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Whenever we experience some discomfort or pain this is when we go to see a doctor. The pain is what is signaling that something is wrong with our health. Sometimes we try to ignore it hoping that the pain will go away but as the pain level increases, the visit to a doctor’s office is unavoidable. So the pain is associated with a health problem and according to the symptoms, the doctor gives a diagnosis and name of the disease which is causing that pain.

This is a reason why the first question we have after we see the doctor is what disease do I have. Pain becomes a synonym of disease and every time we experience pain we automatically think of a disease.

We are all programmed in this way so when I am mentioning a healing pain, nobody understands what I am talking about. This is not surprising because doctors are unfamiliar with the term healing pain as well since healing is not what they do. Doctors know that they are not healing, only curing (preserving) the situation from getting worse at best. Even here they are unsuccessful so pain usually intensifies and suppressive medications are being administered to control it. As the health turns to worse, stronger and stronger medications (poisons) are being used. From diuretics to antihistamines and analgesics, ending with prolonged treatments with steroids as the final assault before they proclaim that the “disease” has autoimmune character and that’s why it is incurable. The patients are going to suffer from the pain until the death claims its body and soul. Amen.

Blood transfusion on a hand of an old man

blood transfusion on a hand of an old man

So, what is this healing pain that I am mentioning and why do I think that we should be aware of it?

Many people have tried to implement the Self Healers Protocol without consulting me since it looks so unbelievably simple and easy to follow, only to be disappointed as more debilitating symptoms started piling up and more intensive pain occurred. Often, even after talking to me and me explaining to them that there is a possibility of worsening of the symptoms and not to panic as the healing process often bring discomfort and pain, some people lose their confidence in the Protocol and take refuge in local doctor’s office accepting poisonous medication to alleviate their symptoms and in the process stopping their healing process.

Female hand holding pills and tablets. sick woman looking for help

female hand holding pills and tablets. sick woman looking for help

                    What causes those healing pains and why are they unavoidable in some people?

I have mentioned in the past how pain is a body’s signaling, that what we are doing is no longer tolerable and we have to change or the body will malfunction.

Pain is created from asserted pressure on a sensory nerve which the brain decodes as an itch or a pain depending on the intensity of the pressure that is applied. The pressure is usually caused by an inflammatory process in which the tissues swells increasing its volume. This creates a pressure on the sensory nerve causing the sensation of pain.

As inflammation is a readily occurring symptom in the chronic diseases, it is understandable that the pain will be present as well. Doctor’s intervention is focused on eliminating the pain with toxic medicinal remedies and nothing is being done to actually heal the body and prevent the pain from occurring in the first place.

The situation changes when we actually start supporting the body in its healing process.

Here we have different reactions depending on the severity of the cellular dehydration, the cellular toxicity and the cellular damages that resulted from them. According to those factors, the healing symptoms will occur during the hydration and healing process. Sometimes the pain will result as the part of the healing process that is occurring.

Sometimes, in the acute cases where the pain suddenly appeared as the result of inflammation, with quick hydration the pain is eliminated never to come back again.

Sometimes when the body is suffering from the cellular dehydration and consequent cellular acidity and damages on the cellular level occur, pain can be caused during the hydration process even if the patient never experienced pain in this area before.

Once the cells are given the opportunity to hydrate, they start the hydrating process trying to hydrate as fast as possible triggering the forced hydration even if the osmotic hydration is functioning perfectly. This causes the inflammation and the pain appears.

Another reason for the healing pain comes from the destruction of the unwanted tissue by the macrophage.

I have mentioned in my articles on cysts, tumors, and cancer how they are not diseases. They are additional blood cleansing stations produced by our body to rid the blood of toxins and the blood glucose in particular.

During the hydration and the cleansing phase, those auxiliary cleansing organs (diseases as we are being told) may have extra work to do as the cellular toxins end up in the blood after they are being expelled from the cells. No wonder some cysts and tumors initially increase in their size as the cellular hydration takes its place. As the toxic load diminishes and the need for the auxiliary cleaning stations are no longer there, cyst and tumors become attacked by the immune system and taken apart. This produces sharp stabbing pain that pulsates and diminishes in time as the cysts and tumors are being destroyed and eliminated from the body.

The commercial, mainstream, corporate doctor has no knowledge of any of this and it will interpret any pain as the result of the disease that has to be suppressed by toxic medicinal remedies. Those remedies stop the healing process and increase the bodies toxic level which actually feeds the disease and makes the healing impossible. What kills the life of the patient is not the disease but the medical treatment implemented by the doctor.

If you decide to take the healing process of your body into your own hands and you have never used any pharmaceutical medicines or medicinal plants before, most likely you will have an easy recovery with no pain to speak of while you are following the Self Healers Protocol or simply hydrating with water and sea salt.

If you have a history of chronic pains and treatments with medicinal remedies, I strongly suggest that you accept my guidance as discomfort and pain may be a part of your healing process. Knowing in advance what to expect and the reasons of that pain, will calm you down and make healing much faster and less traumatizing experience.

Our body is designed to heal itself. We just have to understand it and provide what is necessary so that our body can cleanse and heal itself.

If there is something confusing in this article, do not hesitate to contact me. Your understanding of the problem will benefit your healing process and speed up your recovery.

Love and light to us all.


9 comments on “HEALING PAINS

  1. Hi Darko,

    We are following your protocol with my wife, and indeed some pains can appear (near intestinal appendix for her since a few days). However nothing unbearable for us, we just drink more and we are ok. Your protocol is great, thanks 🙂


  2. Good morning Darko. I have been drinking the sea salt water now for 6-8 weeks but have not been eating the self healing diet exclusively. Several hours ago (2 Am) I awoke with a terrible pain in my Lower left side of abdomen, and hasn’t really subsided (5 hours later) do you think it is a healing pain or is something else going on?

    • Mary when you go to the bathroom, urinate into a plastic cup and look if there is any sand or stones. Sudden acute pain is often produced by kidney stone movement.

      • Great stuff. I have experience few times healing without plant medicine. I can feel when pain start to pulse during sleep, and next morning felt lot better.

        There is also my elbow problem from 5 month ago that started from nothing (i suspect this is what Darko is telling us) I ignore it and stick to the protocol, and now i am close to complete healing.

        Thank you Darko.

    • karim, table salt is toxic. Less of it you take the better off you are. It has to be the sea salt because no other salt has so much magnesium and all the necessary minerals that your body needs.

      • To those who want a more thorough understanding of why it must be true sun-dried sea salt (such as Celtic Sea Salt), I strongly recommend the book: Seasalt’s Hidden Powers by Jacques de Langre. I suspect Darko has read this and it is why his protocol is so successful! I found it on Amazon for a few dollars including shipping and it’s a quick read. Most importantly it tells how true sea salt is 84% sodium chloride, while rock salts (such as Himalayan) are 97-98% sodium chloride, and the same goes for processed sea salts. All the minerals we need for life are in the percentage that isn’t sodium chloride, and in the correct percentages in sea water, not rocks.

      • Stanley I did not red this book. It sounds interesting. I use my ability to think. Sedimented salts are exposed to humidity and since they have a large amount of magnesium they sweat and wash off slowly many minerals. This is a simple logic but unfortunately we do not think. We depend on someone else to do the thinking for us and then we argue; my source is better than yours. Why, because it is!!!

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