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For about 15 years I am warning my colleagues and anyone else who would listen about the toxicity of the dietary (cooked and processed) carbohydrates, in particular, the glucose.
This made me a laughing stock and many were asking me where did I study medicine and if I had ever been studying medicine at all.

Since all science is controlled by the same group of people, all school books carry the same message so bringing something new that differs from the commonly pushed and accepted information controlled by the so-called academia, always hits a wall of rejection.

First I was ignored, then I was ridiculed and then I was attacked.
Now comes the time of acceptance and this is something that the established and self-promoted academia does not want to happen. All their titles and recognitions are riding on the fake science.
Accepting the truth would nullify all of their titles and status. This would be a disaster for their inflated egos, but it is inevitable and it is on its way.

As the house of cards is starting to crumble, incredibly stupid “scientific” claims are being published. In some articles. The health experts are claiming that the ingestion of animal fat contributes to diabetes.
In other articles, the animal protein, especially the red meat is blamed for this.
In other articles, the coconut oil has something to do with it and the “scientists” are patting each other on the shoulder with their approval because as long as the culprit has something to do with what they have been preaching their whole lives, it is ok, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

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We can see the same thing happening in politics.
Accuse someone of committing a crime without a shred of proof or evidence, call him a rapist because it is convenient and blame him for losing its temper because of false accusations is ok, just avoid the truth because revealing the truth will collapse the whole system.

And yes, the whole system is coming down. This will be wonderful to watch and experience.
What a great time to be alive.

The political, the financial, the energy, and the medical systems will all collapse simultaneously.

This will be an avalanche to remember but have no fear. The new systems are ready and running. All that is missing is the green light for all to see.

Many people are still in darkness and many refuse to change. No matter what, the avalanche cannot be stopped.

As we look at what is happening in the field of medicine, we can encounter the sparks of acceptance and change.

More and more doctors are realizing that the chronic health problems are not related to the animal fats we ingest, and some articles are appearing in major media suggesting that the heated carbohydrates can have something to do with our modern diseases and with cancer in particular.

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Of course, the acceptance of the truth will be presented in a form in which the scientists can save their face. At least this is their objective.
So instead of accepting the full truth and putting the blame where it is supposed to be, (on the dietary glucose), the scientists are now reinforcing trivial side effects as the main culprit of the carbohydrate toxicity.

Here are some of the articles:
Cooking starches pose a cancer risk
In this article, the acrylamide is blamed for the carbohydrates toxicity.
I am not suggesting that the acrylamides are healthy and pose no threat to our health but this is like blaming the powder sugar on the top of a cake as being the reason why the cake is unhealthy to consume.
The presence of acrylamides in cooked starches in relation to our health has about the same significance.

In this article

the experts have noticed that the “colon cancer survivors who have a diet heavy in complex carbohydrate-rich foods are more likely to have a recurrence than patients who have a lower amount of the carbs and a better balance of foods.”

Well, this is not surprising since we know that the dietary carbohydrates change the genetic expression and that the dietary glucose is the perfect cancer food, to begin with.

Now we are witnessing the emergence of the truth but the misinformation articles are continuing to flood the media.

This beefed up doctor on steroids is suggesting that the “deep fat”, a newborn term in the medical science, is the culprit of our diseases

Obesity is never the problem.
Our health problems come from the food we eat, no matter how fat we get eating it. The more of the bad food we eat, the stronger will be the toxic effects, and more fat accumulation will occur.

Carbohydrate cartoons, Carbohydrate cartoon, funny, Carbohydrate picture, Carbohydrate pictures, Carbohydrate image, Carbohydrate images, Carbohydrate illustration, Carbohydrate illustrations
This good doctor on steroids is showing strong signs of aging and no amounts of muscles can hide it. How can someone on steroids preach about health?

There are some truths in what he is saying but the same as the rest of the mislead health professionals, the truth is used to pushing the false science again and again. The fat is never the problem.

And then there is the gut flora fragility again.
A new article of a study explaining how the low-carbohydrate diet damages the gut flora is trying to stop people venturing to a ketogenic diet:

Here again, are our brainwashed health experts wasting their time and money in experiments whose results are interpreted by the brains of misinformed morons. They have the audacity calling themselves experts and scientists.

How can they even presume that the gut flora of people whose genes have more than 2000 genetic errors from eating incorrectly, is the correct gut flora, to begin with?

It is the blind leading the blind in a hope to find the correct way out.

Everything is the result of our corrupt system and very good evidence of this you can hear on this Laura Ingraham video

In this brainwashed society a teacher is in a desperate need of a teacher, a lawyer is in a need of a lawyer, a doctor is in a need of a doctor, a politician is in a need of a politician all in an attempt to save their own arse.

senior university professor handshaking with young graduates Stock Photo - 26738992

Every “expert” in its field is as lost as it can be and the avalanche is inevitable.
Only a complete destruction of this system can result in positive change.

Do not be scared, embrace the change and enjoy the process.

Love and light to us all.



  1. This change is what the world needs! It cannot keep going. Another great article darko! Your protocol has changed my life in soo many ways! I will let the world know once my healing is complete!
    Another donation will be coming your way soon! Your words of truth are priceless!

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