Giant insects destroy the city. 3D concept Stock Photo - 71132463

The news was flooded with the reports of a giant mosquitoes, 20 times the size of an ordinary mosquito emerging from the swamps in Carolina after a hurricane.
Of course, the major media, the loudmouth of the deep state government, was quick to spread this news.

CNN reporting

Of course, the NYTimes is not far behind

No doubt that those are mosquitoes on steroids but the reporting stops there. No elaboration which is strange since those news organizations are commenting and predicting all political events. Mind you, always wrong, but they all agree to tell you the “truth” behind their reports.They call it the balanced truth.

I do not know how you can balance the truth?

You either report the truth or not.
Well, the balanced truth is, they report an event(this is the truth) and then they elaborate on it spinning their version of assumptions which is false. The result is the “balanced truth”.

When it comes to science, no investigative journalism is ever done and everything is taken on the face value.

This is why the giant mosquitoes are reported and it is a big surprise, an unexpected strange event, but is it really so?

Giant mosquitoes attacking a frightened scared man Stock Photo - 58988786

Months ago, it was reported that genetically modified mosquitoes were released in Florida supposedly to make the Zika virus mosquitoes infertile.

I wrote an article about it mentioning that the Zika virus is a mild virus not worth the effort. It is no more problematic than the common flu virus so why all this fuss?
Something else is behind it so now when the giant mosquitoes showed up, “everyone is surprised?”

Not at all. Only those who trust the government and their loudmouth media are surprised.
Here is a great video of an awakened sole elaborating on this issue:

As the deep-state is crumbling, those bottom feeding operatives of the deep-state are still thinking that there is no change so they are continuing with the plan of global destruction.
Just a couple of days ago I saw a chemtrail here over the Amazon jungle. They are still at it trying to destroy as much as possible. Two days later I had diarrhea as my system rejects all the toxins I absorb.

Diarrhea cartoons, Diarrhea cartoon, funny, Diarrhea picture, Diarrhea pictures, Diarrhea image, Diarrhea images, Diarrhea illustration, Diarrhea illustrations

One thing the crooked scientists do not know and that is the power of our bodies to resist and to cleanse the toxic elements.

You see, all tests of the immune reactions are performed on compromised samples.
Regular people and laboratory animals who eat the wrong food are being tested. This is why the elderly and the children are at the most risk of suffering the worst consequences from this poisoning.
This is the reason why so many people are becoming sick these days but at the same time, more and more people are realizing the truth. They are changing their diets.

Image result for funny cartoons on ketogenic diet

More and more people are realizing the benefits of the original, animal protein based diet and as they switch to it, a miracle happens.
People started to realize that they do not have to eat multiple times a day and in the matter of fact, eating once a day really improves their health and makes them resilient to all diseases.
On top of it, they realize how their aging process slows down or stops. In many cases, the aging reverses itself.

Is this a surprise?

To those of you who are following my work, this is not a surprise at all.
This is how our body should operate in normal conditions.

Some “alternative medicine” promoters, use this effects to promote their supplements by declaring that the rejuvenation is a consequence of the supplement in question which is a lie.
This s obvious to everyone who had followed or is following the Self Healers Protocol.

There are no supplements use and all the positive changes occur.

Use this knowledge to strengthen your immune system and make your body resilient to everything those evil globalists are throwing at us in an attempt of depopulation.

Remember, the government is not your friend and governmental organizations are supporting the evil work of the globalists.

The latest proof is the engineered hurricane Michael in Florida.

Wake up my friends and help others to do so.
Love and light to us all.


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