Mitochondria on a dark blue background. 3d illustration

Often when discussing energy levels of our body and obesity we hear doctors mentioning mitochondria. This is understandable because mitochondrion is where the cellular energy is produced from either the fat or glucose. Often when talking about the health I am mentioning how an adequate number of mitochondria is required to supply the cell with the needed energy and that the number of mitochondria diminishes if our cells are fuelled with glucose.

Besides of being the energy converter that produces energy from triglyceride or glucose, extremely important function of the mitochondrion is to regulate and store calcium.

Another important thing that mitochondrion does is a steroid production.

Overall, the mitochondrion is responsible for the cellular metabolism because it has its own genome and according to the fuel it receives, mitochondrion will adjust its protein production and the type of metabolic process it will activate and it is capable of producing the necessary enzymes for those reactions.

Section of mitochondria


Now, what does all that mean?

Let me show you some examples.

Human cells when we are eating properly ( not according to our nutritive type but the real omnivore raw diet) our cells have plenty mitochondria involved in the cellular metabolism. The number of mitochondria will depend on the cellular energy needs. So if we are active with sports, our muscles will demand a lot of energy and the number of mitochondria will rise. This is why if we are not physically active and we start some sport, the next day we cannot move from the muscle pain. There were not enough mitochondria to produce the adequate amount of energy so the muscle cells were under stress and produced some steroids. This allowed them to use glycogen as the fuel and convert some protein into glucose for a fast energy fix. This produced lactic acid and now the cells are acidic so inflammation is provoked to cleanse those cells. The inflammation increases pressure on the sensory nerves and pain occurs. Those are local changes and affects only the muscles that were under the stress.  Many athletes are injecting steroids to force this reaction as it allows the muscles to grow faster but by doing so they affect not just the desired muscles but all cells in the body. This causes cellular damages that lead to many health problems and premature death. Many bodybuilders have died young for this reason.

Strong bodybuilder man with perfect abs, shoulders,biceps, triceps, chest.

Now if we continue with exercising, the muscles that are being used are adjusting to the amount of energy that is required by producing more mitochondria. Within three days the mitochondria count increases enough so the cellular energy demand is satisfied and no more muscle pain occurs. Whenever you start doing a more difficult type of exercising or drastically increase the weight, your cells will be underpowered again and muscle pains reoccur until the mitochondrial count increases again. Mitochondria will also produce the necessary protein to reinforce the muscles so between the increased mitochondria count and the increased amount of reinforced proteins the muscles start to enlarge themselves.

When we are talking about our brain, here mitochondria have a lot of work to do since neurons use way more energy than the muscles. People who seldom have to do any prolonged thinking or be focused for any length of time will experience tiredness, blurred vision and headache if they will be forced to all of a sudden engage their brains for a longer period of activity. The brain also needs to be conditioned to more intense work by increasing the number of mitochondria to cope with the increased energy demand.

Another important role of mitochondria is its hormone signaling ability which is very important within the cells of neurons. Now you can just imagine how important it is for the brain and the heart, as the heart has its own complex nerve system called the heart brain, to have plenty mitochondria to be able to fill the messaging demand of the hormonal activity. No wonder that depression sets in when the neuron mitochondria amount becomes severely reduced and the heart experiences problems for the same reason.

As mitochondria control the calcium by storing and releasing it they are extremely important in bone restructuring. So when the mitochondria count is high there is a considerable amount of calcium that can be stored and released from the cells. As the number of mitochondria drops, the cellular reserves of calcium drop with it as well. One may think, what a hack, few mitochondria more or less. Well, it is not just a few mitochondria difference. The mitochondrial count can come down from let’s say 4000 mitochondria in one cell to below 500. Now, this is a substantial drop so do not get surprised when your bones cannot redeposit calcium. There could be plenty of calcium within the blood but it cannot be deposited within the cell as they lack the necessary mitochondria so eventually kidneys have to eliminate the excess of calcium from the blood and bones will remain brittle. The osteoblasts responsible for depositing calcium in the bones have to have high mitochondria count to be able to do their job properly.

science background- testis section study of the biological object in the microscope

Those are just some of the important tasks mitochondria tackle multiple times a second of each day.

In my books as well as in many of my articles I explain how the carbohydrate diet reduces the mitochondria cellular count and with it, many cellular functions become disrupted so our cells fail to do their job properly and symptoms of health problems appear.

I have heard people talking about the Self Healers Protocol simply as the protocol of hydration. Actually, it is much more than that. It is the protocol of hydration, detoxification genetic realignment, and the subsequent cellular healing. Increasing the mitochondria count to the optimum levels is very important part of this protocol.

This is achieved quickly and easily through the change of the diet. It is not about reducing the amount of carbohydrates we eat daily. Only their absence can trigger the desired effect as I have described in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”.

As many of you reading my posts are open minded, absorb this new knowledge and utilize it for improving your health. Please do not just keep it for yourselves. Please share this with your families and friends. Help whomever you can and the Universe will reward you for it.

Through love and compassion we raise our frequency and help our beloved planet to anchor itself in the new dimension it has just entered.

Love and light to us all.



  1. Very good explain dear Darko:)
    When u say: extremely important function of mitochondrion is to regulate and store calcium.
    Does this means if we eat dietary carbs and since mitochondria number is low cannot regulate calcium and then calcium can cause disease like Calcification of ours body parts?
    Love bro:)

    • Only certain level of calcium is tolerated within the blood. Cellular mitochondria will house calcium and release the necessary amount into the blood. When the amount of mitochondria drops, the capacity to store magnesium within the cells is drastically reduced so the calcium remains in the blood and saturates it. This causes all kinds of problems and a lot of calcium has to be eliminated. So when the cells need calcium there may not be enough of it available.

      • Oww what a good explain bro now i understand completely how calcium cause disease.
        Thank u dearDarko u are doing a great job really.

  2. Dr Darko, do you know why doctors ask you to stand and balance on one leg at appointments? I know healthy people who struggle to stand on one leg, so is it even a good test to do? Or just a waste of time? My brother always falls to the left when he tries to stand on his left leg, but he seems healthy.

    • Devin, the balance of the body is controlled by your brain and especially by the channels of the inner ear. Cloudy nerve system will not balance well but many people cannot hold their balance if they never tried to do so. Focusing on a steady point while balancing helps a lot and as with everything, practice makes it better. Doctors checking balance is something new to me since I haven’t seen a doctor in40 years. Now since most of American people are on some kind of nerve sedative, this may be the reason for it.

  3. Dear Dr. Velcek,

    I keep reading that a “ketogenic diet” is not advisable for people with adrenal fatigue and those with poor thyroid function. Would you be so kind to address this, please? I couldn’t find any mentioning of the term “adrenal fatigue” in your writings — what is your view on it?

    Thank you, and best wishes to all!

    • Tomi you are correct, I did not address adrenal fatigue because in my opinion, the adrenal fatigue is another dumb excuse which is unsolvable by the modern medicine because it does not exist. At least not the way it is presented. You have given me a good idea for article, thank you brother.

  4. Please blog on AMD and cataracts. What causes AMD?

    Have you ever reversed AMD or cataracts? If so, how? How long to get your result?

    Are the shots given in center of AMD eye beneficial?

    Thank you in advance.

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