The Cancer That Keeps Coming Back Again & Again & Again

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Here is an article Mark had sent my way that I want to comment on:

In this article, an American television news journalist talks about her misfortune of having to battle cancer for the second time in her life.

This is not a unique case where cancer has returned.

In a matter of fact, the great majority of cancer patients will have the same experience.

The most common scenario is that while battling one type of cancer, other types of cancer spreads through the body.

Doctors claim that there is a cancer stem cell which causes the problem and the metastasis spreads cancer all over the body.

Now, this makes absolutely no sense for so many reasons.

The first reason why this statement does not make sense is the fact that what we call stem cell, is a not predetermined cell of the body which can be activated to transform itself to any cell of the body.

This means that the same cell, depending on where in the body it becomes activated, will transform itself into a liver cell, or kidney cell, or neuron…

Once the stem cell shows characteristics of the cell in some tissue it ceases to be called a stem cell. It became the cell of that tissue.

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This means that once a stem cell shows characteristics of a cancer cell, it is no longer a stem cell.

Why is this important to understand?

The way doctors explain cancer “stem cell” it implies that the body regularly produces cancer cells but for some reason, they do not become cancer until they become activated.

This is utterly wrong.

For a cancer cell to appear, the previous change of the environment has to occur.

This environment is what will trigger the gene to change the cell’s expression and express itself as a cancer cell.

Once it is a cancer cell, it is no longer a stem cell.

Since it is the environment that triggers the genetic changes, the newly changed frequencies of genes can be detected and oncologists will say that the body has genetic cancer markers.

Now, here comes the conclusion of a brainwashed medical professional. “The best way to deal with cancer is to poison it (chemotherapy, radiation), and then we cut it out from the body (surgery).”

Both of those procedures will further pollute the body (further change the environment into more toxic), and then, everyone is surprised that afterward, more cancer has occurred.

If the toxic environment of the body stimulated the development of cancer, it is to be expected that further poisoning of the body will trigger more cancer. Isn’t that obvious?

Since thinking is suppressed during the schooling process, very few doctors are capable of rational thinking and they simply follow the instructions of their authorities which is cut, burn, and poison type of treatment.

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The case of Gerri Willis is a perfect example of this.

Early treatment of breast cancer had eliminated growing cancer but the body had become more toxic as the result of the treatment.

It was just a matter of time before new cancer shows up somewhere in her body.

Now, a new technique of eliminating cancer is being developed and it involves CRISPR gene editing.

It is just another symptom-oriented treatment where the patient will pay a lot of money for cancer to be eliminated just to show up again in the near future since the environment of the body had not been changed.

Yes, medicine is becoming more and more elaborate, the procedures costlier, but in the end, the number of patients is rising as the result of ever-increasing toxicity.

So what do scientists say about it?

“People live longer, more doctors are needed ” as if every old person has to become sick:

The heart problems are the price of being human, and the longer we live, the more time there is for the heart problems to come to the surface.

This article shows a total disconnect with reality. Those scientists have no clue about how the body works.

It is difficult to say if it was a mistake or if it was a profit-driven decision to treat a healthy woman as if she had cancer.

Cases like this one are not a rarity and they occur because we do not know the truth.

Every disease is a symptom of bodies toxicity and instead to wage a war, we should detoxify the body and change its environment.

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By establishing the correct environment within our body, we are not only healing it, but we are also preventing other symptoms to manifest themselves and we will maintain our youthfulness.

All this talk about the necessity of more doctors and better hospitals and care is a gibberish.

It is the same as talking about better and more sophisticated guns and bombs to win a battle.

If we prevent wars we do not need weapons.

If we prevent diseases from occurring, we do not need medication, doctors, and hospitals.

Wake up, change the way you think, heal yourself physically and mentally.

If you do not know how to go about it, read my books and blog’s, watch my videos, and follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

19 thoughts on “The Cancer That Keeps Coming Back Again & Again & Again”

  1. Darko,

    I figured I would report some of my findings and experiences here for others to read, as well as yourself….For the last year and half my wife has been dealing with some sort of sinus reaction. Her nose was constantly inflamed and she was constantly producing mucus. We are eating a diet of high quality animal foods, local fruits/honey, Spring water that we harvest and store in glass containers, celtic sea salt, and small amounts of vegetables. However, these issues randomly started happening close to over 2 years know. After every meal she would have almost what seemed to be an allergic reaction to the healthiest food you could get your hands on. We tried everything, cutting out certain animal foods and replacing with other animal foods, taking out fruits, adding more sea salt, drinking more water with sea salt, etc….Nothing helped….Yesterday, I decided to conduct an experiment as I was convinced the Celtic Sea Salt may be playing a role in this negative reaction. I took a 1 1/2 tablespoons of celtic sea salt, put it in 1 liter of water, and asked her to begin drinking it slowly. She did this in a fasted state, and had not eaten for over 18 hours. After about an hour she begin to get violently sick, her body began to get the chills, confusion kicked in, and her nose immediately became inflamed and mucus production kicked in — her body was rejecting the sea salt — THIS WAS NO DETOX….I began to quickly replenish her with fresh unsalted water which was a task in itself since she was so sick that she could barley drink.

    We have since removed the celtic sea salt and all her sinus issues have disappeared. In fact, I too developed symptoms of this salt such as body odor and the occasional confusion but both of the symptoms are now gone. I’m convinced this sea salt is 100% TOXIC. We now are unsure what type of salt to use. We resorted to pink Himalayan, which isn’t ideal, but none of us have developed the symptoms that came from the celtic sea salt.

    I figured I would share this information with everyone. Perhaps Darko, or someone else has had a similar experience with this particular type of salt.

    1. Mark, you are not the first one that has discovered that the “Celtic” sea salt you are using is causing toxic effects in your body. Please let us know what sea salt are you talking about so that people stop buying it.
      As it was mentioned in one of the comments, some sea salt sellers are mixing cheap rock salt with sea salt and sell it under the name of Celtic sea salt.
      People had mentioned that when they switched to San Francisco Celtic sea salt that they felt great.
      Avoid Himalayan salt, it is toxic as well.
      Love and light, brother.

  2. The producer is Selina Naturally. Comes in a blue bag and has the highest review ratings – go figure….I will be trying out San Francisco Celtic Sea Salt. Thanks for the reply.

      1. Do you know where I can buy a better sea salt (that ships worldwide)? The only thing I can get in my country is the one from Selina Naturally…
        Could you maybe make a list with salts that are good and which ones to avoid too?

      2. David, many so-called sea salts are coming from mines and they are rock salts and should never be labeled as sea salt.
        Sea salt should be slightly grey but not pigmented and not dirty. If it has sludge on the bottom of the glass it is not good.
        If it has some other color, I would not get it.
        Evaporated seawater leaves white, slightly grey salt.
        I always find local sea salt in every country I go to.
        Do some research and any reader that uses good sea salt, please do mention what sea salt you are using.
        Here in Peru, I am using sea salt from Sechura but I have to go there to get it because on the market it comes only bleached, a government regulation here

  3. O wow! These are the comments that I have missed reading here lately in the comment section. Darko was so encouraging and helped me stay on a 3 day fast to help an ailment I had. I have done it three times since, but did not have the energy or pain relief that I obtained from the first time. It is getting easier and easier to go for three and even almost 4 days, but the last two times I have had a problem for which I was going to donate and talk to Darko about personally. I have trouble swallowing by the third day – painful. The water is almost impossible to drink and then when I resume eating I have to be careful so I don’t choke. The feeling goes away after I resume eating – in about 12-24 hours – but seemed worse this last time – I went 4 days but started eating that evening. I am not having a lot of “post-nasal drip” but it is in that area that I feel discomfort. I did have a lot of head colds and scratchy throats when I was a child and figured this was an area that needed healing – but now I read about the salt, and Selina Natually is what I use. I see that San Francisco Salt Co. has – Sea Salt, (Pure & Natural), French Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel), and French Grey Sea Salt and would love to here any comments if one is better than the other. If I don’t see any comments, I could get a small bag of each to try and then maybe can go bulk. Still have some questions left on my list for Darko, though.


      1. Thanks for redirecting me with that link. I won’t get the salt you mentioned in the article – and I noticed it was pricier, too. I will check on the other two and try one or the other on my next fast. I will post my fast results on that article about sea salt.

  4. Mari,

    All of my wifes symptoms disappeared after removing the selina naturally grey celtic sea salt from her diet. She had terrible allergies symptoms and her nose would constantly be inflamed, congested, or producing massive amounts of mucus…I noticed some negative symptoms from this sea salt as well, just not as pronounced. We have since switched to a local unprocessed sea salt and none of her symptoms have returned even though she is consuming the same amount of sea salt. I personally feel like the grey sea salt is best if you can get a quality brand. As darko mentioned, San fransico sea salt seems to have a quality product.

    1. Darko is not telling you about Silver Colloidal 13.

      Make it. Spray it up your nose. Drink it every hour..if symptoms have not gone bye-bye… They will soon!

      Greatest FIX-ALL of All, today :00))

      [Please post results here]

  5. I am using Celtic Sea Salt brand which I believe is from Selina Naturally as well, but was repacked and named differently in my country. The one I’m using is fine ground. I quite frequent saw grey sediments at the bottom of the glass and thought it was good.

  6. I did try silver, but not that frequently. Maybe I should have started on Day 1 instead of waiting, but the first time I was not expecting it and then the last time, I had forgotten about it till I started noticing the swallowing difficulty and it was like – oh, I forgot, and I tried to go one more day – thinking the area was “healing”, but gave up. I noticed my last batch of salt seems more dry – not moist as it usually is and not as grey. Noticed this one other time, too. Could be allergies right now, not that I thought I ever had any before. My nose was a little “runny” at the time of the fast – post-nasal drip could have made the area raw. It fstill feels a little raw right now – like my sinuses may drain a little but I don’t notice a lot of mucous.

    1. Do not let paranoia to scare you. Those throat problems you have are most likely symptoms of cleansing where increased blood’s toxicity exacerbates an existing problem. Let go of fear and allow your body to do its job, love.

  7. Hi All. Interesting topic. I have been basically doing well with my brand of celtic sea salt, yet want to have it checked. @Darko, please have a look, especially at the amount of sediment – I always thought it was OK (you do not notice when you drink it), but still … isn’t it a little much? I made a video here:

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