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Kidney health-related issues are becoming a great and very lucrative business.

It seems that as the medical science is creating miraculous diagnostic equipment, all of the diseases humanity is suffering from are accelerating and more and more people are diagnosed having a sickness of one kind or the another.

Unfortunately, this new diagnostic equipment is not contributing to solving the mystery of those diseases. The result is, a huge line of people awaiting a kidney transplant. This is where the big bucks role and it is more than evident that the pharmaceutical and the medical corporations do not want this process to be disturbed.

This is why there is absolutely no progress done in solving the mystery of kidney failures, but a great progress is made to create an artificial kidney that can be implanted into a human body.

How about some traditional old-fashioned healing?

Ups, a healing is not a word recognized by the medical industry so doctors do not know what do you mean if you ask them if you are going to heal.

By the way, there is a war raging between those doctors which are certified through the medical license of uniform teaching of poison, cut, and burn, and the alternative medical approach of so-called alternative medicine practitioners.

Every country has its political system which is controlled by a group of people stationed in Europe from where this evil system of controlling the false narrative came from. Yes, some creatures from the USA are heavily involved in this as well like the Rockefeller family and G. Soros but they originate in Europe and are heavily connected to their European masters.

This is the reason why there are very few healers left there. The people are left to the mercy of the mis-educated butchers that hide behind their medical licenses with absolutely no clue how to heal and too brainwashed to realize their handicap and do something about it.

I’d say, England is leading the pack as the stupidity that comes from their medical journals is mind-boggling.

Russia as being separated from the rest of Europe by the political issues has much better medical knowledge and treatments, but their medicine men had been destroyed by the Bolshevik (Zionist collaborators in Russia). Russian scientist being free to explore created some great electronic healing devices based on frequencies. This is great but the wrong knowledge about our diet and how the body really works remains.

Australian people are heavily controlled by the British Crown. They had destroyed the Original people and with them, the medical knowledge that they had possessed. I found the Australian medical system in very poor shape. It is dominated by the false knowledge and the poison, cut, and burn medicine.

New Zealand is in better shape since the Maori people had saved their customs but the same as in South America, people are brainwashed into believing that the Western medicine is superior and pride themselves with the bogus licenses they had obtained which are based on that faulty system.

As people are awakening, they want to change things. Many want to look for health elsewhere but they are being forced to comply with the LAW which is enforced by the armed police.

In Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Canada and many other places where the government is controlled by the European masters, the population is disarmed and cannot defend itself. This is not the case in the USA so straightforward assault cannot be done. This is why there is an ever-increasing pressure made for the US population to be disarmed. Every politician in the United States of America who is calling for the disarmament of its people is committing a treason and should be imprisoned. They are not your friends, and they do not look for your interest.

I had to mention those things so that those of you who are not familiar with what is going on can understand better why are your doctors unable to heal you.

I titled this article Renal Tubular Acidosis because here, on this health problem it is easy to see the incompetent medical system in play.

The Renal Tubular Acidosis is caused by the blood electrolyte imbalance.

Of course, the medical industry has to make money on this as well so what do they do?

They announce that salt is unhealthy especially if the kidneys are not functioning well.

So, you have an electrolyte imbalance and you prevent the body to obtain the necessary electrolytes so that it can correct this problem.

Then you make a fake study and classify the problem in four different compartments and assume the role of the savior by supplementing those minerals but with a fake study so the goal is never reached and you pronounce the problem to be genetic and for that reason unsolvable if the supplementation did not show satisfactory results.

Ten years ago, my wife’s best friends daughter was diagnosed with this “disease” when she was a baby. She was in and out of the hospital on a weekly bases. Her immune system was not functioning, she was forbidden to eat salt and many foods did not agree with her.

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When I saw her, she was a pale, skinny and weak child 9 years of age.

In just 6 months on the Self Healers Protocol, her health had been completely restored. No more visits to the hospital, no more antibiotics and other medication that was part of her growing up.

Matter of fact, she was so polluted by the pharmaceutical drugs that as she started the detoxification process, she was vomiting and defecating a green substance. This is a typical symptom of a chemical poisoning of the body.

So many chemical poisons had been used and administered into this young child’s body and the only thing that this body was missing were the electrolytes.

The sea salt with plenty of water was the only thing that her body required to be able to heal itself.

The true healing can be only done by the body itself. By the body, I mean the cellular structure and mind relation. I specifically did not say the brain because the brain is just another organ that has no freedom of choice and it will simply follow the instructions. Those instructions come from the mind. The mind does the programming through its subconscious activity by consulting the accepted beliefs we had implanted there.

Since we had been indoctrinated in false beliefs, our bodies are not doing so well.

It is time to take care of this and change those false programs.

The way to reprogram our subconscious mind is through repetition. This is why I constantly repeat the same thing. Stop eating dietary carbohydrates.

Learn what to eat and how to eat. The reason for over 2000 genetic hiccups the human body has is the wrong diet which has changed the genetic expression.

Instead of reciting other peoples science, try it for yourself. We learn through experience and not through reading what we are being served.

Love and light to us all.


THE DRAGONS HAVE RETURNED Our Earth is being cleansed.

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My wife told me to keep this experience for myself since it is too unbelievable and may hurt my reputation. I did agree with her until I saw a video from Mudfosil University where Mr. Roger unveils the secrets of our planet.

In my quantum articles, I had mentioned that the Universe is fractal.
What does this really mean?

A fraction of something must have the same characteristic of the object from which it originates.
If you smash a crystal vase, you get thousands of small fractions of that vase and each small part has the same structure of crystal as the vase had when it was intact.

You may say that this is a simple vase, but our complex world is vastly different and that the comparison with the vase is absurd. This could touch just one small component but not the complex creature or any living thing.

Is it really so absurd?
Could there be a possibility that the things for which we believe that are dead, are in fact alive?

Funny Illustrations

Through the quantum posts, I had explained that everything that exists is conscious of its existence.
An electron knows what it is and it is fractal. It exists in many places at the same time. The same goes for the proton and the neutron. This means that the atom is conscious and fractal and exists in many places at the same time.

The same goes for molecules, objects, and all living creatures.

Now, we can argue with this by saying that there is only one me. I am not in many places, I am here, sitting behind the computer and typing this message.

Well, if you would not be fractal, you would have neither the past nor the future. Those are some of the fractions of your life experience. They are all happening at the same time. Your spirit has fractions and exists in many places at the same time. The dimension of time is very confusing to us because we only experience time in a linear motion and it appears that we humans are the only ones in the whole Universe to experience the time in this way.

Because of this linearity, what we do now, will influence the events in the future, and what we have done in the past, caused the events of the present. Which time-line you are experiencing depends on your focus.

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During her Ayahuasca ceremony, Hilno saw me approaching her and guiding her. I was not consciously aware of this. What Hilno saw was a fraction of myself on which I haven’t focused. My focus at that time was about doing other things.

The same thing is repeating itself as we think of our past life experiences.
What we are interpreting as our past life is simply a life that we are not focusing on at this moment and whose actions had influenced the things that we are experiencing now.
This is the reason why we cannot receive an exact time of things to happen from the spirit world since the spirit does not see the time in a linear fashion. The spirit can see only the events and as one event triggers the other, he can inform us about what is most likely to happen and how close is the event that we are experiencing from the event that will happen after this one (in the future).

This is very complicated and confusing to our mind and it is very difficult for me to explain as well. This is why channelers cannot tell you a date of events. The best that they can do is to let us know that an event is close because there are only a few other events preceding it or that the event is imminent since it is the next thing that will happen but still, no exact linear time can be attached to it.

For example, you know that you are going to the bathroom and after, you will wash your hands, and then you will get dressed, and then you will go to work.
All those things are events that will happen but each of those events depends on the duration of the previous effect which you are controlling in the present and the present is the event on which you are focusing right now. It may happen that you get diarrhea and you have to remain in the bathroom longer or you may not even be able to go to work. Those are all variables and this is the reason why the spirit tells us only the variables, the possibilities, and never an exact time.

According to those possibilities, our planet Earth is in the cleansing state and according to the message that I had received from the spirit through the Ayahuasca is that the metamorphosis has taken a place and we have entered the new grid of the sacred geometry of the New Earth Gaya.

I thought that the Ayahuasca ceremony is personal, about our own healing. Cleansing of our bad emotions and healing of our body. Mi first Ayahuasca ceremony was like that but not this one.

This time around, my entire Ayahuasca experience was about absorbing, processing and cleansing bad emotions of my friends, clients, Mother Earth and I did it in the body of a huge black dragon.

three headed dragon : Stock Illustration
As I was absorbing the negative emotions, the Ayahuascera Christine started to sing, “dragon, healer, help your brothers and sisters”. Christine knew exactly what I was doing.

The mother Ayahuasca had very little to say. I remembered what and how to do those things as if I did them before. Only once I thought that I can do something that we are expecting in the future and the Ayahuasca said, “What are you doing Darko? This is not your job”.

After what seemed like hours of very intense work, everything had changed into white. I thought that I had changed into a white dragon but the Ayahuascera Christine started to sing,” welcome metamorphosis, from dark to a light. Welcome white butterfly”.

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All of this was happening on Saturday night from 8 pm to about midnight Peruvian timezone. If anyone of you was in pain or had felt nausea or lightheaded within this time frame, it could be related to this event. My wife Hilno ended in the bathroom with nausea and diarrhea herself.

There are many unbelievable things that I had experienced during this session but I would not even mention it if I did not receive the sign to do so.
As I sat down to write a blog, I opened a Youtube for inspiration and the first thing I saw was this video:

Yes, Mr. Roger is correct. Our planet is an alive organism, and the dragons are awakening.
We are all just instruments in this game we call reality.
Each one of us has a purpose and plays its role.
We alter the game through our emotions and many of those emotions create an obstruction to the flow of energy. Since the emotion is also a energy with its frequency, it creates a disturbance in the plasma field and it can stay embedded within the genetic pool.
Especially the battlefields are saturated with those disturbances and there cannot be healing done unless those energies are purged. They had been purged and we have entered the new grid.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Earths grid, I suggest that you watch this video:

After the metamorphosis, the mother Ayahuasca confirmed the existence of the new grid. I saw Drunvalo Melchizedek and I asked him if I can enter the new grid and if I can bring my friends, my clients, and family with me. Drunvalo replied, “of course, everyone will enter the new grid with no exceptions”.

As the mother Ayahuasca has shown me, the metamorphosis has occurred and we are in the new grid. We have all started awakening separately having our own experiences and the speed of this awakening to the new Earth will depend on our understanding and our will.

The good had won the war. It is the time to celebrate.
Love and light to us all my brothers and sisters because we are all one.


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Since more and more people are realizing the absurdity of the so-called modern medicine they are really becoming confused. There are so many different opinions on how to go about regaining one’s health and they are so very different one from each other that people are getting lost.

This is very easily understood. One health guru will claim that his juicing is the perfect answer, another will propose the vegan solution, another will claim that the keto-diet is the only way, some say drink your urine and fast… so whom to listen, what to trust and what to do?

I agree it is a difficult task to find someone whom you can trust. There is so much contradiction.

To add to the basket of confusions, we also have to acknowledge that depending on the problem one has, and the physical and the psychological state they are in, their body will react differently to the same treatment especially in the beginning of the healing process.

Some changes could be frightening and the mind starts talking: “I’ve seen this before, there is nothing new, the same pain is awakening….” so it is really difficult to go on and to continue with the program.

There is no difference when it comes to the Self Healers Protocol. The healing pains will pop up and they can be and often are stronger than the original symptoms which were the reason you had started the Healing Protocol in the first place.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Well, there are some major differences between the Self Healers Protocol and all of the other healing methods on this planet and those are:

The realization that you are not sick. What you are experiencing is not a disease. It is just a collage of symptoms triggered by your toxic body.

You will not have to buy any products since you can make them by yourself.

No supplements

No medicines or medicinal remedies

No dependence on other health gurus.

The whole approach is based on a completely different understanding of our physicality and our reality.

All of this adds to the confusion and unless you had been following my work or read my books, you would easily dismiss the whole thing.

When we add to the confusion the intentionally implemented false science on which we have been always counting on as the scientifically proven truth, there is no surprise why even after reading my blogs for over two years some people contact me worrying about a new scientific articles “proving” that the salt overuse is detrimental to the health especially when it comes to the kidneys and the hypertension.

It takes a really strong person to disregard their family and friends constant supply of articles and wisdom why what you are doing is wrong and it will further harm you especially when the early symptoms of the cleansing resemble so closely the very thing that you are desperately trying to get rid off.

Because of all of this, I offer to help you by inviting you here to Peru to jump-start your healing process.

The healing program consists of the cleansing protocol followed by the proper diet and exercise.

There will be lessons on quantum understanding and physicality.

The opening of the chakra system and spiritual work which may include the Ayahuasca if you receive the Ayahuasca call.

The Ayahuasca ceremony is done in the traditional way with the purpose of learning directly from the source so do not bother coming with an expectation of some drug-induced delirious experience of colors and shapes.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare your food so that it is healthy, healing and delicious.

There will be excursions into the pristine nature and swim in the rivers that feed the great Amazon river.

Since it takes three weeks to cleanse the blood, the perfect stay here should be a vacation of three weeks. If this is not possible, then the two-week program can be made which will be a good enough jump-start so that you can continue the rest of the journey on your own with me guiding you from the distance.

If you have a vacation coming, take this opportunity and treat yourself with the best gift that you can give yourself and your family or friend.

I had just returned from the jungle where I had my second Ayahuasca ceremony and now finally I know the purpose of why I had to come here and what is my purpose in this life experience.

I had an amazing experience and a lot of work was done to make it easier for others at this time of the change.

I feel humbled and grateful for the Ayahuascera Christine as we both were just the instruments for some of those changes.

I thank all of you for being a part of my life experience and I hope to see you here.

Love and light to us all.

Indoctrination + Faulty science + Enforcement through licensing = Chaos and disaster for humanity.

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The one thing I loved when I came to the United States of America was the freedom to work.

This may sound crazy but here is the thing.

In Yugoslavia and the rest of Europe, the humanity was enslaved way more than in the USA.

The licensing in Europe was and still is something that makes no sense until you realize the reason licenses exist.

I loved the freedom to switch a profession without the headache of obtaining a license for it.

Of course that there were restrictions but not in everything.

Since I had lost the faith in the medicine, I started to work as a furniture salesman in Brooklyn NY and as long as I was productive and sold stuff, I got paid. Nobody asked me about a license to be able to sell.

There are plenty of jobs one can do without a proper license and to be paid for the work it does.

It is not so in Europe.

If you want to work like a salesman or painter, carpenter, metal worker, mechanic… have to be licensed.

So how do you obtain a license to be able to sell fruits in the supermarket?

You have to go through a school of indoctrination where they will teach you what is true, what to think and how to think. You will have classes in mathematics but also of physics, history, chemistry, social studies…..and if you fail one of the classes, there you go, no license for your fruit stand.

My cousin is a phenomenal mechanic but he had to work without a license for a while and gets no benefits just because he could not pass the chemistry exam. What a stupid system and no one is complaining.

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In a high-school a friend of mine was an especially gifted artist and painter but could not go to the art school because before the art school he had to pass the high-school and in Yugoslavia, the high-school was way more demanding than the college in the USA. After repeating a year twice he was let through on the goodness of a mathematics professor because she realized his talent and the absurdity of the law. Many people are not so lucky because when you give a slave just a taste of power (grading a student for example), they turn into monsters.

I am mentioning these things to show you the level of indoctrination we are subjected to and all of it is created so that we can be lied to efficiently. So that we accept the lies because we had been told the “truth” during our indoctrination.

From the nuclear physicist to the garbage collector we all had to be indoctrinated and the higher is our “education” the more lies we had absorbed and the more difficult it is for those people to learn the truth because they already know it all.

This is why these highly educated “experts” are now sampling more than 3000 various bacteria to find a pattern of their mutation and develop a way to possibly stop it in the future:

Even today when the parrots are repeating “the genes are highly adaptable to their environment”, those fine of the finest, are looking through the old garbage in the hope to find what will the bacteria do in the future, when we do not know what environment are we going to provide for those bacteria at that time.

The bacteria is a single cell organism so the gene-reaction to the new poison will determine the gene expression and subsequently the bacteria’s action and structure.

And why do we care so much about the microorganisms when the most common and problematic health issues have nothing to do with pathogens, rather they are a result of a chronic poisoning and dehydration.

Ups, I am sorry, now if I would want to protect my medical license I would be fried since this is not what I have been told in the medical school and the medical “experts” did not agree that such narrative is permissible.

Do not think that it is just the medical mafia we have to watch for, there is the pharmaceutical mafia monitoring the narrative as well and maybe to some of you this will be a surprise, but the religious mafia is on it as well my brothers and sisters.

Just yesterday my dear friend Dr. Pablo who now started to incorporate energy healing into a program of treatments here in Peru, he almost lost his medical license couple of days ago and he is still recuperating from the shock of people’s ignorance and stupidity. The only reason he was allowed to keep his medical license and was just reprimanded is that he is practicing medicine in a small village in a jungle where no doctors want to go.

What had happened is that he helped an old lady easing arthritic pain utilizing an energy manipulation and opening energetic points. No medicine.

The lady must have said to her pastor that the doctor is doing magic and the pastor frightens the old woman saying that those are Devil deeds forcing the old woman to denounce Pablo for practicing unconventional Devil’s medicine.

Pablo was heartbroken losing his faith in the humanity. I do not blame him but now he understands me why I do not want to work with him in the hospital.

Any of us who are disregarding the government enforced restrictions are on a thin ice all the time. Any false statement can get us imprisoned. No license, no protection from the law. You can kill and rob as long as you hide behind the government issued licenses, but help someone the unconventional way and your license is history and your freedom is gone.

The best proof of this are the medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. They are directly responsible for more deaths than all of the wars and traffic caused deaths put together each year on the entire globe.

If you think that the indoctrination is not that bad and that I am exaggerating, there are many instances where I can prove it.

The most recent is a case of my friend Mr. M.

Mr. M has a brother in law who had many health problems. For several years, my friend is telling his brother in law to contact me but in vain. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and still, I haven’t heard from him.

Just yesterday, Mr. M sends me a note that his brother in law is ready to talk to me after he was told by his doctors that the chemotherapy did not work and now he has metastasis all over his body.

Every cancer patient I ever had asked me the same question: “how many people with this type of cancer did you have and how many of them had recovered?”

This is a stupid question since most of them were written off by their doctors like Mr. M’s brother in law. Their immune system was shattered by the treatments of poison they had received and now on a deathbed, they are looking for a miracle.

Yes, those miracles happen but only with total faith and the love for the life.

Every time someone starts with the Protocol, there is a family and friends that will spill their immense knowledge and explain that what they are doing is totally wrong and dangerous. No wonder why many of my clients give up on the Protocol.

Everybody is an expert because they had read an article or two on the subject. The parrots are everywhere. We cannot be surprised, we have been indoctrinated, we are brainwashed slaves to the system and it is very difficult to get out of it.

The indoctrinated person had lost their sense of reasoning. They can be shown things and results of a different approach but they simply cannot accept it because it does not fit the information that they possess and their titles and status depends on those politically accepted “truths”.

To accept another opinion would mean to lose their lives work. Their diplomas would become unimportant. They would lose their identity.

The indoctrination creates a slave mentality. “Do not tell me this nonsense, do you know who I am? I am doctor John Dow, get it. A doctor, you cannot tell me that I do not know what is diabetes. The reason why I cannot cure it is that it is incurable.”

teacher cartoons_Bored Teachers 15

When they see results of healing and diabetes vanishing, they call it a freak of nature. My friend whom I had shown the way to heal himself went to his doctor who is a diabetes specialist and having diabetes herself, after seeing the results shrugged her shoulders and ignored what she had just witnessed. Two months later she was rushed from her hospital to Lima because of the complications caused by diabetes.

Now you can maybe better understand what kind of people you are allowing to treat you and whose advice you are following my brothers and sisters.

Listen to your heart. Follow your instinct. Wake up and smell the roses.

Love and light to us all.


This just came up and I want you to hear it.

Another indoctrinated victim thanking his butchers on the job well done.



Many health enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the term humic acids, but most of them had heard and most likely have spent a lot of their hard earned money on supplementing with the fulvic minerals.

The proponents of the fulvic minerals as the supplements of minerals for our body, claim that this is absolutely necessary since the soil is depleted of minerals so we can no longer obtain the necessary minerals through the food we eat and the only way that we can absorb the minerals is if we obtain them through the vegetables or through the fulvic mineral solution. The “experts” claim that the minerals which are dissolved in the water cannot be absorbed into our body because they do not have organically adapted structure.

The minerals add to the flavour of plants. Since the fruits and vegetables, these days have no flavour, it is obvious that the minerals are missing.

We now know that some minerals are synthesized by living organisms and as the organism dies, the minerals become deposited in the soil.

A big portion of our planet, if not all of it, is composed of the remains of gigantic crystallized creatures including the Titans as it is proven by Mr. Roger of the Mudfossil University.

When you crush and pulverize a rock, what you get is sand.

So where does the clay that is being used to make porcelain and the ceramics come from?

Well, Mr. Roger proves that those deposits of clay are nothing more than a fascia of a gigantic creature. This is the reason why it is oily and does not absorb water easily.

When a living organism dies, it decomposes. The decomposition creates acids. The acids dissolve minerals. If you have a calcium buildup, put some citric acid on it and it will dissolve. Then you can wash it away with water.

Those acids that are created during the decomposition process we call the humic acids or the humic substances. Since the decomposition needs oxygen, this process is happening on the surface.

Soil, cultivated dirt, earth, ground, brown land background. Organic gardening, agriculture. Nature closeup. Environmental texture, pattern. Mud on field.

The rain-water dilutes and transports them.

Through the water, the plants absorb those dissolved minerals and reuse them for their own purposes.

There is not a specific organic bond that will make those minerals absorbable.

Every rainfall washes the soil of the humic acids and the dissolved minerals. They flow into the streams, then the rivers, and at the end, they end up in the sea forming a colloid (Seawater).

Experts agree that our vegetables and fruits are mineral depleted and suggest that we have to supplement those minerals if we want to be healthy.

Some “experts” go so far as suggesting that the only way in which we can absorb those minerals is if they are dissolved in the fulvic acid.

The fulvic acid is one of those acids that form the humic acid complex.

Here is an article on this thematics:

Through my articles, I point to the fact that the most important substances for our body are the minerals. The mineral depletion will cause major health issues.

Knowing this, the health enthusiasts are promoting the idea of providing the body with minerals through costly supplements and without any guidance.

Supplement cartoons, Supplement cartoon, funny, Supplement picture, Supplement pictures, Supplement image, Supplement images, Supplement illustration, Supplement illustrations

I showed you that the toxic body may have problems manipulating the minerals and may decide to eliminate them in which case their supplementation will not only be a waste of money but will also cause a saturation of those minerals in the body and the consequent increase of the bodies toxicity caused by them.

The dietitians who suggest that we can supplement minerals by eating raw fruits and vegetables if we eat organically raised products are on a wrong track since most of the minerals are within the none-digestible cellular structure of the plants.

The juicing may do a better job but only if the vegetables or the fruits were raised on the mineral-rich land which is almost impossible to do these days since the soil is depleted and intentionally polluted through the usage of pesticides and the chem-trails.

It seems that we are at the mercy of the supplement industry.

Not really. We are just being lied too, by everyone.

Supplement cartoons, Supplement cartoon, funny, Supplement picture, Supplement pictures, Supplement image, Supplement images, Supplement illustration, Supplement illustrations

Many times I had explained the importance of the sea salt. The sea water contains 84 minerals. The same minerals that we find in our blood and plasma.

The sea water is a colloid which is easily absorbed into our body.

For those who do not believe this, drink sea water or drink the water with sea salt in it and you will see how quickly you will have to urinate and your urine will be very salty.

I had lived on a sailboat for many years and my dogs were swimming in the sea water daily, and the water we all drank contained sea salt.

After living on land in Peru for two years I had noticed that my dogs are starting to eat the topsoil from my plants.

I put sea salt in the water they drink so I have assumed that they had enough mineral in their body. The thing is that they do not drink two litres of water with sea salt daily. They drink only when they are thirsty and since I am not giving them dry food, they do not drink much. This is the reason why they became low on minerals and started to eat the top-soil. This showed me also that the meat does not contain enough of minerals and we should put sea salt on it before eating it.

As soon as I started to put sea salt on their food (raw fatty meat), they started to drink more water but they had stopped to eat the top-soil.

This is another proof that the sea salt is the best source of minerals for our body.

Now you know that you can save yourself a lot of money by utilizing sea salt in your food and drink it dissolved in your water. Because it contains a great number of minerals. The sea salt has very pleasant taste and it is less salty than other refined salts or rock salts.

The people who visit Sahara and had spent some time with the Bedu people (Bedouin), had noticed that they do not drink much water and they do not sweat much but what they do, is they eat sea salt.

ERG CHEBBI, MOROCCO - JANUARY 6, 2014: Bedouin with camel waiting for tourist in Western Sahara. Tourism is an important item in the economy of Morocco Stock Photo - 64766632

By drinking water, we force water elimination and we lose minerals from our blood. The more water we drink, the fewer minerals we have. Our body cannot hold the water and we dehydrate. The people do not die from the lack of water. They die from the lack of minerals.

Why is this truth hidden from us?

Because hydrating with water and sea salt, allows the body to cleanse itself from all toxic elements. This would keep our bodies healthy and the corporate mafia out of business. The medical and the pharmaceutical corporations will go out of business in an instant.

Well, the truth cannot be contained no longer and the end to the criminal mafia of the “Nobles” is taking their last breath.

Please share this knowledge wide and far so that those unaware and still consuming the pharmaceutical and the natural poisons can free themselves and not go into a state of panic when their “necessary” medication is no longer available.

If you are still taking any kind of the pharmaceutical poison, now is your chance to liberate yourself from it.

If you are afraid, let me know and I will help you by guiding you through the process.

Love and light to us all.

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What is happening with the First lady? Is Melania doing great?

Donald Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony Royalty Free Stock Images

Those are the most important questions major media is elaborating on. I guess, nothing more important is going on in the world at this moment since Trump’s collusion with the Russians finally feathered away.

Usually, people which are used being in the public eye are eager to show themselves to the public but there is nothing usual about the first lady so talking about her health would be a speculation.

One thing I know for sure is that I would stay away from her doctors as far as possible.

The Major media has its place and that is to be the mouthpiece of our “masters”. Their scripted messages are here to keep us frightened and in line.

What are the best things to use to keep the sickly population scared?

A shortage of medicines (poisons), and at this moment the focus is on the shortage of antibiotics.

REUTERS reports:

Reading this article, you would think that a shortage of antibiotics is a dooms-day disaster.

How important are antibiotics really?

Well, none of my clients is in need of any of them and for potential infections until the immune system recovers, nanoparticle colloidal silver is doing a much better job than antibiotic ever could.

For those of you not familiar with the nanoparticle colloidal silver, nano describes the size of the silver particles in the colloidal solution. The nanoparticles size is a thousand times smaller than a millimeter.

Some people claim that smaller particles from nanoparticles are better because they will penetrate the cellular membranes easier. This is correct but particles which are smaller than nanosize, do not possess the same characteristics of the matter that they represent and their action is not the same.

This is why the so-called ionic colloidal silver is a poor substitute for the nanoparticle size colloid.

Anyway, ionic colloidal silver is not a good name for it if you want to specify that the particles are extremely small. Every liquid with suspended polarized particles is in an ionic state no matter the size of its particles. Water with sea salt is a colloid, our blood is a colloid, sea water is a colloid and they are all in an ionic state with particles of all sizes.

While the antibiotic of a wide spectrum suppress or destroys 4 to 6 different types of bacteria at most, and is completely useless when it comes to viral or fungal infections, the nanoparticle colloidal silver destroys over 460 different bacteria, fungus, virus, mono-cellular parasites, the eggs of multicellular parasites….with absolutely 0 toxic or collateral effects on our body.

Why are doctors unaware of this?

Because the pharmaceutical gangsters cannot profit from it since everyone can easily make it in their home so they boycott it by suppressing the information and misguiding people exhibiting a blue skin man as the direct result of the colloidal silver usage.

The doctors are so blind when it comes to the understanding of the true causes of the health problems labelled as a disease, that the only thing that they know to do is to prescribe an antibiotic and then they are surprised if it does not work and they look for a stronger one since this is the only thing that comes to their mind. Cut, burn, and poison medicine has nothing to do with healing and has everything to do with intensifying the problem while robbing people of their life savings while shortening their lives.

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In my previous article, I pointed this with the instance of the small child being poisoned with strong antibiotic while all he needs is to cleanse his blood.

Through those things that we are accustomed to calling our food, we are being poisoned daily and by teaching us not to eat salt (sea salt is the only salt we should be eating) we cannot hydrate and rid ourselves from those toxins we ingested. This is the reason why our bodies accumulate those toxins and start malfunctioning.

One of the obvious symptoms of the bodies toxicity is a bad odor.

Recently an airplane had to make an emergency landing to evacuate a passenger who stunk the whole airplane making other passengers nauseous.

Many of my clients complain of the foul odor coming from their body during the detoxification process.

Many people believe that the body smells bad because the person did not wash him/herself.

This is not true. Many people living in deserts have no luxury to take a “proper” bath but heir skin and bodily fluids do not have a strong odor. Those people are eating cleaner food and are not being further poisoned with some toxic medicinal remedies.

Our bodies are in desperate need of minerals. Mistakingly we thing that we get those minerals through the vegetable loaded diet.

Vegetables provide a small number of minerals especially these days of a monoculture farming on the mineral-depleted soil. When the aroma is missing, there are no minerals and all you are eating is toxic water which is polluted with artificial chemicals.

Everything these days revolves around the money. The greed is resulting in carelessness and the contamination of our food with the pathogens is a frequent occurrence.

Now those people who are afraid of eating meat because they are afraid of the Escherichia coli infection can add a lettuce to their not to eat food list.

Not understanding the true nature of health problems new bills empowering the criminal pharmaceutical and mad/sin industries to create stronger and stronger poisons and now can use them without any testing. Trump in his ignorance signer this bill in action

The so-called lying mainstream media diverts the attention by accusing Trump of ignoring a small child while the so-called positive media applauds Trump hugging the child, no one objects to the approval of untested medicinal poisons to be used on the unsuspected public.

This is the real horror show in making. Unrestricted criminal activity in action and protected by the rule of law. Now even the licenses to protect the wrongdoers are no longer required.

I do not want you to think that I am against Donald Trump. I love what is happening and I know that the evil system is crumbling but Trump and his advisors have to wake up themselves. There has to be someone who can advise him on the health issues. He and his family are in need of help and they are barking at the wrong tree.

The World is really going insane as the system is collapsing so please, be careful and take care of yourselves.

As the followers of my work, you know what and what not to do so please follow my recommendations and you have nothing to worry about.

Keep your eyes opened and your hearts pure.

Love and light to us all.

Medical cartoons, Medical cartoon, funny, Medical picture, Medical pictures, Medical image, Medical images, Medical illustration, Medical illustrations