The dilemma, LO CARBS-HIGH CARBS OR NO CARBS is the question? Part3

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This blog is a third part of the debunking of the fake medical science regarding the carbohydrates and the “importance and the benefits” they provide.

In my last blog, I elaborated and debunked the “science” which tells us that the glucose is the primary energy source in our body and today we are going to focus on explaining how does the dietary glucose affect our immune system.

Very few people are aware of what health problems are caused by ingesting glucose and our doctors keep telling us that humans cannot survive without glucose being a part of their diet.

In some previous articles, I had mentioned how several times in the past we have been flooded with the news about some miraculous abilities of certain animals battling an infection. They did it with such force that it made scientists interested to investigate in their laboratories what kind of miraculous system they possess that guards them so well. The scientific word was that those creatures are producing their own antibiotics which will be isolated in the laboratory and reproduced to help treat people.

Never ever anything came out of those researches. Those articles were only a way of advertising that scientists are working and need more funds. Those articles were only a solicitation for funds.

The same people who control the pharmaceutical industry control the medical industry, the food industry, the media, schools, and entertainment industries. It is all just a big organized racketeering ring full of lies and deceit.

We have to admit that those animals had special ways of dealing with infection and diseases because they were immune to just about anything.

In particular sharks and deep-sea sponges wee mentioned but why?

Smiling Great white shark royalty-free stock photo

The same resilience to infections and diseases we can see in all wild animals.

I had seen on numerous occasions fish with big open wounds which healed perfectly without ever being infected and without puss buildup. How can Zebra survive after a chunk of her pectoral muscle has been ripped open by the lion?

The wound was not washed, the flies were all over it. The zebra was rolling in the dust and slowly little by little the wound was closing and within several weeks the zebra was fine with only a scar remaining.

I have a question for you my friends, why did “scientists” select only sharks and recently sponges when it is known and observed that all wild animals have the same resilience.

The answer is simple.

People would start asking more questions and look more carefully into the reasons why only humans and domestic animals succumb to chronic health problems. This could be very dangerous to the system so only sporadically we hear pieces of truth in an envelope of lies presented to us by the fake media, the presenters of fake scripts. All are just lies.

Since only humans and animals which eat human food are suffering from chronic health problems what do they do differently?

They eat cooked food. Basically a cooked starches, the carbohydrates which our “science” claims are necessary part of our diet.

So let us see what happens with our immune system when dietary glucose floods our blood?

Before I elaborate on changes let me briefly explain how does our immune system work.

I will select only the important things which will be affected through the glucose interference, and this is a protein marker called GcMAF

Very often we do not feel good, we have frequent symptoms of cold and brewing low-grade infections, we may feel feverish so we go to the doctor. A blood sample is taken for the analysis and the results come back normal. The immune system is strong and all is well. Doctors often end-up saying “this is all in your head, or it must be a stress issue”.

Many people have bacteria living in their body which causes them many issues so how is it possible that our immune system is strong but it does not deal with the pathogens in our body?

Immunity cartoons, Immunity cartoon, funny, Immunity picture, Immunity pictures, Immunity image, Immunity images, Immunity illustration, Immunity illustrations

On the other hand, how come that our immune system is strong but every time we receive an injury, our immune system collapses and does not prevent the spreading of the pathogen through our body. There is some defensive action but a lot of pusses is created and still, if we do not receive an antibiotic we may develop sepsis (blood poisoning).

I remember, as a child once I broke a blister on my heel and within several hours I developed a high fever because a sepsis set in and antibiotic had to be administered.

What kind of lousy immune system do we have?

Well, you can have a perfectly well operational immune system but this system will not work if it is not alerted. No bacteria, virus, fungus, an egg of a parasite, cyst, and tumor, will be attacked and destroyed even with the strongest immune system if the macrophages do not know what to destroy.

The white blood cell may be passing by the bacteria and say, high bro, instead of attacking it simply because the white blood cell does not know that it has to destroy it.

Our cells produce an immune protein marker we call the GcMAF.

With this marker, everything that body wants to be destroyed is marked.

When the macrophage encounters GcMAF marked cells, (bacteria, fungus, virus, cyst, tumor…) it will immediately spring into the action and destroy it. It does this through the electrocution and then it devours it.

All animals in nature have plenty of markers produced and they mark everything that the body does not need or want. Once marked for destruction, the immune system takes care of it.

Two bears fighting royalty-free stock photo

Here is the problem which is caused by the changed environment of the body through the glucose ingestion. The same group of genes that is responsible for GcMAF production also controls the production of an enzyme necessary in the manipulation of glucose called the glycoside hydrolase.

It is well-known fact that cancer cells contain a lot of this enzyme but scientists have renamed this enzyme to be able to confuse the doctors and cash on it. They call it the nagalase. More nagalase is produced, the less amount of GcMAF is present.

Now doctors believe that nagalase is toxic and it makes cancer grow faster so it is even included in many vaccines to undermine peoples health.

Luckily, nothing much is achieved because the problem is not the presence of this enzyme in the cell. The problem comes from the fact that when the cell is forced to produce a lot of nagalase, it stops producing GcMAF, and the culprit of this is?

You have guessed it, a glucose.

The only reason why cells stopped producing the GcMAF markers is that their gene expression was changed and now for the necessity, they produce nagalase instead of GcMAF.

This change is the direct result of the presence of the glucose within the cell.

As the cells are forced to deal with the glucose, they switched from producing GcMAF marker to producing nagalase. This allows them to produce a lot of energy but leaves the immune response completely deactivated.

It is like installing plenty of explosives to bring down a tower but no one is there to push the button to make the booooooooom.

Now you can see why humans have a very weak immune system and all wild creatures are well protected. We are all controlled by the same genes and now you know why we have 2000 genetic glitches. This is one of them and it is caused by the genetic expression adapting to the carbohydrate diet on which it obviously cannot function optimally.

In the next article, I will show how the glucose causes neurological disruptions.

In the meantime go ahead and enjoy your pizza, spaghetti, and fries!!!!

Food sources of complex carbohydrates, isolated on white Stock Photo - 17724858

Then do not be surprised that you can so easily be infested with pathogens including parasites which are now spreading through the USA like this article I received from Mark describes:

I have to excuse myself, I am not a masochist.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

12 thoughts on “The dilemma, LO CARBS-HIGH CARBS OR NO CARBS is the question? Part3”

  1. I love that photo of the 2 bears dancing in the woods – they are really putting their teeth into it :__0 )

    Another great article. Really makes glucose nuking our entire immunity system from within each cell make sense: No more GcMAF, No More Markers, No More Work For the Gallows White Cell!


  2. For those who for whatever reason cannot eliminate glucose from their diet completely, Is it possible to supplement with GcMAF to offset the ill-effects of nagalase?

  3. Darko what are your thoughts of the salicylates present in coconut oil. Recently removed coconut oil from my diet and am much calmer now. I was consuming a lot for the last 4 years. You ever heard of this? Kind of bad though because it was a big.part of my diet. I know for sure it was causing nervousness in my body. I always bought organic unrefined and virgin..

    1. Mark, this is just another attempt to scare people from using highly beneficial coconut oil.
      All vegetables are loaded with salicylates. All vegetarians have higher levels of salicylic acid in their blood. This is not good. It is like having a small aspirin every day but the body eliminates it if it can cleanse the blood.
      The fact is that when you eat correctly (skip the vegetables) and only use coconut oil and animal fats and proteins, your levels of salicylates in the body will drop considerably.
      And yes, it is not good to overdo on the coconut products but the popular articles condemning it are fraudulent. Again a bit of truth immersed in a bundle of lies.

  4. Hi all,

    I take the opportunity of this article to share my experience regarding the test of using Spirulina. I hope it will be useful to you.

    I have read two books on spirulina, all backed up by scientific studies, and spirulina was amazing. It could _not_ be bad if all benefits were true. Without evidences or proof regarding Self Healer Protocol toward spirulina, I tried it for nearly 5 months.
    I was sure of its many benefits, so I took the dive. Quickly, I noticed better energy, better mood, and I felt better. As I had more energy I was able to launch some personal projects, it was beneficial. My wife started using it too, and noticed the energy effect.
    I believed it is due to spirulina’s molecules being close to hemoglobine and EPO. We also clearly noticed that we needed less sleep, we could sleep less and feel energetic in the morning. All for the better, great.

    Slowly though, my old non allergic rhinitis slightly came back, not a full blown one, but just a little. I first tought it was irritated by pollution or dust, or something like that. Besides, when I took spirulina I felt it was better (anti-inflammatory effect…) so all was well. Moreover,
    as spirulina was “necessarily” good, it could not be the cause. Time went by and I had more slight pain at tendons when doing sport, so I had to adapt what I was doing. This is common when doing sport, so I did not think to spirulina of course. Far later, in the fifth (5) month, I developped a chronic constipation, achille tendon pain, and a full blown rhinitis. With my knowledge from Self Healer Protocol and its books, I connected the dots :
    – constipation = dehydration. As I was strictly following SHP and was drinking fair amount of structured water with sea salt, it was not the lack of water.
    – allergy/rhinitis/inflammation = dehydration
    – tendon pain that persists even at rest = dehydration

    I had to surrender to the conclusion that spirulina was dehydrating. Even stopping it and drinking as much as I could, and eating lot of dried prunes (“pruneaux”), constipation was still here since weeks (at least 2, it started when I was taking spirulina). As I have seen that as an emergency, I drank 10g of ascorbic acid diluted in water (old batch of Vitamin C, that I do not take anymore while following SHP), and surprisingly that huge amount did not have any effect. I did it again the following day, and this time it did the job…

    Since stopping spirulina, constipation is gone, tendon pain is gone quickly, but I still support rhinitis. Colloidal silver is hugely effective when used as a direct spray, and of course I’m hydrating as much as I can. I’m sure it will get fixed by itself with enough time to hydrate at the cellular level. When my wife stopped spirulina, she started to have diarhea, which also for me means she was dehydrated before (without being constipated) and that now less water is required for the blood and more water can stay in the colon. My wife also had a kind of irritation under the armpit as if something was going out, but it was hurting and now it is gone, a mark is still here and slowly fading. It stopped slowly when she stopped spirulina. She was taking 3g of spirulina, while I was taking 5g.

    My thoughts :
    – if we want a super dense superfood, look no further than raw eggs (Vit B12, B2, A, B5, E, K2, folate, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, zeaxanthin, cholin, etc.)
    – if we want to ensure good health while following SHP, expose to the sun as often as possible and monitor our Vit D3 level (I was deficient, so Vitamin D supplement is required)
    – drink a teaspoon of colloidal silver everyday : brings many benefits similar to those claimed by spirulina, and much more while being safe.

    I still do not understand how Tchernobyl victims who were taking spirulina had 82% less thyroid cancer, whereas 100% of those not taking spirulina had thyroid cancer. How a dehydrating “medecinal” food, could have such positive effect ?

    I do not know if I am right about spirulina, and if I connected the dots properly, and I hope I am not judging something innocent. But here is my experience with it.

    When following SHP, it is easy to modify just one variable and to check by ourself if something is right for us or not. Take care 🙂

    1. Guillaume this was a great experiment which brings invaluable knowledge.
      I often mention do not trust what you hear, experience it by yourself.
      Now you see that the “potent antioxidant” Phycocyanin is actually concidered to be a poison by your cells. This is why spirulina acts as diuretic in an attempt to eliminate it from the blood.
      Your cells stopped hydration and in time they became dehydrated and you started to experience all of the symptoms of a dehydrted body.
      I hope that more people will cleanse their bodies and repair their genetic expressoin utilizing the Self Healers Protocol and then when they experience how does it feal to really be healthy, experiment by utilizing some of those “extraodinary” foods loaded with antioxidants and see forthemselves the real effect of those poisons on their body.
      Love and light brother, good job. This made my day.

      1. Your answer makes me remember a detail supporting what you say : near the end of my experiment, I switched to a more potent spirulina, having twice the amount of phycocyanin for the same amount of spirulina. And symptoms got worse afterwards.

        I’m happy to share this experiment and its result 🙂

  5. Darko, following your protocol, I have, over the past two years, transitioned naturally to Celtic salt water and rare meat . No hunger and no cravings for anything else…ever. Chocolate is a thing of the past. I eat one or two times a day when hungry. Being eight three, I feel terrific! Thank you for your continued help.

    1. Wonderful love. This is how it should be. Now you can see how there is only one type of diet that actually maintains us healthy no matter what blood type we have.
      Love and light

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