Under no circumstances drink seawater! REALLY?

sea water cartoon

How many times did we hear this statement, “when stranded at sea, never drink seawater, ever.”

If you drink seawater you will dehydrate and have convulsions.

In many movies we see this depicted as a part of the brain programming system but then we hear stories of people drifting in the ocean for days and not convulsing, and not experiencing any dehydration what so ever.

Some survivor specialists are showing how we can squeeze fresh water from the sea plankton by trapping the plankton into a stocking and then squeezing it until fresh water comes out.

Did you try this?

I did and no matter how hard I tried, the water coming out was as salty as the seawater itself.

sea water cartoon

The trouble is that we trust our superiors so much that we literary take them for their word and never experiment to see if what we are being told is true or not.

If we would have to try things for ourselves, we would have easily discovered the lies we are being indoctrinated with.

I actually drank seawater for a week and I have discovered that our body adjusts to the environment. At first, my body wanted to vomit the water out but in less than a week, the body had adjusted itself and I could drink seawater as if it was fresh water. There was no ill effect on my body and I actually felt good.

When we are submerged in seawater, our body absorbs seawater with its salt and our blood cleansing organs then eliminate the surplus. This is why divers urinate every 10 minutes.

deep sea divers cartoon

If we are not used to be exposed to salt, we may experience thirst after dive is over but as I had lived on a sailboat many years and dove daily, I never had the need to drink water after getting back on board my boat.

Yes, I would grab a bottle of red wine but this is because I was an alcoholic. As we know, alcohol will trigger diuretic effect and dehydrate us, but as long as I was diving daily, I was so well hydrated that I never had to drink water and had no headaches until the day I have stopped diving. Soon After headaches started with other symptoms of dehydration.

The school education programs our brain with so much nonsense and false studies bake it in so that no doctor would have ever tried to see it for him/herself, why?

Because they know it all. Studies have proved it. There is no need to waste time on trivial experiments.

Well, just recently a fisherman was saved from the open sea after being adrift for 40 days and drinking seawater. No signs of dehydration what so ever. Was anyone surprised?

So many times I had proven that sea salt has no effect on hypertension or water retention and for sure it does not harm our kidneys. Is anyone listening?

Yes, many people are listening and including the sea salt hydration but very few doctors have the sense to give it a try.

sodium cartoon

Please, colleagues, go for it. Start accepting the new information and liberate yourselves from the clutches of the evil Cabal.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

5 thoughts on “Under no circumstances drink seawater! REALLY?”

  1. Hi Darko,
    I had a bad rash on my lower leg for years. I was told it was psoriasis, then eczema, then fungus but none of the creams or medicine would make it go away. It was very itchy so I was scratching it but it always ended up bleeding. It went away after just a few weeks of drinking filtered water with Celtic sea salt added. I just had to drink a full 3 liters per day. Thanks, brother

  2. Hi Darko
    I have recently discovered your site. AMAZING ENLIGHTENING KNOWLEDGE! I too am trying to heal naturally from my auto-immune condition for the past 5 years, however i have spent everything i ever had only with some improvement. And then this, “salty water”. Sounds so simple, but is it? Would love to buy your protocol books, but at the moment barely have enough for bills and food, and so keep reading all your articles. thank you, because just by reading these, I feel there is some hope for me. One question. have you hear of ASEA? The liquid redox molecules as an healing water? I have read a lot on it and read lot of positive reviews, BUT, what do YOU think.
    Kind regards

    1. Monika hi.
      Just by reading on ASEA it looks to me that it is very clever marketing on sea plasma which you can make much cheaper by mixing water with sea salt.
      Do not let the money stay in the way of your healing. Thankfully to some incredible human beings that support my work, I am able to help you. Once you heal, you can send a donation to help others. Love and light.
      Please email me and explain the nature of your health problem.
      Love and light.

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