CRISPR gene editing to fight cancer

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Every chronic disease is classified as being genetically influenced or a result of an autoimmune reaction.

Why are genes being blamed?

Even today students are being told that the genetic pool that a new organism receives is going to govern this organism its whole life so if there was an error in it, the new organism is doomed. Nothing can resurrect or repair the genetic error.

This theory was debunked many years ago and Dr. Bruce Lipton made experiments proving that genes are basically cellular governing elements that are there to adjust the cell to the changes in the environment so that the cell can survive when changes occur.

When we are told that a gene is missing, this is not the truth. Gene is never missing, it is not detectable and this is a huge difference.

lost marble cartoon

In a genetic chain, we can see sequences of genes and empty spaces between them. The empty space is not really empty. The gen in this “empty” space is not active so it is not detectable.

The chain of genes and its blank spaces we call genetic sequences. Different genetic sequences will stimulate the cell in different ways. We can say that the genetic sequences are cellular programs that stimulate cells to behave in a certain way.

As the environment is changing, so are the gene sequences and the cells adjust to the new environment by changing their physiological behavior.

Since scientists are still in a deep belief that genes cannot be changed once they are activated in a certain way, they are now concentrating their research into doing the changes of genetic sequencing themselves.

One of those procedures is called CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats).

crazy scientist cartoon

Scientists are now creating CRISPR gene manipulation of bacteria to weaponize them to fight diseases. One of those diseases that scientists hope to fight in this way is cancer.

Everyone following my work will realize the wasted efforts and money of those pursuing the CRISPR technology.

Once the desired gene sequencing is achieved, it cannot be held in place if the environment changes.

On the other side, if we change the environment of the patient, the gene expression (sequencing) will change automatically, and healing will be achieved.

There is no way that scientists are not aware of this, so why is CRISPR promoted through the media?

For one, it shows a scientific effort to combat disease and it shows where funds are spent and more money is needed to continue this “magnificent” research.

On the other hand, scientists are trying to develop more sophisticated pathogens that can be unleashed into the population to destroy it.

All those pandemics we are being warned about are caused by manipulated pathogens being released into the public to test their efficacy or to do the damage but guess what?

The anticipating results are not showing up.

Every outbreak of a swine or avian flu or any other intentionally spread disease ends up in failure. The projected numbers do not match and even the media hype is not bringing the desired results.


Mexican flu By illustrator | Media & Culture Cartoon ...

As the pathogens are being influenced by their environments so are the genes in our body making our body more resilient and the scary techniques to influence people’s minds into accepting the direct assault through vaccination are failing as well.

Why is vaccination more dangerous than the spreading of pathogen viruses and bacteria?

Vaccines are loaded with poison such as are mercury and aluminum on top of active pathogens.

There is no surprise seeing people contracting the same disease against which they were vaccinated.

It is all a part of the same program of popularization and it is failing miserably.

The actions of Cabal are showing us that they are really stupid and the only reason why they’ve got so far in controlling us is the fact that they are a Mafia that robs people and with the accumulated wealth they manipulate us. Since they are stupid, they cannot produce more wealth so they have to continue to steal and kill just to stay afloat.

As soon as we started to fight back, they have crumbled and our liberation is in progress.

This coming Thursday is December 12th, it will be a full Moon on 12 h and 12 minutes.

So we are going to have 4 consecutive 12 and 12 is the number of completion.

Right after comes Friday the 13th.

Number 13 signifies the foundation of something new.

Welcome to the New World my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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