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Several people made a remark to me that I am not consistent in my recommendations and that I sometimes recommend having carbohydrate in the diet and sometimes do not.

Sometimes I bash all supplements and sometimes I recommend colloidal silver and copper 1.

This is not so, even when it may seem like this to some people.

The articles on my blog-site are showing the evolution of my understanding of how the things work.

This is a work in progress and there are no references I can go to for the information that I need when I need it.

Once you realize that just about everything what you had been told during your long educational process is incorrect, it becomes difficult to find another way because the programmed information becomes an obstacle for a change of thinking.

I succeeded only because I had the power to remove myself from the medical field for some time and had the opportunity to clear my head.

When I did return to investigate, I felt like an outsider. This was the key that had unlocked the truth for me.

It is the same with everything else. When you live with the lie, you start accepting it as the truth. This is why USA citizens have a hard time to realize when they have been had while the Europeans see it immediately and on the same note, Americans can see the lies in Europe which Europeans do not notice.

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In the past, when I was referring to fruits and vegetables I did not call them carbohydrates. Carbohydrates were only processed and cooked fruits and vegetables but many people started to argue with me that the banana, for example, is loaded with carbohydrates no matter if it is raw or if it is cooked and I recommend it to be a part of the breakfast.

This is why I had to change the terminology and I started to differentiate between the raw and the cooked carbohydrates. This is why now I classify them into the raw and the processed or as I call them the dietary carbohydrates because once they are manipulated, they become available for absorption into our blood.

Instead of the word sugar, I use the word dietary glucose because this is the real culprit that creates the havoc in our body.

I am mentioning this because many of the newcomers will be surprised again with today’s recommendation about the dynamic of eating.

In some of my old articles, I was mentioning the popular saying in my country where they say ” have the breakfast like a King, share your lunch with your friend and give your dinner to your enemy”.

Throughout the World, it became customary for people to have at least three meals a day.

In the areas where people were doing mostly heavy physical work, strong breakfast was very important. Since the work was not finished in the morning, a good lunch was necessary so that people can continue working in the afternoon. This kind of approach made a lot of sense because a big portion of the energy came from carbohydrates.

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In areas where the work is mostly wheeling and dealing, and a lot of it is done in restaurants, the dinner took the preference as the heaviest meal of the day.

Many “experts” are now suggesting that more than three meals a day are necessary if we want to nourish our body properly and in the past I did explain the science behind it but we have to realize that all of those recommendations are based on the incorrect type of food, and on the genetically altered bodies of the people who eat that way which was almost the entire human population.

You may ask, “why were we so stupid and accepted to eat food that has destroyed our life?”

Well, even animals will eat what is not healthy for them if we give it to them. They love us and trust us so they want to please us. Also, some of the things that are bad for them taste so good because they contain sugar.

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The Bible explains that at one point the fallen angels came to the Earth

We used to call them the Gods because they were tall and had machines to fly with. Now we call them the Anunnaki or the Nephilims. They themselves ate meat, human meat included but to us, they recommended to eat grains and introduced us to their harvesting and preparation. This is why in the Bible, grains are called the food of the Gods. The Sumerian tables hold the truth of this happening.

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During the times of Egyptian empire, some Semites started to practice the religion worshiping those Gods. They started to serve them and to be their representatives. In the order to pledge their sole to them they did a blood sacrifice by making a circumcision of their male children and eating the cut-off skin to please their gods.

This tradition, slightly modified is still being performed today only the reason for it is not revealed correctly.

Those people are trying to enslave all of humanity and for many years they are the obstacle to the truth especially where the science is in question.

They control all educational books, media, entertainment, and politics.

They are the reason we have such a difficult time to get ahead.

Basically, everything that you are being told is what they want you to hear and to know.

You can be sure that the truth is not a part of what they will tell.

Everything changes once you realize the truth and correct the mistakes you have been doing all of your life.

When you start eating correctly, all of a sudden you become healthy, you stop eating multiple times a day because you feel better the less you eat.

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Since your body has a constant supply of energy and does not depend on the food at the moment (when you are actually eating), it does not ask you to sit and eat. It allows you to work as long as you want knowing that the reward will come in time.

More and more people are switching to the correct diet and with it, the dynamic of eating changes as well. I used to eat three times a day in the past. As I have changed my diet and started to eat the food of God (not the food of the Gods), I started to eat only twice a day but lately, I have noticed that only when I eat one single meal a day I feel the best an invigorating.

Something is telling me that this is not where I am going to stay for a long time.

I have the feeling that soon I will start a real intermittent fasting where even one meal a day will not be necessary and I will be skipping even this one meal a day occasionally.

This was happening when I was having two meals a day so why not if the dynamic of my eating changes even further.

When your cells are constantly supplied with energy, no matter if you are eating or not, your body has no need to nudge you to have a meal.

If you have a car that recycles the fuel and uses a very small amount of it, there is no need for you to stop on every gasoline station to add those few lost drops of fuel to otherwise full tank. You will go for hours at the time before stopping to refuel.

The same is happening with your body on a correct diet.

Put the correct fuel and set yourself free my brothers and sisters.

For the newcomers to my blog, here is the article that explains the difference between the food of God and the food of the Gods.

Realizing the fact that we lose 40% of our available energy just to run the digestion, can you imagine how much you have to eat just to replenish this loss of energy. You need an additional meal a day just to replenish the energy you have lost while snacking on an apple or banana.

Love and light to us all, and just to remind you, we are winning.

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11 comments on “THE DYNAMIC OF EATING

    • Darko truly knows exactly what he is talking about. Unlike so called scientists, he goes into incredible detail to explain why and how things work.

  1. Absolute brilliant article darko!
    Thank you!
    The world needs to know the truth about who really taught us about dietry glucose! It was not the creator!
    Your protocol has saved my life!
    I am more than half way there!
    Look forward to your next article of truth.

    • Chris, diabetes is a symptom of toxicity caused by the incorrect diet and is easily reversed. If you have this problem, schedule Skype with me and I will help you to heal. Love and light

      • Hey Darko, I don’t have diabetes I was just curious about it. I have connective tissue issues (Ehlers Danlos), hypermobile joints…weight lifting is a pain. Have you written anything yet about tissue, joints, tendons? I looked in search and saw nothing specific.

      • Chris, I explain about joints when I talk about a cellular dehydration.
        You do not have any disease. You have mislead and ignorant doctors.
        In my following article I will talk about your problem brother.

  2. Hello,im a 64 year old male and do hiit training 4 times week were can i get my energy from is it safe to eat bananas thank you so much,i will be making a donation in a couple of week,also i would love to come to peru to meet you i live in the uk thank you brian thomas

    • brian hi.
      Bananas, when raw, do not give us any energy.
      For exercising the energy should come from the animal fat and protein brother.
      It all depends on the way you had programmed your cells.
      When eating correctly, animal protein and fat is all you need.
      Be careful when you eat. You do not want to be digesting while lifting the weights.
      It would be my pleasure to receive you brother.
      Just let me know in advance about the date so that I can make sure that I have time to spend with you.
      Love and light

  3. About fasting. I read online that fasting can cause brain damage, killing neurons. Is there any truth to this? I felt great when I did intermittent fasting, but I dont want to ruin my brain.

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