Vaping. How safe is it to vape?

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Many doctors are promoting vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking.

Many cigaret smokers resort to vaping in an attempt to shake off the need for cigarettes and many young people vape HTC marijuana oil as a safer alternative to smoking marijuana.

Although vaping is less toxic than inhaling the carbon of burnt paper and other chemicals that are inserted into the wrapping cigarette paper, in no way is vaping healthy.

We have to understand that the mucous tissue is a great absorber so it will allow any substance from the vapor to enter the bloodstream.

Often we hear how healthy it is to ingest CBD oil and that our body has CBD receptors which benefit from its presence.

This is not true at all.

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Our biocannabinoid receptors are sensors through which our body regulates certain impulses like sleepiness, hunger, pain, mood, memory…

As I have explained, our body is responding on the cellular level to genetic activity and this activity is a direct response to the environment.

So if our environment is creating problems and ve cannot sleep, or we are always hungry, or we are in pain, blocking the cellular receptors by filling them with artificial chemicals, we are again interfering with bodies autopilot of control and healing.

We can do this to calm the symptoms down, but then we have to stop and let the body to respond with the healing process.

This is not what is being done.

We do not advise the patient what to do after the pain is gone. We just continue selling the antidote saying, this is less toxic.

Not only that this cannot result with healing, this actually contributes to the continuation of the health problem which is the reason we are vaping in the first place.

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This is why no one should be surprised that more and more people end up in hospital in a critical state of their health.

‘It’s Very Scary’: Teen Says Vaping Put Her In A Coma

The damage that is being done creeps in slowly and it is chronic. This means that it becomes more difficult to deal with than if it was addressed correctly in the first place.

Since vaping is offered as a replacement of wrapping-paper it is promoted as being safe which is totally wrong.

Since vaping is presented as a “safe” solution, more and more young people are doing it.

And since marijuana is lately promoted as medicine, those young people are under the impression that vaping THC cannabis oil is actually healthy.

This is why no one should be surprised that the emergency rooms are becoming busier and busier dealing with serious vaping induced problems.

Many times I have mentioned that medicinal = toxic.

When we use medicinal poisons, they interfere with the cellular autopilot of healing and causes more work for the body.

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Medicinal poisons change the environment inside of the body to which genes will react trying to outmaneuver the changes and more disturbance is created.

Although the pain may be gone, and we feel better, the real culprit that has triggered the pain was not addressed and when we stop using the medicinal poison, soon, the pain will return and become stronger.

There is nothing worse for the body then being medicated for prolonged periods.

This allows bodies toxicity to rise uncontrollably and more symptoms of ill health will result from it.

This is actually the reason why chronic health problems occur.

If a health problem, symptom, is addressed correctly when it first manifests itself, no chronic disease would ever take hold of the body.

Anyone thinking that vaping is safe is kidding him/herself. It is a slow death-wish being fulfilled.

From a bad situation, we are going into a much worse situation being unaware of it.

Always keep in mind the fact that for a symptom to manifest, the body has to be in a bad shape, to begin with.

The visible symptom is just the drop that has spilled out.

This is why the type of medicine we have been taught to practice is not a medicine at all.

To help the body, we always have to approach the problem with general healing and not fiddling with the symptom itself.

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This is why is the Self Healers Protocol so powerful and results with healing no matter what chronic disease we are talking about.

Cleansing the blood and then the cellular structure is an absolute must in any healing process.

Presence of any “medicinal” poison will prevent the cellular hydration from occurring so whoever thinks that natural medicinal remedies are creating healing, is fooling himself.

We have left the old world.

We are in the New World now and we have to stop utilizing the tools of the past. They never worked in the first place.

With new times, new knowledge is emerging and we have to start absorbing this new knowledge and start utilizing it.

Welcome to the new Mother Earth. Welcome to Gaya.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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