NUTRITIONAL AND BODY TYPING, we are all different AREN’T WE???

I have been talking about this several times and still many people are asking questions about what is the best food for their body and nutritional type?

If you surf the Internet you will encounter basically three different body types,




Here is one standard explanation from

Then they go on describing the differences of the bones, the shoulders and hips diameters…

Besides the body type we are told of the nutritional typing which is heavily promoted by Dr. Mercola:

“By Dr. Mercola

Generally speaking, eating a meal that is right for your Nutritional Type™ should produce marked and lasting improvement in your energy, your mental capacities and your emotional well-being, and leave you feeling well-satisfied for several hours.

If you are already feeling good, eating should, at the very least, help to maintain your energy level. But if you feel worse in some way an hour or so after eating, such as:

  • You still feel hungry even though you are physically full

  • You develop a sweet craving

  • Your energy level drops

  • You feel hyper, nervous, angry, or irritable

  • You feel depressed

… then it might be due to an improper combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates at your last meal. You might be eating the perfect foods for your metabolism, but having too much of one type of food in place of another can easily produce the symptoms listed above.”

There is no need for me to put more examples as they all copy each other with the same wisdom. The exception may be the eastern view on the body typing as it is mentioned by Andreas Moritz in this video

The question remains: do we have different body types and do we have different nutritional types of humans?

Well, we can plainly see that some people are tall with long arms and legs, some are intermediate and some are more squarish looking and usually short statue. Obviously this comes from the genetic pool and we can easily distinguish the Nordic types from Japanese, and the Amazon natives…

There is no question about it but do the different types of people require different diets?

This is all together a new question and to answer it, let us first consult with the nature.

beautiful black horse playing on the field

Let us look at horses.

We have the Arabian horse, Belgian horse, Icelandic horse, American Quarter Horse….they are all different with their body types but do they require different diets?

We have the Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, Sumatran tiger, Indochinese tiger…they also have different bodies but do they require different diet?

What about wild dogs and boars and other types of animals? Although they have different bodies they remain eating the same foods so why do we insist that humans are different?

The fact is that if you feed any of these animals with grains they will develop digestive problems and if you feed them with cooked carbohydrates they will become fat and develop chronic diseases.

When we say that everyone is unique and different this has nothing to do with people’s physiological composition and structure of their digestive system and their cellular metabolic function. The difference is related to our destinies and preprogrammed series of events we are here to experience and our individual responses we are going to have towards those experiences and it has absolutely nothing to do with the way we are going to metabolize the food we are eating.

It does not matter if you are ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph you will benefit from the same diet that was implanted into your brain with the program of survival as a animal species called the Human (Homo Sapiens).

If what I am saying is correct, how come that some people are less efficient in processing and extracting the energy from fats, some people are intolerant to lactose, some perform are better eating carbohydrates and so on? After all many dietitians and nutrition “experts” jumped on the same bandwagon with Dr. Mercola and created all new science of nutritional typing. So there must be some difference in the way the human body differs in responding to the same foods.

Yes they are correct, some people really extract all the energy they need from the fats they eat like the Inuit people (Eskimos) used to do, before they got poisoned from the food given to them by their government.

So why do some people feel more energetic eating fats and some on carbohydrates or something in between.

It is simple. From the time we are born and we start to consume the food we are given certain foods by our parents or care takers. Depending on what type of food we started to receive, our metabolism starts to adjust to it. The food is being digested in the same manner and broken down into its basic structures like the amino acids, the fatty acids or simple sugars before being absorbed into the blood.

Some foods we eat cannot be broken down within our digestive system and simply pass through it. Such foods are the raw vegetables and fruits so we should not even call them food but we can call them cleansers or medicinal remedies at best. It all depends on the reaction our body will have to such a food. Green fruits are all toxic or medicinal because of the high content of protective proteins in them. As they ripen, the protective proteins will be replaced by fructose making them enticing so that we will eat them and spread their seeds. Except of a small amount of fructose there is no other energy source in them so we cannot expect to use fruits as an energy source and live off of them.

According to what we eat, our gut will create a specific micro-flora that will help in digesting normally difficult to digest foods. Unfortunately, or better to say fortunately, the cellulose digesting bacteria which is the only creature that can digest and break fiber we call cellulose, needs more time to break the cellulose fiber. Within the short digestive system that humans have, it can release a small amount of glucose when it founds itself in the lower part of large intestine and in the colon. By now the sugars cannot be absorbed into the blood because sugar needs GLUT protein as a transporter and this protein is found in the small intestine where the sugar absorption occurs.

Overweight woman eating fast food.

Well cooked meat is coagulated and dehydrated piece of a shoe leather. Such compacted dry unravelled protein is difficult to be penetrated by enzymes and digest incompletely. To help with its digestion, fungi and bacteria feed on it producing gases and toxins. This is why we are told not to eat the read meat in particular and other meats with caution. The digestion of fresh raw meat is totally different matter and results with complete breakup of fats and proteins into fatty acids and amino acids which are the best sources of cellular building blocks and energy for our body.

I have described the whole process of food breakup, absorption and digestion in my book “The Resonance of Nutrition”.

According to what type of nutrients our cells are receiving, they adjust their metabolism. This is done with the help of the genetic activity we call the genetic expression. This means that the genetic expression will change according the food we eat. Once the genetic expression has adjusted to the nutrients that regularly find themselves in the blood we will see the best energy results from such foods we are accustomed to eat frequently. This is why we say our metabolic type is such and such. Unfortunately this does not mean that this type of the food is the healthiest for our body.

For example if we eat cereals for breakfast, bread sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner, we are absorbing glucose and fructose with all of our meals. This increases the sugar absorption and the insulin production. This changes the genetic expression since nagalasa is needed to deal with the metabolism of glucose. As NAGA gene is activated, the same frequency deactivates the gene responsible for GcMAF immune protein production so macrophage becomes dormant and our immune system inefficient. At the same time the amount of active mitochondria has to be reduced to prevent the cellular overcharge. Now the cells in our body can no longer produce adequate energy utilizing triglyceride and they become underpowered most of the day and night. This create systematic problems in our body experienced in memory loss, tiredness, pains and aches.

So now when you know the truth are you going to eat according to your nutritional type or are you going to switch your diet to the correct type of diet created by our creator as the food for the human body?

If you decide to make the change in your diet, I recommend that if you are skinny (vegan for example) do the change slowly so that your micro-flora adjusts and you do not lose more weight.

If you are fat (vegetarian for example who eats a lot of carbohydrates) do the change in one shot. You will lose weight during your bodie’s recalibration but this will be welcome benefit as you will feel better.

Correcting your diet will result with rapid genetic changes which will realign your body and make you look and feel younger.

If you had been skinny or fat most of your life, I recommend that you accept my guidance as some symptoms may emerge during this healing process. And yes your body will heal on the cellular level as the genetic expression returns to its normal values originally programmed by our creator. This is why I call our natural food “The food of God”.

Love and light to all of us.


6 comments on “NUTRITIONAL AND BODY TYPING, we are all different AREN’T WE???

  1. Hi Dr, whats your opinion on gatorade and powerade and Vitamin Water? I know nothing beats water, but are those 3 decent to drink, or toxic?

  2. hi dr.darko i like what you say but there is something confuse me about grain
    you say eat the food of god the food made by god so my Question is grain also made by god or did human made it or devil made it ?

    • Karim, God prepared the food for us so that we can eat it as we encounter it. Can you eat grains that way, or do you have to grind them and cook them before you can eat them?

  3. Zdravo Darko, samo kratka opaska za novi font koji koristiš. Nekako mi više odgovara stari. Kod ovoga imam osjećaj da stalno citiraš nekoga.

    • Bok Ante.
      Ja pokusavam biti sto jastniji u mojim objasnjenjima u suprotnostima onoga sto zovemo moderna znanost i onoga sto se zapravo dogadja u stvarnosti. Moji citati su kopije onoga sto kruzi Internetom i toga sto moderna medicina kaze tako da ljudi lakse razumiju ogromnu razliku izmedju tih dviju stvarnosti.

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