The radiation of mRNA wacked people

Many people are panicking as they hear the reports of the symptoms that women are getting when they are spending time in the vicinity of mRNA vaccinated people.

Let me calm you down a bit. The situation is not as bad as it looks, not for non-vaccinated people, although that they may experience similar symptoms as those who are vaccinated.

What is going on?

When we are talking about the seasonal flu, we are being told that there is a microorganism, a “virus” that is causing this “disease” and that this virus is transmitted through droplets of saliva.

Where is this virus during the rest of the year, and why it comes back every Fall and every Spring?

We are told that it is dormant inside of our cells and under certain conditions it becomes active.

If it is so then the transmission of it from one human to another is not necessary, don’t you think so?

Yes, if somebody would think, unfortunately, those that should think are trained to listen and obey and they constantly repeat the same lies they have been told in the indoctrination center, the medical university.

Through my articles and videos, I have explained that when a virus is in question, the diagnosis is strictly symptomatic since the virus does not exist, it cannot be found or proven.

I have also explained that symptoms of infectious diseases are basically the same no matter what is the culprit, and if bacteria or fungus are not found, then the blame falls on the nonexistent virus because this claim cannot be proved or disapproved.

I have also explained that the symptoms of an infectious disease are nothing more than symptoms of very toxic blood and the natural blood’s detoxification process.

If this is so, why we call them contagious diseases, how can toxins be spread from one body onto another?

The same symptoms cannot be replicated on every human that becomes polluted with the “pathogen”, the symptoms are related to the personal level of toxicity and this means that it is not the bacteria, or fungus, or the nonexistent virus that is causing the symptoms.

The symptoms are strictly related to the type and the level of toxicity of the individual.

There is something that triggers people’s cellular toxicity to be pushed into the blood, and this “something” is the real culprit of the transmission, of the “spreading of the disease”.

This “something” that causes the cellular toxin to leak from cells is the cellular reaction to the change in the environment.

Here we go quantum again.

Since everything is the frequency of energy, any change of this frequency represents a change of the environment.

If the frequency changes slowly, our genes have time to instruct our cells how to perform in this changing environment, and we do not experience any problems.

If the frequency of the environment changes rapidly, genes do not have the time to inform cells about the changes they have to do and this puts cells into a defensive mode, they tighten up, they cringe, and by doing so, some of their liquid is squirted out through their membranes.

The more toxic are the cells, the higher amount of poison will enter the bloodstream and the symptoms of toxic blood appear.

Why are nonvaccinated women experiencing symptoms of painful menstruation and irregular menstrual cycle the same as the vaccinated women when they are in their vicinity?

Vaccinated women had received a toxic mRNA poison that is vibrating with a frequency of the reproductive system that was slightly changed.

This changed vibration is influencing the genes to show an instructional blueprint of how should the cells behave if they want to survive in this changed environment.

Since the change of the environment through the vaccine was fast, the cells had no time to adjust to the change and they went into a defensive mode. They have tightened up and squirted their toxins into the blood.

Public Speaking Anxiety - A Good Thing

The more toxic was the individual on a cellular level, the more toxin was released and the stronger symptoms of blood pollution have appeared.

This is why people with chronic health problems and the elderly are experiencing the worst reaction to the vaccine.

Since doctors have no knowledge of what is happening, they are instructed to poison the “pathogen” and not knowingly, they are increasing the pollution of the blood making the situation worse, often causing death.

Since the frequency of the vaccinated people is changed, they are radiating this frequency from their bodies. The closer we are to the source of the vibration, the more this vibration affects us.

The mRNA vaccine is what we can call in this case a virus.

The pathogen, the mRNA is not transferred, but the body is resonating with this vibration so whoever will come close to this source of vibration will be affected on the cellular level.

This means that as soon as you come close to the vaccinated individual, your cells will be receiving this vibration and go into the self-defensive mode and more toxic you are on the cellular level, the strongest symptoms of polluted blood you will experience.

As soon as you remove yourself from the influence of this vibration, your cells will relax, but the blood is polluted already and has to be cleansed. The symptoms will occur as if you have been vaccinated yourself, but there is a big difference. After you have cleansed your blood, after the symptoms are gone, you will be healthy because the source of the wrong vibration is not in your body.

What you have experienced was the symptoms of “flu”, an energy shift of your environment caused by a vaccinated individual.

Since the mRNA vaccine is designed to change the vibration of the reproductive system, basically to sterilize you, this is the type of frequency that is influencing you and the symptoms will be related to the reproductive organs. Women’s menstrual cycle will be affected, but also the uterus and the breasts, they are all resonating with the reproductive frequency.

Scientific - Historicizing Frankenstein

The remedy is simple.

Drink as much plasma (water with sea salt) as possible. This will help your body to detoxify itself.

It will not prevent the symptoms, but it will help you to eliminate the blood toxins faster and without complications.

Start to cleanse your cells now, before your cells are exposed to the energetic shift and this will prevent the manifestation of symptoms when you get into the changed environment, no matter if the frequency change comes from another individual, a change of climate, the cellphone tower radiation or even the Scalar weapon system unless the frequency change is so violent that your brain will show it to you as cooked inner organs which was the case in Wuhan and we saw people dropping like flies.

Use the Self Healers Protocol to cleanse your body and to re-tune it to the correct frequency.

This is what the protocol is designed to do.

Do not fear. Arm yourself with knowledge, and have faith, because we have been created as perfect self-adjusting and self-maintaining and healing robots.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

27 thoughts on “The radiation of mRNA wacked people”

  1. Hmm. I read somewhere and Dr Klinghardt mentioned that mere women in a common prison cell, after some time, begin to synchronize the menstrual cycles. Instruments for measuring electromagnetic power are getting better and better. Heart is electrical spool, where iron in moving blood is acting. If I remember correctly, scientists could now measure radiation from the heart at a distance of 10 meters. The brain has very little radiation, about an inch from the skull. Medicine is not much interested in cardiac radiation, although they have long used ECG measurements on this principle. My opinion is, perhaps exaggerated, that the liver is also associated with this radiation as an emfanger. In a sudden predatory attack, it must be able, abruptly, to pump out glycogen (energy), ready for a decision of conflict or withdrawal. Some people in the dark night, could feel the danger behind their backs, long before they could see the enemy. Ultrasound or enemy’s raised heartbeat? A popular saying that their liver became as small as a pea. Or that some people can feel someone watching them from a distance. How much distance from heart, depends only on how far the instruments have progressed, maybe infinitely?

  2. Thanks, Darko,

    A Brilliant analysis and solution. It’s a crying shame that your work/labour of love is exposed to such an infinitesimally small number
    of people.

    Be blessed,



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    1. Look up DARPA’s “smart dust” program. This is what they’re putting in the Chicom-19 jabs and yes, it is transmissible. It is a polymer-based, biomechanical new “life-form” that alters our DNA. They figured out how to depopulate, even if they can’t get all of us injected. The antidote is simple,…plant bitters and zinc, taken together. HQC, Ivermectin, and even grapefruit seed extract will work to open the channels for the zinc to stop the replication and prevent it getting into the nucleus. They would not have released it if there was no antidote;-)

      1. Joy, I agree that it is transmissible though exchange of fluids, but they would not force vaccination if the effect would have been there by contact. The body is capable of rejecting poisons. This is why vaccines were invented at the first place, to bypass body’s defence system and to place toxic load directly into the blood.

      2. @Darkovelcek, suramin is a medicine from Bayer…with loads of side effects. Definitely not the perfect antidote…

        Solé~ the water with seasalt
        The sun is in the word Solé

        And sungazing ~ Nature cures
        Suryaji I met in 2010…🌞

        Shared your article 😃

        Love & Light to all 🙌

      3. Margie, I believe tat the Self Healer Protocol hydration helps the body to eliminate the mRNA from the body . The suramin is toxic but it is not meant to be used in a leniently manner so the body can then detoxify itself. If I am correct, then suramin is not necessary. Love and light

  3. Thats a very good info.

    But please dear Darko tell us more when we can se light in dark tunnels.

    Are we in the end dark times?
    When all of this will be gone?
    When we are gonna see 5D world?
    When Darko?

      1. Yes. It’s going to get darker before the light. My guess from everything I am studying, is that they will manage to murder about 1 billion or more globally before we get through this, maybe 100 million of which will be in America. The USA is a “special” target right now, having the highest vaccination rates in the world and we pay for our own extermination, as well as much of the developing world. The UN’s to priority right now is depopulation, and they (through their subsidiary the “WHO”) are the world’s largest vaccine distributor. Lovely. Collect the whole set.

    1. Arha, this is a process of awakening. The longer it goes on the more people will be saved. Yes, people will die from vaccines but this is nothing in the comparison with what would have happened if a nuclear war or chemical war was allowed to happen. Those awakened, will survive, and daily people are waking up. People will stop this and they are starting. I believe that in June we will be celebrating, brother. The timing is a difficult thing. Nobody can predict it and I was wrong many times before because I have opened my eyes a long time ago and I thought that for sure people will see once they will be shown. Unfortunately, it is not so, and things are dragging on and on

      1. Ron Amitron, Earth Ambassador, Ascended/descended/ascended back to the Creation Light Ship, September 2018. Ron Amitron, a Light Being, who was in the body of Buddha as the healer, and was one of the 6 light beings in the body of Jesus, he was the healer through Jesus. When Jesus mission was sabotaged by the Galactic Federation, murdered (before he had completed another 17 years of his mission), the energy and blue print of him went back to creation…source base Creation Lightship. All these years the aliens have had us praying to pictures of Jesus and saints who’s energy blueprint left the earth when they died.
        We were mind controlled when Jesus came to help us ascend 2,000 years ago, and now we “have lost the truth of who we are” our sprit has been forced into forced reincarnation over and over, and our spirit is a food source for dark energy and heavily programmed. The Light has come every 2,,000 years (the past 25 times), to draw us sprit fragments back to itself, but each time the darkness has been successful in keeping it’s food source away from the light,, by making a cloned earth and taking us sideways. Ron Amirton told us the awful truth,,,and it is so unbelievably frightening know one wants to know, and cannot believe it. The Darkness imitates the light by 99.9 percent. It can copy everything but not PEACE energy……True Light is peace energy,,,,,,not love…….Light is peace and creates, no mind energy….no thought….. When we think we are an alien,, become alien to our true light…….

    2. The vaxxed are definitely breathing out spike proteins. The first thing a lot of people notice is irritation in thier throat.

      1. Natalie, we always think that if we experience bacteria or some other pathogen, that it came from someone else. In fact, most of the time it is the product of our body, we just manifest it. Spike protein the way they describe it does not exist, it is just another figment of imagination the same as virus.

    1. Actually, bats in Wuhan are dancing. China economy is doing 18.3% up.
      Banksters are looking for next ( fourth ) Covid mutation. Third one ( from India) will cost Germans, from today, 25 000 euros, if they are caught outside curfew. Mighty middle class in Germany is destroyed. Euro to. Elites need to spread blame for their devilish greedy mortal sins, and still keep the wealth, control and power. Obey or else. Ooops, forbidden truth…

  4. No Man has any answers God is in control, walk the narrow path that very few follow, that’s why we are where we are today,.

    1. Iona, do not cut yourself short. Remember, you are creator. Things will change when we change, love. Fortunately, a fraction of us has to be awake for this change to happen and we are there. Be ready love.

  5. Exterminate all the bats and they will be no more covid. The covid 19 bat virus was dormant for years but as our planet is entering a new frequency the covid bat virus activated and caused the pandemic.

    1. You sounds as genocidal Hitler: “Problems are her to be solved”.
      Get informed, why bats are welcomed in nature, what they do.
      Corporations already eradicated approximately 80% of world insects. They don’t needed them to pollinate junk food ( for junk brain).
      BTW, stop watching corporation TV lie-fear porn and start watching what 10% of population is really doing( they own 90% of America wealth and your existence is problem). Tell us what you are going to like, for example: Digital Social Control, Vaccine passport for travel, job, doctor, food, fuel, massive inflation to erase state debt and impose Digital Dollar control, starvation before enough junk food is being produced by Pepsico, etc.
      Oh, don’t worry, ignorance is bliss.

  6. this new knowledge that the virus is not exist make me ask questions like how if you put some people even children in a room and one of them has what we used to call flu the others will get the flu so if there is no virus and no contagion how is that happening ?

    1. Garmin, I will explain it to you like I explained it to my children.
      A virus isn’t alive. You cant catch it. Also viruses cant cross species unless its injected i to you eg. Flu shot. It’s activated when your body is has toxins like a solvent. Think of your body as a plate. Even when you don’t dirty it yourself your environment will. Dust, splatter etc just like your body takes in toxins like cleaners, pollution etc. It will need a wash or it will build bacteria just like your body will. Use it for food, you need to wash it. Fill your body with toxins it needs washing. Depending how dirty it is will determined how long it needs washing, same as your body. You fill your sink with hot water and dish washing liqiud. Dish liquid is a solvent for your plate. A virus is solvent for your body. The more dirty it is the hotter the water needs to be. This is what a fever is during cold or flu. Killing the bacteria and a heavier wash. Once you have washed your plate/body it needs rinsing to get off all the bits still on it. You will have a runny nose or flem off your chest. It’s your bodies rinse to get those last bits off. You put your plate in the dish rack to dry just the same as you put yourself to rest after all that cleaning.
      The reason why people have colds and flu’s at the same time isn’t because it’s contagious. It’s because everyone in the same environment, the body knows it’s time to detox and activate their virus. When I have had the flu my daughter only got a sniffle because her body didn’t have the same amount of toxins as I did but still got the sniffle because her body also said it’s detox time, just not as much as my body.
      I hope that makes sense.

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