SALT-CHOLESTEROL-GLUCOSE The basic elements of deception in medicine

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In the movie Chicago, there is a great line.

When a wife finds her husband in the bed with two women she confronts her husband after he told her that he is in the bed alone. Then the husband replies, “what will you believe, what you see or what I am telling you, love?”

This is so ridiculous that it is funny but this is the closest thing that demonstrates how we are all treated by this system we live in and are told to trust.

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There are many instances wherein the science things do not add up but we accept them because we are told to do so.

Some of the claims are so ridiculous that no sane person would be able to agree with them. Because of it, studies are produced to convince us into accepting those nonsenses as truths.

These tactics form the base of the so-called medical science where we are tricked into believing things which are in direct conflict to what we can actually see.

In this article, I will address three of such claims.

Let me start with one misconception that is very obvious and easy to debunk by anyone and that is the claim that ingestion of salt creates hypertension.

Every time I mention that we have to drink water with sea salt in it, the first response is, “and what about my hypertension?”.

No matter if I am talking to a person with average knowledge or a medical “expert” the same question pops up.

Where does this idea that salt raises the blood pressure comes from and does this statement bare any truth?

We are lectured about the salt in schools and no one knows more about it then your doctor so this is what he will tell you:

or let us hear directly from the “experts” from HARVARD school

There is no need to mention more articles on salt because they will be all the same since they come from approved and controlled science.

What is surprising is the fact that a simple test can debunk it all but no one is paying any attention.

Unless the information is approved by the “science”, it is false.

We are told that kidneys cannot balance the sodium and more salt you have, the higher will be your blood pressure since the salt absorbs the water.

How difficult is it to ingest some salt and see if the blood pressure rises?

Hypertension cartoons, Hypertension cartoon, funny, Hypertension picture, Hypertension pictures, Hypertension image, Hypertension images, Hypertension illustration, Hypertension illustrations

People with “normal” blood pressure can eat as much salt as they want and the blood pressure will remain the same so whom do you trust. Do you trust what you have been told or do you trust what you can see for yourself?

We are told that kidneys cannot regulate sodium.

Eat salt and try your urine. More salt you will eat the saltier will be your urine, so what will you trust? What you have been told or what you can see?

The science says that drinking water with salt is especially dangerous and if you are thirsty, never drink sea water or you will get convulsions and die. If you are stranded at sea, drink your urine instead.

I drunk seawater for a week and I was perfectly ok, but you do not even have to do this to debunk this theory.

Every diver knows that the longer you dive the more often you have to urinate. The sea water is absorbed into the blood through the skin and your kidneys will flush it out together with the access of the salt. The urine will be extremely salty.

Every diver feels great after diving because they cleanse their blood every time they dive.

So what do you trust, the science or what you see?

I do not want to Talk About the potassium now because the whole article can be just on this topic. All lies and deceptions.

Instead, let us talk about Cholesterol.

How many times have you been told by your doctor not to eat eggs?

Lately, doctors cannot suppress the knowledge of observation so they warn us not to have too many eggs during a week like this message from HAVARD:

How many times have you been told not to eat pork or any fat from meat especially if you have high cholesterol or cholesterol-related health problems?

Here you have a resume of 10 foods not to eat because of the cholesterol levels they possess:

You will notice that you are always warned not to eat the white stuff, the fat, and if you want to eat meat have it with the least amount of the white fat.

Cholesterol cartoons, Cholesterol cartoon, funny, Cholesterol picture, Cholesterol pictures, Cholesterol image, Cholesterol images, Cholesterol illustration, Cholesterol illustrations

This is again a moron preaching medicine, and do not be surprised if that moron is your trusted health guru.

The cholesterol is a building block of cells and many hormones in the body. So you will find most of the cholesterol in the meat itself. The white fat you have been told not to eat is actually a triglyceride. It has nothing to do with cholesterol.

Not only that those parrots have forgotten that cholesterol cannot be absorbed and breaks down into a fatty and nucleic acids before it is absorbed into the intestinal wall, they ignore the fact that intestines will bond the fatty acids to either the protein to form cholesterol, or to glycerol and form triglyceride before releasing the fat into the bloodstream.

This way the intestines regulate the amount of cholesterol in the blood only fulfilling the cellular demand in this way controlling not only how much cholesterol will be produced but also what type of cholesterol will be manufactured.

The only time the liver has to do this job is when we do not eat enough animal fat or when we are fasting unless we eat incorrectly.

When we eat dietary glucose, then the liver has to transform the sugar into fat and bond it to the protein. A lot of work for the liver that normally occurs in the intestinal wall when we eat correctly.

So when you eat lean meat, you get fewer calories so you have to eat more of it. This means that you will get more cholesterol than if you had a fatty piece of meat loaded with triglycerides.

I bet, no one has ever told you this before.

This is because nobody thinks, they all just repeat the nonsense we are told and in time forget the true science behind it wondering how is it possible that peoples cholesterol does not rise when they consume animal fat.

Not that this has any impact on the cholesterol in our body since it will be broken up the digestion but I have mentioned it just for the fun of it.

In any case, eating eggs and pork lowers blood cholesterol because simply it is the correct food. Fewer carbs one eats, the healthier he/she will be. This will lower the cellular cholesterol demand and less cholesterol will be produced and sent into the blood.

So what do you believe, what you can see or what you have been told?

This brings me to the third nonsense which is the “necessity” to have carbohydrates in our diet.

Even those who are awakening, cannot accept the fact that dietary glucose is not only unnecessary, but it is flat out poisonous for any animal including the human body.

The fact that chronic diseases do not occur in nature and that wild animals live 25-35 times their adolescent period, goes by undetected. No “prominent scientist” ever acknowledges this fact but a brief observation proves it.

When dietary glucose is given as food to animals, those animals start to show the same health problem which humans are suffering from.

Image result for Royalty free images of fat dogs

One does not have to be an expert to see this. All we have to do is to observe and think about what we see. I guess this is too much for prominent scientists to do. They are to busy falsifying their final studies to be able to drum up contributions and have their egos stroked:

Everyone who had followed the Self Healers Protocol has experienced great improvements in health and revitalization. Not only humans but the domestic animals are benefiting from it so,

what do you trust, what you can see or what you have been told?

With love for humanity, love, and light to us all.

Mark and Angy, thank you for the articles you’ve sent my way.


8 comments on “SALT-CHOLESTEROL-GLUCOSE The basic elements of deception in medicine

  1. Darko, it is a pleasure sending you the articles. There is no one better than you whom debunks them perfectly!
    I have never felt this good in my entire life! I have your self healers protocol to thank!
    Ever since day 1 of starting your protocol, I never cheated once because just one cheat is not worth me suffering simply so I can mould into society.
    I am me, just one person. I am not a society. Nor do i ever want to be! Thank goodness for people like you who are here to teach us to be ourselves, and say it how it is!

  2. I notice if I just drink sea salted water (about 1/4 tsp per liter) begin to crave plain water. I just start to feel incredibly thirsty. Should I.just keep drinking salted water?

    • Mark, your body is starting to hydrate so it is asking for more water and since no hydration is possible without minerals you have to continue to provide the through the sea salt.
      Increase the salt to 1/2 teaspoon per litre of water.
      As soon as there is enough water in your blood, the detoxification of the blood will start and this comes with its symptoms so hold on tight brother.

  3. Hi Darko!
    In your opinion the brand Celtic sea salt is safety for eat, drink?

    I read that more than 90 % of salts sold across the world contain micro-plastics,with the highest levels found in sea salt..

    • Mike, it was brought to my attention that some Celtic salts are not that good. If you can get a sea salt from France or Spain.
      Also check with veterinary supply and see if they have sea salt for animals. This is usually a good stuff brother.
      Do not worry about plastics because when you are well hydrated, your body will ex-pulse them.

  4. Thought you would like to see this, Darko. A young woman had multiple organ failure after being prescribed an antiobiotic. Its online all over the place.

    “Katie Hnida was prescribed a common antibiotic and then suffered a rare reaction when her liver shut down, her kidneys failed and her bone marrow quit functioning, along with her blood not clotting, which caused uncontrollable bleeding.”

    Yikes. Doctors used to give me augmentin (amoxicillin) whenever I had strep throat. I never want to take that stuff again.

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