The Flat Earth theory, the religion, and the politics, THE MASTERY OF DECEPTION and its implication in the shaping of our medical knowledge.

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Since we have entered into the field of high frequencies, we are changing on the genetic level and as I have told you before, the genetic changes will trigger the cellular changes.

The higher resonance will bring us closer to the understanding, it will trigger what we call the awakening of the masses.

To slow down this process, our handlers are doing everything they can to further confuse us by pushing more and more of the false information. As we are becoming aware of the fact that we have been lied to, now we have started looking into everything with suspicion. Our handlers are using this by injecting alternate views by themselves to keep our minds occupied so that we do not notice the more important actions that should be taken at the present time.

One of them is the Flat Earth narrative.

Flat Earth / Old Vision of Planet and solar system / Earth like dish/ plate/ in space with sun and moon / realistic vector of Earth /Earth in space,

I cannot believe how many intelligent people are spending hours in researching and debating this altogether unimportant thing at this time of our fight for the liberation of humanity.

At this time, this is totally irrelevant and unimportant knowledge but it can be partially explained by using the scripture from the Bible.

As there are many people who believe that the Bible was written by God, they are willing to ignore what they see and accept what they are being told.

I do not want to waste my time on debunking the Flat Earth theory by dissecting the claims one by one. Instead, I am going to mention some of my observations.

You cannot see the curvature of the earth while you are standing on the firm land since the landscape can be positioned in concave or convex form.

The place where you can see the curvature of the planet Earth is when you are on the  open Sea.

You can see the horizon in the distance of 5 miles around you. Of course, there is no way that you can actually see the curvature in such a short distance but as the Earth is a globe, its curvature will not allow you to see the water any further than that. All that you can see after the distance of 5 miles is the sky.

If you are sailing and approaching the land, you will not see the land until the highest peak comes into the view of the horizon. As you come closer, more and more of the lower landscape becomes visible. It looks like the land is rising from the sea.

Whenever you want to know the truth, first trust and analyze what you can see, then use your intuitive self and at the end, consider what you have been told and dissect it.

What I am suggesting is that we have to observe and think. We cannot just blindly follow, as we have been told all our lives.

Our educational system is set in such a way that only those who do not think and only memorize and recite what they have been told are rewarded. Such people are rewarded with the highest honours. Such people are put in the most influential positions and put in the charge of the rest of us. No wonder why they all sound like robots.

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Why is it so?

Because they are not capable of a clear thinking and they will eagerly follow orders. Unfortunately, they are accomplices to the highest crimes and not even aware of it.

Just look at our doctors.

This is why it is easier to explain the new understanding of how the body works to a nurse than to a doctor especially if he/she is an “expert” in this particular field.

The deception plays a big role in our reality. The easiest way to control a human is with fear. What the human brain does not understand, it fears. This is why we are afraid of changes, a new understanding.

Concept of fear of a businessman behind a chair

The masters of lies and deception were and still are the Jewish people. Why? Because their sacred book the Torah teaches them that they can lie, deceit and organize a murder of none Jew, the Goyam.

Do not take me the wrong way. I do not hold grudge against the Jews. My ex-wife is Jewish and I love her family and we are still friends. One of my Jewish friends Andrew, once told me while we were playing chess; “I wonder if the world would be a much better place if the Jews were not a part of it”.

Jewish people had the knowledge of the One God and were supposed to share the knowledge with everyone. Instead of sharing the knowledge, they manipulated it for their own benefit since they knew about manifestation. They were the money changers.

Wherever they went, they took over the politics. This was possible because they controlled the money.

During the drought, they went to Egypt asking for the food and little by little they started to control the place so much that the Pharaoh threw them out of Egypt.

As they have left Egypt, Moses a Jew who was brought up as the Pharaoh’s son and was familiar with the energy system of Egypt, stole the Egyptian energy device called the Tetragrammaton.


Tetragrammaton was a device left by the Anunnaki and once it was used to open the lake so that princes can retrieve her favorite bracelet that she dropped into the lake by accident.

When the Pharaoh discovered what has happened, he sends his army after the Jews to retrieve the Tetragrammaton. Moses used it to open the Red Sea and then he closed it on the Egyptian army. The Pharaoh pledged to destroy Jews which he did later on and the Jews had lost their land.

Joshua used the Tetragrammaton to split the river Jordan so that the Jewish people can get across as well.

As Jews lost their land, they tried to take over the ruling position everywhere they went and since there is no end to the human greed, they caused collapse first of the Roman empire by corrupting the senate, they took over Germany so Hitler ordered them to leave. Since they have refused ,he started to confiscate their properties and put them together with the gypsies and other convicts including German people into labor camps. My father was in one of those camps. They were not a Jew extermination centers as Jews claim. The Holocaust is just another deception perpetrated by Jews.

Jewish money paid for the Bolshevik revolution that was organized by the money changers. Vladimir Ilic Lenin and Karl Marks were Jews that had changed their names to be able to deceit the Russian people easier. They are known to hide their identities by changing their names, there is a reason for this.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, JULY 6,2016: Statue of Vladimir Lenin and USSR flag inside Museum of Communism, Prague, Czech Republic.

What the Jewish people did in the Egypt, Russia, and Germany, they are now doing to the United States of America.

Since there are only a small amount of Jews and as the self-proclaimed “chosen people” they want to conquer the planet they became the masters in terrorism blaming others for their actions. The first big act of false flag terrorism was their attack on the Olympic village in Munich where they have killed their own sportsman and put the blame on Palestinian people.

Divide and conquer.

The World Trade Center was put down by controlled demolition set by MOSAD and Jews were caught celebrating and filming the event. Now the blame is on the Arab people again.

The feminist movement was started and financed by David Rockefeller to enslave them and tax them. In this way, they can destroy the American family and easier brainwash the children.

The takeover of the medical science and the pharmaceutical industry was orchestrated by David Rockefeller as well. He is the reason why the education of doctors around the world is creating death and not a healing. The Jewish “banksters” profit from it.

I am mentioning this so that we know who the real culprit is so that we do not blame and fight the wrong enemy. We have to oppose the Zionists since most of the Jewish people do not know what is being done by their leaders.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. June 14, 2016. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu making an address.

We all have to unite if we want to be able to overthrow the Evil.

The history is manipulated by those who are in charge.

The money changers have been in charge for a long time.

Even Jesus Christ attacked the money changers so they went against him knowing that he was of a noble blood. Yes, he was a king.

The history teaches us that Isa was his false name so that he can hide. His mother was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and his father was Julius Cesar. To escape the prosecution of Octavian, he left for India and there are records of Isa being there studying Hinduism. He was also in Tibet as the records show.

Jesus feeds birds, original oil painting on canvas

This is why he did not promote Judaism and Torah but Hinduism, the religion of forgiveness and humility.

As I have told you, nothing is the way we are told it is.

The Bible was put together by the Jews to guide the humanity into the one world government by professing the future events, controlled by the Jews whose God is not the creator instead their God is the Anunnaki leader Enke or Lucifer. This is becoming more and more obvious as the time goes on. The Satanic rituals are becoming the part of every day’s reality.


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True God, the creator has no preferences and loves the whole of his creation, no judgment, no punishment, only love.

Doing the research into the medical fraud exposed me to this knowledge as it is all intermingled part of the same deception.

Please do not get offended. Do your own research.

Let us stop fighting one another. The times of deception are behind us.

Let us get together and build a New World, free from deception and lies where we all help and support each other.

We are all blessed and loved by the same God. We are all God’s children and we carry the God within. This is why Isus or Isa or Jesus …said that he was a son of God, but so are you my brothers and sisters so let us love each other and prosper in this new world that we are creating.

The electromagnetic energy that propels us is polarized. It is a toroidal field created by our heart and not by the food we eat. The positive energy field is entering our body through the crown chakra and the negative energy field is entering our body through the base chakra. The polarized fields create a duality but they meet in the sacred place of the heart. There they lose duality and the collision of the two opposite charged fields is what creates a tremendous field of electromagnetic energy that expands way beyond our body before it makes a loop and returns back into our body again. This sacred place in our heart where the opposites collide is the place of oneness and pure love.

Toroidal Field Around Heart Royalty Free Stock Image

Let us not be ruled by the duality of the brain and instead let us use the singularity of the heart in decision making.

Love and light to us all.




A businessman with a stomachache, a middle aged man

It is astonishing to me seeing so many people with digestive problems and the medical industry is clueless or just pretending to be as all the information about how to solve it is out there but it is not being implemented.

Almost every adult that I talk to has some kind of digestive problem. The most common health problem that is related to our digestion is gastritis, then gastroenteritis and enteritis.

The gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach, the enteritis is an inflammation of the intestines and the gastroenteritis is an  inflammation of the whole digestive tract.

What causes the inflammation of our stomach?

Obviously, this has something to do with what we eat. Since the food does not linger in the stomach too long, generally the foods that we eat will not cause many problems. The most common foods that will create gastritis are cold beverages especially the ice-cream if we eat it often and fast.

The sudden drop of temperature forces more blood into the stomach to warm it up and this is done through the process of inflammation.

The same reaction will happen if the stomach is cooled from the outside. Driving a motorcycle and especially the bicycle and cold air hitting the stomach will cause gastritis if the air is cold and we do not protect our stomach from it. Placing newspaper in front of the stomach will protect us. This may be the only good thing that you get from the newspaper anyway.

The most common culprit of gastritis are the medicinal remedies and especially the pharmacological poisons we call medication. This is why the doctor will immediately with the medication, prescribe another medication which will protect the stomach from the first medication.

Healthcare, treatment, supplements concept photo. Woman arm holding heap of small round meds and glass of water before taking medication, shallow depth of field, focus on medicine

Since we are all eating the wrong food and follow the wrong “expertise” of nutritionists, our blood is toxic and the more we eat, the more blood is needed to supply the stomach with the necessary CO2, oxygen, and water. This means that the cells of the stomach will become toxic faster. Such toxic cells will be more dependent on the energy that is provided by the brain. In this case, stress will have a stronger influence on already weaken organ and it will react to the stress through the inflammation process since the cellular osmotic pump has become very inefficient.

Although the carbohydrates are toxic food for all animals, they will not cause many problems to the stomach since they will not remain there for long. They may cause gases so we will burp them out and that is all.

The problem caused by ingesting carbohydrates starts within the intestines. Carbohydrates are sugars, basically glucose and fructose. Depending on the amount of the GLUT protein that is available within the cells of the small intestines, sugars will be absorbed and the sugar that exceeds the GLUT capacity will be pushed into the large intestines and here it will ferment causing more gases and the formation of alcohol. This fermentation process will inflame intestines. Inflamed intestines lose the absorptive capacity so less water and other nutrients will be absorbed. Not being able to absorb the water will make the stool loose since the water will remain within the feces.

The additional intestinal problems come from toxic protective proteins that plants have to protect themselves from predators like us. Gluten is one of them but there are many others. Some of them we use as medicinal remedies since they suppress certain chemical reactions which in some cases we feel as beneficial.

Stomach Problems cartoons, Stomach Problems cartoon, funny, Stomach Problems picture, Stomach Problems pictures, Stomach Problems image, Stomach Problems images, Stomach Problems illustration, Stomach Problems illustrations

Some of those protective proteins become neutralized with the heat and will not create problems. This is why you can eat cooked green banana and not react to it with stomach cramps and diarrhea as you would if you would eat the green banana raw. This is why eating broccoli will inflame your intestines and give you indigestion unless you heat it up since the broccoli has green seeds that are not ready for germination. All green fruits are protected in this way and you will have indigestion by eating them raw.

The grains are the worst food that we can eat. They are toxic to all animals. Domestic horses suffer from colics exactly because of them.

If you feed herbivores like  cows or  goats with minced or cooked grains, they will blow up with gas and their whole rumen (stomach bag for fermentation) will become acidic, their bacteria destroyed and their health compromised.

Since more and more people are falling for the wrong, vegetable based diets, the energy they receive is coming from the carbohydrates and the result is indigestion and gastroenteritis.

More carbohydrates vegetarian eat, more fat and sickly they become. Less dietary carbohydrates and more raw vegetables there is in the food of vegans, more skinny and drained they become and although they feel healthy, a great majority of them will finally collapse from the malnutrition and dehydration caused by their diet.

Reducing the number of dietary carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of meat and fats in the food will slow down the toxic demise of our body. The only way to heal and live healthily is to stop poisoning ourselves with dietary carbs.

On top of this, enteritis can be caused by infestation with parasites.

When people eat incorrectly, there is more chance for them to be infested by parasites.

Digestive Problems cartoons, Digestive Problems cartoon, funny, Digestive Problems picture, Digestive Problems pictures, Digestive Problems image, Digestive Problems images, Digestive Problems illustration, Digestive Problems illustrations

For the people suffering from digestive problems, it is important to change their diet. The wrong food creates the wrong intestinal microflora and the whole body becomes affected negatively. Probiotics cannot make a dent in this problem and supplement pushers are the only people who benefit from their sales.

So many people are needlessly suffering from digestive problems that can easily be eliminated by a simple change of their diet.

You do not have to trust me, try it for yourself.

Love and light.



Draw what's under the microscope... sometimes it is important to be specific.

As we are awakening, scientists are noticing the relation between the genetic alignment and its expression and their influence on the cellular structure.

Since biophysics is not what we learn in the schools, scientists are reverse engineering the cellular reactions and their connection to their genetic code.

Since spirit and the electromagnetic universe are still a taboo as far as the science is concerned, the only reasonable way to look at things is through the loop of chemical reactions. Although some discoveries are correct, there is no way how to build on them since the understanding behind those discoveries is not correct.

Mi friend Mikie send me several articles and I want to show you what I mean by dissecting some of them.

Since I was talking about the genetic cellular influence, here is the article that talks about how the cells redistribute their genes to serve them better:

You can notice the back engineering when scientists claim that the cells redistribute their genes to serve them better. I have explained several times that no cellular change is possible without genetic information. This means that the genes have to change their activation sequence for the cellular changes to occur.

Science cartoons, Science cartoon, funny, Science picture, Science pictures, Science image, Science images, Science illustration, Science illustrations

In other words, first genes realign themselves and then cellular changes occur.

This is opposite of what scientists from London suggest.

Genes react to the electromagnetic frequencies and those frequencies can come from chemicals in the food, but they can come also from the signaling of our brain ( the thought of the food).

They can be received from electromagnetic modulators as well.

Electromagnetic modulators will be used in the future to prepare the food for us so no animal or plant has to be killed to nourish us.

If you wonder how does this work, simply realize that everything is just a brain’s decoding of electromagnetic frequencies.

Instead of killing an animal, cutting it, cooking it…you just take the electromagnetic information of the frequencies of the final product – steak with mushroom sauce, load it into the electromagnetic modulator. The modulator will release those frequencies on your demand and your brain will convert the frequencies into a multidimensional image of the food that you had ordered.

As more and more scientifically accepted truths are being debunked, the failing corporate world is trying to cling onto their cash cows by spreading misinformation and confusion through the media.

This is why we see more and more articles attacking the health food like the coconut oil, the butter and animals fat. Disclosure cannot be stopped as more and more truth is coming out.

In this article about the chemotherapy, a medical cash cow, the truth of its ineffectiveness in healing the cancer is revealed:

The chemo-poisoning is destroying the immune system of the patient, leaving him/her defenseless and unable to heal. Often the damages created to the body are so bad, that the patient loses the ability to eat and has to be nourished intravenously. In this case, glucose is pumped into the blood which is the perfect food for raging cancer so no wonder that cancer starts to spread indiscriminately.

The medically approved treatment of cancer by the chemotherapy and radiation will soon be the thing of the past. This will take a big bite from the pocket of the false medical industry.

Soon we can expect the truth of the ease in healing diabetes to come out since only a simple dietary change is needed to do this job.

The cholesterol truth came out but is fiercely being suppressed since so much money is being made on poisoning people with statins – cholesterol reducing poisons we call medication.

Many doctors are clinging to the notion that there is a bad and good cholesterol and that the cholesterol is the reason for circulatory problems.

The bad education we receive in the medical school is the reason why most doctors believe that eating eggs and animal fat raises the blood cholesterol.

Not understanding diet makes doctors believe that eating ripe raw bananas loads the body with carbohydrates so they advise their patients to steer clear of them.

Since the carbohydrates in the banana, potato, and carrot are deposited within the cellular structure which is protected with the membrane we call the cellulose, those plants cannot be digested so no sugar will be absorbed into the blood. Only a small amount of fructose that gives them the sweet taste will be available for the absorption, which is a negligible amount of fructose at best.

The big misconception on high potassium in a banana is a myth being perpetrated constantly by our nutritionists.

For one, the potassium is within the cellular structure. As we cannot digest the cellulose we do not have access to the potassium in the ripe banana or any ripe fruit or vegetables unless we heat them up by cooking them.

So if you are looking for the potassium in your diet, look into cooked meals like potatoes, mushrooms, parsley….bet you no one have ever told you that before.

We are too lazy to check the facts. It is easier to trust the “experts” isn’t it?

On the other hand, any kind of meat, raw or cooked will bring you a hefty amount of potassium. There is about the same amount of potassium in a stake as it is in the banana but you can easily digest the raw stake and get the potassium but it is not so with the banana.

The neurotoxic action of garlic is well known but people, including most doctors, do not realize that the word medicinal, our cells translate as toxic. Encouraging people to take medicine daily will lead to their health demise. Every doctor knows it and still, they will encourage you to eat garlic because it is “healthy” as they will prescribe other medicaments you have to take daily for the duration of your life. How ironic.

Funny Science Jokes | funny #funny science #science #true story

If they do not know that they are killing you, than they are more stupid than I thought.

Here in Peru, same as in the rest of the world, the health specialists are happy with what they do and are hiding behind their diplomas slowly poisoning people. Fortunately, there are more and more of them who are awakening and we have to thank them for being brave as they oppose the system and risk their comfort and often their lives to bring us the truth.

Here I want to bring you the sad news of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, passing away.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The last years of his life he has spent in Sandefjord, Norway where he lived in exile.

The battle goes on and we are winning.

You can expect more and more truth to surface in the near future and most of it will be simply unbelievable.

Love and light to us all.



Bad Breath cartoons, Bad Breath cartoon, funny, Bad Breath picture, Bad Breath pictures, Bad Breath image, Bad Breath images, Bad Breath illustration, Bad Breath illustrations

Many people are suffering from halitosis – bad breath.

What is the cause of this problem?

Obviously, we are immediately going to look for the problem of a bad breath in the things that we have eaten. Most of the time the bad breath is associated with the food we eat. For example, people that eat garlic stink a mile away. Not only that their breath stinks but also their skin.

Same thing happens with people that smoke nicotine. People that handle and eat oily fish and some spicy foods.

Why do people carry the same odor of the foods they eat?

As the aromatic ingredients from smelly foods absorb into the blood, the body will start to cleanse them out. Since the blood cleansing organs are the skin, the mucosa and the kidneys, here we are going to find the same odor.

Since mucosa covers the digestive and respiratory tract, the same odor will be present in those places.

So here there is no problem identifying the culprit of the problem and by eliminating the type of the food that caused the bad odor we solve the problem.

Other cause of a bad breath can be poor mouth hygiene.

If we allow for the food to rot in our mouth, bacteria or fungus may establish their colonies. They cause rotting process which causes really bad breath.

Caries is caused by bacteria as well and produces a bad odor.

Abscess in the mouth and tonsils will cause a terrible odor.

Needless to say, all those things are easily discovered and treated so the bad breath can be solved.

In this article, I want to point on some occult reasons of the bad breath and bad skin odor from which many people suffer whose cause is not discovered so they are not being able to help themselves and they have to live with this unpleasant problem.

When I say that the reason for the bad breath or the skin odor was not discovered, I mean that the cause was not pinpointed because we know that the reason is caused either by the aromatic ingredients of the food we eat or by the bacterial or fungal decay of those foods in the body.

Bad-breath cartoons, Bad-breath cartoon, funny, Bad-breath picture, Bad-breath pictures, Bad-breath image, Bad-breath images, Bad-breath illustration, Bad-breath illustrations

Another ingredient that contributes to the bad odor is our natural pheromones (our natural smell).

Pheromones of one individual may be attractive to another individual or they can be nauseating to another. Sometimes the combination of the bacterial decay, aromatic ingredient, and the pheromones may create a really unpleasant odor.

I have noticed that indigenous people do have much milder odor than the “civilized” people from the cities do. This is because they are less toxic. Also, indigenous people do not take supplements. I have noticed that some people have a bad smell when they take artificial vitamins and some supplements including the medicinal remedies or the pharmaceutical drugs.

Many of my clients have complained that they never had a problem with halitosis and now since they are on the self-healers protocol, their urine stinks and so does their skin and their breath.

The bad odor is the result of the blood toxicity.

They had toxins embedded within their cellular structure and now as their cells are detoxifying, those toxins are released into the blood and as the blood’s cleansing organs started to eliminate those toxins, the bad odor is realized.

The cellular toxic overload can be substantial and the bad odor may persist for some time.

As the mucous tissue is a blood cleansing organ, many people will suffer from a bad odor whenever toxic load from the blood becomes eliminated. Since most cellular cleansing occurs during the night, the blood’s toxic load increases towards the morning hours and the mucous tissue start to smell. This is why in the morning the odor becomes more pronounced. Pregnant women often realize this. Why pregnant women? Because their toxic load has increased because of the baby they carry.

Some people simply suffer from halitosis most of their lives since they do not realize what causes this problem. Even if they brush their teeth regularly and change the food they eat, halitosis persists.

This is because they harbor specific bacteria or fungus and even when they have changed the food, they did not really change the chemical content of the food and the food they are eating continues to support the culprit.

For example, if the problem is caused by fungus we know that glucose is the perfect food that will support fungal community. So if you stopped eating rice and pasta and you switch to potatoes and bread, you did not really make any change that would affect the fungus since the supply of glucose is continuing.

On this problem, we can look also from the point of the quantum understanding.

Everything there is is just a brain’s interpretation of frequencies of the energy in question.

The meat in a raw state has particular look, smell, and texture.

When we apply more heat, we are raising the frequency and in one point the frequency reaches its threshold. In the threshold frequency, the photoelectric effect has been changed and everything about the meat has been changed. The meat has changed its appearance, its smell, its taste and its consistency. It is no longer what it was before and it becomes very difficult to digest.

Such meat will linger within our intestines and it will be attacked by intestinal bacteria. This will produce its decay. This creates gases and smelly chemical compounds which will be absorbed partially into the blood before being cleansed out through the cleansing organs.

Not only that there will be a horrible stench when we go to evacuate in the bathroom, but also our skin and breath will have a specific odor.

So what to do if we suffer from halitosis?

First, take a care of our mouth and keep it clean. Colloidal Silver does a great job by eliminating the bacteria that causes a bad breath especially if they are in places that are hard to reach like under the crown of a tooth.

Change your diet but above all, detoxify your body.

Nothing works as good as a total detox on the cellular level.

There may be an initial increase of the bad odor when the cleansing process commences, but as the body cleanses the problem will dissipate.

Eat clean food. By this I mean the food of God or as close to it as possible. The food of God is the raw food, the way God prepared it for us to eat.

Love and light.



Infant getting breathing treatment from mother while suffering from illness

When we are talking about health problems, we distinguish basically two versions of what we call diseases. Those that show up almost instantly and those which take their time as they manifest stronger and stronger symptoms.

Those diseases that come rapidly can often be healed and may not return. Such diseases are usually related to some pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites. Once we get rid of the pathogens, the symptoms will disappear and may never come back.

On the other side we have diseases that start to show up slowly with one type of symptoms and slowly progress into more and more difficult and often a life-threatening health situation. Such diseases we call chronic diseases or I prefer to call them chronic health problems.

What is characteristic of those chronic diseases is the fact that doctors are unable to stop their progress and often label them as incurable.

Lately, I have been asked by several friends to explain how is it possible that a young child is suffering from a chronic disease? There was not sufficient time for the child to contract a chronic disease. Sometimes we are talking about babies that are 2 months old.

We have to understand that there was never a time like now where we are living in such highly polluted environment. Not only that most of our food is toxic, we are further being poisoned through the water we drink (or other drinks) and the air that we breathe and let us not forget those vaccines we are forced to take.

All of the food advertising is false and it starts with the false advertising of the health benefits of baby foods.

But before we even go there, the poisoning of a baby starts while it is still in the uterus of its mother. If the mother eats incorrectly and suffers from dehydration, the baby will receive less water as well.

If mother while being pregnant is using medicines, alcohol, caffeine of smokes, she will be dehydrated and some of those toxins will slip through the placenta and affect the fetus or baby depending on its age while still in the uterus.

Yes, the time is short, but the rate of growth is very high and so is the cellular proliferation. More times the cells proliferate (divide), while they are under the influence of a toxin, more pronounced will be the cellular changes.

It is quite often that we see newborn babies contract diarrhea.

I have said contract because this is doctors terminology. In fact, what the baby contracted is toxicity while it was in the womb and now is trying to eliminate it. Doctors are trying to suppress diarrhea with antibiotics which often works because the toxic antibiotic prevents the cleansing and the diarrhea stops. This means that the pollution will remain within the babies body and from then on it will continue to accumulate until it shows a chronic symptom.

Since the baby is low on water the cleansing will go mostly through the mucosa tissue and this will give a baby cough or soft stool. As the water problem within the babies body worsens, the baby will start cleansing through the skin and show signs of skin problems as are urticaria or eczema.

Atopic Dermatitis on a baby’s face.

Lost doctors are going to implement corticosteroids to suppress the inflammation of the skin and with this toxic treatment bury the toxins deeper. The toxins continue to accumulate within the cells and because of the lack of water and salt, and because of the medicinal remedies used to suppress the cleansing of the blood, cells become dehydrated and acidic.

Yes, babies are young but they can become toxic quickly because their cellular activity is very fast.

Now add to this all the sugar that is present in the baby formulas and the baby foods and you will understand why a 3-year-old child has diabetes.

Many baby foods that contain a meat are loaded with chemical preservatives. They are especially abundant within frankfurters so what will be the bodies reaction to this type of toxicity? Leukemia.

Homemade Barbecue Little Smoky Cocktail Wieners in Sauce - Stock Image

Now you can understand why so many house cats in the cities suffer from leukemia as well.

A baby or a small child have been on this planet only a short time but their rapid growth and rapid cellular activity produce a much faster toxic effect and they show chronic health problems much faster than grownups do.

This may sound like a curse but this can be also a blessing because the fast cellular changes allow for rapid detoxification and healing on the cellular level. A small child will detoxify and heal much faster than a grown up individual once we give it a chance to do so.

Giving the baby or a small child the chance to detoxify, means to help them to hydrate with water and sea salt and we can help them to heal faster by providing the correct diet and eliminate the toxic load they usually receive through the food.

I have received a three-year-old client from Trujillo here in Peru. This child has diabetes and doctors started to give her insulin. The young girl was constantly sick with the flu and every week had to visit the hospital for one thing or the other. At home she was always requesting attention and her development was slow, she was among the smallest children in her class.

Within a month on the Self Healers Protocol, the young girl was not diabetic anymore and her visits to hospital have stopped. When her parents noticed the changes they started to follow the same protocol and could not believe how their bodies responded so soon after that the whole family started doing the same thing. Now they are all healthy and happy.

Recently the mother took the young girl to the doctor for the annual checkup and he was surprised seeing her healthy and strong. She is growing fast and now she is among the tallest girls in her class. When the doctor heard what her mother is feeding her daughter with he objected and recommended that she eats at least some carbohydrates daily. The mother responded; “doctor you just told me that my daughter is in perfect health so why should I change her diet?”. The doctor had no argument and just shook his head.

I hope that I have explained well enough for you to understand how come that children suffer from chronic diseases and that you have gathered enough knowledge by following my work to be able to prevent chronic disease from occurring in your child. You can use this same knowledge to help your child with the cleansing and healing process if this knowledge came too late and your child is experiencing some chronic health problems already.

Love and light to us all.



power of electricity

Did you ever wonder why there is no cure for cancer, or diabetes, or rheumatism, stomach ulcer, deterioration of the eyesight, hair loss…..and we can go on and on forever because there is no cure for any chronic disease if you ask any mainstream physician.

If you really want to know the reason for this, do the same thing as if you would be investigating a corruption in politics or business.

Follow the money.

Distraint, bankruptcy and execution concept. Confiscation of savings in piggy money bank.

Who benefits from the human suffering and death?

Always the same people, the top 1 %.

Unfortunately, they also have all the money and they use it to corrupt the little people. For the sake of money, people are prepared to do unimaginable crimes and atrocities.

The question is, why are human suffering and death so important to the 1 % that rule over us?

First, there is the factor of fear which makes it easy to manipulate people, but more important than that is the true value of life itself. By this value, I do not consider the importance of living but exactly the opposite. The importance of dying.

For a long time, the Rothschild bankers were collecting money based on how many people had died from the investments they have made.


We are being duped into thinking that the money is a fiat currency which is easily manipulated and that the real value is in the gold and other precious metals.

Well: did you ever think about it?

What happens with the gold?

The gold is mined from the ground, melted into bricks, and deposited into underground volts.

So we have taken gold from one hole and stuck it into another hole and we have proclaimed ourselves to be rich.

How come that all of the sudden, the gold in the Volt has more power than the gold that is in the ground?

It does not. It is all just a game. The only real value is a human life. This is the reason why wars are instigated. More death equals more wealth for the 1 %.

Once you understand this, it becomes easy to understand why is the medical industry so ineffective in dealing with diseases.

The doctors are the cause of death to more people than all of the world wars put together. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying daily as a direct result of medical care.

Medical licenses are given to specially trained “health experts” which protect them from any wrongdoing as long as the medically approved procedures were followed and those medically approved procedures are exactly what causes people’s death and suffering.

I was very surprised when I was ordered to raise my right arm and repeat a pledge to medical industry before medical diploma was given to me during the graduation ceremony. I had to repeat after my professor that I will follow only medically approved procedures and that I will fully comply with the medical teachings that I have received. Immediately the whole experience of becoming a healer became fishy to me. Previously I thought that the ultimate goal of medical care is to heal and save the life. This showed to me the contrary. The procedures and the medical correctness is what counts no matter what the result shows.

It was like I have received a cold shower. It just did not feel right and it didn’t take me long to realize the motifs behind it.

The whole pharmaceutical and the medical industries are based on the human suffering and death. Those are the fundamental drives that fuel up this disgusting system. Both industries are controlled by the same people, the 1 %.


Since nutrition has a profound influence on our state of health, the 1 % has taken a total control over the food industry as well. They poison the soil, they genetically modify the plants and they spread misinformation about the characteristics and the true nutritional values of the food we eat.

Basically, everything we are told has passed their filters and has been adjusted to serve their cause. I often mention these things in my articles but since there is a disclosure happening, people think that everything that is being revealed is true.

This is another misunderstanding worth mentioning.

In this video you would think, poor good scientists. They have discovered a cancer cure and they have been attacked and the cure is gone.

In fact, if the scientists would really think of benefiting the humanity they would not rename enzyme glycoside hydrolase into nagalase. The only reason this is done is to confuse those doctors who may be thinking. Those doctors would quickly figure out that nagalase is created because cells have to process glucose and more glucose there is, more nagalase will be present. This is not a sign of disease, it is natural fact.

The relation between the nagalase and GcMAF protein shows, where more nagalase is present, less GcMAF protein is being manufactured. This is why the cancer cells are loaded with nagalase and depleted of GcMAF protein. Stop providing glucose and the values will change. There is no need to create a new industry to produce GcMAF and doctors to implement it and patients to have to pay for something that comes naturally.

Here is one of my older articles on this topic:

Unfortunately, the people that are supposed to represent us and whom we trust are paid by the 1 % and serve their interests and not the interests of the 99 %. This is how politicians can on small salaries easily afford million dollars homes, boats, private jets and other goodies not approachable to the people they supposedly serve.

Because of this, toxic remedies are sold as healing medicines and fetuses are butchered and sold to the highest bidders and our political representatives are justifying these crimes under the pretenses of health care as it is shown in this video:

This is why no one is surprised when doctors with a conscience are attacked and their licenses revoked as they refused to obey the guidelines of the medical and the pharmaceutical industries of the 1% that rule over us.

Fortunately more and more health professionals are taking the risk and fighting the immorality of our masters as shown in this video:

Sorry they took out this video.

                                                                            The censorship on its best.

And please do not tell me that because this is from Fox News it is irrelevant. There are few journalists out there who use logic and Tucker Carlson is one of them.

Since we are in the time of separation, more and more sources we have become accustomed to trusting are being busted and their hidden agendas exposed. This is why we should not cling to our beliefs. Instead, use your mind and apply logic.

This article may sound more politically oriented but it is evident that medicine is controlled by the politic and the politicians are being abundantly rewarded for pushing the untruthful narratives that will benefit the 1 % and the 99 % will suffer because of it.

Keep your eyes open and your heads clear. Do your own thinking and question everything.

Love and light to us all. The fight is almost won.



We have been always lied to but what is going on these days is getting out of hand.

As more and more people are awakening to the realization that what they have been told is not as it seems to be, bolder and nonsensical statements and articles are flooding the media and the “scientific” world alike.

I cannot believe that somebody may be that stupid to claim that breastfeeding a baby is not a natural thing to do. Tell me, what is more natural than that?

The statement that breastfeeding a baby is unnatural simply blows my mind. This feminist moron in the video below with Tucker Carlson implies that the woman has to do it and this exempts the man from this chore. So here we have it, another white male privilege.

In that same rant, the baby formula is portrayed as equal in its nutritive value as the mother’s milk.

What are schools doing to our young people?

You have to listen to this video to believe it;

At the same time as more and more people are exposing the fraud of vaccination and as more and more health professionals are becoming aware of the saturated fat and the cholesterol bashing scams, a new “scientific breakthrough” is announced: – anti-cholesterol vaccine.

The article is full of lies perpetrated by the medical establishment about cholesterol being the reason of clogged arteries and the reason of heart attacks and strokes.

It is like blaming the oil for starting a car fire because a busted oil hose sprinkled oil on a hot engine. So now let us blame the oil and let us put less of the oil into the engine to decrease a risk of this happening in the future. What idiotic way of looking at things, but this is a norm when the medicine is in question.

This is exactly what these highly overpaid scientific idiots are saying.

Now they have found one more reason to inject us with toxic poisons under the pretenses that they really care for our health.

Hospital interior for background. Close-up hands,nurses are vaccinations to patients using the syringe.Doctor vaccinating women in hospital.Are treated by the use of sterile injectable upper arm.

False claims are flooding the information sites and most of them like this one about the irreparable heart, that was sent to me by my friend Simon just demonstrate the level of ignorance our health professionals possess. No wonder people are dying like flies while they are under the care of their doctors.

While the medical and the pharmaceutical industries are promoting false claims of the “beneficial medical breakthroughs”, at the same time they are waging an attack on the benefits of healthy foods.

As I am writing this post, I just received an article from my friend Miodrag. As the article he has sent to me is a direct attack on the healthy food, I am going to dissect it and show you the nonsensical claims stated in it.

This is the article;

The title states; “Eating only low-carb foods can have similar effect on brain as ECSTASY. That’s why they can’t stop talking about their diet!”

People that eat preferably no-carb diet will talk about it because they cannot believe how great they feel and how healthy they are. They are full of life, this is ecstasy if you want to call it that way.

The article states;

Low-carb diets can mimic the effects of GHB – also known as liquid ecstasy” – This is a false statement and pure lie.

This diet flips your metabolism from burning more fat than carbs, called ketosis .”

Low-carb diets typically include swearing off breads, grains and rice” -And preferably all cooked or processed carbohydrates including potatoes, legumes and ruts, and fruits.

Long-term side effects of this diet include loss of calcium from bones, increased risk of kidney stones and growth retardation“- This is complete lie and fabrication to scare people from such healthy diet because if we all start eating like this, the pharmaceutical and medical industries are finished. Everyone will be healthy, same as the animals in the wild. No more chronic diseases. What a disaster for the industry.

Article states;” When fatty acids reach the liver they’re converted into acetoacetate, an excellent metabolic fuel that belongs to a family of chemicals called ketones. That’s why very low-carb diets are sometimes called ‘ketogenic’ diets.”

Actually, this happens in every cell of our body and this is the correct processing of the energy that happens in the body of every animal. Animals are healthy and do not show any chronic disease exactly because of this. They do not extract the energy from the glucose unless they are in a stress situation and this is the correct behaviour of our body as well.

This statement; “Acetoacetate decomposes to carbon dioxide and acetone, the smelly solvent best known for its ability to remove nail polish. This is why very low-carb dieters and people who are fasting often have sweet smelling breath.”

This statement is correct only with people that started fasting and their original daily diet was full of carbohydrates. Those people do not have enough active mitochondria and cannot produce enough energy from fat. This starts to change after 24 hours and after 72 hours there is sufficient amount of mitochondria active and enough energy is produced.

When there are not enough mitochondria active, the cells cannot process all the ketones so their blood level rises and kidneys start to eliminate the surplus. As soon as enough mitochondria are activated, they process the ketones and no more ketonuria is present. This means that no ketonuria will ever occur in people and animals alike when they are on the correct diet since their mitochondria count is high.

This statement; “During ketosis, BHB can reach high levels in the brain, where it can bind to the same anxiety-reducing receptors as GHB. They bind with sufficient affinity that they may have similar effects.

There are no reports of BHB supplements or low-carb diets causing any of GHB’s adverse effects, like loss of consciousness, seizures, and death.

So, apart from the similar-sounding name, what evidence is there that BHB produced by the liver by people on a very low-carb diet has euphoric, GHB-like effects in the brain?”

This shows you how through the biochemistry, we are being convinced into believing that by eating correctly we are actually becoming junkies, drug addicts.

This is why I am convinced that schools are “miseducational” centres for brainwashing so that the population can be easily controlled.

Ketones are compared to acetone nail polish removal and Coca-Cola is promoted as healthy drink. This is our popular science that we are supposed to trust. The popular science has really hit the bottom. We are in the end times, this is more and more obvious.

Many will fall for articles like these presented here so please take a little time from your daily schedule and promote the truth. We have to help those that are lost because of the misinformation apparatus in place.

The time has accelerated and there is very little of it available before there will be the point of no return.

We should consider ourselves privileged and lucky since we know the truth. In the truth lays the salvation, my dear family.

Love and light to us all.



Eyes woman Young beautiful freckles woman face portrait with healthy skin

One glance on the Internet and one would think that there is no reason to touch this subject. There are a million sites devoted to the subject of how to take care of your skin. What more could be said?

One would think that with so much information, people would have plenty options to find how to tackle their skin problems and how to improve the quality of their skin.

Unfortunately, it is not so.

The same as with any other health issue, skin problems are dealt with mostly symptomatically and in those rare cases when the health specialists are trying to help by cleansing the body, they get usually stuck on cleansing the colon assuming that the saying “the skin is a reflection of the colon” is correct.

When I was young, skin problems in a form of acne were experienced by teenagers, pregnant women, and women in menopause. Since those people had hormonal changes, those skin problems were treated as disorders that were created by the changes in the hormonal activity of the body.

Since not all people in this group suffer from acne, this disease is assumed to be, not surprisingly, of a genetic character.

Why do I say “not surprisingly?”,

Because as I have pointed many times before, when doctors are lost and do not understand what is going on, they slap a ticket of a genetically induced problem. This way they wash their hands off of it and still look smart.

Today things have changed for the worst. Skin problems often start when the baby is just a month or two old. Patches of skin inflammation occur on the babies body and then more and more skin is being involved where in some cases the whole body is red and inflamed, and the skin is dry and painful.

More severe skin problems like psoriasis and ulcers are also on a rise.

When we seek help, doctors usually prescribe topical remedies often based on hormones (steroids) to reduce the swelling neglecting the real culprit that caused the problem in the first place. They result only with a temporary improvement and soon after the treatment has stopped, the skin problem returns and becomes worse than it was before.

Not being able to clear their skin, people often reach for cosmetic lotions not realizing their toxicity.

A great majority of cosmetic skin lotions are based on a mineral oil. Although it sounds healthy, mineral oil is a fancy name for a crude oil. It is a product of petroleum and as such it does not absorb into the skin.

This is why cosmetic lotions leave skin looking smooth and moist for a long time. The problem is, the skin cannot breathe so in an attempt to get more oxygen, the skin will enlarge its pores. People that use those lotions will in time have rough skin with large none attractive pours the same as if they have been using a talcum powder or the Vaseline on their skin.

Frontal view of girl's cheeks and chin with acne scars

Here I am not talking about a low-cost cosmetics. Many pricey French and Swiss cosmetic products are based on the mineral oil as well.

It is not just that most skin lotions contain toxic elements but they all falsely claim that they provide crucial benefits which will keep the skin healthy and young looking.

Why do I so boldly claim that the advertising on the skincare products is bogus?

For one, skin is a blood cleansing organ. This means no matter what you put on the skin to make it look healthy, will not have any health benefit as long as the blood is toxic and low on water.

The less water the blood contains the more will the body try to keep it in, and this means kidneys will slow down their work. The mucosa tissue will take over since it loses less water than kidney filtration.

If the water level becomes critical, the skin will take over the bulk of cleansing and skin problems will start showing up. No matter how much of skin lotion one uses and no matter how elaborate and full of antioxidants and vitamins the lotion is, the skin will show problems.

Acne on the human skin , take care your skin with cream or lotion.

Remember, skin is not a wall. Skin is an organ which is semipermeable and this means that it will absorb as well as expel things. Toxic ingredients found in the skin products will be absorbed and enter our body polluting the blood even more and worsening the already a bad situation in the body.

Before you reach for cover-up or moisturizer for your skin, if you are not happy with how your skin looks or if you have skin health issues you should do two things.

First, hydrate with water and sea salt to improve your blood hydration so that the toxic load can be tackled by your mucosa tissues and the kidneys. This will reduce the toxic load on your skin as the mucosa tissue and the kidneys will take over the bulk of the cleansing.

Second, stop applying medicinal lotions on your skin so that the cells of your skin can hydrate and detoxify themselves. Of course, the skin will first erupt as it is eliminating the cellular toxins but as the skin cells hydrate and cleanse, the inflammation will subside and true beauty and youthfulness will start to radiate.

Acne treatment concept. Skin irritation, closeup

Now, since we are exposed to the toxic environment of our doing, you can further help to protect your skin with the closest thing that your body naturally uses for its skins protection which is the cholesterol. A great substitute for cholesterol on the skin is another type of a saturated fat. I highly recommend you to use a coconut oil. You can add a drop of essential oil into the coconut oil to change its smell if you so desire.

The coconut oil will absorb into the skin leaving it soft and moist. No other product comes close and it is the cheapest and the healthiest way to protect your skin.

No face masks, cucumber, tomato or any other moisturizer women put on their face will benefit the skin as simple act of hydration will.

Carbon face peeling procedure. Laser pulses clean skin of the face. Hardware cosmetology treatment. Process of photothermolysis, warming the skin, laser carbon peeling. Facial skin rejuvenation.

Poisoning the skin with toxins like the Botox creates small inflammations which temporarily stretches the skin and fades the wrinkles. As I have mentioned, it provides a temporary improvement on the way the skin looks, but those toxins also increase skins toxic load which will eventually lead to greater problems.

Doing a cosmetic butchery (surgery) will change the way you look and deform your face. As it is a short lasting improvement, more surgeries will be performed leaving your face looking like a dead grimace.

Many people think that it is impossible to age with naturally healthy and young looking skin.

Just look at some older people with naturally healthy skin.

70 year old Annette Larkins

70-Year-Old Annette Larkins Looks Like She Just Turned 40 Thanks To Raw Vegan Diet

and here is 63 year old Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley was photographed by Emmanuelle Hauguel in Turks & Caicos.

and 50 year old Hilnoretna Lunar, my beautiful wife and our dogies

We have to learn the truth and take the responsibility for our actions. We cannot be poisoning ourselves with alcohol, coffee, nicotine, toxic food and expect that some 300 $ magic cream will maintain our skin healthy and young looking.

There is no such a thing as a magic pill. Sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you and your skin.

Yes, you can eat a ton of antioxidants and slap a pound of a lotion on your face to hide the peeling, dry and lumpy skin. This is just a mask. The truly beautiful and healthy skin will come from within the body.

Eat clean and healthy food, hydrate with water and sea salt, moisturise with coconut oil, exercise and make love. This is the best skincare in the world.

Do not be afraid to expose your skin to the sunlight. When the skin is properly hydrated and moist, exposing it to the sunlight is another blessing just do not overdo it.

Lately, there are more and more articles warning us not to use much salt because salt creates health problems. Do not fall for this. After all, try it for yourself and you be the judge.

Love and light to us all.



Telling the future

In my recent article – HOW DOES THE HUMAN BODY FUNCTION, I had promised to explain how can we bypass the installed filters that are preventing us from communicating with our cellular structure and with our spirit.

Although there are several filters in place, the strongest one and very difficult to overcome is our belief system. This is why Jesus Christ said that if we would believe, we could move mountains.

Is it really so simple?

Simple yes, easy to do, not at all.

Why is it so difficult to change our beliefs?

This is why the schooling system was invented so that we all agree to the same principles which then become the truth. Once our brain has information about something, it will filter all the incoming information and those that differ from the already existing information will be discarded as false. It will take a frequent exposure to the new information to be even considered as a possibility and as such, to be stored in the brain’s memory.

This is why the Jesuits were interested only in the children younger than 6 years of age. The young brain is absorbing the information it receives without filtering them. The young mind is easy to mold, this means to install certain beliefs which will be used as filters and later information no matter how plausible, will be discarded as false. We have a name for this, a brainwashing.

We are all brainwashed by the “miseducational” schooling system.

We all believe that eating garlic daily is the best that we can do for our health.

We believe that turmeric is healthy and we should eat it daily.

We believe that onions should be eaten every day.

We believe that cinnamon is healthy and we should eat it daily.

Most doctors believe that salt is toxic for the body and should be eaten sparingly.

Most doctors think that eating cholesterol is bad for our health.

All those beliefs that I have mentioned are wrong but people will not even consider thinking about the possibility that maybe they are wrong, especially those of us who know how to communicate with the cellular structure of the body or with the Spirit. You ask the question and receive the answer of yes and no depending on how the pendulum swings or the dousing rods move, or the strengths of your muscles weaken.

Well, how do those things happen?

Hand with pendulum, tool for dowsing.

I know many people that utilize the pendulum for the communication and them believe that they do not move their muscles, that pendulum swings because of the spiritual influence. Totally wrong belief.

Yes, there is a spiritual influence that is received by your cellular structure and the cellular structure communicate with you further by advising you the only way that we can understand and that is by moving our muscles in a certain way.

For example, if you have been given a spasmolytic, you cannot make any voluntary move since your brain cannot communicate with your muscles. You can hear and feel everything, but you cannot even open your eyes.

Our cells are living, breathing organisms but they do not have a free will. Same as the other animals in nature, they have to obey the program. Because of this, no filters are necessary and they are connected to the spirit all the time. They know as soon as something in their body goes wrong, but they cannot change it as they have to follow the program.

We think that animals are stupid because they cannot communicate with us. On the contrary, we are handicapped because we cannot communicate with them. Animals communicate between themselves and with us telepathically but we cannot understand them because we are handicapped. Only those that make it their business to understand animals can communicate with them.

Telepathy, kinesiology, dowsing, meditation, sacred geometry and other spiritually oriented knowledge are what we should have been told about. If not through the corrupt schooling system then at least through our spiritual guides of the religions we practice. By not doing so and in a fact suppressing the knowledge and claiming that those are things that the Devil does, shows you how distorted and corrupt the religions are as well.

So how do we extract the answers from our Spirit, and why would our Spirit know the answer?

First, we are the creators. We have created and participated in the creation of everything there is. This is why it is natural that we have the answer to everything. We know everything but not as Avatars but as Spirits. Now, the Avatar has to get the answer from its spirit and it can get it by allowing his cellular structure to be its intermediary.

I will use the dowsing rods as an example.

Dowsing  illustration design

When you take the dowsing rods in your hands first ask your body to show you on which side will be the positive answer. You can do that by asking, “give me my yes”. The muscles of your hand will twitch slightly and the rods will either open up or close.

Then you ask for the response to no. The rods will be moved in the opposite direction. This was your first communication with your Spirit through your cellular structure.

Practice is of vast importance so that you do not allow your anticipation to move your muscles consciously in the expected direction. There are several ways one can practice to become better at this. One of the ways is to use a surrogate. With the permission, we can use a friend to ask the questions in a form of thoughts and you can verify the answers by dowsing for their truthfulness.

Once you are comfortable in your ability to communicate in this way you can get all kinds of answers that you can verify as being true or false.

For example, you may ask if there is an underground water nearby. If the answer is yes you can ask in what direction you should go and how far it is to get to that place.

You hold your dowsing bars and rotate to the left until the bars show you yes. Then by pointing in that direction, you ask how many meters away it is and give it a number like, more than 50 meters. If the answer is no then cut this in half until you get the distance exactly. Then you go there holding the rods and when you step right over the underground water they will signal you yes.

Man search water with metal frame

Standing there you can ask how deep you have to go to reach this water. Again you have to mention the depths until you hit the correct number the rods will show you your yes.

You can ask in what direction is the water flowing, how much water is there, what is the quality of the water…all your answers will be answered. What is important is to ask the right question and ask it in the correct way so there is no confusion. Since your Spirit was involved in creating this World it knows everything there is about it but the confused question will give you a confused or unexpected answer.

For example, you want to know if garlic will be of benefit for the health issue that you have.

You can look at the garlic and ask if you should eat it. Garlic is toxic and unhealthy to eat but you may receive the answer yes. You may even ask if you should take a half, the whole or two cloves and your answer may be two cloves. So how come that toxic plant is interpreted as a positive remedy?

This answer is based on your state of health and as the medicinal remedy, your body will benefit from it at this time to make you feel better (to drop the blood pressure, to calm your nerves, to eliminate an intestinal parasite…).

This test can be made with any pharmaceutical drug as well with similar answers. You can even douse which antibiotic from those that are available will be best to be used in your case. We know how toxic the antibiotics are but you will get the positive answer if one of them will be beneficial for your immediate problem because this is what you are actually asking. But now we cannot assume that this particular antibiotic is healthy and the others are not or that they are healthy overall and we should eat them daily to keep our body healthy. They are only medicinal remedies that will help you to suppress the health problem and your question was based on this premise.

If healthy human douses for the same questions he/she will get different answers.

Or if the question was, are those medicinal things beneficial for our health? The Spirit’s reply will take into consideration our present condition? Since we are all eating the wrong diet and we are all unhealthy and toxic most likely the answer will be yes.

The same what I have mentioned about the dousing can be implemented in kinesiology or with the pendulum.

Kinesiologist or physiotherapist treating Supraspinatus

Kinesiology or the muscle testing is becoming the most popular way of communication with the cellular structure of our body in alternative medicine. Many chiropractors are using this technique very successfully. Mi friend Douglas who practices here in Peru is a real expert in this type of communication. It is incredible how fast and what type of information he can extract from your Spirit by muscle testing.

Another form of communication with the Spirit is done through hypnosis.

The hypnotist convinces you that you can relax and put your trust in him and as you slip away he starts to communicate with your spirit through your subconsciousness. Not only that your muscles are moving, you are talking completely unaware of this. You can not only be brought back into the time when you were a baby but you can remember your experience within your mother’s womb and the birthing process. You can be reminded of past lives and other forms your Spirit has been using before.

Another method of communicating with your Spirit is through stillness.

Get comfortable, take several deep breaths and tart to relax your body. As your breathing becomes slower, various thoughts will emerge and prevent you from meditating.

In this state, you can ask the question you wish to know the answer for.

A thought will appear. It may be completely contradictory to what you “know” or of what you have expected. Remember this thought because it may be the message. Often within several days you will see or hear the same answer that you had received as a thought form some source on the Internet, or the TV or someone else will be talking about it.

This is just a confirmation that the thought you have received was the answer.

This is the way that I had received some “crazy” information myself. You can just imagine how confused I was when I was asking how to stimulate kidneys to recover their cleansing ability and the thought “SALT” came on my mind. As a professional that went through the medical school, I was told to remove salt from the diet when kidneys are not working well. So I started to search for an answer and who searches will find. Soon I had received articles from my friends about the sea salt and while giving a lecture on health, one pathologist introduced me to the work of Rene Quinton and his sea plasma.

This hints we receive and often do not pay any attention to, are messages from our Spirit. We have to start trusting those premonitions. The first thing that comes to our mind is usually the Spirit’s message.

As I have mentioned, we are the creators and our Spirit knows and remembers everything.

Now as the frequency is raising, our cellular structure resonates differently, more genes are put into the motion and we are awakening. The filters will gradually fade away and we will become fully conscious beings of light. We are actively participating in this process so it is normal that we feel strange sometimes. Our bodies are changing on their genetic level, their structural level and we are evolving. As you can see, this is not a gradual thing as Darwin’s evolution indicates. This happens in a short period of time. It is done by a design and controlled by frequencies.

We are leaving the carbon-based structure behind and entering the new silica, crystalline structure of light beings.

How marvellous and blessed we are to be here during this special event!

Love and light to us all.



Bacteria forming a human body - microbiome and probiotics concept 3D illustration.

What does the word microbiome mean?

The word microbiome encompasses all of the microorganisms within a designated area. So if we are talking about a human microbiome, we are referring to all of the microorganisms within the human body.

We do not have to be experts in the biology to realize that those microorganisms are going to have an influence on our health. Many scientists are now claiming how the microorganisms are an important part of our body and that we cannot function properly without them.

Scientists say that there are many chemical reactions that occur under the influence of the microbiome which are essential and that means that good health cannot be achieved without them.

HMP (the Human Microbiome Project) states – “Within the human body, it is estimated that there are 10x as many microbial cells as human cells. Our microbial partners carry out a number of metabolic reactions that are not encoded in the human genome and are necessary for human health. Therefore when we talk about the “human genome” we should think of it as an amalgam of human genes and those of our microbes.”

Scientists are, as usual, copying each other and they agree that the bacterial genetic system is actually our extracellular genetic form by saying – “Some use “microbiome” to mean all the microbes in a community. We and others use it to mean the full collection of genes of all the microbes in a community. The human microbiome (all of our microbes’ genes) can be considered a counterpart to the human genome (all of our genes). The genes in our microbiome outnumber the genes in our genome by about 100 to 1.”

Do we really have to pay a special attention to our microbiome and try to support it through the supplementation?

If you had read my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body then you know that I do not agree with this way of thinking. The simple reason for my disagreement is the fact that the microorganisms reproduce rapidly and therefore they quickly adjust to their environment. This means that depending on our toxicity and of the type of the food we are eating, our microbiome will vary and so will our health.

Here I am not talking just about our intestinal microflora but also the fungus, bacteria and viruses in our blood and tissues. Many people are being told to supplement with the probiotics to correct the intestinal flora and to use the medicinal remedies to control the bacteria and fungus in the body.

This type of an approach does not lead anywhere since we cannot make any important change unless we change the environment in which those microorganisms live.

Because trends in the food environment contribute to greater calorie intake, people who used to be able to maintain their body weight now have a hard time. "This shows that obesity is clearly due to environmental change," Nestle says.

To be able to change the environment we have to change our habits and to change our habits we have to learn new truths. Once we are used to doing things one way, to eat certain foods and drink certain liquids we become accustomed to them and we do not want to change our habits. Often we refuse to make any change even when our life depends on it. I had many coffee drinkers, alcoholics, cigarette smokers….contacting me and refusing to make the necessary changes and had their toes and limbs removed because they did not want to get rid of those habits even after I have explained to them what will happen if they do not change.

The easiest way to understand any problem is to take an example. Since dietary carbohydrates are the principal cause of most of our chronic health problems, I will use it as an example.

Let’s say we eat a piece of bread. Dietary carbs come into our mouth and we produce saliva. The production of the saliva starts the digestive cycle of our body.

The separation of the sugars in the carbohydrate loaded bread starts and a lot of glucose becomes available. Since our digestive system has been put into the motion stomach starts to produce a hydrochloric acid in expectation of the designated food which is an animal based product, as an animal protein is expected to arrive into the stomach. When the bread enters the stomach, our stomach realizes that what came does not require the hydrochloric acid and stops further production of the acid. Since only a small amount of the acid was produced, only a small amount of sodium bicarbonate that serves to protect the stomach from this acid is produced as well. Since there is no adequate alkaline protection we feel the acid irritation and we say that we have an acidic stomach.

As we eat more bread this acidity gets diluted and may not bother us anymore. Soon after, the glucose finds itself within the small intestines.

To deal with the carbohydrates, specific microorganisms will be nourished that produce the enzymes necessary to handle this kind of food. Since the flour has minced grains, there are some protective proteins (like the gluten) that start to irritate the intestines and this causes their inflammation and their swelling.

As the glucose becomes absorbed into the blood now insulin has to be secreted into the blood as well to stimulate the cellular structure to absorb it. The insulin irritates the cells and causes them to thicken their membranes to protect themselves from it. This in time causes insulin resistance that we call diabetes.

The frequent presence of the glucose in the blood stream encourages the fungi presence since fungus thrives on sugars. Now there is a reason for the fungus to be in the blood since it can constantly find its food there.

Since the presence of glucose cuts down the number of cellular mitochondria and prevents GcMAF (the immune protein) production, our macrophages are not put into the motion to destroy the fungus and the infestation increases and threaten our health.

Here we can see that yes, certain microorganisms will help with the digestion of the food by producing certain enzymes and fungus helps to decrease the amount of glucose in our body but we do not want fungus in our blood and if we would eat differently we would not need the microorganisms that help us digest sugars. Instead, if we would eat correctly, we would have the correct microflora so we would not need probiotics, and we would not have an overload of glucose in our blood so the fungi would starve and would not be able to survive there. This means that not only the microorganisms are unnecessary but they threaten our health when they overproduce.

A simple act of fasting shows us how good we feel when we do not eat and during the prolonged fast most of the microbiome changes and disappears.

The reason why our scientists come to the conclusion that supporting the microbiome is an important part in taking a care of our health, and that we should help by supplementation, is the fact that they are using unhealthy people with the wrong diet as a model of a normal human being. All of their investigative work is based on the wrong premises so it is to be expected for the results of their findings to be wrong.

When we eat the wrong type of food, we support the wrong microbiome and this cannot improve our health. In fact, it does exactly the opposite.

The microbiome will be always adjusted to the environment of the body within which they live. People on the vegetarian diet, where a lot of dietary carbohydrates will be consumed, will have one type of the microbiome.

Vegans that mostly consumed raw vegetables, will have different microbiome.

People that eat mixed food of an animal protein and carbohydrates will have different microbiome.

Those of us who eat only animal based diet with some raw vegetables and fruits will have completely different microbiome and will be the healthiest of them all.

Fecal transplant pills (artistic rendering)

There is no probiotic, no matter in what amount you would ingest it, that can correct a bad diet and change the microbiome since your environment will not support it.

How come that I am now supporting the positive influence of the microbiome on our health?

As long as we eat, we create a waste that has to be eliminated. Microorganisms are going to be part of the digestive process and they will affect our health.

Unhealthier is our diet, the more unhealthy will bee our microbiome.

There are people who do not eat food and live, like those Yogis in India. They will have most likely a clean body of any microbiome with the exception of some inhaled stuff that they could not avoid from ingesting.

A difference in the microbiome creates those nutritional types some nutritionists claim naturally exist. All those supplement pushers are deceiving people as they are being deceived themselves.

In our awakening, we are becoming more and more aware of the truth in all its shapes and forms and the awakening is accelerating following the golden ratio (the Phi).

Just four years ago if I would have mentioned the carbohydrate as the bad food on Dr. Mercola site, I would be bombarded with negative responses and my comment would end up to be on the bottom of the posts. Recently people would agree with me on a variety of the health issues that were way more progressive like the influence of our mind on our health and us being the creators so Mercola’s staff would cancel the positive points and add negative ones until one day he prevented me from posting on his site altogether.

This shows his hypocrisy but no matter what some people do, the awakening process of humanity cannot be stopped. It just exposes them for what they really are.

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I am mentioning Dr. Mercola because I know that many of my readers are here as they came to know me through my postings on Dr. Mercola site.

As humanity is awakening, the rulers of the old system are trying to control us by preventing us from expressing ourselves. They are trying to keep their secrets and deceptions which allowed them to prosper in the past but it is not working. The old system is collapsing right in front of their eyes.

Thank you for being here.

As you learn and try new things and experience the changes in your health, feel empowered to do the same with others. People around you will quickly realize the changes in you and they will want to know what did you do? Show them the truth, be a part of their awakening.

Love and light to us all.