CRISPR gene editing to fight cancer

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Every chronic disease is classified as being genetically influenced or a result of an autoimmune reaction.

Why are genes being blamed?

Even today students are being told that the genetic pool that a new organism receives is going to govern this organism its whole life so if there was an error in it, the new organism is doomed. Nothing can resurrect or repair the genetic error.

This theory was debunked many years ago and Dr. Bruce Lipton made experiments proving that genes are basically cellular governing elements that are there to adjust the cell to the changes in the environment so that the cell can survive when changes occur.

When we are told that a gene is missing, this is not the truth. Gene is never missing, it is not detectable and this is a huge difference.

lost marble cartoon

In a genetic chain, we can see sequences of genes and empty spaces between them. The empty space is not really empty. The gen in this “empty” space is not active so it is not detectable.

The chain of genes and its blank spaces we call genetic sequences. Different genetic sequences will stimulate the cell in different ways. We can say that the genetic sequences are cellular programs that stimulate cells to behave in a certain way.

As the environment is changing, so are the gene sequences and the cells adjust to the new environment by changing their physiological behavior.

Since scientists are still in a deep belief that genes cannot be changed once they are activated in a certain way, they are now concentrating their research into doing the changes of genetic sequencing themselves.

One of those procedures is called CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats).

crazy scientist cartoon

Scientists are now creating CRISPR gene manipulation of bacteria to weaponize them to fight diseases. One of those diseases that scientists hope to fight in this way is cancer.

Everyone following my work will realize the wasted efforts and money of those pursuing the CRISPR technology.

Once the desired gene sequencing is achieved, it cannot be held in place if the environment changes.

On the other side, if we change the environment of the patient, the gene expression (sequencing) will change automatically, and healing will be achieved.

There is no way that scientists are not aware of this, so why is CRISPR promoted through the media?

For one, it shows a scientific effort to combat disease and it shows where funds are spent and more money is needed to continue this “magnificent” research.

On the other hand, scientists are trying to develop more sophisticated pathogens that can be unleashed into the population to destroy it.

All those pandemics we are being warned about are caused by manipulated pathogens being released into the public to test their efficacy or to do the damage but guess what?

The anticipating results are not showing up.

Every outbreak of a swine or avian flu or any other intentionally spread disease ends up in failure. The projected numbers do not match and even the media hype is not bringing the desired results.


Mexican flu By illustrator | Media & Culture Cartoon ...

As the pathogens are being influenced by their environments so are the genes in our body making our body more resilient and the scary techniques to influence people’s minds into accepting the direct assault through vaccination are failing as well.

Why is vaccination more dangerous than the spreading of pathogen viruses and bacteria?

Vaccines are loaded with poison such as are mercury and aluminum on top of active pathogens.

There is no surprise seeing people contracting the same disease against which they were vaccinated.

It is all a part of the same program of popularization and it is failing miserably.

The actions of Cabal are showing us that they are really stupid and the only reason why they’ve got so far in controlling us is the fact that they are a Mafia that robs people and with the accumulated wealth they manipulate us. Since they are stupid, they cannot produce more wealth so they have to continue to steal and kill just to stay afloat.

As soon as we started to fight back, they have crumbled and our liberation is in progress.

This coming Thursday is December 12th, it will be a full Moon on 12 h and 12 minutes.

So we are going to have 4 consecutive 12 and 12 is the number of completion.

Right after comes Friday the 13th.

Number 13 signifies the foundation of something new.

Welcome to the New World my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.

Should we trust a doctor's diagnosis or should we diagnose ourselves?

self diagnosis cartoon

The Internet is full of information. 
Truthful and not so truthful information is in the reach of our fingertips. Is it not a natural thing to verify the diagnosis our doctors gave us, or is the medical cost forcing people to help themselves especially when it is so obvious that medicated people do not weather that well?
Recently I had received an article of statistics where people were surveyed about the success of their diagnosis they obtained over the Internet.
The survey founds that 2 out of 5 people who have googled their symptoms had misdiagnosed themselves.
This is actually good. I would think that the majority of self-diagnosis would have ended up in failure.
Why do I say so?
Because symptoms of many chronic diseases are nothing more than symptoms of toxic blood-cleansing process. This means that the majority of symptoms resemble or are actually the same for most of the chronic diseases.

self diagnosis cartoon

In most cases, there is just a fine not easily distinguishable difference that will separate one disease from another but then, is it a dangerous thing to misdiagnose oneself?

Not really.

Doctors commit the same errors more often than you would think and treat you for something that you do not have but it is ok if they do it, it becomes dangerous if you misdiagnose yourself though.

We do not even have to focus on doctor’s error, we can use for example any chronic disease and we can clearly see that even when treated according to the correct diagnosis, the patient’s health does not improve unless medicated and this means only the symptoms were suppressed. No healing took place.

Let us look at some symptoms

For example you are losing weight, have abdominal pains, diarrhea or constipation, you feel fatigued, you experience bloating and gas, occasional blood in the stool so you Google the symptoms and you can come up with several possibilities like the irritable bowel syndrome, Crone’s disease, gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis or even peptic ulcer may sound like the disease you have.

Take your pick. How wrong can you get if you look for the medication for the Crones disease and you actually have irritable bowel syndrome?

First of all, if doctors would know what causes those health issues, they will never allow them to become a chronic problem. So right of the bat, you are on your own.

self diagnosis cartoon

In both cases, a change of diet is recommended and of course, the diet suggested is the wrong diet. This is why healing is not achieved.

Since both health issues involve chronic inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs and of course steroids will be recommended.

Since there is always the danger of bacterial growth, antibiotics may be suggested.

If constipation is present, stool softeners will be prescribed and if diarrhea is present fiber and other nonsense will be suggested.

Both health issues are thought to be autoimmune diseases so the same medication will be used and only the doctor knows which one will be the best choice in your particular case. I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell if you are buying this crap.

It will be the same for both of those health issues so does it really matter what name is given to your symptoms when doctors do not know what it is caused by and how to help you?

Does it really matter if you thought that you are suffering from Crone’s disease and in a fact, your symptoms are called irritable bowel syndrome?

hospital cartoon

If you use drugs related to one of those diseases and you have the other one, well what’s the fuss all about. No matter what poisons you will be using the outcome will be the same. Does it really matter if you are poisoning yourself or if you are being poisoned by your doctor?

The only sizable difference will be felt in your wallet.

I have used as an example, digestive health problems but even less of the difference will be if you had misdiagnosed hormonal or neurological health problems.

Since allopathic medicine is all about symptom suppression you have the choice of anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and antibiotics. Your guess is just about as good as one of your doctors. Some variations can include probiotics and supplementation but about those things, you will most likely learn much more over the Internet than from your good doctor.

The only thing is, you cannot perform surgical procedures on yourself so there is one point in your book. You can screw up less.

As long as you are diagnosing yourself, you are guessing. This means that you are not sure and this uncertainty affects your emotions in a lesser way. Once you are told by a professional what disease you have, it hits you like a rock and the emotional stress will act like nocebo effect and further worsen your health situation.

So, how important is it to be diagnosed properly?

Who cares when even when diagnosed properly your doctor cannot heal you and continues to worsen your situation by increasing your toxic load through the medication he/she is stuffing you with.

Always be aware of a fever. Having pain and developing a fever you may be developing sepsis (bacterial blood poisoning) and this could be lethal.

A ruptured appendix could be dangerous.

I say “it could” be dangerous because when we eat correctly, even a ruptured appendix will not produce sepsis. The body with a correctly functioning immune response will encapsulate the spill and not allow it to spread around the body. It will be painful but no fever will be experienced and the doctor will misdiagnose it anyway. Two of my clients had this happening to them and they were both misdiagnosed and only though the exploratory surgery they found what was going on.

You may say if the protocol heals you and rejuvenates you, how come that some people on the protocol had a ruptured appendix?

Well, there was some poisoning going on here in Tarapoto. In a period of one month, many people ended up in the hospital with appendicitis. We never discovered the cause but it was strange and many people had complications after the surgery but people on the protocol have healed rapidly.

A friend of mine Thomas, have pulled the IV the second day after surgery and Hilno gave him tartar stake. He had no digestive pain and actually his intestines started their normal contractions several hours later and he was out of the hospital the third day and in the gym three days later.

All doctor’s parameters are based on faulty specimens because we all eat dietary glucose and our gene expression has changed.

This is why when the doctor sees a person that eats correctly, they have a problem with the blood picture. The cholesterol is too high, the heartbeat is to slow, the blood pressure is to low…

Knowing all of this, how important is it to be diagnosed correctly?

Love and light to us all.

Zika, Zika, Zika! The fumigation scheme.

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I wrote about the Zika virus several times explaining that the Zika virus was developed as a biological weapon by the military deep-state complex.

For those of you who did not see this article, you can read it here

Zika virus supposing creates mild-like symptoms resembling the symptoms of dengue fever.


What are the symptoms associated with the Zika virus infection?

Fever, running nose, cough, phloem, muscle ad joint pain, headache, and diarrhea.

Everyone following my work can immediately spot the culprit of those symptoms. Yes, those are the general symptoms of blood cleansing when the blood is very toxic.

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Those people with moderately toxic cells will show mild symptoms but people whose cells are overly toxic and acidic or those people whose cells are multiplying rapidly like the fetus, for example, will be much more affected by this sudden increase in blood toxicity.

This means that the effect of the “Zika” virus in older, and sickly people will be much stronger and in the fetus, it can cause a deformity in development especially noticeable in brain formation as it impedes brain development.

Why id I put Zika in quotation marks?

Because Zika is a fluke. It is a scheme.

Dengue fever, Chikungunya virus and Zika virus are spread ...

As you can see, blood’s toxicity is what provokes the symptom of the so-called Zika fever.

We are being told that Zika is spread by mosquitoes so fumigation campaigns are orchestrated in urban areas to kill the mosquitoes.

People are forced to allow these toxic fumes into their homes. There is no place to hide as the whole villages are immersed in a toxic cloud.

Those people who do not allow fumigation of their homes are blamed for emerging sickness following this poisoning with fumigation under the pretenses that the mosquitoes had survived because those people prevented them from being killed by not allowing fumigation of their homes.

Now, those people are liable when in fact what causes the symptoms of Zika fever to emerge is the fumigation itself.

fumigate - definition - What is

I have witnessed this in the Caribbean islands and here in Peru.

Every time fumigation is implemented, old and sickly people become ill or die, and children are born with encephalitis or microcephaly (undeveloped brain).

Of course, no statistic is kept. The blame for developed diseases is passed onto those who did not allow the poisoning to be done in their homes.

A week ago fumigation was done here in my neighborhood.

After the smoke has cleared, mosquitoes were having a ball because they were not affected at all and now we can expect increased cases of so-called dengue fever as the result of it.

fumigation cartoon

Son of my friend Christine was one of the victims. He had developed fever, running nose, joint and muscle pains, stomach cramps and headache two days after the fumigation was done.

With the application of hydration with water and sea salt and colloidal silver he was out of it in 3 days but many people will be less lucky as they will seek help by their doctors and they will be further poisoned with antibiotics and analgesics.

All of us who are regularly cleansing our blood, we had n symptoms of the disease at all. Even our dog is drinking water with sea salt and colloidal silver while she is happily wiggling her tail.

We have entered the final days and censorship will be implemented. A site like this one will be taken down so please if you want to continue receiving the truth, let me know and I will add you onto my mailing list which I keep for the days to come.

Do not expect Trump to save you. He will destroy one system to install another one with his name on it but the Antichrist will fail. There is no doubt about it. I have seen it in one of my ayahuasca sessions.

Keep hydrating, eat clean food, and control your emotions. No disease will touch you no matter what they throw at you.

If you are new here and do not know how to go about it, follow the self healers protocol. It is easy and effective.

Love and light to us all.

Under no circumstances drink seawater! REALLY?

sea water cartoon

How many times did we hear this statement, “when stranded at sea, never drink seawater, ever.”

If you drink seawater you will dehydrate and have convulsions.

In many movies we see this depicted as a part of the brain programming system but then we hear stories of people drifting in the ocean for days and not convulsing, and not experiencing any dehydration what so ever.

Some survivor specialists are showing how we can squeeze fresh water from the sea plankton by trapping the plankton into a stocking and then squeezing it until fresh water comes out.

Did you try this?

I did and no matter how hard I tried, the water coming out was as salty as the seawater itself.

sea water cartoon

The trouble is that we trust our superiors so much that we literary take them for their word and never experiment to see if what we are being told is true or not.

If we would have to try things for ourselves, we would have easily discovered the lies we are being indoctrinated with.

I actually drank seawater for a week and I have discovered that our body adjusts to the environment. At first, my body wanted to vomit the water out but in less than a week, the body had adjusted itself and I could drink seawater as if it was fresh water. There was no ill effect on my body and I actually felt good.

When we are submerged in seawater, our body absorbs seawater with its salt and our blood cleansing organs then eliminate the surplus. This is why divers urinate every 10 minutes.

deep sea divers cartoon

If we are not used to be exposed to salt, we may experience thirst after dive is over but as I had lived on a sailboat many years and dove daily, I never had the need to drink water after getting back on board my boat.

Yes, I would grab a bottle of red wine but this is because I was an alcoholic. As we know, alcohol will trigger diuretic effect and dehydrate us, but as long as I was diving daily, I was so well hydrated that I never had to drink water and had no headaches until the day I have stopped diving. Soon After headaches started with other symptoms of dehydration.

The school education programs our brain with so much nonsense and false studies bake it in so that no doctor would have ever tried to see it for him/herself, why?

Because they know it all. Studies have proved it. There is no need to waste time on trivial experiments.

Well, just recently a fisherman was saved from the open sea after being adrift for 40 days and drinking seawater. No signs of dehydration what so ever. Was anyone surprised?

So many times I had proven that sea salt has no effect on hypertension or water retention and for sure it does not harm our kidneys. Is anyone listening?

Yes, many people are listening and including the sea salt hydration but very few doctors have the sense to give it a try.

sodium cartoon

Please, colleagues, go for it. Start accepting the new information and liberate yourselves from the clutches of the evil Cabal.

Love and light to us all.

Food for the brain versus the brain for food.

brain food cartoon

Most people argue that we are all different and this is why we have different needs as far as our food goes. On top of it, the schooling indoctrination program is teaching the young people about the destructiveness of humans.

First, it was the religion telling us that we are the product of sin. Since we were born in sin, we have to spend our life in sacrifice, paying for something we had nothing to do with.

Now on top of this, we are being told that because of our destructiveness we should stop multiplying, but at the same time, we are being guided into healthy living.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to give us instructions about how to destroy ourselves through the food we eat?

Looking at this in this way, veganism and vegetarianism make a perfect sense.

Those of you following my work are perfectly aware of how the Biblical “forbidden fruit”, damages our health, but most people accept guidance from their idols even if they have no credentials and have not experimented with the subject they are talking about.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images ...

Marinko sent a video with his comment on my recent article in which Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes a vegetarian diet.

This is just another example of brainwashing and people are supposed to trust an unhealthy person just because he had sold his soul and became promoted as a star.

The diet is all about nourishing our body by providing what the body needs. The needs of the body vary, depending on the process the body is involved with at the time.

The growing body requires proteins, minerals, and water.

Since body stores fat, it obviously needs it and we know that cells use it as their energy source.

As long as the cells of a body use fat as their energy source, the brain will never starve for energy.

Once we reprogram our gene expression to adjust cells in utilizing glucose as the energy source, the brain will be in the starvation mode most of the time. The energy will be available only during the feeding process since the body has no capability of storing glucose. This means that glucose is only available during the time of eating.

The same goes for our muscles, so how is it possible that some people perform well on a vegetarian diet and some people do not?

We are forgetting that glucose is a fuel so as long as it is available, the cells will be powered but frequent meals are necessary to keep it going and the health is being compromised.

We now know that the only thing that is real, is energy in various vibrations and that the brain is a programmed device that projects those frequencies in the way we perceive them as our reality.

Flower Life Sacred Geometry Stock Images - Download 167 ...

When we see an apple, the brain is projecting this particular frequency, and we can touch it, chew it and swallow it.

On the other hand, we can close our eyes and imagine the image of an apple. Now the brain is emitting the same frequency so how come that we cannot touch it and eat it?

Our mind calculates that we are sleeping so what we see cannot be the truth. Nothing happens without faith.

Our dreams could be vivid and you feel like this is a reality, but as soon as you open your eyes and realize that you are in the bed, instantly your brain recollects the recent activity and shows you the most probable outcome. Since the last image was gong into the bed and now you are in the bed, the rest must have been just a dream so it cannot be the reality.

Neurons are not pasted into their positions with a permanent bond. They are held in their place by electromagnetic impulses. When those impulses change, the neuron repositions itself and creates different bonds. With the change of its position, the neuron is changing the way it will respond to a certain stimulant.

To change its position, the neuron has to be repeatedly stimulated and this means that the change is time-related. If the impulse is short, the bond does not stick and slowly drifts back into its previous position because it was stimulated to be there for a longer time or with a stronger impulse.

Yogi in India practices mind control for many years before they rewire their brain into believing that they do not have to eat or drink to survive. They can just imagine it and because they believe in the process, they can survive without actually eating.

Some say that they process prana energy or sunlight and use them to nourish their bodies.

If you ask a scientist, they will say that this is impossible because cells need fuel, but then again, even our cells are just a manifestation of brain calculation based on the information the brain possesses.

So is food necessary at all?

yogi cartoon

As we are awakening, we are starting to understand the complex process of manifestation.

From the time we were created, we exist and our reality is based on the information our brain receives.

In the time of our birth, our brain was wired in a certain way by a basic program of survival. Since we are constantly changing our world, the brain has to rewire itself so that it can resume the progress and continue living in the newly created environment. All new programs are stored in the brain’s frontal lobe. Any change of opinion and newly accepted fact will cause changes in the frontal part of the brain, but the basic, original survival programming of the reptilian brain remains intact.

Whenever we are told that we must remember so that we do not repeat the errors of the past, we are actually more likely to repeat those things because we are wiring the brain for them. This means that what you imagine or what you become aware of will most likely become your reality.

This is the understanding that Dr. Joe Dispenza utilizes in the process of healing.

The future is here. Dr. Dispenza is teaching people how they can heal themselves by utilizing their brains. Nothing is impossible as long as you understand what is going on and surrender to it.

Some people are convinced that carbohydrate is the original food for which their brain is programmed to and they genuinely believe that they are nourished by green vegetables.

This is a change in the brain’s wiring and as a placebo effect, it stimulates the manifestation of an anticipated result, but since the reptilian brain sends signaling, the newly adapted information cannot take hold.

vegetable cartoon

Our body can use glucose for cellular energy production but since it is a different frequency signature, it will create distortion which may take time to manifest but when it does, we become sick.

I was testing if pure chocolate prevents cellular hydration. Since I love chocolate, I wanted it to be non-toxic but after several years of adding chocolate to my daily meals, I suddenly collapsed. My varicose veins have returned and my joints started to make noise.

The chocolate I ate was made of pure cacao, dark and bitter, still, the Theobromine in it had stopped my cellular hydration which I was not aware of until the symptoms appeared and by then I was overly acidic and toxic. Now it will take several months of hydration and electro stimulation to bring me back to health but now I have the proof that there is no such an animal as healthy chocolate.

The problems cellular dehydration brings can be reversed by hydration and cleansing which brings its own symptoms and is time-related, or the frequency that represents the cellular dehydration and toxicity can be simply changed in which case, the healing could be instant and no cleansing has to occur.

Although I am continuing with the hydration process, at the same time, I am going to request cellular healing by asking my calls to correct their vibration.

To correct our diet is easy once we know what we can and what we cannot eat, but commanding our cells to obey our wishes is something new for us and we have to rewire our brain to be able to do this successfully.

Once we establish a cellular connection, we will be able to do whatever we want, to eat even the worse poisons without being negatively affected by them.

As long as we are supplying our brain with energy, fat should be provided because the body is created to utilize fat as the power source. This is the signature of the reptilian brain.

As soon as we establish direct cellular connection and awareness, we can do whatever we please, our cells will obey our instructions and those wrong frequencies will be simply ignored.

Do not wait. Star reprogramming your brain immediately.

Love and light to us all.

The glutathione craze.

benefits of glutathione

Since oxidative stress is being blamed for our health problems and closely related to premature aging, glutathione is praised as the youth molecule because of its superb anti-oxidative action.

Glutathione is used for treating many chronic health issues such as are a fatty liver syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, asthma, cancer, cataract, chronic fatigue syndrome, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis…

As you can see, basically doctors use it as a medicament in every health issue that they do not understand and attribute oxidative stress to its development.

Many doctors refer to glutathione as a liver-based product and because of its importance in many cellular reactions, its “age-related” drop calls for its supplementation to rejuvenate the body.

You can easily see why are doctors so mislead and why their efforts to heal (cure) are a waste of time and money but most of all they waste human life with their inefficiency.

surgery cartoon

One of the biggest screwups is the fact that all of the glutathione supplements are made from plants, while glutathione is the most abundant thiol in every animal and human cell.

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a tripeptide with a sulfur bond. It is composed of three amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamine.

I am not going to bore and confuse you by mentioning the complicated structure of all of them because you can read it in other publications.

I am going to simplify things and point to the reasons doctors are confused and use therapies that do not and cannot be effective.

Since glutamine is constructed of protein, it cannot be taken orally.

Everyone following my work knows that digestion breaks down protein into simple amino acids which are then being absorbed individually.

This means that eating specific foods because of their anti-oxidative properties makes no sense as the components are degraded by our digestion.

Eating garlic because of its sulfur content also makes no sense because garlic is a medicinal plant that prevents cellular absorption so even if sulfur gets into the blood, it cannot be absorbed into the cells.

Glutathione is produced within every cell of the body and not just the liver, but only the liver can release it into the blood, similarly like the glycogen.

So the liver can be the donor in the case of an emergency.

liver disease cartoon

Glutathione synthesis follows steps of adenosine triphosphate energy process so it occurs within the mitochondria.

Followers of my work can immediately spot the problem.

Dietary glucose ingestion deactivates many mitochondria so levels of glutathione drop with mitochondrial reduction.

Since older we gt more toxic we become and at the same time we eat more dietary glucose and less meat, it is obvious that glutathione levels will drop but this also shows why there is a drop of glutathione in the younger generation.

The young generation is being brainwashed into not eating animal protein and consume plenty of dietary glucose so the effects of the diet will take its toll.

Why are we being told to supplement glutathione by eating certain vegetables when animal protein is loaded with it? It is the most abundant thiol in the body.

We are being duped by the science into doing the wrong things and being brainwashed into trusting the authority, we simply neglect to think for ourselves.

Is it surprising why the attempts of modern medicine do not bear any fruits?

On the other side, the more we analyze various health issues and how different chemicals that our body produces influence changes, we are becoming more and more aware of the problems dietary glucose creates for our health.

liver disease cartoon

If you look at chemistry as a symphony of frequencies in perfect harmony, one out of tune instrument will make you cringe.

This is exactly how the cells respond to the wrong impulse.

The dietary glucose is involved in an array of disturbances of the cellular functions and we are told not to go there.

Nothing to see there. “Focus on the toxic fructose instead, and do not forget how dangerous is fat consumption neither,” we are being reminded daily.

All lies and deceits.

Thank you for following my work and discovering the nonsensical health instruction we are being told to follow.

The more we become aware of the truth, the easier we can spot traps that are made to entrap us into accepting what they want us to believe in.

Save your money and your health. Do not accept the recommendations of your misguided health gurus. They know not what they are doing.

They all rely on their books for their knowledge and the “scientific” books are the tools of misinformation themselves.

Please become an active participant by giving your comment, information, and questions, and pleas support my work through the donation of your choosing.

Love and light to us all.

Will supplementing with NAD+ make you healthier and younger?

Supplement junkies and the followers of “geniuses” like Dr. Mercola and Josh Bezoni are gulping NAD+ supplements and swear how great they feel.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that is used within the cell, actually within the mitochondria during energy transportation. So there is approximately the same amount of NAD+ within the mitochondria as it is in the intracellular fluid (cystol).

NAD+ has several important functions. Some are directly related to the electron transport mechanism (energy), it may act as a messaging molecule in support of some enzyme action and disarming a protein by removing its acetyl group.

Since it is thought that it can stimulate the growth of the telomeres, it is given an attribute of a youth molecule.

I do not want to bore you with biochemistry. You can find it on million pages that promote NAD+ supplements. The more complex they make it, the more demand and praises people give it and nobody pays attention to the basic elements surrounding it.

What do I mean by it?

We are told of the importance NAD+ has in the cellular metabolism. We are told that as we age, the concentration of NAD+ is dwindling. Since NAD+ is involved in the energy supplying process and telomere extension, lower concentrations of NAD+ will make us tired and aged.

It makes a perfect sense to increase its levels and the supplement gurus score in big by providing you with this youth elixir.

There is just a small glitch as far as supplementation goes.

NAD+ molecule is very sensitive to its environment. It will quickly change if its ambient becomes overly acidic or alkaline.

This means that as you gabble the supplement if the hydrochloric stomach acid does not get it, then the alkaline intestines will mutate it.

NAD+ actually becomes destructive within the intestines because as it has changed its expression, it will neutralize many enzymes.

This means that supplementation with high doses of NAD+ will have a deteriorating effect on the body.

Even if some NAD+ would have survived and ended up in the blood circulation, it would not have survived blood’s alkalinity, so supplementing with NAD+ is a scheme.

schemes cartoon

NAD+ is synthesized within a cell and remains there. Now the question is, why is the concentration of NAD+ dwindling as we get older?

Well, it is not dwindling as we get older, the concentration starts falling as bodies toxicity rises. This means that ever younger people are now experiencing lower NAD+ concentration which reflects in tiredness, brain fog, inability to think and perform.

It is all about energy. Where is the energy produced?

In mitochondria.

The more dietary glucose we consume, the smaller the number of mitochondria will be active, and the concentration of NAD+ will go down.

Everyone who is following my work can clearly understand this but those who are hooked on veggies have more difficulty to think so following some narrative that confirms their faulty programming becomes the easy way out.

reasoning cartoon

The supplementation never brings any benefits because the problem that our body expresses is caused by its toxic load which no supplementation will benefit. Instead, we are increasing the toxic load by saturating the body with things that it cannot use.

The telomeres never shorten down, they just coil themselves tighter in a toxic environment.

As we cleanse the environment, telomeres relax the coil and become longer. Now the can better receive messages.

The most important messages come from your brain so if the brain calculates that you are 60 years old and has the information that most 60-year-old people are sick, it will relay this message to your cells through the telomere, and they will act accordingly.

Maybe you should change the messages and forget about the NAD+ molecule?

The only pill or supplement that can influence you getting younger will be the result of a placebo effect and not the chemistry.

Our brain messaging controls all aspects of our existence, not just our health but everything that we perceive as our reality.

The way we perceive our reality in all of its aspects is nothing more than our brain’s calculation and it is time we start reprogramming our brain so that we can consciously influence changes and create Eden again.

Love and light to us all.