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In the past, there were people with God’s given ability to heal other people.

Most of the healers did their healing work by utilizing a variety of medicinal plants and their own capacity to heal others by utilizing their own energy in this process.

This has changed dramatically especially in the last 100 years and now, such healers are laughed upon by the scientific world and only a government licensed person can not only perform the curring, but only a government licensed person can use the terminology reserved for the licensed people or there will be consequences.

Since the governments took the charge over the health of its population, the number of sick people has skyrocketed. Not only that almost every human over the age of 40 has some kind of health issue, but the number of known diseases had also increased exponentially and it is still increasing as we speak.

New diseases are popping up daily and many are still waiting to be named (labelled) as the alphabet is running out of possible combinations so numbers are being used to broaden the scope.

This abundance of diseases requires a special approach so many specialties have developed in the field of medicine.

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Now we have surgeons, family doctors, pediatricians, endocrinologists, oncologists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, diabetologists, neurologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, and on and on we go.

Every specialist is considered to be an expert in its field. The absolute guru.

Is it really so? Are those highly esteemed experts really the ultimate authority in their field of expertise?

Authority for sure because their word is what counts in front of the maritime law but as far as their knowledge is concerned, there is abundant evidence that it is not so.

I have met many diabetologists who suffer from diabetes.

Many cardiologists suffer from hypertension.

Many ophthalmologists wear glasses

Many internists suffer from fatty liver syndrome…

It is more than obvious that our prized experts know nothing about the subject of their expertise.

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In the mids of the ever-expanding number of diseases, some “fantastic” discoveries are taking the place.

For example, in Sweden, they have noticed that people who had their appendix removed will have a lower occurrence of Parkinson’s disease or the disease will be postponed for a couple of years:


Instead of researching how the food affects our gut and realizing the toxicity of so-called healthy meal loaded with plants that contain pectins, oxalate, dietary glucose and other poisons that destroy our gut and with it our health, the investigation is aimed at appendix itself. I guess it is more important to make money from appendix surgeries to support this stupid faulty theory than to actually find the culprit and heal the body.

Now the scientific idiots are starting general decoding project in which they want to map the complete genetic structure of all life on this planet:


This shows, again and again, the brainwashed status of scientists who ignore the fact that our Milky Way is undergoing frequency changes which will change the whole genetic programming in all life on our planet and all planets in our galaxy.

This means that their gene mapping will be a great museum piece since everything will change soon beyond the recognition.

The total ignorance of what is happening in the Universe all around us is a clear demonstration of scientific ignorance and those are the people we are supposed to trust with our lives. How ironic and sad.

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Instead of focusing on the reparation of what went wrong, why we do not focus on preventing the wrong from happening in the first place?

Well, how can you prevent something from happening when you have absolutely no idea why it is happening in the first place.

This is another proof that our esteemed scientists know absolutely nothing of value.

To prevent a health problem from occurring we would first have to know what causes it and once we would know this, then even the healing part would be as simple as a stroll in the park.

That this is so, I can prove it to anyone who is willing to give it a try.

By applying the Self Healers Protocol one can help their body to heal but the Self Healers Protocol is much more than this.

Since the protocol is based on a completely new way of understanding the working of the human body it can not only be used for healing purposes but it is even more effective in preventing any health problem from occurring.

This is why, if you are concerned about your health and if you want to prevent any chronic health issue from occurring, do not wait until your body starts to exhibit symptoms of failing health.

If you want to prevent cancer, hepatitis, kidney failure, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, failing eyesight, rheumatism, arthritis, fatty liver, myalgia, cysts, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, hypertension, heart failure…..from ever affecting your life simply star following the Self Healers Protocol and you will be amazed.

Now you know why there is no medical specialist for prevention of diseases. Vaccination does not cut the mustard since it is a fake practice that bears no results other than artificially manufactured and publicized statistics.

No doctor whose knowledge is based on the information received in the medical university understands the human body and the reasons why its health is failing. What you do not understand you cannot heal and you cannot prevent from occurring.

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All medical licenses should be revoked and burned, and every death of a patient should be investigated and those who contributed to its death should be persecuted in front of the natural law.

If you are diabetologist and suffer from diabetes, you obviously do not know anything about diabetes. So how can you prevent it from happening or heal it?

If you are urologist and impotent or have inflamed prostate or cancer, there goes your license because you do not know anything about your field of expertise.

If you are a cardiologist and suffer from bad blood circulation, hypertension or clogged arteries, you are a fraud and not a healer.

I bet if we would strip of a license every medical doctor who suffers from related health problem of their expertise, a great majority of the medical licenses ever issued would be revoked.

Is anybody even surprised at this claim? I bet you not.

So why do we continue to tolerate this failing rotten system?

Because it is supported by big money and enforced by an army of armed men we call the police, FBI, CIA, Interpol……

It is time for this system to collapse. Humanity has to be free to be able to prosper.

Fortunately, a big change is underway and soon the seemingly impossible will happen.

Love and light to us all.

Image result for royalty free images of healers


3 comments on “Why there is no PREVENTION MEDICINE?

  1. Absolutely agree! I remember reading an article years back that on average a medical doctor’s life span was around 56 years old. How sad is that? It’s a crime they were all taught wrong about health and how to cure people by merely thinking pushing drugs on patients will be the magic bullet. I truly believe they are slowly awakening and some are learning alternative methods that work. It’s a slow process but the hundred monkey syndrome works!

  2. Nice article darko,..I’m still curious about your experiments with copper. Why experiment with ionic copper and not zinc? Many talk about there being too much copper in diet, especially in vegan and vegetarian diets. There also the talk about unavailable copper in the body causing which can cause symptoms of copper toxicity. It would be interesting to hear more about this from you.

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