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As more and more lethal diseases appear on our planet, our scientists are feverishly working on finding solutions and the perfect treatments to suppress them or eradicate them in any way possible.

I had just received an article from Mikie about a new hope our scientists are expressing after finding that sea sponges can destroy some bacteria even those that are antibiotic resistant and viruses like SIDA (HIV) for which our medical science has no proper weapon to use to tackle them with.

For those of you who have been following the discoveries that were published by the media, this is just another hope since many such articles had come and gone without any change or improvement by any of such discoveries from the past.

If you remember there was the big hope of finding the secret of the plants from Amazon and a “huge” discovery about the ability of sharks to fight cancer and other chronic diseases.

The scientists were feverishly working on dissecting those poor animals. Who knows how many of those sharks lost their lives so that the doctors can get the perfect weapon and eradicate diseases forever. There was always a big hope and push but then silence followed.

Business Loan Shark royalty-free stock photo

I guess that the media figured out that there was enough hope given to the general public for donations to be solicited and sufficient reasons have been given to justify the cost of the drugs pushed by the doctors so whenever a new solicitation drive is being prepared, some new “major discovery” is published to give us hope and open our wallets.

It is more and more obvious that the media is just loudmouth propaganda for the desired situation to occur. It is all just a scripted play for the sheepishly public to follow.

To add more fear and stress to the solicitation and the justification drive, the media is flooded with articles about new medicine resistant viruses and bacteria with a high mortality rate of the infected people.

Ticks and mosquitoes are being blamed as the vectors but who had weaponized and released them into nature?

Whenever you hear that normally animal virus does not “jump” onto humans but now something is happening to make this possible, you know it is not a freak of nature. It is the work of military chemical labs like the one on Plum Island CT that had released the Lime disease in the past.

Recently weaponized mosquitoes have been released in Florida and elsewhere and all of the sudden, “Something rare has happened in nature”.

Here is one of such articles about Mr. Evil B. Gates and his generous contribution for decimating the human population through the infected mosquitoes camouflaging it as a war against the mosquitoes themselves:

They think that we are still sleeping and that those old tricks will pass undetected.

Luckily, the humanity is awakening and more and more people see right through it.

Frighten people into submission, heard them and vaccinate them to extinction. That was always the plan. Scared people are easily manipulated and they accept whatever they are being told.

Even here in the jungle of the Amazon river, people are being infected with modified viruses. Just last week 6 people in Tarapoto died from what doctors say is a strange virus that is being contracted through the mosquitoes. Even my friend Mr. D. experienced this virus and almost collapsed. He said that he thought that he was going to die. Many people got violently ill all of a sudden and two weeks later it is all gone but a huge vaccination push is underway and people are lining up for the “life-saving vaccine!”

Does it look familiar to you?

The same old tricks for the same old dogs. It looks like those dark forces became senile and cannot think of anything new that would be more effective.

These old tricks are not working that well.

They are not working because the people got smarter.

They are not working because we are designed to adapt to every circumstance so the more often you try to poison the body through the same or similar pathogen or poison, the more resistant the body becomes to those poisons. This is due to our perfect design of genetic plasticity.

Medical Scientists cartoons, Medical Scientists cartoon, funny, Medical Scientists picture, Medical Scientists pictures, Medical Scientists image, Medical Scientists images, Medical Scientists illustration, Medical Scientists illustrations

This is something our evil “scientists” do not understand since the truth was not disclosed to them and now it is biting them in their own ass.

Our prominent scientists are still trying to understand why there are more than 2000 genetic glitches in the human genome and none in the genome of wild animals in nature.

This is why they are wasting their time researching the miraculous defense mechanisms of wild animals in the hope to find the miraculous clew of the sacred ingredient that will save humanity.

To you my friends, this situation must look very funny since you know the answer but because of the new readers, I will elaborate on this. In any way, repetition is the mother of studies but it is also a mother of our brainwashing.

If you remember, when first AIDS cases appeared the people that were affected where the drug users, the homosexuals and those who were malnourished. All those groups of people have a very weak immune system. Realizing that only those people can be affected and debilitated by this virus. The AIDS was put into vaccines and used on the African malnourished population.

As the African children started to suffer from AIDS the narrative was changed and the AIDS was promoted as originated in Africa from the people who copulated with monkeys. This is further degradation of African people.

In fact, the AIDS virus was first tested on the homosexual community in California and the actor Rock Hudson was one of its first victims.

To increase revenues, doctors started to promote the AIDS test. This way people can be scared into taking the so-called AIDS cocktail which actually destroys the immune system of the body and actually creates the AIDS-related symptoms.

All this research of the miraculous weapons that will destroy the diseases once for all is just false pretense because, without those diseases, the pharmaceutical and medical industries would collapse. I can assure you that this is the last thing that those people want to happen.

In fact, Jon Rappoport is blogging on the attempt of the drug industry to permanently damage our genome through the infiltration of genetically modified viruses into our body through, you have guessed it, a vaccination:

The dying beast is utilizing every imaginable weapon at this moment but it will all be over soon and we are going to win over the Evil we had been tolerating for such a long time.

Do not be afraid and do not accept the vaccines.

Reinforce your immune system and you have nothing to fear about.

For those of you who are still in the dark and do not know how to optimize your immune system, simply follow the Self Healers Protocol.

With an optimally functioning immune system, humans have the same resilience to all pathogens as those sea sponges, sharks and the plants from the Amazon.

The immune system cannot be reinforced the way we are being told by the various health sites that are trapped in the false science.

Forget about the high doses of vitamins and garlic, ginger and other medicinal contraptions.

The only way to regain the full power of your immune resistance is by returning your genetic expression to the way it was sequenced by our creator. The Self Healers Protocol will guide you there and you can always count on my guidance and support.

If you are trapped in some energetic loop, come to visit me in Peru and I will help you to get in touch with your higher self and through the help of Mother Ayahuasca eliminate those stuck energies and achieve a complete healing.

Love and light to us all.



  1. Great article, Darko. I wish I could un-do some of the vaccinations I have been exposed too by the evil medical industry and the people behind them, but will never have a vaccination again! Cheers!

    • Ben, your body is perfect. You can easily eliminate all toxic elements from your body but you have to help your body with this by supporting its needs. Take the plunge and do the protocol. You will not regret it brother.

  2. Vulture Urine

    Vultures urinate down their own legs. The idea is, it keeps infections away as they work inside of decomposing bodies where they get cut and scraped.

    -Maybe the GOP needs to be drinking vulture piss, eh?

  3. Darko, I notice that when I drink sea salt and water, my body will sweat like crazy. Just simply walking around will get me sweating. When I stop the sea salt but continue with water sweating goes away. I also noticed several years ago I lost the inabilty to sweat no matter how hot it was…so I find this really intresting

    • Mark, we sweat not only to cool our body but also as a cleansing action.
      If our blood is low on water, our body will hold onto the water and it will not cleanse the blood.
      As you hydrate, if your blood is toxic, you will immediately start with cleansing so sweating is one of the symptoms brother.

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