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Since we are living in a world of lies, we are made to believe that we are nothing more than upgraded monkeys. We are the result of the evolution of a life-form which is a step above primates, a natural selection of the strongest.

We accepted this because our scientists have evidence proving this theory.

Is there really any evidence to support this theory?

The answer is NONE what so ever.

C. Darwin saw a cormorant with atrophied wings and concluded: “this is a proof of evolution”.

He mistook genetic adaptation with a process of evolution.

How can a reptile naturally evolve into a mammal? There is no similarity at all.

When we look into the genetic structure, we see a strange anomaly. Primates have 24 pairs of chromosomes but humans have 23 detectable chromosomes.

Why did I say “detectable” chromosomes?

Because humans have two fused pairs of chromosomes in which one pair is always in a quantum state. This is something unusual and it is not a glitch, it was designed with intent. This is what separates humans from the animal world. This is what connects us with the divinity.

Because of this, we are searching for answers to our existence.

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The animals can care less about it.

Through this connection, we are in a constant contact with our creator. This is what makes it possible for humans to manifest changes in their “reality”.

What does all of this have to do with the longevity and immortality you may ask?

Scientists have “proved” that the aging of the body is strictly related to the cellular deterioration through oxidative stress.

Scientists are pushing this theory which is false the same as almost all theories that they promote.

We know that every 6-7 years, as far as the cellular structure goes, we have a completely new body. All our cells had been replaced by new cells. So why there is no sign of deterioration which is expected during the aging process, occurring between the age of 7 and the age of 14 years, or between the age of 14 and the age of 21 and there is a great deterioration noticed in between the age of 55 and the age of 62. Even more of the deterioration is noticed between the age of 67 and 74.

All of the cells should be new so where does this aging come from?

As you see, it makes absolutely no sense what we are being told. Our schoolbooks are useless and education is a waste of time.

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In my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body, I have mentioned the unique experiment which was designed to determine how long can one animal cell live if it is isolated from the body and kept in a clean environment.

I say unique because only one such experiment was done and resulted in failure. No one else wanted to repeat this experiment because it is time-consuming and no one wants to spend a lifetime to see the result.

In the experiment, cells of a chicken heart were isolated and kept alive in a petri dish. After 25 years the cells died but not from old age but because the assistant forgot to clean the fluid in which those cells were living.

We know that the lifespan of a chicken is maximum 12 years so how is it possible that those cells from a chicken heart lived 25 years?

We know that once a cell becomes compromised, it can proliferate and replace itself with a brand new cell which will continue living. This means that those cells should have proliferated several times before dying but they did not. There was no brain communication to tell those cells what to do.

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We understand that cellular deterioration is caused by the toxic environment so the cell replaces itself with a new one once it is compromised so that the body can continue living, but how come that the chicken cell could live more than a twice of the chicken’s lifespan when it was removed from the chickens body and no proliferation of those cells occurred?

No brain communication. There was no interference of the brain’s programming.

The question that was not answered because of an error in the test where the pollution has killed the cells prematurely, still is unanswered and that is, how long can one cell live in a clean environment?

Infinitely if you ask me.

Let me explain.

A cell is a form of energy which adjusts itself to the changes in its environment through the resonance of its genes.

Cells do not have their brain programmed with a program that will control their behavior converting the energetic frequencies into a three-dimensional experience. They are programmed through the genes to respond to their environment and if the environment is clean, it will support the energy structure of the cell forever. By clean I mean the correct frequencies.

If the frequency of the environment changes in a way to stimulate changes in the gene expression of the cell, this we call pollution, especially if those changes create problems in the way the body responds to them.

The three-dimensional world did not just happen as an accident, a freak of nature. It was designed exactly the way it is.

Everything there is is a product of a design and it is programmed to behave the way it does.

The living creatures have a brain which is designed to receive energy frequencies and to process them in a way to give us an experience of a three-dimensional life. What we call our reality is all just brain’s interpretation of those frequencies.

The brain is a transducer. It receives and it transmits those frequencies.

Through brain programming, animals behaviour will be determined. Not just the behaviour but also the lifespan. The cells of the body are constantly receiving messages which are received through the telomeres and they control the cellular reaction in the same way as the food does.

The food, emotions, and the brain instructions are all just energies in varieties of frequencies that the cell receives through the telomeres and responds to through the gene expression.

Since animals do not worry about aging and diseases, they simply do not express them. There are no physical changes of aging since the cells do not receive the message from the brain of animals how they should look and how they should act for their age. They simply respond to the program which does not have that information available. This is why animals do not show the symptoms of aging.

In humans this is different.

We are opinionated. We see older people in bad health and we start to expect the same thing to happen to us.

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What we expect is transmitted to the telomeres but before cells respond to it they receive a message from the brain instructing them how to respond. It all depends on the implanted program. the cells respond adequately.

How often do we hear our friends telling us, “you look great for your age”?

Automatically we think, lucky me I am supposed to look older.

Your cells receive this message and respond.

Be careful what you think!

When the cells were removed from a chickens heart, they continued living in a petri dish and since the signal from the chicken’s brain did not come telling them that it is the time to die, they continued living. This is why they lived more than twice the chicken can live and if their environment would not become polluted, they would continue living indefinitely.

When their environment became polluted, there was no response from the brain telling them how to respond (adjust to the change of the environment), or to proliferate, so they died.

Your cells can live forever if you maintain your body clean but you can still become sick and old looking and die under the influence of your thoughts.

With positive thoughts and clean body you can live 600 years according to the original program inserted into your brain by the creator but as you know, you can override this program because you are creator yourself. You can manifest the changes you think of.

You can do this by reprogramming your brain through multiple repetitions of the message send to your cells or with the one-time message send through a pure intent.

We are in the time of evolution and great changes are occurring in our bodies as we speak.

Our frequency is rising which stimulates genetic changes and the result will be noticeable in our cellular and morphological structure.

It is easier to communicate with our cellular structure as time goes on and we can start practicing this using our muscle signaling.

Take some time and practice so that you tune yourself and speed up this awakening process.

You can use a pendulum, kinesiology, dousing, and other techniques for this.

If you want to extend your life or live forever, use the Self Healers Protocol to cleanse and heal yourself and instruct your cells through your thoughts or talk to them loudly telling them what you want them to do.

They are always listening so instead of receiving the message from your preprogrammed subconsciousness they will follow your direct instructions.

The pure intent comes from your heart and complete fate.

Be in total control of your life by controlling your thoughts.

Anyone selling you a remedy for longevity is selling you a snake oil.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.


  1. This is an astonishing article.
    Darko, the Brother Of Light, has unfolded many of life’s mysteries here into a form a 6 year old can understand. Yes, the way your body operates has the simplicity designed for a 6 year old to operate it.
    Along the way, Darko will illustrate to you Why Animals Do Not Age, and how you directly age yourself.
    Ever wonder what your cell in your body is, and who controls it? Turns out we are all a bunch of ‘Hamlets’ needlessly killing everyone around us and then the killing our self as our final expression.

    As it turns out, as we live, we move ourselves into kind of de-evolving, sick adaptation: since, really, in fact…. We Are Gods Who Become Apes.

    (I am sending Darko a small donation. If this article enlightened and helped you, please do the same.)

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