Are diabetic amputations the result of inadequate care?


Leg amputee

I know that to the followers of my work, this question is silly because we do not manage diabetes, we do not take care of it, we get rid of it.

For a great majority of people, healing diabetes is impossible because this is what we are being told by our “experts” in the field of “madsin”.

The worlds prominent diabetologists claim that diabetes is an incurable disease and the best that we can do is to monitor our blood sugar and keep it in “normal” levels with drugs that the pharmaceutical industry provides.

In the article Mark had sent me, written by Anna Gorman, it is mentioned that diabetic people from lower income communities are more likely to have their limbs amputated due to diabetes inflicted blood circulatory problems.

Diabetic Amputations A ‘Shameful Metric’ Of Inadequate Care

This implies that less money you spend on the treatments of “managing” your diabetes, the possibility of having your limb amputated is increasing.

According to such reasoning, Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito was a very poor man since his both legs were amputated due to the “complications” of diabetes.

There is this belief that diabetes is the cause of circulatory problems. This is what we are told in the medical school and this is what doctors and another school “educated” people repeat as being factual.

Let us look at what health issues are related to diabetes:

Cardiovascular problems

Nerve damage

Eye damage

Kidney damage

Foot damage

Skin problems

Hearing loss

Alzheimer’s disease


Now, you can have any of those symptoms/diseases without having elevated blood sugar.

This means that elevated blood sugar does not cause those symptoms but if you have elevated blood sugar, most likely you are also going to have a couple or all of the above-mentioned symptoms/diseases as well.

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Stating that diabetes causes circulatory problems is wrong. Diabetes is a symptom/disease and symptoms do not cause diseases.

The same goes for eye damage, kidney damage, and hearing loss, as they are all more related to circulatory problems than to the elevated blood sugar but still, even the blood circulation problems are related to the real culprit which is the cellular toxicity.

Diabetes itself is caused by the increased sugar absorption and the culprit of this is dietary starch (glucose).

Here we can actually use childish reasoning. If you want to maintain a low level of blood sugar, do not eat starches. It is as simple as that.

Once your sugar absorption increases then even fructose from fruits becomes a problem.

Since fructose is what makes sugar sweet but does not cause diabetes, I do not like to blame just any sugar as the culprit of diabetes. Only one sugar increases the absorption of all types of sugars and this is the glucose.

The trick is that glucose is not sweet so no one considers it to be a sugar. We somehow look at it as carbohydrate and we are told by our trusted scientists that starch is a necessary part of our diet.

Our prominent scientists even call glucose the “safe sugar”. What a joke.

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I do not want to repeat things about diabetes so if you are interested to read more about it, read some of my previous articles on this thematic like for example this one:

For those who may disagree with me, just look at what is happening with the heart attacks lately.

Younger and younger people suffer from heart strokes. Many of them do not have diabetes yet their blood circulation is shut.

When no diabetes is present than the bad blood circulation and strokes are attached to another symptom which is the elevated blood cholesterol as this article explains:

Again, to my family and friends, this is a well-known farce.

Elevated cholesterol does not cause any health problems and it is not related to the fat that you consume. It is actually also related to the health issues caused by the wrong diet which is loaded with carbohydrates.

Here again, we have to mention a diet in which carbohydrate is the only source of energy and this is a vegan diet. Obviously, a very unhealthy way of eating.

Going back to diabetes-related amputations, why are they necessary and can they be avoided?

Any surgery is a great assault on the body and causes irreparable damage to the body.

Doctors decide to amputate a limb or a part of it when it dies. Gangrene sets in and the tissue become black.

wound of diabetic foot Stock Photo - 39529181

The cause of it is an inadequate blood supply. The cells become overly acidic and they die.

When there is poor blood circulation, a limited amount of oxygen reaches those cells. If cells are programmed to utilize glucose for energy production, low levels of oxygen do not prevent the energy production since glucose does not need an additional supply of oxygen to produce energy like the fat does, but the CO2 level within those cells increases.

Since a very small amount of oxygen is creating a low relative oxygen pressure, the CO2 cannot be expelled from those cells and cannot be replaced by the oxygen. Those cells start to work anaerobically, similarly to cancer cells.

This allows the organ to continue functioning until most of the cells die and the organ, in this case a limb, turns black.

Before the necrosis sets in, the leg may still look ok but the cells are not functioning properly and if the leg gets damaged, the wound cannot heal. This is a clear sign that the necrosis is setting in.

Glucose is the problem but the cellular toxicity can also be increased through other toxic things in our diet, toxic beauty products we put on our skin, and one of the strongest pollutants of our body are pharmaceutical concoctions we call medicines. Here a special place is given to vaccines.

Other strong poisons that we cannot forget to mention are detergents and especially the fabric softeners.

In the same group, we should include the impregnation chemicals that prevent the fabric from soiling.

The question is now, can necrotic limb be saved and how?

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It is not a good idea to wait until the leg turns black before we decide to do something about it but many people do just that.

Many of my clients go back to eating incorrectly after they start feeling better because they simply cannot believe that eating the “staple food”, the carbohydrates are causing their health problems.

Many of my clients had saved their limbs after they were told that there is no way of saving them, their necrotic legs and toes came back to life but why to wait for this to happen?

Stop “managing” your diabetes, heal yourself. It is easy once you understand the truth about it.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you, my sisters and brothers.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

3 thoughts on “Are diabetic amputations the result of inadequate care?”

  1. I can confirm about heart attacs. In just one year few of people that i know and are younger age have suffer from heart attac, some have die. And they are all men.

  2. darko have you ever used diatomaceous earth? It’s similar to clay but is essentially microscopic fossilized aquatic organisms.

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