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I had just received this video about the miracle injection of reversing aging.

I wonder how many thousands of dollars they cost and I doubt of their efficacy.

In the video, Dr. Fossel talks about the telomeres and their extension to rejuvenate cells in our body.

Everyone who follows my work will find many mistakes in the interpretation of telomeres and their action. The good doctor is more of an advertising agent than a scientist who understands the matter he is talking about.

Here is the video

Whoever is reading my blogs is aware of the fact that the telomeres in the body do not shorten down with the age. They curl up in a tighter curl in a toxic environment which makes them appear to be shorter.

Never the less, shorter telomeres of our chromosomes are a handicap because they cannot efficiently receive or transmit information. This limits the cell in the way it will respond to their environment. This is the real cause of the aging.

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The good doctor suggests that an injection of telomerase (an enzyme that promotes a growth of telomeres) will increase the size of the telomeres and keep them extended for 5 years.

It is nonsense if you ask me. If the environment is toxic, the cell is not going to be able to relax the telomers. It never is about the length of the telomeres. It is always about their relaxation which will not persist in a toxic environment.

Again fake scientists are selling a snake oil.

The good doctor does not look very young if you ask me. I guess, he needs a couple of liters of this stuff!

Here is one of my articles on this thematic

We do not need any injections to be able to become healthy and young. All we need is to know the truth and act accordingly.

Cleanse your blood, cleanse your cells, bring in the correct frequencies, and you will heal and rejuvenate your body and mind.

All this will be achieved by correctly following the self healers protocol.

We often make mistakes rending them unnecessary. Even the smallest misunderstanding can create an obstacle so please do not hesitate to contact me and let me guide you in this process.

Also, do not underestimate the power of your mind.

Everyone can communicate with their cellular structure and send an instruction to their cells about what to do.

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Our cells do not proceed without consulting us but this is done utilizing the program of our subconscious mind. This is why our cells follow the pre-programmed information. We believe that our body has to show the signs of aging so our cells are rewarding us by demonstrating it.

Animals in nature do not do this and they do not show any signs of aging.

There is much more to aging than the telomeres.

On my blog, you will learn the truth and utilizing the knowledge, you will be able to achieve everything without spending a dime on the “snake oil” pushed on us by the crooked world of “science”.

Love and light to us all.


4 comments on “THE IMMORTAL BRAIN

  1. Another “Beethoven like” great blog article.

    Now something else occurs to me.. that I have been wondering about for about 2 years…
    -Why don’t Darko’s patients listen & try self healing better than they do?
    -Why don’t readers try Darko’s advice and self heal?
    -Why do readers seem Not to be able to actually read and comprehend what Darko offers?

    This blog article may hold the key. Our internal toxic environments have our own telomeres curled into tiny tight balls of dysfunctionality. We physically are unable to listen to even that, the greatest advice in the world for healing our own aliments sickness unhealthiness. And this explains why doctors can so easily mislead and abuse us and take all of our money.

    As I write this, I also see the answer, the way out of this conundrum. I will save it though for another post though. So we can meditate on this serious impediment to saving our own selves!

    (I am sending Darko a small donation. Please do the same so we can continue to receive his pleasant but unadulterated truths.)

    • Mbc as always, thank you for your support. You are one of the few that keeps me going.
      Yes, most people are still sleepwalking thinking that they are awake.
      Once we find a pleasure in giving, we are on the way.
      Love and light brother.

      • Thank you Darko.

        Is it the curled up hardened and polluted telomeres which function to hold people in their self imprisonment? To the point they can not comprehend what you are offering? -Even if it means losing all their money to doctors and hospitals, their crushed gene antennae can not receive your simple easy instructions to heal themselves at home on their own time and by using their own bodies?

      • Mbc, it is the brainwashing of people through the media and the schooling system.
        I have to put more attention to this.
        Just look at the young students now. They are unable to make a decision on their own. All that they are capable of doing is repeating slogans. It is pathetic brother.

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