The glutathione craze.

benefits of glutathione

Since oxidative stress is being blamed for our health problems and closely related to premature aging, glutathione is praised as the youth molecule because of its superb anti-oxidative action.

Glutathione is used for treating many chronic health issues such as are a fatty liver syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, asthma, cancer, cataract, chronic fatigue syndrome, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis…

As you can see, basically doctors use it as a medicament in every health issue that they do not understand and attribute oxidative stress to its development.

Many doctors refer to glutathione as a liver-based product and because of its importance in many cellular reactions, its “age-related” drop calls for its supplementation to rejuvenate the body.

You can easily see why are doctors so mislead and why their efforts to heal (cure) are a waste of time and money but most of all they waste human life with their inefficiency.

surgery cartoon

One of the biggest screwups is the fact that all of the glutathione supplements are made from plants, while glutathione is the most abundant thiol in every animal and human cell.

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a tripeptide with a sulfur bond. It is composed of three amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamine.

I am not going to bore and confuse you by mentioning the complicated structure of all of them because you can read it in other publications.

I am going to simplify things and point to the reasons doctors are confused and use therapies that do not and cannot be effective.

Since glutamine is constructed of protein, it cannot be taken orally.

Everyone following my work knows that digestion breaks down protein into simple amino acids which are then being absorbed individually.

This means that eating specific foods because of their anti-oxidative properties makes no sense as the components are degraded by our digestion.

Eating garlic because of its sulfur content also makes no sense because garlic is a medicinal plant that prevents cellular absorption so even if sulfur gets into the blood, it cannot be absorbed into the cells.

Glutathione is produced within every cell of the body and not just the liver, but only the liver can release it into the blood, similarly like the glycogen.

So the liver can be the donor in the case of an emergency.

liver disease cartoon

Glutathione synthesis follows steps of adenosine triphosphate energy process so it occurs within the mitochondria.

Followers of my work can immediately spot the problem.

Dietary glucose ingestion deactivates many mitochondria so levels of glutathione drop with mitochondrial reduction.

Since older we gt more toxic we become and at the same time we eat more dietary glucose and less meat, it is obvious that glutathione levels will drop but this also shows why there is a drop of glutathione in the younger generation.

The young generation is being brainwashed into not eating animal protein and consume plenty of dietary glucose so the effects of the diet will take its toll.

Why are we being told to supplement glutathione by eating certain vegetables when animal protein is loaded with it? It is the most abundant thiol in the body.

We are being duped by the science into doing the wrong things and being brainwashed into trusting the authority, we simply neglect to think for ourselves.

Is it surprising why the attempts of modern medicine do not bear any fruits?

On the other side, the more we analyze various health issues and how different chemicals that our body produces influence changes, we are becoming more and more aware of the problems dietary glucose creates for our health.

liver disease cartoon

If you look at chemistry as a symphony of frequencies in perfect harmony, one out of tune instrument will make you cringe.

This is exactly how the cells respond to the wrong impulse.

The dietary glucose is involved in an array of disturbances of the cellular functions and we are told not to go there.

Nothing to see there. “Focus on the toxic fructose instead, and do not forget how dangerous is fat consumption neither,” we are being reminded daily.

All lies and deceits.

Thank you for following my work and discovering the nonsensical health instruction we are being told to follow.

The more we become aware of the truth, the easier we can spot traps that are made to entrap us into accepting what they want us to believe in.

Save your money and your health. Do not accept the recommendations of your misguided health gurus. They know not what they are doing.

They all rely on their books for their knowledge and the “scientific” books are the tools of misinformation themselves.

Please become an active participant by giving your comment, information, and questions, and pleas support my work through the donation of your choosing.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

14 thoughts on “The glutathione craze.”

  1. Glutathione isn’t helping with heavy metals. This is from my experience and I also heard same from Dr Klinghardt, Dr Mutter and others. Good agains petrochemicals? Is it helping me a little, because I don’t have right foods? Stomach acid is disassembling glutathione and then body is taking what is needed. And we need sulfur. 95% of meat in USA is CRAP. Organic is mostly imported. If you can’t trust their foods,simply, you can’t trust them,in my opinion.
    Amazon limited fresh grass feed meats, after buying Whole Foods, and ramped up refrigerated meat from Australia.
    You can read her, how this old Swiss study is still important and hidden from us. Just read the study. I don’t have financial interests there. And most Detoxifiers nowadays use MgEDTA not CaEDTA to expel lead. And this is now controversial, because they looked in possibility (Bangladesh), to remove Arsenic from drinking water with CaEDTA.” Their finding “ was that CaEDTA moves to much lead to brains of guinea pigs.

    1. Marinko thank you for the article.
      I had a client who lost his job and was retired because of heavy metal poisoning. To receive his pension he had to have its heavy metals checked annually. In 10 years there was no significant progress. He was on every chelation protocol they knew in Germany at that time. After just 3 months on Self Healers Protocol, utilizing Bob Beck’s blood electrifier he was pronounced heavy metal free.

      1. Thank you Darko. I read this in yours post about chelation. I bought a book long time ago, when you moved to Peru. But it was impossible to download Zip to my Ipad 2. Apple crap and I forget about the book. But I got so much thinking outside the box, that I thought, money was well spent. It isn’t only metals and solvents ( ex machinist). We in family are extremely slow detoxifiers. Didn’t know that “modern life” is killing us slowly. Toxins,low fat, low fiber crap “diet knowledge” from school medicine doctors already killed many people, with no excuses.
        Bob Beck’s blood electrifier? I don’t want to think about using this, not before I remove my golden crone under ceramic. No more metals inside or on the body.
        This list under is taken from heavy metals summit. We have Power sources( Batteries) in our bodies, and not many are talking about.
        Not only dent amalgams, gold and titanium implants but also nickel, gold jewelry, wrist watches, glasses etc. Everything is sending or receiving electrons. And usurping our cell signals. Metals are acting as antennas for EMF to.
        Hg is replacing Mg in thin wall sheets of intestines. Do not blame only Gluten. Also heavy metals coming with pesticides as “ inactive ingredients”? Glyphosate is registered metal chelator to.
        Standard reduction potentials, volts
        Ti(-0.6 ?)
        I still like to work with metals. But with knowledge….

        And I don’t fill urge to be electrically grounded with cary gun in conductive leader holster, as many Americans. Why they are so “negatively” charged? Toxins.
        And with radioactive Tritium sights near kidneys.
        In Russia: in healthy body, healthy mind.
        In USA: in healthy mind, healthy body.
        Thats why Army is spraying Alu dust and other crap to deflect sun radiating and regulatory thinking in N. California?

    1. 2015 California legalized use of sludge for veggies irrigation. Later, I posted that i had problems with organic Kale coming from Ca. Ayurvedic Neem was big help. It is also slowing liver, so slowly. Subsequently, Kale was found that contains massive amounts of heavy metals. No word about infections from sludge. After doing together Russian-Chinese movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan made Fantasy Film about vegan eating.
      No wonder, it helps a little veganizm, when you are gobbling to much meat all you life. And helping “brother’s corporatist “ to bring back Oxalates loaded crap on Niveau as before is a big plus. Follow the money.
      Or: Who is your Dady?
      It’s not much about environment.
      Game today: TX Cows VS CA Kale.

      1. Marinko, as you can see, what is promoted is always false. Just look at who is promoting it. Arnold, the sellout. As soon as you have the climate change-related to anything, it is false information. Not that the climate is changing but that humans have anything to do with those changes, it is all a fake information.

  2. I would like to address a related topic: Can anyone tell me how Glucosamine is digested? Intake of Glucosamine and Chondroitin together with MSM is propagated for maintenance or reconstruction of cartilage tissue. But does Glucosamine pass in whole through enterocytes at all? And why should a healthy liver not build the needed Glucosamine by itself?

    Here is the article I refer to:
    Here it sometimes sounds like Glucosamine could pass from the stomach directly to the cartilage in the joints by the help of the carrier 2SGLT-1″.
    On the other hand ´ it also says: “According to pharmacokinetic studies, orally administered glucosamine has a plasma concentration 5 times lower than glucosamine given parenterally (intravenously or intramuscularly). The cause is the first-pass metabolism in the liver , which is only subject to oral glucosamine. As part of the first-pass effect, a high proportion of glucosamine is broken down into smaller molecules and ultimately to carbon dioxide, water and urea, so that only a small proportion of glucosamine remains unchanged and is released into the bloodstream [26].”

    It’s contradicting, confusing.
    As I understood, ALL ingested proteins and complex sugars must be deconstructed to simple sugars and single amino acids before they can enter the bloodstream, whereas amimo acids can go there alone and sugars can enter in form of glucagon or pure glucose – and they all go directly to the liver to be used according to demand of the body. Or are there exeptions?

    1. Louisa, this is all theoretical garbage. Chondroitin ar sugars bonded to protein. Digestion breaks them up into amino acids and sugars so when they are absorbed, the body will use them in the manner it best suits it and not necessarily for cartilage repair.
      Instead of wasting your money on those supplements, eat correctly and hydrate. Your cartilage will repair itself because everything your body needs will be available. Love and light.

      1. Ha, thank you, Darko. I do not buy them. I only have some at home from the time before I started with your protocol, and decided to make an experiment, well aware of the risk. But after taking the suggested dose for five days now, they start to ache now and then and feel weaker … also my stomache reacts negative when I take them.
        Everything in my body has become good or much better since I followed your protocol for three months. Only my knee has still a problem: It does not hurt at all, but I can not fully bend it, just to an angle of about 40° and I have no idea, why (exept for having been a glucoholic for more than 50 years). And I wonder how long it will take to improve. But I guess I need to be patient… It did not develop over night so it will take a while to heal.

      2. Louisa, every organ of the body that is mostly supplied with lymph and not by blood circulation heals much slower but it will heal. Three months is not enough for the cartilage to regrow and because hydration is taking the place, your knee does not have the full flexibility yet. It is important that the pain is not present as your knee is healing. Patience, love.

  3. This is off the topic of glutathione, but after reading some of the replies, my curiosity was piqued on a long-forgotten problem–I quit wearing watches because they always stopped working for me.

  4. Thank you, I see. I have no pain at all now – the pain is gone. You write “because hydration is taking the place, your knee does not have the full flexibility yet”. Does this mean that the reason I can not bend it is water in the tissue, which will be replaced as soon as cartilage will regrow? Sounds logical. Fascinating …

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