are following my work for some time will immediately notice the foolishness of this research but since there are many new readers here, I will dissect the obvious important points so that you can see for yourself what type of people you are trusting with your lives as far as your health goes.

In Israel, they made a study to see if having probiotics after a therapy with antibiotics will replenish the gut flora.

We know that antibiotics when taken orally destroy intestinal flora so one group of people was given probiotics, one group of people was given their own gut flora isolated from their feces prior of the antibiotic usage, and one group was not given any probiotics.

It was observed that supplied probiotic bacteria did not establish itself in the intestines and that it took a long time for the “correct” balance to occur.

Faster recovery was achieved when the original bacteria from the feces was reintroduced back into the gut.

What surprised the “scientists” was the fact that when people were given the beneficial bacteria, in many cases they did not populate the intestines and it took a long time before some of the good bacteria started colonizing the gut.

Another article on the same topic points to the fact that some people “resist” probiotics and some people do benefit from them so his Excellency, professor Elinav invented a new term for people when the gut bacteria are in question. The resisters and the persisters.

It is amazing how our medicine becomes more and more complicated every time the “science” is put in motion.

The third article covering the same topic suggests that healthy people will resist the over the counter probiotics, implying that taking those probiotics could harm your health.

Those people who are not familiar with my work may be surprised by my reaction to this new studies since they are based on the observation. This means that the results must be true, doesn’t it?

Well, the results are what they are but the complete ignorance of the way nature works is what startles me.

Professor Eran’s reaction of surprise and the childish conclusions is what is so disappointing. It is like if a janitor was given a job to separate a modern art from a garbage and get rid of the garbage.

I bet you that most of the modern art would be gone.

It is like the good professor never heard about the genes and the cellular adaptation to the environment, and neither did his whole team of “scientists”.

Are you surprised at all?

This is just another in your face example of the intellect created by our indoctrination system of schooling. It is a pure garbage no matter how you look at it.

Modern Art cartoons, Modern Art cartoon, funny, Modern Art picture, Modern Art pictures, Modern Art image, Modern Art images, Modern Art illustration, Modern Art illustrations

Young people, please wake up and stop spending money on your “education’, you are not getting any no matter how much you are paying for it. You are only being guided into a scientific darkness from which it is later very difficult to come out.

All those schools are molding you into followers of doctrines which were designed for you to make you subservient and compliant end they destroy your power for a constructive thinking and reasoning. They make you into a sheep.

You, my brothers and sisters, who are reading my blog, know the plasticity of genes and their incredible power of adapting to an existing environment.

We are creating an environment in our gut through the food we eat.

Since people have different views on how to eat, according to their diet their gut environment will differ.

People who eat predominantly food designed for a plant, the carbohydrates, will have an acidic gut with a lot of free sugar all around. Such an environment is very suitable to fungus so Candida will be very happy there. If you try to populate such gut with a lactobacillus, you are embarking on a mission impossible.

Simply said, if you eat toxic food, you will have inappropriate and toxic gut flora. This is why people who eat the wrong food cannot benefit from probiotics. The bacteria we desire cannot survive in the environment we have created for them.

Now, there is also the question, what is supposed to be our beneficial gut flora composed of?

The over the counter probiotics are formulated using a healthy gut as an example.

Now, whose healthy gut was used as an example?

Healthy Lifestyle cartoons, Healthy Lifestyle cartoon, funny, Healthy Lifestyle picture, Healthy Lifestyle pictures, Healthy Lifestyle image, Healthy Lifestyle images, Healthy Lifestyle illustration, Healthy Lifestyle illustrations

People do not eat correctly. Everything we are told about our diet is wrong so it is very difficult to find someone with the correct gut flora and most likely such a person would be pronounced unhealthy because they would have to be eating the food of God.

Very few people do such a thing.

This is why there are some people who benefit somewhat from probiotics and there are some who do not. Even those who repopulate their gut using probiotic do not have the optimal gut flora because they do not eat correctly.

If they would have been eating the “food of God”, they would support a completely different type of gut microorganisms.

This is why the statement that “healthy people do not benefit from probiotics” is actually correct.

The over the counter probiotics are formulated for the ordinary Joe schmo who eats the average, carbohydrate loaded diet. Their gut environment will be suitable for those bacteria and they will have a chance to populate their gut.

But for sickly people and for those who eat correctly, probiotics will do absolutely nothing.

Claiming that they will worsen the gut situation is nonsense and shows a lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject in question.

Unhealthy gut flora will not support dairy and here comes the lactose intolerance. It will not support egg protein or peanut protein …and any kind of otherwise healthy food becomes problematic.

The notion that the gut bacterias support and benefit our body is only correct when we eat correctly in which case we are healthy no matter what.

Not understanding the biology makes us coming to ridiculous conclusions and we cannot figure out where is the problem so how can we possibly solve it?

Healthy Lifestyle cartoons, Healthy Lifestyle cartoon, funny, Healthy Lifestyle picture, Healthy Lifestyle pictures, Healthy Lifestyle image, Healthy Lifestyle images, Healthy Lifestyle illustration, Healthy Lifestyle illustrations

Follow the Self Healers Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.




Health insurance application on tablet royalty-free stock photo

I have just received a mail from Mark pointing to me something that has skipped my attention.

Something that is in front of our eyes for everyone to see and no one notices it.

The question is about doctors healing track records.

Whenever you want to insure something, the agent of the insurance company will make sure that there are very few risks involved and that whatever you are trying to insure is safe and protected.

Wouldn’t it be logical that before insuring a doctor, the doctor has to prove his track record to show the success of the healing he is performing on his patients?

Maybe not. Just think about it. Is the doctor ever being questioned about the effectiveness of his medical approach? Is there ever any investigation started to determine the reason of an ill state of a patient under a doctors care?

This would be silly. Most of the doctors suffer from the health issues of their “expertise”, so if a diabetologist ( a specialist on diabetes) is suffering from diabetes, which is a common occurrence, how can he/she help someone else with the same health problem?

It becomes obvious that keeping a track record of successful healing is impossible when the mainstream medicine is in question simply because no one has ever healed by those “health experts” not even they themselves. There is no success health record available because there are no successes. Every chronic health issue is declared incurable and it can only be controlled by daily administration of toxic medicinal remedies.

Medical tourism royalty-free stock photo

No one is even looking for success. Everyone is just interested in how much money they will get doing absolutely nothing of value to the patient.

The mainstream medicine is just a big charade.

So how do doctors get their impeccable reputation?

Advertising and the most successful patient who managed to survive longer time on its doctor’s care will advertise to their friends; ” my doctor is the best, I am on his medications for 20 years and I am ok”.

In the meantime the eyesight got bad, the sugar jumped up, the hypertension pills were upgraded, the joints started to ache, the memory is failing, and the osteoporosis increased but other than that I am perfect.

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After being in a hospital for 2 months being treated for complications caused by diabetes, the patient was released with a necrotic leg with a suggestion to go to Lima for amputation of his necrotic limb.

So after spending a lot of money on the hospital bills with no healing result (actually it got worse) now, the surgery will save the day?

Jungle medicine man can do a way better job than this but he will not get paid by the insurance, the patient has to pay from his own pocket so he chooses the mainstream medicine.

How come that the insurance companies do not track the doctor’s successes and drop those doctors with a poor healing record and use those with good healing record?

The answer here is simple. We are all enslaved because of our fear to stop supporting the nonfunctional political system. Everyone has to pay taxes and health insurance, but no one can choose their health provider. This way a lot of money is collected which is spread between the insurance company, the pharmaceutical scoundrels and the mislead medical team. Doctors are protected by their medical licenses which allows them to commit murders without repercussions and the political system overlooking this racketeering scheme we call the Medical health-care system.

The only people who actually do the healing are being ignored. They can heal others and this is why they are called the healers but the political system does not acknowledge them.

This is why so many people reach for drugs. They are for free, covered by the insurance and if they are not covered people raise Hell.

“I am supposed to be covered by my medical insurance, they should pay for this, I am entitled…”

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There is nobody complaining “I am supposed to be healed. Why am I paying you and there are no positive results?”

The only thing that you are entitled to is your stupidity for following and obeying this rotten racketeering gangster type political system and fighting for its crumbs.

As long as you are willingly supporting this system, you get what you pay for my brothers and sisters.

As more and more truth is becoming available, the industry is fighting for its survival and false claims are overflowing the misinformation propaganda.

Of course, behind every piece of misinformation, there is a fellow “scientist with a bucket full of diplomas and licenses whom you can trust.

In this article, the good doctor reveals the true cause of obesity and guess what, it is the red meat. Well, not exactly but the big letters of the article put the blame there.

The incredibly smart expert does identify frankfurters and chemically treated bacon with steak and creates panic about the growth hormone.

Well, the growth hormone is a bad thing but not nearly as much as the “expert” is suggesting.

If there was that much hormone there, the bodybuilders would not have to inject it in their bodies, they would simply load up on the red meat but this is not the case.

Everyone who is exercising in the gym knows how difficult it is to increase the muscle mass without using hormones no matter how much red meat you eat daily.

And guess what, the dietary glucose is not even mentioned. This kind of science is promoted because it has as much truth in it as the medical books we have to study from. Pure crap if you ask me.

In another fantastic breakthrough, a spit test can be used to show you in what level of risk you are in getting a stroke early in your life.

More than 500 genes can be identified that can lead you to this condition.

At the present, many women had their breasts cut out in an attempt to avoid having a breast cancer once the devil cancer gene is identified in the blood.

I wonder what is the next crazy thing our prominent scientist will have us do so that we can safely reach the golden age without getting a stroke? Can you just imagine what they can pack into the treatment of preventing this health issue when an array of 500+ genes are involved?

This is a true big pharma Heaven.

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There is not a single mentioning of the possibility that the genetic problem can be fixed.

Of course not, no healing is allowed only treatments that bare no results other than more symptoms, more suffering to the patient, and more money for the crooked medical system.

Learn the truth and heal yourself.

The Self Healers Protocol will lead you there and I am always here, available to help and guide you on your way to a completely new you.

Love and light to us all


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Recently, Mark sent me an article in which the scientists describe how zapping ankles of women will improve their orgasm.

He was laughing about it but when I had explained a thing about it, he had suggested that it would not be a bad idea having a dozen electric eels in an aquarium at home.

Joking aside, the observation of those scientists was right on the money but there are better ways to achieve the same result, at least as far as the women go.

Here is the report from a Daily Mail

Even though it is true that the electric stimulation will arouse women and make them desire sex and improve their orgasm, the scientific explanation of this effective “treatment” is way off.

This is to be expected because as I often point out when your knowledge is based on lies, the brain can come to a conclusion only through utilizing the information it possesses.

Bad information leads to a wrong conclusion but it is the best their brain can come up with.

So let us dig into this phenomenon.

The best way to start is by recalling our days of courtship.

What were the circumstances then?

We were:



physically active

exposed to low stress

eager to do things

A sex drive was not a problem, there was plenty of it to go around.

As we came to age the circumstances have changed and now’

most of us are;



sit most of the day

exposed to a high level of stress

eager to eat, then eat, and then eat some more.

What is the impact on our body?

We are becoming more and more toxic as we get older. Some faster than others but because of the wrong information we possess, our bodies are rapidly gaining toxicity.

The toxicity affects our blood and the cellular structure. Each on its own, they will affect the way our body functions and the way we are going to respond and feel about the things in our life.

What was the topic of your conversations and your thoughts in general when you were young?

Most likely the topic was the opposite sex and how to succeed in getting what you are after.

What is the topic of your conversation now and where are your thoughts mostly?

I bet you that most of the time you are thinking about what you are going to eat next. The only thing that can disturb you from those thoughts is a pain of not feeling well or a stress from worrying about a problem that is bothering you 24/7.

Occasionally some pretty face or an interesting figure can capture our imagination but quickly this is replaced by the thought of food as our hunger stimulation overpowers the thoughts of sex. After all the famous saying is “through the stomach is the way to a man’s heart”.

What do our daily habits and eating practices have to do with the ankle zapping and a sex drive you may ask?

Everything my friends. How can you think about a sex when you are always hungry?

How can you think about a sex if you are not feeling well?

Electrocution cartoons, Electrocution cartoon, funny, Electrocution picture, Electrocution pictures, Electrocution image, Electrocution images, Electrocution illustration, Electrocution illustrations

How can you think about a sex with your spouse if you do not find her any longer desirable and this I do not only think about the physical appearance? A woman and man can be sexy even if they are not physically attractive. The sex appeal comes from within and it is reflected outwards but how can you feel sexy if you are hungry or if you are feeling bad and tired?

How does this type of a lifestyle influence our response and even more, how does this type of lifestyle affect the energy levels of our body?

The fact is that with age, we are becoming increasingly toxic.

A toxic blood is dehydrated. Its viscosity has changed and so did its electroconductivity.

Exactly the same is happening with our tissues and cells.

The electric currents do not flow properly, the electric capacity is lowered and the electromagnetic field is diminished.

I had explained before that what we call the energy is simply the electricity. Our bodies are run by electric stimulation and if the electric capacity is lowered and the electric current has difficulty flowing, we become affected by it in more ways than one can even imagine.

The low electric charge of our body will make us tired. Our muscles are poorly stimulated and it makes it hard for us to move.

Our nervous system is reacting slow. Since the brain consumes a huge amount of electricity, the lack of it will definitely have a great impact on all matters related to it.

We become uninterested in thing going around us. We become lethargic and want to sleep.

Since the energy is the problem we end up thinking about the food and not about the sex or some other things that could be exciting.

Since the problem is electricity or better say the lack of it, it does not take a genius to figure out that increased electrical charge is going to stimulate us and benefit us in many ways and the sex is no exemption.

Untrained man joining electrical cable suffering electrical accident with dirty burnt face in funny shock expression — Stock Photo

The fastest way of increasing the electric voltage in the body is to directly hook up to an electric source. This is why I recommend Dr. Beck’s blood electrifier and suggest it be used while following the Self Healers Protocol. The electric voltage and the frequency in which it is being distributed make all the difference in how we feel and how we act.

Your muscles respond immediately and so does your brain.

No energy issues, no hunger, no tiredness and a clear line of thoughts. Now you can follow your other desires and if making a love is one of them, there is nothing standing in the way of experiencing a great joy.

Understanding the way the body works eliminates the need of electrocution in an attempt to reach an orgasm.

The electric stimulation works only while we are connected because as soon as you take off the electric stimulator, the conditions of your body start causing the problems of the electric flow and the energy becomes compromised again.

Cleansing the body of the acidic surplus, establishing the correct mineral-water balance in the blood and in the cellular structure, will optimize the electric capacity and conductance of your body. This will make you feel vibrant and full of life so the next desire will be the sex since there is no need for the food.

Electrocution cartoons, Electrocution cartoon, funny, Electrocution picture, Electrocution pictures, Electrocution image, Electrocution images, Electrocution illustration, Electrocution illustrations

Now again, it takes two to mingle so if your spouse refuses to get her/his act together and insist to eat incorrectly and her/his sex-drive is low or nonexistent, putting an electric eel in the bed may be your way out, just be careful on which side of the bed did you put the electric stimulator. You may get more than you had bargained for.

Love and light to us all.


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I guess that by now, everybody has heard about the ketogenic diet. It is the big new thing and it is promoted as low carbohydrate-high fat and protein diet.

Right from the bat, we have a problem here. One cannot achieve a state of ketosis in the body if she/he eats even small amounts of dietary carbohydrates daily. This excludes naturally occurring fructose and later I will explain why.

As a matter of fact, the real ketogenic diet does not contain any dietary carbohydrates. It is mostly composed of meat and fat with some raw fruits and vegetables allowed.

As we know by now, all the “experts” on nutrition see the raw and the cooked vegetables and fruits as the one and the same thing.

Those of you following my work are very well aware of the difference between those two. They are so vastly different that they cannot be possibly referred to as even similar compounds.

This makes the ketogenic diet a correct way of eating since there is no dietary (cooked or processed) glucose available in it. When the experts on the ketogenic diet say that it is low on carbohydrate, they refer to the raw vegetables and fruits and not the cooked ones.

So the word carbohydrate in this context is a misconception since it is not released from the cellulose and has absolutely no influence on our blood picture. Only simple sugar, the fructose is available.

I had explained many times that raw vegetables and fruits bring absolutely no energy into our body and eating them is a wasted time. We only lose energy by running the digestion which cannot digest them.

'I'm collecting llama poop for my strawberries.' 'I always put cream and sugar on mine.'

There are many more misconceptions related to the ketogenic diet.

For one, all “experts” think that the ketone bodies are only made in the liver. That the liver sends them into the bloodstream, our cells then absorb those ketones and use them to create cellular energy.

It is very easy to look at it this way because as I often mention, all the knowledge we receive in the indoctrination institutions we call the schools is, faulty.

Utilizing this knowledge points us in this direction. We are told that only liver produces ketone bodies, shoots them into the blood and then the cells use it to produce energy.

This is a major lie.

Yes, the liver is producing some ketone bodies but more as a support and messaging system and not to nourish the cellular structure of our body.

Further, we are told that our cells will use ketone bodies when it is low on glucose or in a starvation.

This is a completely false way of looking at it. It is a false science spread intentionally to make it very difficult for doctors and nutritionists to discover the truth.

So if everything we are being told is false, how does the ketogenic diet really work?

Funny Keto memes

The ketogenic state is the normal state to be in for all animals, humans included.

This is a state where the cells of the body produce their energy utilizing fat and not glucose.

When our body uses fat as its energy source, the triglyceride is used. In the cytoplasm, triglycerides are stripped of glycerol and converted to acetyl CoA before it can enter the mitochondria. Here the CoensimeA enters the citric cycle of energy production.

By further processing, the CoA is changed into ATP energy units.

As the energy stores are filling up more and more ATP is converted into the ketone bodies. The ketone starts to accumulate as the quick response fuel since the animal body has various levels of activity and the energy needs are always different.

Producing the energy directly from the triglyceride is a long process so as soon as the electric charge is adequate some fat is transformed into the ketone bodies since utilizing them makes much faster energy production. The ketone bodies can be stored to a certain concentration and as the cell is reaching its saturation point, the ketone is starting to seep into the blood.

As the level of ketone in the blood is rising, the appetite is being suppressed and the level of triglyceride in the blood is dropping.

This is how properly functioning body reacts to its environment.

As you can see, the liver’s involvement is marginal in this process.

Many “experts” argue that the fat cannot possibly be a satisfactory energy source for the brain because the brain needs a huge amount of energy.

Well, this is why the neurons have in an access of 4 thousand mitochondria active to make sure that the energy production is met, plus the stores of ketone and if necessary there are ketones circulating in the blood and plasma so that the brain and the rest of the nervous system always have enough energy available.

This is not the case when glucose is in question and as I have explained in my previous articles, working on a limited energy source is very stressful to the brain.

The proponents of the ketogenic diet argue that the body is in a state of ketosis only when there is an elevated number of ketones in the blood.

As you can see, this is not true.

Even after we had fruits or milk, the body remains in a state of ketosis no matter what the level of blood ketone has been drastically reduced.

The cells remain to operate on fat and ketones but by reducing the blood ketone, the signaling is created indicating that the cells need more fat for the energy production.

The only way to get off the ketogenic process is to serve the cells with glucose through the food we eat. This completely messes the environment of the cells and creates all of the genetic errors we have been told about.

There is no such a thing as a safe dietary glucose level in our diet.

Krys who is visiting me from Australia and I had several conversations about the ketone in the blood. He brought a ketone blood meter so we had been checking the ketone blood levels. He has been doing this for some time now and we had realized what function fruits have in our diet.

The fruit season is always in the fall before winter comes. The omnivores like the bear or boar or raccoon…start eating the ripe sweet fruits. Their blood ketone level drops down and they feel hungrier. They start eating more and accumulate more fat that will last them in the winter months when the food sources are more difficult to come by.

Dropping the bananas from my breakfast shake convinced me that this is the correct mechanism since as I had eliminated the bananas, I do not have sweet-tooth anymore and I do not look for snacks when I sit down to watch a movie at night.

Angie from Australia, Damir from Croatia, Eddie from Ohio did the same with exactly the same results.

Now I can safely say that the next step in battling the obesity when you want to get rid of the belly fat and become a lean mean machine is eliminating all fruits, milk, yogurt, honey and any other source of fructose or other sugar from the menu while eating correctly. This will kill your desire for food and allow you to rapidly take down the last unwanted pounds.

The Self Healers Protocol shows great results in slimming down but if you want to be able to show your six pack clearly, the elimination of fruits from the diet may be necessary unless you are willing to work hard in the gym.

It is not that the fruits make you fat. They reduce ketone in your blood and this makes you want to eat.

The pathway of reducing the blood ketone by consuming sugar is mental and it acts through the hormonal activity but this is not important since now we know the culprit and the basic mechanism on which our body functions.

Every animal in nature is constantly in a state of ketosis, only domestic animals and humans eating dietary carbohydrates are not and this is why they are sickly and with short lives.

Love and light to us all.


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This blog is a continuation of debunking Dr. Kahn list of the 7 ways how eating meat causes inflammation in the body.

I am using DR. Kahn’s article because he is a professor in a medical school and this false knowledge was given to him by his professors so basically this is the agreed-upon fake science the educated brainwashed “experts” regurgitate and defend. If this science is disproved, they lose everything including their status which is the only thing that brings patients knocking on their doors. “I’ve got to see my doctor, he knows the best”.

So, continuing from the last article the fifth reason why eating the meat creates an inflammation in the body comes from persistent organic pollutants brought into the body through the meat consumption.

Mentioned are chemical pollutants which have nothing to do with the meat itself, rather they are toxins that humans made and spread in nature and animals got into a contact with.

Mentioned are the flame retardants, DDT, bisphenol A, PBS, and others.

How this became a meat toxicity? It is the same as blaming the broccoli and carrot for having glyphosate and other chemical garbage used on them. This is totally moronic.

He is not even mentioning the regularly used poisons in meat preservation like the nitrates and sulfates which create great problems and I strongly advise people not to eat preserved meat products.

The sixth reason mentioned, why eating the meat creates an inflammation in the body, are the glycation byproducts that occur.

We are always told that the glycation of proteins in the body creates toxic, even carcinogenic elements.

Doctors relate the glycation to the direct causes of the oxidative stress, variety of chronic diseases including the autoimmune diseases, chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease….and cancer.

Oh, let us not forget the premature aging as well.

Old man waiting

So what is this glycation process?

Glycation is a process where under increased temperature, a molecule of sugar bonds to protein.

These sugar and protein bonds are normally occurring in the body but they are controlled through the enzyme activity. It is a complex process where a variety of enzymes modify the protein so that it can be used in various structural forms, and this process we call the Glycosylation process. This process is tightly controlled.

On the other hand, when you heat up a protein and expose it to sugar, a similar process takes place but enzymes are not involved so it is out of hand, out of control system that produces glycated proteins.

Vegan cartoons, Vegan cartoon, funny, Vegan picture, Vegan pictures, Vegan image, Vegan images, Vegan illustration, Vegan illustrations

This is one of the reasons why eating protein is not a healthy thing to do and especially heating it with carbohydrates or sugar.

So now, scientists are blaming the protein being unhealthy because it can be glycated but eating the carbohydrates is a necessity?

How stupid is this claim, you can figure out for yourself.

This is like saying that it is not safe to put gasoline in the tank of the car while you are smoking but you blame the gasoline and ignore the cigarette. Instead of stopping to smoke, you skip putting the gasoline in the tank and then you wonder why did the car start to stall.

Translating this scenario into the cellular activity, our smart experts are blaming the meat protein for the sudden appearance of the Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) or more commonly known as the oxidants, and they completely ignore the cellular glucose saturation that is created when we eat dietary glucose (Carbohydrates).

The vast uncontrolled amount of glucose that floods our cells creates an unhealthy environment within the cell and forces genetic recalibration. The result of this is the more than 2000 genetic glitches we are being told human body has.

An uncontrolled production of oxidants is one of them which does not occur in nature.

Now we see that animal protein has nothing to do with this process. The dietary glucose is the real culprit again.

As you can see, eating animal proteins will not cause any type of inflammation unless there is an overwhelming saturation with sugar going on.

Since we had demonstrated through the earlier articles that eating the animal protein and fats is the best way to nourish the human body, the fake media is flooded with articles portraying the meat as the villain to scare people away from such diet.

Vegan cartoons, Vegan cartoon, funny, Vegan picture, Vegan pictures, Vegan image, Vegan images, Vegan illustration, Vegan illustrations

There is the case of a Korean man contracting a flesh-eating bacteria after eating a raw fish and his arm had to be amputated, and just in the case that this did not scare you enough, articles promoting the farmed fish over the wild fish so that you can become sick faster. Then your sickness will be related to you eating the raw meat and not the toxic flesh you ate.

Wherever there are fish farms, there will be sick wild fish around.

Why is this so?

The farmed fish is fed with toxic dietary carbohydrates. Since the soy products are the least expensive, mostly soy is used for this purpose.

As soon as the weight is achieved, the farm fish is taken out so there is no time for the disease to show its symptoms and the unhealthy sickly meat is presented to us as the food.

Most of the fish food ends up being lost in the surrounding environment and local wild fish will eat it. Since they are left alone and they live much longer than the farmed fish, the wild fish starts to show health problems.

Their immune system is not functioning so they become infested with parasites. A further progress of their toxicity starts to show the same health issues we humans experience like the skin problems, hypertension, loss of the eyesight, neurological problems, problems with the liver….

Of course, what is being blamed is the water pollution so do not eat the wild fish, can’t you see that it is sick. Have the farmed one instead. This is what our scientists are repeating after the adverts show up in the science journals and spread by the media.

The attack on the real food (fresh meat and animal-based fats) is increasing and new articles are springing up about the bad things that are caused by fat. Now the fat people are being labeled as dummies. A new research showed that intelligence level is dropping in obese people and animals.

Obesity might actually make you dumber, new study says

Again, the fat is being blamed instead of the real culprit which is the dietary glucose.

I have explained many times how the changes created in our body when we start loading it up with the dietary glucose change the gene expression and one of the consequences is an inconsistent energy supply which makes us docile and unable to concentrate.

The same dietary glucose is actually the carbohydrate that increases a sugar absorption into our body and causes us to become fat.

Here again, we can see the false narrative.

Yes, fat people have lower intelligence but not because they are fat, but because they consume a large number of dietary carbohydrates.

Those of you who are new to my work and are searching for the perfect diet, on this blog site you can find your answers.

All animals thrive on a diet of smaller animals and the basic source of animal diet are and always have been the insects.

In a modern society this is ignored but traditionally, insects were always the basic source of nutrients

Of course, we do not have to go there. I still prefer carpaccio and steak tartar over a night-crawler or palm worm.

Each for its own.

In the next blog, I will shine some light on a ketosis and the so-called ketogenic diet.

Love and light to us all.