Love for humanity compels me to write this article. Although it has different approach to personal health, it will explain certain facts and take away the fear that is being spread through alternative media and will soon be acknowledged by major media about the “black matter” or anti-matter.

This is the standard blueprint of action. First so called alternative media reveals the plan and major media calls it “conspiracy theory” and then major media joins the rap to reinforces the issue so that “alternative media” can do the final punch in provocation. It is all just a tactic that is easily recognizable and all is done so that the masses can create (manifest) the agenda planned by Cabal and it is not working anymore. The Bible prophesies of the doomsday will not happen because we are awake and we refuse to go along with the game. So Cabals last trump card is Cern.

This video is so transparent that it makes me laugh but it may scare and mislead some people so I want to share some thoughts on this MATTER.
In one of the recent articles I explained how everything is energy created from different frequencies of movement and the essence of our three dimensional World experience is light. Light has consciousness and it knows when it is being observed. So when we observe the light with intent (thought) it transforms itself into particles (photons) to create our experience of life. Everything there is, is creation of light. This is why we say that everything is hologram. Reality is a dream state of spirit.
“First there was darkness (void), then came sound. The sound was God. It created light. Everything else was created from this light. Darkness is absence of light. If you are in a lit room and you open the door to a dark room, the room with light does not get dark. Opposite will happen. The dark room becomes illuminated. You cannot capture darkness and release it in a light area to darken it. This is impossible. You can darken the area only by removing the light.
Since matter is made of light the only way to destroy it (to make it to disappear) is by removing the light. There is no glue that holds light together. Light is held together by our thoughts. There is no machine that can manifest. This privilege is given to us, human beings. This is why the “dark force” the Cabal needs us to believe what they are serving us so that we can manifest it for them. You cannot create dark matter, store it and then release it to destroy creation. It cannot be done. All that you can do is to make people to manifest desired outcome for you and this is the reason for alternate and major media. The following statement is not going to be poplar but I have to say it to open your eyes. Bible was the first trump card of the Cabal that was forced on humanity to manifest desired events.
I am not saying this because I am atheist. Contrary I am that, I am. This is why I am with God as we all are but this God is not a bearded man that judges our actions. God is all there is and as soon as we become aware of this fact we stop being enslaved. We can control our lives, our health, our happiness in one word our exsistence. We do this with our thoughts. Our thoughts are not products of our brain. They are created by our spirit and the brain transfers them into electromagnetic impulses that influence light to manifest them as reality so that we can do what God and our spirit are incapable of doing without us and this is to experience them. The sole purpose of our “lives” is to create (manifest) to be able to experience those thoughts through our senses and this way gather more information. You can tell child not to play with fire thousand times and the child will not listen until it burns itself. This is because it is here to do just that, to EXPERIENCE thing for himself.
We all do the same. Once you start to understand your power you will realize that you can change things, you do not have to be sick. Change your thoughts and you will change your reality.
Our brain has been hypnotized. We have filters to make it difficult to change the program of experience but now we are in times of evolution and the filters are being disarmed. The future of well being lays in our thoughts     and the strongest filter (blockage) is our belief. Jesus said God is within and if we would have believe, we could move the mountains. A lot of people believe in Bible but none in the messages that come from it. They cling to “prophesies” served to them by priests and ministers and in this way they manifest what was “prophesied”.
WAKE UP smell the roses and stop manifesting for Cabal. Be strong and believe in yourselves, your capabilities and your power. Once you do this, you will empower yourself with health on your command.
Message for today is do not give into the fear, think LOVE


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