Are your muscles the cause of your pain and suffering?

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I often write about the health issues caused by dehydration. When we think of the pain, we usually think of inflammation but we seldom think about the mechanics behind it.

I have a friend who is very young, in his twenties but his health is constantly worsening. Being paramedic, he is constantly in touch with doctors and listens to their recommendations.

What started as a mild erectile problem, progressed into the muscular problem and soon it will become a neurological problem before it becomes labeled as an autoimmune reaction.

His case is a perfect example of how the body deteriorates on the cellular level when it becomes dehydrated. Almost all chronic health problems can be attributed to the cellular dehydration and pain is often the only tell that alerts us to this problem.

This is why Dr. Batmanghelidj calls his book, ” Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”.

By doing certain exercises, my friend irritated his penis and suffered problems in erection. Being young and unable to perform, he felt ashamed. This created stress which became the reason of his bodies cellular dehydration. This stress was further magnified as his father’s cancer started to enlarge.

Constant worry, the permanent state of stress, depleted his body of energy needed to run the cellular osmotic pump and symptoms of chronic ailments started popping up.

Erection was not improving much and constant tiredness was present. Being paramedic with an ambulance, he had to do the heavy lifting. The muscles that have to work hard and cannot hydrate become acidic faster.

Dehydrated and acidic muscles lose tension, become mushy, break easily, but what alerts us to this condition is the pain that is caused as a result of the forced cellular hydration we call the inflammation.

What has started as a pain caused by a “pulled muscle”, has evolved into constant back pain, and now this pain is spreading throughout his body and includes headaches as well.

It is incredible to see the speed of his bodies deterioration.

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I am using him as an example bu many people are suffering from the same problem and are convinced by their doctors that they have muscular sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathy, neuromuscular disease, and we can go on forever as far as the labels go.

Since muscles have many different functions in our body, the symptoms caused by dehydrated, acidic muscles will be different in different parts of the body.

Dehydrated muscles of the blood vessels will make the blood vessels lose their elasticity which will contribute to the symptom of hypertension. This can also be one of the reasons varicoses and aneurysm.

Dehydrated muscle of sphincters will prevent them to contract properly which will produce symptoms such as, shortsightedness, acid reflux, uncontrollable urination and defecation to mention some.

Dehydrated and acidic skeletal muscles will contribute to lose joints and frequent dislocations, easy muscle tears, and problems in a posture such as are scoliosis and spondylitis or as it is labeled Ankylosing spondylitis AS, from which the singer Dan Reynolds is suffering

A hernia is just another example of a dehydrated and acidic muscle problem.

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All these chronic muscle problems involve dehydrated and acidic cells. Those muscle cells are not hydrating because the blood is toxic or there is a lack of energy due to stress.

Since the body wants to help the cells to rid themselves of some acid, it triggers an inflammation. This increases the pressure on the sensory nerves which causes the pain.

All that we receive from our doctors is what they call the pain management. The medication further increases the toxic load of our blood and consequently of our cells which causes further deterioration of our health.

Have been mentioning only the symptoms caused by muscle dehydration but we have to be aware that the same culprit that dehydrates our muscles, at the same time dehydrate every cell in our body.

This means that as the toxicity continues to increase, many seemingly none related symptoms start to show up.

For example, Cataract has nothing to do with damage caused by the UV light from the Sun. It is simply a symptom of dehydration of the eye lens.

When the heart muscle becomes weak, we are told that it is because the heart is enlarged or the blood supply is inadequate when in fact the problem is dehydrated and acidic cells of the heart muscle.

Hernia cartoons, Hernia cartoon, funny, Hernia picture, Hernia pictures, Hernia image, Hernia images, Hernia illustration, Hernia illustrations

Here, you can have a pretty good idea how chronic “diseases” really evolve, and how easy it is to prevent them, stop them for worsening or even allowing them to heal.

To do this, the first step is the most important one and this is the hydration.

I have mentioned that hydration is a two-step process. First comes the hydration of the blood and then comes the cellular hydration.

Both of them require a substantial increase in ionic value which is achieved through the ingestion of sea salt.

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Water with a strong ionic action is called plasma.

The plasma is the key to hydration.

I wrote many articles on hydration and it is explained in my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body”.

The knowledge that is given to us through the medical university is false and this is why doctors are so lost.

Because of the false science, they cannot see what is poking them right in the eye. Everyone is aware of it but still, people value doctor’s opinion and come back for some more no matter how many times they got hurt before.

People prefer to pay a lot of money for health insurance where only allopathic (modern medicine) treatments are permissible., such as chemotherapy, radiation, mind-altering drugs…are used.

In the meantime, some people have decided to support my work and consult me about their health problems. They are healthy and free of medications. Could there be any better health insurance than this?

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

7 thoughts on “Are your muscles the cause of your pain and suffering?”

  1. What can we do if we already told our parents & siblings (live with them) about our way of eating, and yet they still buy processed food and tempt us in every way? Like purposely put the food on a place where we would walk pass every time? Help! The temptation is killing me and I do succumbed to it. Is there a way out?

    1. Jeri, this is a tough one brother.
      This is why I point out to my clients that it will be the best if the whole family does the protocol together.
      These days I try to eat one time a day. Yesterday my wife stuck in my hand a piece of an orange in the morning, so I ate it, and ended up nibbling on nuts until the food was served at 4 pm.
      As long as your digestion is not running, it is manageable to avoid temptation but once you put something in your mouth, this becomes almost impossible. So try to avoid the first bite brother.

      1. Yes, I agree. When I wake up in the morning I have no craving… until I have my raw eggs smoothie. After that I for sure look for something to eat even though I’m full.

  2. Jeri, I think something is not right with your shake… or maybe your health.

    Seriously, when I eat the shake (about 10:30am), I have no appetite until 5 or 6pm. That is the way it has to be if everything is right.

      1. I am not arguing. Just expanding…

        Seems like all that you said just strips out and goes away, especially after a year on sea water and animal fats. Carbs should look like poison (because they are). Snack on a swig of keifer or a bite of cheese, I sometimes eat butter straight, drink milk. Then pretty soon you won’t need those snacks cause they kill appetite for dinner.
        The reason you should not be reaching for carbs is because they should make you feel not well at all.
        These are all my experiences.

  3. Hey Dr Velcek, Im not good with science so this might be a silly question. I watched your friend Dr Jeremy Ayres on video talk about silicone being linked to neurological problems. Because of this, I wonder if glass (which is 70% silica) and stuff like Fiji Water (high levels of silica) are safe? Is there a difference between silicone, like in breast implants, and silica? Is Silica bad for you? I drink from a glass water bottle, so I worried when I heard that silicone is linked to some diseases.

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