Is it surprising that brain tumors are on the rise?

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About 10 years ago I was warning that there will be a dramatic increase of people that will be affected with tumors and the brain tumors, in particular, will start to take the leading role, even when it comes to the children.

This was not difficult to predict once when we know what causes the tumor.

Unfortunately, medical students are being served a bunch of lies so today, most doctors claim that it is inconclusive what causes tumor and this is why it is so difficult to find the cure for it.

This is why before we are going to talk about what is the cause of a tumor, first we have to explain the mechanics behind it.

Yes, it is the mechanics and physics and not the chemistry we are so hanged upon.

The big focus on the chemistry and biochemistry in the school is used to complicate things so that an obviously wrong solution and conclusion can be accepted as plausible even if they do not make any sense when observed in the “real” world.

Every cell in our body has an electric charge which is slightly over 1 volt. If the charge comes down below 0.7 volts and cannot be raised, the cell will take it as a trigger to split itself leaving most of the impurity in the “old” cell and in this way, the remaining half is now cleaner and assumes the work as the “dirty “part is destroyed by the macrophage. We call this cellular proliferation.

The remaining part of the cell being cleaner and less acidic can raise its voltage which will stop the need for further cellular proliferation.

If for some reason, the remaining part cannot raise its voltage, a new cellular proliferation will occur.

This means that the inability to hold an electric charge is creating uncontrollable cellular multiplication and this growth we call the tumor.

How does the cell produce electricity?

Well, when we are talking about energy production by the mitochondria, this is the electricity.

So some of the electricity cells produce from fat and glucose but the majority of energy is produced by our heart and skin and sent to the brain. The brain then classifies it by its frequency and then it supplies all the organs and tissues with the electricity in the appropriate frequency with which various tissues and organs in our body resonate with.

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Those cells in the body that are overly acidic, cannot hold the electric charge so even when they are charged, their voltage quickly goes down. If they receive the electric support of the brain than even those acidic and toxic cells will be able to raise their voltage and maintain it above 0.7 volts which will prevent their proliferation so no tumor occurs.

This means that we can have a very dehydrated and acidic body with dry and wrinkled skin and not experience having a tumor because the brain is correctly supplying the cells with the juice (energy).

If our skin is dry and wrinkled, so are our organs and tissues but no tumor appears because the brain is not compromised and correctly distributes the energy.

If the cells are dehydrated and acidic and if the brain becomes compromised and traps energy, then the uncontrollable proliferation will occur. Where does this proliferation occur depends on the nature of the thoughts since different thoughts resonate with different frequency and this means that the organ that will be affected with a tumor is the one that resonates with the same frequency of the thought that became trapped in our brain.


This is not Dr. Hammer discovery. The relation of cancers with emotions is known for a long time but Dr. Hamer documented over 40 thousand cases to prove its validity and for this, he was persecuted.

Image result for royalty free images of Dr Ryke Hamer

When we are talking about brain tumors we have to know that neurons are not affected, it is the glial cells.

The glial cells are the brain connective tissue which does all of the maintenance from providing the energy to clean up and positioning and separating of the neurons.

There are two major places where we find glia cells.

They are either a part of the brain mass or they are part of the meninges that surrounds the brain.

The most common brain tumor in adults is meningioma which is the tumor of meninges glia cells that surrounds the brain.

What influences this tumor to appear?

As you know from my previous articles and the short recap I have done here, the basic condition for the development of a tumor is toxic dehydrated and acidic cell.

Since the job of the glial cells of meninges is to filter the blood and let only the small particles to go through into the brain circulation itself, most of the toxic load and consecutive acidic problem will happen in glial cells of the meninges.

The older we are, the higher will be the toxic load inside of our cells and this means higher acidity and lower electric charge.

Since it takes time for the cells to get to the highly acidic and toxic level, the problem of holding the electric charge happens as we get older.

Because we are living in an increasingly toxic environment and we are getting poisoned systematically, we are reaching this toxic state earlier and earlier in our age. This is why younger and younger people start developing brain tumors.

To this brains acidity, you ad the emotional factor of feeling abandoned, useless and unwanted and now you have electric shut down and the glioma cells do not get the energetic support from the heart.

People that are physically active and happy, and eat correctly, do not develop brain tumors.

In children, the most common brain tumor is the tumor of the glial cells of the connective tissue.

How come that the glial cells of children are in a worse state of toxicity than their glial cells of meninges or the glial cells of the connective brain tissue of older people?

Image result for royalty free images of children with a brain tumor

Obviously, children are being poisoned with something hat is very small and is filtered through the meninges.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the nanoparticles of aluminum that are used in vaccines and in many pharmaceutical and skincare products.

Children are being poisoned from the time they take their first breath. I have seen nurses placing the baby formula in their mouth. Once the baby tastes the sugar it will reject the mother’s milk and it will be hooked on the toxic baby formula.

Detergent for washing baby clothes and especially fabric softeners are highly toxic and mothers love soft things for their babies and abuse them.

All of those products will cause toxic effect and consequential cellular dehydration but the real danger that will affect the brain glia connective tissue cells in the brain comes from the microwave radiation, the WIFI signal.

We are being told that our cellular telephones do not produce sufficient power to destroy our DNA.

The thing is not in the destruction of DNA because in that case, we would die instantly.

When our cells are exposed to microwave energy, they go into the stress mode. The fight and flight mode as Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it.

When in this mode, our cells do not hydrate and do not do their usual work. Since young children play with cellular telephones, their brains are in the stress mode and kids are persistent and can play for hours. The result of this is cellular acidity of the glia cellular connective brain tissue.

There is no wonder that a great majority of children’s brain cancers are gliomas of the connective brain tissue.

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The standard procedure of how to deal with brain cancer is the all mighty cut-burn-poison method of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.

If the main reason why the tumor has developed is toxicity, how the hell can more toxicity heal the body?

Obviously not.

The standard treatment for tumors is actually designed to prevent the body from healing because what it really does is it destroys the immune system of the body and increases its toxic load. Now not only that the reparation is impossible but the toxic level of the body has risen and more tumors will appear.

This is exactly what is happening and every doctor knows it and continues to comply with the politics of “madsin”.

The correct approach is done by cleansing the body and repairing the gene expression.

If you do not know how to do this, follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Also, find the emotional baggage and deal with it and the tumor will disappear.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

14 thoughts on “Is it surprising that brain tumors are on the rise?”

  1. Simply amazing f&*%king article!

    In case you are asleep.. or from another planet – There is DARKO….. and over there, is everyone else.

    Send Darko your love and $25. -He just saved your life and he also saved you from a seemingly eternity of torture once mainstream medicine gets hold of you.

    My neighbor decided to go under “doctors-care” for heart and inflamed prostate… 7 months later he’s 60 lbs heavier (he looks like a sausage about to burst out of its skin!), and completely unable to do anything 🙂 Right there is the whole “Care-Issue” in a nutshell… You die FAT and IN A SH*#-LOAD OF PAIN.


    1. Mark, I am now helping a 12 year young kid who lives in Lima. He has a brain tumor and after destroying his body with surgery, chemo poisoning, and radiation, they have sent him home to die. He was on automatic pump to control his pain with morphine, he was vomiting and using “medication” to make him feel better.
      When he started on Self Healers Protocol he vomited for several days and had profound diarrhea that had an foul smell. It took him a week to start holding water and start hydrating. Now in the third week his pain is gone and no more poisoning with morphine and pills of any kind but as he was damaged by surgery his mind is affected and behaves irrationally. It is now difficult for his parents to force him to drink because he became more alert and responsive, he refuses to drink water with sea salt and throws fits.
      I am not sure if his body can recuperate because what surgeons destroy, the body cannot fix.
      We are going to see what happens but it was interesting to see the amount of toxins that left his body and most of them came from medical treatments, brother.

  2. Thank you darko I put this article in my favorite list but I need you to explain how the organ that will be affected with a tumor is the one that resonates with the same frequency of the thought that became trapped in our brain ?

    1. Karim,everything in our reality is based on energy represented in various frequencies. The brain is programmed to present those frequencies to us in a form of images. Those images we can call symbols. This means that a thought is also a symbol that represents something.
      For example if you lie and feel bad about it, you are breaking your integrity. Your skin represents integrity of your body so symbolically it has the same frequency and with this emotion of feeling a guilt about lying you can interfere with the frequency getting into your skin and develop a skin cancer if your skin cells are already toxic and dehydrated.

  3. Darko what causes chocolate cravings? I eat 100 percent dark no sugar but when I go a few days without it I feel less sharp and almost like my brain is dull. Intresestigly, my thirst increases when I stop eating it. When I do eat it, I’m not as thirsty…is it toxic? Its extremely hard to give up and I feel it enhances my focus and makes me very calm…longest I can go is a few days before giving into cravings.

    1. Mark, it is your mind brother. I have the same problem and chocolate prevents the cellular hydration and your body wants to eliminate it so it actually creates a diuretic effect.
      Since it prevents the cellular hydration, it stops cellular cleansing so you drink less.
      Here you can see with your own observation that the chocolate stops cellular hydration so whenever you hear some child (no matter how old) that chocolate is healthy, you know that they are brainwashed and only repeating “scientific” stories.
      Chocolate makes you calm same as any sugar or neuron suppressing drug.

  4. Thank you darko but there is another question that came into my mind
    if tumor occur by lack of energy how tumor get the energy to grow ?

    1. Karim, mostly from glucose that we eat but also from destroying the muscles and turning them in glucose (cachexia). This is why people become very skinny.

  5. Are tumors the same as cysts? My girlfriend keeps having cysts on her chest, and the doctor told her to avoid food with lots of fat. I didnt think fat was bad.

    1. Chris, your girlfriend should ditch her doctor and talk to me.
      The cyst has a purpose which is the same as the one of a tumor. It occurs when the blood is toxic to protect an organ and yes, it can and often does progress into a tumor, especially if it was ruptured what mammograms and autopsies often do.
      Cleanse the blood and the cysts disappear brother.

      1. How does mammogram rupture cyst?

        Seems like women would be aware of this – and on top of it?..

      2. MB, they squeeze the breast so hard that it hurts and sometimes the existing cyst .bursts. Some women refuse mammograms because of the pain they inflict.

      3. Im still worried about my girlfriend. Healthcare in Honduras is so poor. She’s not even 30 years old and gets fatigue, headaches, pain, and today she got dizzy and collapsed. Her blood pressure was 80/40, and doctor said dehydration. At first i thought stress because she hates her job, but now i worry that its cancer or a tumor, but she hasnt had an MRI or CT. I keep telling her to get in touch with you, but she just uses the public healthcare in honduras. I bet Honduras is full of glyphosate.

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