Are our prominent scientists suggesting to ADD OUR EXCREMENT TO OUR DIET for faster gut-flora recovery?

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Researchers say that new studies show that using probiotics can be counterproductive in repopulating the gut with the “good” bacteria.

The over greased machine of the fake information, the media, is in full swing to topple anything that can be beneficial to our health in an attempt to give the supreme power to the medical and pharmaceutical Mafia which is paying for all of the fake research and spreading of the misinformation.

The topic of this blog is the bashing of probiotics.

My friend Angy asked me about my opinion concerning some articles whose topic was some new scientific research in which the researchers concluded that taking the over the counter probiotics may even be affecting us negatively and it can actually delay the repopulation of our gut with the “beneficial” microflora.

I was addressing the gut flora in some of my previous blogs but the articles Angy had sent me, are clearly demonstrating the poor understanding of the human body and the biology in general by our celebrated scientists so I have to make a response to them.

Those of you who are following my work for some time will immediately notice the foolishness of this research but since there are many new readers here, I will dissect the obvious important points so that you can see for yourself what type of people you are trusting with your lives as far as your health goes.

In Israel, they made a study to see if having probiotics after a therapy with antibiotics will replenish the gut flora.

We know that antibiotics when taken orally destroy intestinal flora so one group of people was given probiotics, one group of people was given their own gut flora isolated from their feces prior of the antibiotic usage, and one group was not given any probiotics.

It was observed that supplied probiotic bacteria did not establish itself in the intestines and that it took a long time for the “correct” balance to occur.

Faster recovery was achieved when the original bacteria from the feces was reintroduced back into the gut.

What surprised the “scientists” was the fact that when people were given the beneficial bacteria, in many cases they did not populate the intestines and it took a long time before some of the good bacteria started colonizing the gut.

Another article on the same topic points to the fact that some people “resist” probiotics and some people do benefit from them so his Excellency, professor Elinav invented a new term for people when the gut bacteria are in question. The resisters and the persisters.

It is amazing how our medicine becomes more and more complicated every time the “science” is put in motion.

The third article covering the same topic suggests that healthy people will resist the over the counter probiotics, implying that taking those probiotics could harm your health.

Those people who are not familiar with my work may be surprised by my reaction to this new studies since they are based on the observation. This means that the results must be true, doesn’t it?

Well, the results are what they are but the complete ignorance of the way nature works is what startles me.

Professor Eran’s reaction of surprise and the childish conclusions is what is so disappointing. It is like if a janitor was given a job to separate a modern art from a garbage and get rid of the garbage.

I bet you that most of the modern art would be gone.

It is like the good professor never heard about the genes and the cellular adaptation to the environment, and neither did his whole team of “scientists”.

Are you surprised at all?

This is just another in your face example of the intellect created by our indoctrination system of schooling. It is a pure garbage no matter how you look at it.

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Young people, please wake up and stop spending money on your “education’, you are not getting any no matter how much you are paying for it. You are only being guided into a scientific darkness from which it is later very difficult to come out.

All those schools are molding you into followers of doctrines which were designed for you to make you subservient and compliant end they destroy your power for a constructive thinking and reasoning. They make you into a sheep.

You, my brothers and sisters, who are reading my blog, know the plasticity of genes and their incredible power of adapting to an existing environment.

We are creating an environment in our gut through the food we eat.

Since people have different views on how to eat, according to their diet their gut environment will differ.

People who eat predominantly food designed for a plant, the carbohydrates, will have an acidic gut with a lot of free sugar all around. Such an environment is very suitable to fungus so Candida will be very happy there. If you try to populate such gut with a lactobacillus, you are embarking on a mission impossible.

Simply said, if you eat toxic food, you will have inappropriate and toxic gut flora. This is why people who eat the wrong food cannot benefit from probiotics. The bacteria we desire cannot survive in the environment we have created for them.

Now, there is also the question, what is supposed to be our beneficial gut flora composed of?

The over the counter probiotics are formulated using a healthy gut as an example.

Now, whose healthy gut was used as an example?

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People do not eat correctly. Everything we are told about our diet is wrong so it is very difficult to find someone with the correct gut flora and most likely such a person would be pronounced unhealthy because they would have to be eating the food of God.

Very few people do such a thing.

This is why there are some people who benefit somewhat from probiotics and there are some who do not. Even those who repopulate their gut using probiotic do not have the optimal gut flora because they do not eat correctly.

If they would have been eating the “food of God”, they would support a completely different type of gut microorganisms.

This is why the statement that “healthy people do not benefit from probiotics” is actually correct.

The over the counter probiotics are formulated for the ordinary Joe schmo who eats the average, carbohydrate loaded diet. Their gut environment will be suitable for those bacteria and they will have a chance to populate their gut.

But for sickly people and for those who eat correctly, probiotics will do absolutely nothing.

Claiming that they will worsen the gut situation is nonsense and shows a lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject in question.

Unhealthy gut flora will not support dairy and here comes the lactose intolerance. It will not support egg protein or peanut protein …and any kind of otherwise healthy food becomes problematic.

The notion that the gut bacterias support and benefit our body is only correct when we eat correctly in which case we are healthy no matter what.

Not understanding the biology makes us coming to ridiculous conclusions and we cannot figure out where is the problem so how can we possibly solve it?

Healthy Lifestyle cartoons, Healthy Lifestyle cartoon, funny, Healthy Lifestyle picture, Healthy Lifestyle pictures, Healthy Lifestyle image, Healthy Lifestyle images, Healthy Lifestyle illustration, Healthy Lifestyle illustrations

Follow the Self Healers Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.


Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

6 thoughts on “Are our prominent scientists suggesting to ADD OUR EXCREMENT TO OUR DIET for faster gut-flora recovery?”

  1. I like the article darko..I just want to mention that ive been eating primarily animal foods for last 6 years. I use to be able to eat eggs and raw milk no problem but I think I ate too much and developed allergy to them. No amount of animal foods or sea salt/water has helped this. To this day these foods do no sit well.with me no matter how good the quality…something with histamine I.think because citrus causes same symptoms. It’s embarrassing a burning sensation in and around the anus…ive just learned to.stay away from these because.of.this.

    1. You would benefit enormously from consultation with Darko. By his carefully monitoring of what you are doing, he would find and solve the problem.

      I highly recommend consultation since you are a highly committed individual.. unfortunately having weak results.

    2. Mark there is definitely a problem here. It coul be the ggs and the mil ut the problem could be caused by something else what you are doing not realizing the problem. Mark B is correct. You should mailm me your daily routines so tat I can see where is the problem bro.

    3. Mark – there is a great pill widely used in West Hollywood, when your prescribed symptoms onset: Please try NoAsseUhTal
      Stay on that 2-3 weeks, and surely your symptoms will disappear.

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