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It is simply unbelievable to see scientific articles elaborating on things like if we are frozen in time and nothing new is happening around us.

We can all see the changes. Our scientists are acknowledging the rise of the Schuman frequency and the rise of the frequencies that radiate from the Universe.

Incredible changes are noticed not only on our planet Earth but on basically all planets we monitor.

Still, the science is pushing the absurd idea that the climate change on our planet is caused by the elevated levels of the carbon dioxide caused by human pollution.

ice cream earth melts - global warming 3d concept Stock Photo - 19776294

Yes, the humans are changing the weather pattern through the direct intervention with the HAARP system creating droughts in some places and floods in other but the major destruction caused by humans is not the increased CO2 levels but the poisoning of the soil through the oil-fracking and chemtrail dumping of poisons.

So-called green activists are ignoring those viable threats and instead, they protest what they are told to protest which is the “Global warming”. The green organization is funded by Soros-like mafia so this is what we get.

Since our indoctrination apparatus, the so-called educational system, is backed by the same gang of prominent criminals, the brainwashed students are completely lost and they bark on the wrong tree most of the time.

Since students are evaluated by their ability to memorize and not by their ability to think for themselves and find the solution, those whose brains become over saturated with the served information become the prominent leaders and professors.

This is the reason why those “prominent” scientists come up with the most ridiculous ideas.

One of the new “brilliant ideas” is now to make a volt to preserve the “good gut bacteria” or the microbiota as they call it in this article:

Those “scientists” are ignoring the changes in frequency, they are ignoring the planetary changes, but what is the worse thing that comes out of this article is the unbelievable ignorance of understanding the basic genetic purpose in the life of all living things.

Not only that those “scientists” do not realize that all of their samples of the so-called healthy microbiota is based on unhealthy and genetically damaged samples, they completely ignore the influence of frequencies on the gene manifestation.

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The purpose of a gene is to modify the cell so that the cell can adjust to the changes in its environment.

The environment is influenced by frequencies it is exposed to so if those frequencies are changing, so will change the expression of the gene.

When the expression of the gene changes, changes occur in the cell which is influenced by this gene.

By understanding the basic principles of nature, we realize that since the resonance of our planet is changing, so will change the life on it.

This means that preserving the samples of the microbiota even if they are the correct bacteria (which they are not), is absurd since the near future life is going to change as it adapts to the new frequencies of our planet and the radiation it receives from the Universe.

The new frequencies are observed everywhere and especially in Antarctica which leaves our scientists puzzled.

This is why it is not surprising that new life forms are being created and a lot of new life is coming from Antarctica itself.

We are in a process of reprogramming which C. Darwin called the evolution.

Evolution cartoons, Evolution cartoon, funny, Evolution picture, Evolution pictures, Evolution image, Evolution images, Evolution illustration, Evolution illustrations

As frequencies change, so does the environment and a new type of life sprouts up.

This new life may not have any resemblance with the life from before and often, in a desperate urge to find a proof of a faulty understanding, scientists completely lose their mind and reasoning like it is visibly seen in this video:

In a blind attempt to prove Darwinism to be correct, the prominent scientists prove how stupid and brainwashed they really are.

Even after discovering that those people in this video are inbred and have an undeveloped brain, they continue pushing Darwin’s theory that humans developed from apes when there is not a shred of evidence to support this.

They are mentioning a gene that made us walking on all four extremities and with their own eyes, they had witnessed how those people started to walk erect when they were coached to do so.

From this video, it is definitely visible that those scientists are missing the “rationally thinking gene” which was replaced by the “obnoxiously stupid gene”

This blindness towards what we do not want to see is common with all fanatics. I guess, a desperation to prove unprovable can turn us into fanatics. Such things were common in religion, then in science, and now, this is visibly happening to the Democrats in the USA.

Thank you God for this new frequencies because I doubt that humanity could advance without this help.

As our genes are adapting our bodies to the new oscillation, we are awakening and seeing things in a different light, and we can clearly see that we have been had.

We have been lied to on every level of our existence and nothing but full disclosure will satisfy us at this point.

When you apply this knowledge to the field of medicine, you realize that everything you are being told by your doctor is a misinterpretation of what is really going on, so there is no surprise in realizing that the action of your doctor is actually harming your health instead of repairing it.

Evolution cartoons, Evolution cartoon, funny, Evolution picture, Evolution pictures, Evolution image, Evolution images, Evolution illustration, Evolution illustrations

As I had mentioned in my last article, get ready for the avalanche.

Love and light to us all.



  1. Hope you’re right darko because it seems more and more people are accepting the brainwashing, at least where I am. Even when you try to.wake these people up with clear facts and truth they still choose the indoctrination that you speak of.

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