Mainstream mad/sin=Healthcare ARE YOU JOKING?

This is a crime!!!

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As I was growing up in Europe, first Czechoslovakia and then Yugoslavia the only medical help that was available was the government-run medical service where all of the doctors had to be government licensed and have passed the same curriculum of the medical university.

There was no choice in this matter as only those who graduated the Medical University could provide a health advice or treatment.

Whenever the government is involved, we are in the mercy of a brainwashed system where creative thinking is forbidden. There is only a book of rules that have to be followed and the only thing that can swing the pole is a bribe.

This is why most of the politicians and those that hold important government positions are wealthy. They have all managed on a small salary to “save” millions.

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In Yugoslavia, one could not be a salesman in a store if they did not finish the indoctrination school and got their license to do this job.Similar situation is in all European countries.

The United States of America was the exception because they were the least regulated in the “modern” world and one can do many jobs without the necessity of having a state-issued license for it. This is what made it flourish and be so desirable.

This was changing drastically since the early 80es and more and more regulations were implemented. The USA was being transformed into a communist state which is completely run by political bureaucrat which in the US they call the deep-state which is basically the Demonic or as officially it is called the Democratic Party.

Whenever something is planned to stick it to the people, it is pushed through the government officials and they approve whatever gives them money in their pockets.

This is how we come to countless regulations and rotten society. Almost in all of the countries of the world, those governments are used to push the agenda of the Evil Cabal and it is done through the indoctrination system we call education which is under the control of those corrupt government officials.

This is how the nonsensical faulty knowledge of medical professionals was established and governments are supposed to regulate it. Good luck Chuck!

As the people themselves noticed that doctors simply do not know what is going on, more and more people are looking for the answers elsewhere.

This is not only undermining the medical establishment but also the pharmaceutical industry since the alternative healers realize the dangers of the pharmaceutical drugs and they use other means and methods in healing.

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As more and more people look for alternative help, the established medical and pharmaceutical Mafia are bribing the officials to regulate medicine even further.

If a licensed doctor realizes the truth and starts to heal his/her patients, he/she are stripped of the medical license and forbid to treat people.

The rate of their success in healing is not an issue, it is the principal. You stay stupid and ignorant and do as you have been told and everything is ok, no matter that all of your patients are miserable, sick, and dying.

This is how we come to today’s medical standards. So when grownup people continue visiting and trusting their doctors even after they see no positive changes, it is their fault and their ignorance but things change when babies and children are in question.

When a 5-month-old baby was brought to me all inflamed with a cracking skin resembling a boiled lobster my wife and I could not hold our tears. And when the child’s mother told us that this is very common in Canada where she is from and doctors say that the child will outgrow it, I almost snapped.

Those idiots with inflamed egos will let the child be in pain until they grow out of it?

It took only 3 weeks for the inflammation to disappear and in a month the baby was playing happily with a big smile on its face. All that it took is a bit of knowledge which is absent in medical books and demonized by the medical science, which is water with sea salt so that the baby can hydrate and cleanse from all of the poisons they injected in it and gave it as a food in those toxic baby formulas.

Mark had just sent me a couple of articles of new health issues children are suffering now in the “civilized” world.

One is about a polio-like syndrome, any surprise there?

They call it an acute flaccid myelitis that causes a muscle weakness and paralysis.

Doctors do not know what is going on. This is normal because it cannot be further suppressed with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs so the virus is the way out and maybe they can profit further on some more toxic vaccines.

Those poor toxic children have no immune system to speak off and further poisoning with the pharmaceutical poisons will definitely be counterproductive. At least the next generation, if there will be survivors, can be blamed on a genetic flaw of their parents.

This article:

is about children being infected with adenovirus and dying from it in hospital. No difference there.

It is the same story only the culprit has changed. Everything else stays the same.

Doctors are unable to do anything to help and we are trusting those idiots and the system that allows them to operate?

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

How about this one wherein the UK hospital a child is borne perfectly healthy, then it is jabbed with the hepatitis B vaccine (which no one is mentioning) and after the baby reacts to the vaccine, doctors put the blame on the herpes virus to cover their crime:

Did they ever realize what the vaccines are doing to those unfortunate children? They must have, but their greed is stronger than their conscience.

What’s even worse is the fact that we are not allowed to ask for medical help anywhere else. It is the official medicine full of idiots and greedy bastards, or nothing.

No wonder Bush is in the wheelchair, Hilary supported by a prosthesis, Rockefeller died after 5th heart transplant…they had cut off the branch they were sitting on.

You repeat the lie enough and you start to believe in it.

Well, loved Yugoslavian dictator, Josip Broz Tito was killed by his doctors. He suffered from diabetes so they cut his legs off before he died and they call it a medicine. It is a butchery if you ask me. Diabetes can be healed in most cases within a month and here you have a world know and powerful personality being killed openly by incompetent so-called doctors of medicine without suffering any consequences.

On the other hand, we have a record of fantastic healers, like Dr. Hamer, Dr. Rife, Dr. E. Ernst and other who had been prosecuted for their medical practice because they had realized the absurdity of the Cabal controlled medicine and showed how to heal.

As they have been prosecuted, their colleges just watched the spectacle and did nothing to improve their own understanding and defend the truth.

What is wrong with people? Are we really so brainwashed that we cannot realize when we are being had?

Why do we continue playing the game of suffering? This is beyond me, my brothers and sisters.

Image result for royalty free images of doctors vaccinating babies

In the meantime, the instances of emerging health problems are being advertised all over to scare people into submission so that they eagerly accept more and more vaccines.

For years I am trying to awake doctors and anyone who would listen and the awakening process is continuing to drag on.

Please help anyone that needs helping and spread the truth wherever you can. But first, try the protocol yourself so that you can talk through experience and not just repeat what you have heard or read. This makes the difference.

With love for humanity, Love and light to us all.


10 comments on “Mainstream mad/sin=Healthcare ARE YOU JOKING?

  1. Amazing article, for me.
    In 4 sentences you explain the absolute ground zero workings of communism or total control as it is:

    “Whenever the government is involved, we are in the mercy of a brainwashed system where creative thinking is forbidden. There is only a book of rules that have to be followed and the only thing that can swing the pole is a bribe.
    This is why most of the politicians and those that hold important government positions are wealthy. They have all managed on a small salary to ‘save’ millions.”

    Look no further – Clintons are the playbook for ‘pay to play’. Now I clearly understand what they were putting into play: Iron-clad government rules.

    I think it’s a good sign of health the Clintons were stopped.

  2. Brilliant article darko!
    As dr bob beck used to say “a patient cured, is a patient lost”!!!
    And take back your power!
    Your self healers protocol in the 7 months I have been doing it has already physically transformed my body.
    I put on the weight I much needed and my skin and hair actually visibly shines and glows with health!
    This is just the beginning!
    I will post my story once full healing is complete!
    Darko is a true blessing to humanity!
    People would do themselves a HUGE favor if they stopped supporting there ignorant drs who are just butchers with no hearts and truly listen to the truth darko is exposing from the own goodness of his heart to help save humanity!!!!!

  3. Is typhoid shot bad?
    If yes, what if food sellers are required to have typhoid shot in order to conduct business?

    Should we have hepatitis A, B, C shots if our levels are low based on our blood-work?

  4. Jeri, typhoid fever is caused by bacteria of the salmonella family so why does one not need to use salmonella vaccine or esherikia vaccine or whatever vaccine sold as anti bacterial? Bacteria can be easily destroyed with antibiotic so why would be prevention with vaccine be so necessary? It is all marketing to sell more unnecessary vaccines.
    Why to use hepatitis vaccines when our bodies immune system can deal with all bacteria when it is functioning properly? Instead activating natural immune system, they use vaccines to actually suppress the natural immune system and make the body dependent on outside help.
    BY eating correctly, you activate fully your immune system and you avoid the danger of becoming infested with any pathogen brother.

  5. Everyone is Really getting hit from all angles here in the states. The cost of living is insane and is not parallel to what you make. There is so much corruption it truly is sickening. It’s like each day the corruption continues to grow and nothing is done about it. Its apparent this entire system will soon collapse in on itself.

    • Mark, the Satan worshipping Jews have destroyed the Roman empire, they almost destroyed the Egyptian empire but were chased out, they almost destroyed the German empire but were chased out and now they are trying to destroy the USA but now finally they will be crushed forever.

  6. How do you guys deal with the social aspects of following the protocol? That’s the biggest issue I have with doing this. My family is mostly accepting, but I work in an office and I got so much shit from my colleagues for not eating lunch. I felt SO much better (of course), but I always got told that I *need* to eat lunch and my boss was telling me stories of how he got IBS and still has it to this day because he skipped lunch for a period of time many years ago. I know from Darko that that is bullshit but “people” doesn’t know better and I can’t really explain this to them. I just want to mind my own business without getting shit for it. But it’s hard when you are working close to other people that are happy to throw misguided care at you.

    • Darko has taught me many many things.
      One of those things was to never let others stand in your way of healing! My family gave me a very hard time too when I started but after just a few months when they started to notice a huge difference in my overall appearance they not only stopped but wanted to learn more. I have always looked years younger than my age but now i look even younger!!!!

    • An very good Thema to talk about
      I hope also dear Darko write especially an article about this.
      I have cheated million times in protocol only due to those fuckin people that jump on me.
      For them is unbelievable what we do.
      Living without bread
      Eating a lot of raw eggs
      Not eating junk foods.
      They jump on me like crazy that makes me to cheat and start eating carbs.
      But of course by eating carbs our body never benefits from those except of those who wants to gain weight.
      I think if those social people were support me from the beginning , today i would be completely healed.
      Because of those now im not healed completely.

    • Hi David,

      Since most people believe in authority, perhaps it would be helpful if you gather some well-researched articles and videos on intermittent fasting and frugal eating and their connection to health and longevity — or you could simply tell your colleagues to do this research on their own. You could tell them that there are even celebrities like Hugh Jackman and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) who’ve been doing intermittent fasting (16:8, i.e. 16 hours without food, 8 hours with) for more than 5 years and they say they feel better than ever before.

      The hardest part for me is that everyone around me thinks I can cheat every now and then, for example, when we go to a restaurant — I have a group of friends who meet every Friday for lunch at a Mexican place. The only thing on the menu I could theoretically eat there is the shrimp cocktail, i.e., I can eat only the shrimps, not the sauce, but since they are farm-raised I’d rather not do it.

      Good luck to everyone and lots of love!

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