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Whenever someone requests the Self Healers Protocol, I strongly recommend that I should be informed with everything that is happening especially during the first 2-3 months of being on the protocol.

Why do I do that?

Because before the healing phase can take its place, the hydration and cleansing are what is happening and both of those things do show symptoms.

Symptoms are basically the physical aspects of changes that the body is going through during this period of time.

Depending on the level of the dehydration and the amount of time that the body was dehydrated, certain changes took place through the genetic adjustment of the cellular structure to such water depleted environment.

Those changes were slow since the cellular dehydration is a slow process and the gradual cellular readjustments went without presenting any symptoms which would alert us of this taking the place.

Since the Self Healers Protocol is calibrated for the fastest possible hydration, the changes in the body happen rapidly and they are followed by the symptoms which are the reflection of the changes of the environment in the body.

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The changes are so fast that strong symptoms start showing up as soon as 24 hours after starting the implementation of the Protocol.

The first symptoms resemble the symptoms of flu. In the matter of fact, flu is nothing else than a bunch of symptoms that indicate a cleansing on the blood which I had mentioned in some of my previous articles.

This is why when a phloem with a cough, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle ache, fever, and joint pains occur, we can easily understand that the elimination of toxic elements being expelled from our blood with a water causes such a reaction in our body.

After all, all those acids as they are eliminated from the blood with the mucous end up in our lungs, our stomach and intestines where they irritate the tissue causing all of those previously mentioned symptoms.

The question I am being asked by many people is, “what are the symptoms of an emotional cleansing?”

After strolling through the Internet, you will see that most people are saying that it is enough to become aware of the emotion that lingers around, addresses it and let it go.

Well, this may be so in some cases but there are many obstacles in-between.

For one, we often are not aware what is the emotion which is causing the stagnation of our energy. So if you do not know the cause, you cannot address it nor you can release it.

On the other hand, we are seldom talking about only one emotion. The emotional body of humans is very strong and every emotion can be the reason of a stagnation of our energy.

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Dr. Hamer believes that emotions are the basic cause of every chronic health problem.

When Dr. Keshe was asked why did God create so many diseases, he replied that God has nothing to do with it. The diseases are simply reflections of our emotional state and God did not take in consideration how those emotions will affect human health.

Many times I have mentioned that the reason of us having the three-dimensional experience of “reality” is to be able to experience the creation through our emotions. As spirits, we know everything because we are a part of the creator, but the same as the creator himself, we do not have the emotional experience of the creation. We can get this experience only by materializing ourselves since our emotional body is directly related to our physical body. This is why we cannot have emotions as spirits. The only spiritual emotion is LOVE.

Whenever someone claims that he/she is chosen by God, has no idea of what they are talking about. This is simply the brain talking since God is a spiritual (conscience) energy with only one emotion which is pure love.

All the other emotions are products of the brain and they are related mostly to the fear because the brain is programmed to fear every change.

Whenever something happens to us, whenever we think about something, we always become more or less emotional about it. We attach our emotion to it.

Because of our polarity and the high level of fear we became very emotional beings.

We have so strong emotional energy that the extraterrestrial beings are always warning us that before they can have a contact with us, we have to control our emotion and calm down because they do not understand those strong emotions and they may misinterpret them as a threat directed to them.

Since most of the emotions are fear-based, we often suppress them. As such, those emotions linger and create interference with our energetic fields. This interference causes the same problems as a toxin would in our body.

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Now when you understand the emotional impact on our body you can realize that cleansing of those emotional energies will provoke the same symptoms as if the body was eliminating chemical pollutants.

It may look a bit strange that someone would actually vomit while releasing a saturated field of emotions but this is exactly what happens.

When someone is releasing one emotion or a weak field of emotional energies, they can be released through the breath without creating any symptom. This is like the standard daily cleanse of the blood through the urine when there is enough water in the blood. No symptoms other than a color in the urine.

Since the basic cleansing goes through our lungs, our breath becomes saturated with them but because we do not have installed a physical aspect of emotions in our brain, we can not physically perceive them as visible objects.

As the toxic emotional load increases, the cleansing will be distributed to all of the cleansing organs including the skin.

The way to understand this better is looking at the thing through the eyes of a quantum mechanics.

In the reality of the quantum field, materialistic three-dimensional things do not exist.

An apple is just a specific frequency of pulsation. Same is with everything else that we experience as our three-dimensional reality. Our brain processes those frequencies and dependent on its programming, it presents them to us as objects. This means that our cells do not perceive them as such. Our cells do not have brain programmed the same way as we do, and all that they react to are the energies in the field of their environment. This is what stimulates the telomeres and makes all of the necessary adjustments for the cells to be able to survive. As the frequencies of the energy changes, so does change the vibration on telomeres and with it the gene expression. It is all about the frequency of the energy in the first place.

Our emotions are also energy frequencies which are produced by our brain. There is no program in the brain to present them in a physical way as a matter. This is why we cannot see them but we can feel them. We know that they are there.

Those emotional energies can make us cry, they can make us yell or shake with fear. They can also melt us with kindness, understanding, and love.

If those emotions are suppressed we are not consciously aware of them so we cannot consciously release them and they are creating a havoc in our body.

Once those emotions are released, they can create such strong symptoms as we would experience with a food poisoning. They are toxic energies and our body will eliminate them exactly the same way as it does eliminate a toxic energy of poisonous food or accumulated acids.

To our cells, there is no difference between the frequencies of toxic food or toxic emotions. They are all just fields of different frequencies and our body eliminates them in exactly the same way.

Here in the Amazon region of Peru, healers utilize many different plants to release the emotional energies and the strongest way is through the ayahuasca ceremony.

It is amazing how sick can one become during the emotional cleanse but afterward, a great relief and peace are experienced. Often diseases heal rapidly after those cleanses have been performed as the energy flow through the body is reestablished.

We have to learn to control our emotions and eliminate them as soon as they are no longer necessary.

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Animals do this by vigorously shaking their body. We can do the same.

Do not hold those emotions in. Scream if you have to but let them go as you become aware of them.

If you have a tough time dealing with them, you are always welcome to visit us here in Peru and we are going to help you eliminate those emotions and show you how not to accumulate them ever again.

Love and light to us all.



  1. There is a Dr. in Victoria Canada that uses a old Hindu hyperventilating technique to release blocked emotion (energy)the theory is to bypass the intellect to allow the emotion s to release, healing was often successful but often returned as he revered to this as the dark night,with no consideration for diet and hydration,etc i assume the program was incomplete and is the real reason for the relapse, thanx darko

    • Hi Tom. In India they use breathing technique for cleansing as well.
      The ayahuaskera Christine has people purging themselves before doing the ayahuasca ceremony and people can chose to do it through respiration or drinking tobacco tea.The respiration technique is an hour and half of deep stomach breathing. Some people cry, some get diarrhe, some vomit, some burp. It all depends on the pollution and a lot of it has an emotional base to it.

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