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Many people will experience a white tongue syndrome at some point in their lives.

 Whenever we feel sick, have fever, sweats or cold, the first thing that our doctor would ask is to show him/her our tongue.

Very often when we  have a fever, our tongue is going to have a pale look with what seems a white covering, but sometimes the white coating can have geometric structure and it may look like it is caused by a cellular buildup.

 Since the white discoloration can be presented in different geometric patterns, our prominent scientists gave it various labels not knowing exactly what is the cause of any of this types of white expressions of the tongue.

 By saying that you have a geographic tongue syndrome, or leukoplakia, or oral thrush…they are basically describing the form of the whiteness without knowing much about what is the culprit and why is this appearing?

Often bacteria and fungus can be found in an excess so they are blamed as the culprit that causes this situation.

Are they really causing this syndrome of the white tongue?

Of course not, but yes, they can be present and since the colony of bacteria or fungus produce a lot of toxicity, they will worsen the symptoms and make it look worse.

Pathogens in our body do not consume healthy tissue. They actually help with the cleanup. They are fisting on the toxic debris but they produce toxic residues which will affect our cells negatively.

They simply increase the toxic load in that area and since the symptoms we have are caused by toxicity, the symptoms will become worse.

Since people, in general, eat incorrectly and load their system with dietary glucose,their body is acidic and the perfect environment is created to support the life of fungus.

This is why Candida is so common pathogen and most people are supporting a great number of Candida in their bodies.

Many women suffer from vaginal secretion and cough caused by them.

It is important to understand that no pathogen would be living in our body if there was no food available and their food becomes available when we eat incorrectly.

We are not being told the truth and instead of being guided in proper nutrition, we are purposely being told the wrong things so that we increase thetoxic load in our body and create an environment soothed to microbial growth. Then we are told that we need medication to get better. It is always about the war. The fittest will survive and this is not so.Life is about a cooperation, helping one another for a common benefit.

So why does the tongue become white?

The tongue has mucous protection and mucosa is made of membranes loaded with protein.

When the protein is well hydrated it is transparent. For example, the lens of an eye is made of well-hydrated protein and it is transparent.

If the protein becomes dehydrated, the protein fibers become white and visible. This is the real cause of cataract.

We are told all kind of nonsensical reasons why cataract develops from the old age,trauma, exposure to UV radiation…. and the real culprit is dehydration which no one is mentioning. No wonder they cannot cure it.

 When the mucous tongue covering dehydrates it makes a white film over the tongue. The protein simply becomes visible, that’s all there is to it.

If the cells that form the epithelium of the tongue becomes dehydrated, then the cells themselves start to show their protein and this can and usually does happen in a certain pattern. Most of the time it creates circles,ovals or straight lines.

What influences those patterns and why patterns occur?

The only explanation that I have for this is the realization that everything that we experience and see is a product of vibration. Different frequencies in a different medium will create distinguish geometric patterns.

Here, again we are venturing into a field of quantum mechanics so that we can explainthe symptoms of our body.

According to the environment, the frequency will change and the pattern will be formed according to this frequency.

As you can see, the pattern can tell us if there is a Candida, or bacteria, or just uniform inflammation because all those things create different frequencies so adequate manifestation will follow.

The most important thing is to realize that the real culprit is a dehydrated protein and the cause of this is most likely toxicity which prevents the cellular hydration.

Since the toxicityis the problem, there is no surprise that the symptom may evolve into more serious problem including cancer, but saying that the white tongue syndrome may create cancer is a foolish thing to say. One symptom cannot be the cause of another symptom. They are both just symptoms of different levels of toxicity and changes in the frequency.

If you have a white tongue, go and hydrate with water and sea salt. This will also allow cleansing to take the place and your body will heal.

Remember that no matter how insignificant the symptom may be, when the symptom is manifesting itself, the whole body is very toxic so you better listen to your body, and do something about it.

As you can see, thing as different from what we are made to believe.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.


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