DIABETES revisited

We have just returned from a small village called Chasuta that is located on Amazon tributary .


Lecture on health was given to a group of villagers and as in great majority of people most of them suffer from diabetes melitus, bad blood circulation, pain throughout the body, tiredness and tumors. Does this sound familiar? I see the same problems wherever I go. Pharmaceutical industry is making huge profits on peoples suffering and doctors are clueless and unable to help since the education that is given to them is “interest controlled science”  geared to feed the pharmaceutical giants.

We are told that diabetes cannot be cured and that the consequence of it is bad blood circulation that affect the eyes and limbs. Treated for complications of diabetes by doctors for three months in local hospital Javier was released and told that nothing more can be done and he has to fly to Lima and has his leg amputated.

DSC_0179 (2)

As yo can see the left leg is starting to get necrotic and the right leg will get there soon if not treated properly. Many people throughout the World are losing their limbs to this disease. Is there nothing that can be done? Of course there is and I will show you Javiers legs after three weeks of therapy.

In medical school they teach us how diabetes causes circulatory problems. I will through next few articles show you that this is not true. I will show you how diabetes, circulatory problems, allergies, prostate problems, osteoporosis, migraines,  rheumatism, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and many other develop simultaneously from the same culprit that is being completely ignored by doctors and in fact it is being administered in the hospital intravenously to “help” patients.

Today we are going to reveal how you can overnight become diabetes free if you have diabetes melitus type 2, not using insulin but “controlling” it with medication. You see, all doctors are now on the fructose bandwagon claiming that fructose is poison and glucose is safe sugar. They do this because they are just repeating like parrots what they are being told by Pharma scientists. Well diabetes type 2 is actually insulin resistance. This means that insulin did bond to GLUCOSE but the cells do not accept it. You see we are talking about glucose and not fructose. Since cells do not want to accept the glucose, its level in the blood is rising and we have a sugar problem. So doctors are instructed to prescribe drugs that prevent glucose synthesis to keep the level of glucose low so that it can be managed by cells. Cellular resistance does not completely block glucose absorption, it only limits it. This means that if we do not over saturate our blood with glucose, we are not going to have sugar problem. Isn’t it logical that limiting glucose in diet would do better thing. At least it will not bring poison of medicament’s into the blood.

So if you lower dietary glucose intake into your body, you will have manageable amount of glucose in the blood and no diabetes. Dietary glucose are starches in food. The worst is wheat flower and its products but all cooked vegetables with starch content are unhealthy for animals and this means for us as well. So if you are diabetes type 2 sufferer change your diet and you can drop “medication” from one day to the other. You don’t have to believe me, try it. Keep in mind that liver will change fructose into a glucose so while you have strong sugar absorption fruits will elevate your blood glucose levels. If yo stop taking dietary glucose the GLUT sugar transporting mechanism will be reduced in time and you will be able to start eating fruits without having sugar problems.

It is not easy to explain poor people that their staple diet is killing them. These people are so much involved in their tradition that making drastic dietary changes (and they are drastic) is very difficult.


To make it easier, Hilno took over by practically explaining how to prepare the food so that the glucose content is being kept on minimum.


People that are in really bad shape have no other choice but to follow the instruction and their progress becomes the light that other people need to give them strength to change.

It is a slow progress but every new saved life gives us more power to push forward.

On the way back to Tarapoto we made a stop so that Hilno and our assistant Rebeca can relax their backs from the bumpy ride of a moto car (motorized tricycle).


Nature here is beautiful and the girls always find something interesting along the way. We have also visited local clay pot artist. Her work is really great and she does it without glasses.


Her skin reveals dehydration and diseases will soon follow. I hope that she will listen and recover her health as well.

OK friends and family this is for today, we love you and wish you perfect day.



Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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