How good is your PLUMBING?

In the previous article about diabetes I have mentioned that diabetes does not cause problems in the circulatory system but it comes hand in hand with it since the culprit is the same.

varicose veins pictures

Varicose veins are one sign of bad blood circulation, hemorrhoids are another, hypertension, pain in extremities and loss of erection all are signs of bad plumbing and consecutive poor blood circulation. So lets go to the doctor to fix this problem! Sorry my friends but medical students do not learn how to repair blood circulation. The best you will get is the standard cut,  burn and poison treatment that pharma/medical industry provides. To heal we first have to know what causes circulatory problems and avoid them. This is called prevention and it is not part of medical studies.

So what causes problems of our plumbing? Number one is polluted toxic blood.

I have mentioned that health of our cells depends on the environment in which  our cells are living. So if the blood is polluted so will be our lymph. Cells that are flooded with toxic blood and lymph will dehydrate, become acidic and soon inflammation will follow. Our blood vessels are most exposed to such blood and they will suffer the consequences.

What are the common pollutants of our blood? Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, medicinal remedies (natural and pharmaceutical) so garlic, black pepper, ginger, green tea even turmeric are playing negative role as medicinal “remedies”. Some of them are diuretics, some are neuro-toxines, some are blockers..they all have in common that they directly or indirectly acidify our blood. Indirect acidification comes from diuretic effect where cleansing organs stop cleansing the blood because they are preserving the water so acidity is increasing since it is not filtered out of the body. Anti inflammatory agents are preventing the attempt of body to forcefully hydrate cells utilizing external pressure (inflammation) and indirectly cause further acidification One of the worst blood acidifiers are carbohydrates (sugars). Glucose increases sugar absorption and makes it possible for a lot of fructose to enter our blood. This produces a lot of uric acid so combination of access of free insulin and acidic environment creates most if not all of our chronic problems that we call diseases. I cal it simply what it is, TOXICITY.

This toxic environment will cause problems in all cells in our body but it will affect most of those cells that are more exposed to it or those that have to work harder and this way are supplied with higher quantity of blood.

For example sexually active men will most likely suffer from enlarged prostate because of toxic effect of the blood.

Illustration Of Enlarged Prostate

Prostate will inflame because of its acidity and later turn into cancer as the cells lose more water and become unable to absorb oxygen. This problem of blood toxicity is best shown on the example of kidney inability to filter the blood. As the blood gets lower on water the kidneys are instructed to save the remaining water so they slow down the blood filtration. We are instructed to reduce salt in food. This further lower the water content in the blood so little by little we acidify the cells so much that they loose the ability to function properly and inflammations become rampant throughout our body.

Now you are getting the picture of how everything is connected and how multiple problems occur simultaneously as the blood gets dehydrated and toxic.

Mental stress is another cause of cellular dehydration and acidity that will result with the same problems. This is your connection between stress and diseases. In a stress situation cells will not hydrate so prolonged stress will result with cellular dehydration, acidity and inflammation.

Can we recover damaged blood vessels and restore good blood circulation? Of course that we can. To do this we have to hydrate the blood. This is possible only with sea salt and water. Cleansing organs will detoxify the blood and give clean environment to our cells so that they can do the same. Not only that blood circulation will recover, so will our cells and chronic diseases will be a history.

This is why I designed the Self healers protocol where you give your body everything necessary for it to detoxify and repair itself. You do not have to believe me, it is inexpensive protocol to follow so try it and see for yourself.

When I say that you do not have to believe me this is partially true. With believe you can heal everything and damage everything so be careful what you do with your thoughts love.

Ultimately you are the master of your life so use this knowledge and steer it the way you want it to be.

Love you all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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