Diabetes – metformin – insulin THE FAKE SCIENCE 4

Overweight woman eating fast food.

As we continue debunking the fake science of medicine in regards to the fortune that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are making on the account of the human suffering through the perpetual never-ending system of permanent medication, diabetes is the jewel.

I would estimate that more than 90% of the diabetes is caused by the insulin resistance. Only very small percentage of diabetes is caused by the actual destruction of the pancreas and although it has not been “scientifically” proven, from my experience the damage was done by the new versions of a strong antibiotic overuse in children. I am sure that the same can happen to adults as well.

Is there really any difference between diabetes 1 and diabetes 2?

As I had mentioned, in most cases there is no difference at all. Diabetes 1, is just a severe version of diabetes 2.

If you notice that you are becoming thirsty more than usual and that you urinate a lot, this could be the first sign of elevated sugar in your blood.

After analysing your blood sugar, if elevated level of sugar is encountered, doctors will diagnose you with diabetes.

If the level of sugar is just elevated doctors will prescribe poisons that inhibit (suppress) the glucose production in your body. If the pill you have been given is satisfactorily controlling the level of your blood sugar by suppressing its production, you will be prescribed this pills and use them as long as they do their job. Eventually, the pills will fail and the doctor will put you on insulin. Now you will stay on the insulin to the end of your life as your body continues to decay. Your blood circulation will become compromised, you will lose sexual appetite and if you are a male you will become impotent, you will start losing your eyesight and most likely develop a foot gangrene. An amputation will follow. Probably the first thing to be taken away from you are your toes, then foot then the leg. Soon after the other leg will go as well and then your life.

The proud doctor who was in charge of your health will make sure that you know how he was able to extend your life and did the best in given situation but: did he???

close up of patient and doctor taking notes. vivid tone on sunset.

This is a million dollar question and the billion dollar answer is BULSHIT.

Excuse me for being harsh but in this situation of lie and deceit, this is the most appropriate term.

Why do I say a lie and a deceit?

The doctor never made an attempt to heal your body. All he did was to drug you with poisons that eventually after many years of suffering, cost you your life.

Let me walk you through the process in as a simple way as possible.

Once we start ingesting dietary (cooked or processed) carbohydrates, glucose becomes available for absorption and enters the blood.

Our body cannot explain how did the glucose found itself in the blood. Normally a stress is necessary for this to happen since the stress hormones are necessary to break the glucose – protein connection within the glycogen to release the glucose and make it available as an energy source.

Now as elevated levels of glucose are circulating in the blood pancreas is commissioned to produce extra insulin and release it into the blood. Without this insulin, our cells will not allow the glucose to enter and they would not use it as the fuel. Unfortunately, the insulin is an irritant and through the irritation forces the cells of our body to accept the glucose.

As we eat dietary carbohydrates daily, we are overproducing the insulin daily and our cells do not like it. The increased production of insulin stimulates increased production of the GLUT. GLUT is the sugar-transporting mechanism. As the levels of GLUT increase so does increase the sugar absorption and more and more sugar (glucose and fructose) finds its way into the blood.

Little by little the amount of the sugar becomes too high for the cells to burn so the liver starts to convert it into a fat, triglyceride.

As the levels of the absorbed glucose and fructose continue to increase the liver’s fat production exceeds the rate of the triglyceride release and deposition into the adipose tissue. This is the reason why the liver becomes loaded with fat. We call this a fatty liver syndrome.

As the levels of blood insulin rise so does the cellular irritation. To protect themselves from the insulin irritation the cells demand increased levels of cholesterol which they need so that they can thicken their membranes and protect themselves from the irritating insulin.

In time the cellular membrane becomes so thick that even the maximal levels of insulin that the body can produce are not strong enough to irritate the cells an force them to accept the glucose.

The blood level of sugar rises above the allowable limit and diuretic effect is put into the motion.

We start urinating the sugar out of our body. For this process, a lot of water is needed so our blood becomes dehydrated and we feel dry and thirsty.

The elevated levels of sugar can be found in the blood exam.

Diabetes Mellitus 2 was born.

Here I had explained several problems that occur because we ingest dietary glucose. You can clearly see that diabetes does not trigger circulatory problems and does not cause the fatty liver syndrome. They all come at the same time as the result of the wrong diet.

Here also you can clearly see that the heroic doctor did nothing to help the body.

Personalized Insulin Vials

By giving a poison it prevented you from using the good sugar your body makes and forces you to accept the toxic glucose from plants which should never find itself in your body, to begin with.

As your “savior” prescribes you the poison that prevents you from synthesizing glucose he instructs you to make sure that you eat a small amount of dietary carbohydrates through several meals daily.

It is just a matter of time when the cellular resistance to insulin surpasses the production capabilities of your pancreas and the diabetes Mellitus 1 is born.

Now the inhibition of glucose production is not sufficient and insulin has to be injected since the only elevated amount of insulin can breach the cellular resistance to insulin.

Ever increasing levels of insulin create increasing cellular demand for the cholesterol as the cells continue to make their membranes denser. Now even water has difficulty to enter the cell and the blood circulation becomes more and more compromised as the blood vessels stiffen.

Not only the blood vessels become affected. All cells of our body will experience this problem including our eyes and nerves. This means that the brain will show difficulties in hormone creation and its function overall will be compromised.

So, in which way did your good doctor help you exactly?

All that your doctor had to do is to instruct you not to eat dietary carbohydrates. By him failing to do so, he compromised your health and put your life in danger.

Instead, as the real culprit the glucose, is allowed to continue to invade your blood, your entire body is suffering. Doctors are cashing in by selling tons of medicinal poisons, the pharmaceutical industry is getting rich and we the people are paying for it with our hard earned money and life.

Diabetes is not a disease. It is a state of toxicity caused by glucose from the dietary carbohydrates and sugars. Doctors are allowing for this poisoning to continue while telling you how it is impossible to cure diabetes and daily consumption of toxic drugs and insulin is necessary to control it.

This is the ultimate fake science we are dearly paying for not just with our hard earned cash but also with our lives as the end result of the doctor’s care is certain death.

So if you have elevated sugar or diabetes 1 and 2, do not fall for the doctors narrative. You can easily heal but not by following the instruction of the certified health “expert” we call the doctor.

Follow “The Self Healers Protocol” or give me a shout and I will lead you to health.

Love and light to us all.



Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

17 thoughts on “Diabetes – metformin – insulin THE FAKE SCIENCE 4”

    1. Tom, everything and every change are controlled by our genetics. Changes of the genetic expression reflect themselves in changes of the cellular activity. So if the color of the hair had changed, our genetic expression has changed. Everything is reversible by simple genetic readjustment. How to do this I will explain when I start my articles about the true quantum science and our power to manipulate our reality.
      First I want to write the final article on the fake science brother

  1. I don’t call people fat anymore.
    -I call them deformed.

    Very young girl in photo looks a lot like a pig. It’s cute. But it is no longer human.

    7 of 10 people have a tiny head on a giant pear shaped body now, which looks like it is about ready to pop. Yet, doctors are silent.

    I think the doctors are silent, because they are eying you up just like an ingot of gold, that will go into their pocket over next 15 years.

    Rivers of fat = Rivers of gold.

    -My question is, how does that make you fat people feel at the doctor’s office, when the doctor, the nurses, the techs are so smiling and glad to see their next stream of financial wealth?

  2. Hi Darko,
    I have now been on the protocol for two weeks including 10 days of using the pulser. No major changes yet except that my stool has changed to the harder. The first few days I also hated the salt water but now I prefer it over regular water. Are major changes not to be expected for me as I’m not trying to heal from a major illness and don’t take any medications?

    1. Tom, it takes three weeks just for the blood to cleanse so that your cells start absorbing the water and start to cleanse themselves.
      The symptoms depend of the toxicity.
      Your stool getting harder is the sign of the cellular hydration. Now your body will require more water as it hydrates on the cellular level. Be careful and drink as much water with sea salt as necessary. Your stool is the sensor. If the stool gets hard, you have to drink more water.
      Love and light brother.

    1. Birgitta, nurses are trained to give newborn babies a taste of formula. Those babies refuse their mothers milk because they like the sugar. Baby formulas are loaded with sugar.
      Also more and more mothers have elevated blood sugar and they affect the foetus.

  3. I really enjoyed this article as it was so easy to understand and especially about the mechanics of the body/cells. I have always been “hunting” for a way to decrease my cholesterol (300-400) and never attributed it to be a glucose problem as I thought it was always a fat problem. Now wondering if the body can still heal since my cholesterol/triglycerides have been high for 20+ years.
    Thank you for your words.

    1. Donna hi
      Your body can recover from just about anything if you give it a chance.
      Just follow the Self healing Protocol or better yet, schedule a Skype consultation and I will lead you into the new you, love.

  4. Hello Darko, I thank my stars of having found you and your posts. I have diabetes for the last 10 years and I am trying to control through dietary interventions. Recently I came to know about Keto / Paleo and I am following it. One question. I am not able to bring down my morning highs, try as I might. It is always 170-200, however my post prandial since I take Keto hardly increases to 10 more units. How do I bring down my morning highs? Please advise.

    1. Chandrasecar you do not want to control diabetes, you want to heal your body and get rid of diabetes. To do this you have to understand your body and help it to cleanse and readjusts its genetic code.
      To be able to help you I need more information.
      I have to know exactly your daily routine and everything that you put into your mouth.
      You can make the conversation public or you can send it to me on my mail darko.vlck@gmail.com
      Love and light

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