Candida Auris, a new Boogeyman in town.

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It is becoming more and more obvious how we are being manipulated and by whom.

The most obvious manipulation is being done through the scare tactics spread by the media, and here we can easily see who is working for whom.

Those that spread the fear are the one that should not be trusted since everything has a solution and instead of the fear, a solution has to be presented to calm the situation.

For example, there is an article about this terrible, new, drug-resistant disease caused by a fungus called Candida auris.

The danger this Candida presents to humanity is so severe that it is kept a secret so that people do not get into a panic.

Well, how best to keep the secret than publish it through New York Times and Zero Hedge report, oh yes and through the so-called alternative fear monger Alex Johns Prison Planet that has millions of views daily. That will keep the secret sealed preventing the panic.

The “secret” article is mentioning where this fungus originated and how it is spreading worldwide causing death, and the important fact which is that it is resistant to medication.

What do we do?

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Don’t panic, the monster is here, we cannot do anything about it. We cannot help you but keep calm because you are not supposed to know about it!

This whole thing looks like a terrible script of a Z rated movie.

I guess those are the desperate measures of the desperate people that are losing the battle.

Let us shine some light on this terrible pathogen.

To grow, fungus requires a slightly acidic medium with a PH between 5-6 being optimal.

For energy, the fungus depends on the decay of organic matter.

It prospers the best in a warm and wet environment.

It reproduces through spores.

Spores have a shell, a membrane made of polysaccharides Chitin and Glucan which resembles the cellulose and are none-digestible.

Those are the most important characteristic we have to know about fungus.

Through our “educational” system we are being told that eating meat acidifies our body and this is why we should not eat meat but instead we should eat vegetables, grains, legumes, and other starch rich vegetables.

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This is contrary to the truth.

The starch is glucose. The glucose is sugar. The excess of sugar in our blood is converted by the liver into fat and uric acid.

Every person that eats dietary starches is acidic.

The acidic body has a problem keeping a strong electric charge. As the electric charge diminishes, our energy goes down.

As the energy weakens, so does the immune system.

This means that the acidic body will be low on energy with a low immune system and the perfect PH to grow the fungus. (bravo vegans and vegetarians, are you listening?)

Now you have an environment that is warm with a PH of about 6 and full of partially digested elements which serve as the perfect nutrition for fungus.

The most common infections from which vegans and vegetarians suffer are fungal infections.

Since vegetable loaded diet is what is being recommended to us by our “experts” there is no wonder that as more and more people are becoming dependent on carbohydrates (sugars) their bodies are becoming acidic, low on energy and fungal problems are taking over.

This is not happening just with humans.

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Our nature is becoming acidic. From the soil to our forests and waters, it is all increasing its acidity.

The chemical pollutants are causing this. Some are the industrial by-products and some are spread intentionally for the purpose of crop destruction with the aim to starve the population.

Of course, the activists to protest this are nowhere to be found. They are stuck with cows and farts.

The carbon tax will save the world!!!

Here, I am pointing to the stupidity and the lies we are being exposed too daily.

There is a misconception when the word “drug-resistant” is mentioned.

The drug-resistant means that it cannot be killed with the drugs that are being used but it does not mean that it cannot be killed at all.

As I am writing this article I see that Mike Adams has just posted an article on this same thematic and again, panic, terrible uncontrollable stuff. Is it really so?

There is not a single pathogen that can resist nanoparticle colloidal silver.

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The nanoparticle colloidal silver destroys fungus, virus, bacteria including the all mighty Pseudomonas and jet some “experts” are infecting a patient with the virus to combat the pseudomonas in the body. How ridiculous is this, and it is true and celebrated?

The nanoparticle colloidal silver can be successfully used on the Pseudomonas, the Candida Auris, and any virus but when a big cleanup is desired, we can use a sound frequency to burst any of those pathogens.

Dr. Royal Rife has demonstrated this and many people are using the sound modulators (Rife machine) for this purpose, why hospitals do not do the same?

I have warned you in the past that more and more laboratory-created pathogens will be released into the public in the attempt to scare the population to accept vaccination, and scientists will claim that they have a vaccine for just about anything there is which can prevent the disease and save your health.

The truth is that we do not need any vaccine or drug to be healthy.

What we need is to know the truth and I am doing the best I can to provide it.

It is very easy to recover your immune system so that your body becomes resilient to any pathogen.

As simple and easy as it is to strengthen our immune system, at the same time it is so difficult since what has to be done is deemed by our science to be toxic and dangerous to our body.

This is exactly the reason why we are forced to go to school.

Those false truths have to be implanted and sealed into our brain so that our reality can be manipulated.

Do not get sucked into this.

If you are eating and drinking correctly, your immune system is bulletproof and you have nothing to fear.

For those of you who are new to this site, do the Self Healers Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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  1. WOW
    You really shined the LIGHT on this!
    So excellent, so masterful.

    I am making a small donation right now.

    PLEASE EVERYONE, join me in rewarding Darko. I think he is the only person left on earth who cares about us and perhaps more importantly, CAN REALLY REALLY HELP US. Immediately. Simply. Forever. “He’s God’s gift… I think so.”



  2. Need to remember however, that colloidal silver does not discriminate. It will also kill good bacteria in your gut as well. So use it judiciously.

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