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The first years of my sailing days I remember having an unpleasant thought about a secret fear, “what would I do if I get appendicitis while sailing alone in the middle of nowhere?”

Having the appendix and being far from civilization and hospital, alone in the middle of the ocean inevitably makes you worry.

I loved solo long-distance sailing, but any health issue may present a big problem.

All is good when you feel well but if a health issue pops up, it may get very hairy very fast especially when we are talking about a health problem whose only solution is surgery.

Needless to say, this did not prevent my long solo passages but inevitably, I find myself elaborating on this issue especially before the departure.

I am sure that there are many people harboring a similar thought and if not then they are inexperienced or something is wrong with them.

What is appendicitis?

An appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix.

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The inflammation is said to be caused by a bacterial infection but as we know now, the inflammation is just a forced hydration and the causes for it may vary.

The appendix is a protrusion on the base of a large intestine which we often call the colon or the ascended colon, or cecum. This is the part of the intestine where the small intestine joins the large intestine.

The exact purpose of the appendix is not known but there is a belief that appendix harbors the gut flora and makes it possible for rapid gut flora repopulation if the original gut flora was destroyed.

Since no difference in human health was noticed after the appendix is removed, we do not elaborate much about it and doctor does find it as an additional source of their income so removing appendix has become a standard procedure whenever there is an opportunity no matter if there is a problem caused by the appendix or not.

Same as any other type of inflammation, inflamed appendix become enlarged and pushes on the sensory nerve causing a pain.

Since many bacteria populate the appendix, their number may grow and become a target to the immune system of the body.

Also, some bad bacteria may be ingested and end-up reaching the appendix causing an infection.

In an attempt to cleanse this area, the body may trigger a forced hydration causing a further swelling of the appendix.

This is very painful but what makes this a dangerous predicament is the possibility of the appendix rupturing and infecting the stomach peritoneum.

This area of the stomach cavity is a perfect media for a bacterial growth so the infection can spread rapidly causing a dangerous situation and sepsis (blood poisoning).

The body tries to control this but since a great majority of people have a compromised immune system from eating the dietary glucose, a burst appendix is a common and very dangerous progression of this phenomenon.

This is why many people gladly have their appendix removed voluntarily.

Appendectomy — Stock Photo

Since the ruptured appendix will quickly spread the infection throughout the body, vomiting, fever, and increased blood level of white blood cells are the symptoms always following such an event.

As I had mentioned earlier, as soon as an appendix inflammation is establish, doctors are hellbent to take the appendix out stating that this is the best thing to do because even if the appendicitis is controlled with the antibiotics and the symptoms are gone, it will surely return to haunt you, so better safe than sorry. Just let’s get it out.

A surgery is a violent attack on the body which will stay in the cellular memory as an emotional scar that will sooner or later have to be addressed and dealt with. This is why unnecessary surgeries should have never been done.

As far as appendicitis returning to haunt us, this is a myth.

A new study from Finland shows that the reoccurrence of appendicitis is not common at all.

Almost two-thirds of people who had experienced appendicitis had no another occurrence of it after it was treated with antibiotics.

This is just another example of how we are being lied to in the medical school by suggesting that the appendectomy is the right way to go about it.

Here I have a chance to mention what actually happens when your immune system is working correctly and the appendix bursts.

This has happened to two people on the almost correct diet.

Well, one of them was my friend Thomas who eats the “food of God” but because he is convinced that he is indestructible he ate a coconut oil after scooping it from a dirty floor.

Soon after his gut got very noisy, diarrhea occurred. Later stomach pains came and vomiting but he kept it for himself. After a couple of days, he asked me what could it be since he is not feeling well. After explaining his symptoms I told him to drink two glasses of a nanoparticle colloidal silver. This was two days after the stomach pain and other symptoms first showed up.

He felt better but during the night the situation got worst so I told him to go to the hospital because it could be appendicitis.

In the hospital, they made a blood analysis but no elevated white blood cells count was recorded. The doctor was puzzled.

Knowing that Thomas has a well functioning immune system and his symptoms will be different from what we usually see in people I had suggested that it could be appendicitis. The doctor shook his head in a disbelief but decided to make an exploratory surgery.

What he found really surprised all of us.

Thomas had a ruptured appendix but the infection had turned into an encapsulated abscess which his body controlled so there was no spreading of the infection and if left alone, it would self-absorb and cleared itself within next few days.

This is how our bodies should react when their immune system is up and running strong. Not eating the dietary glucose does the trick.

Another client of mine had the same experience where she walked through most of it because her doctor never suspected that it could be appendicitis.

It was a period of time last year when many people suffered from an outbreak of appendicitis. I would not be surprised if people were intentionally poisoned but I cannot prove it.

It is fascinating to know how strong is our immune system when it works correctly and no outside intervention is necessary. This is the real reason why we are duped into eating cooked vegetables and grains and sold a rotten bill of goods, especially through the indoctrination schooling system.

Nowadays the antibiotics are so strong and harmful that it is difficult to decide what would be a safer way of action. This is just another reason to follow the Self Healers Protocol and avoid all medication.

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Since people are scared into submission they rather follow the instruction of their doctors no matter how many of their friends ended incapacitated or dead after receiving the treatment. Doing something different is simply not a “safe” option. Many come to me only after their doctor told them to go home and say goodbye to their family. Then their family gets all upset if the Self Healers Protocol did not perform a miracle as it did for others.

Do not wait until it is too late. Take responsibility for your health and I will help you to heal and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Love and light to us all.


Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.


  1. Wow darko this article hit home for me…When I was just a toddler (5 years old) my appendix exploded. Doctors had to remove it. I truly believe that this is why I’ve struggled so much with my health despite eating better than everyone around me. I noticed at an early that food effected me mentally and certain foods triggered anxiety and depression.. It’s what drove me to eat a primarily all meat diet when I was around 20 (I’m 28 now)…I have the weirdest reactions to foods and am extremely sensitive to even some nutrient dense foods (eggs, milk, aged meat, citrus). I still hold a lot of resentment about the whole situation because I was just a child and knowing what I know now I could have easily stopped the swelling. I believe when the appendix ruptured it caused negative changes in my stomach. Been doing sea salt and water for last 2 years and noticed some positive changes. That all being said, I’m stronger and healthier and more resistant than most my age. However, it’s just frustrating at times because I feel like I’m operating at a disadvantage at times. If you have any more information on this subject I would love to hear it!

    1. Mark, water and sea salt help a lot in hydration and cleansing but to be able to reprogram the genetic expression and really heal, changing the diet somewhat will bare absolutely no results. I am using the food as the barer of the good frequencies so if you want to heal using this method, there is no room for errors brother.
      One has to be strict to see the results. Look at the food as if it is a prescription medicine.
      You either do it correctly or do not bother with it at all.

  2. Hi Darko,
    A question I wonder about the you might be able to shed some light on. If donating blood, which option has the most health benefits for the donor? Regular blood donation, plasma or platelets?
    Cheers, tom

    1. Hi Tom
      The best effect will be achieved through the action which will eliminate the most of your toxic blood from your body so that a new, clean blood may replace it.
      By drinking water with sea salt, you are allowing your cleansing organs to do the blood cleaning and in this way you do not have to have your blood eliminated. Your cleansing organs will do a good job brother.

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