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Kidney health-related issues are becoming a great and very lucrative business.

It seems that as the medical science is creating miraculous diagnostic equipment, all of the diseases humanity is suffering from are accelerating and more and more people are diagnosed having a sickness of one kind or the another.

Unfortunately, this new diagnostic equipment is not contributing to solving the mystery of those diseases. The result is, a huge line of people awaiting a kidney transplant. This is where the big bucks role and it is more than evident that the pharmaceutical and the medical corporations do not want this process to be disturbed.

This is why there is absolutely no progress done in solving the mystery of kidney failures, but a great progress is made to create an artificial kidney that can be implanted into a human body.

How about some traditional old-fashioned healing?

Ups, a healing is not a word recognized by the medical industry so doctors do not know what do you mean if you ask them if you are going to heal.

By the way, there is a war raging between those doctors which are certified through the medical license of uniform teaching of poison, cut, and burn, and the alternative medical approach of so-called alternative medicine practitioners.

Every country has its political system which is controlled by a group of people stationed in Europe from where this evil system of controlling the false narrative came from. Yes, some creatures from the USA are heavily involved in this as well like the Rockefeller family and G. Soros but they originate in Europe and are heavily connected to their European masters.

This is the reason why there are very few healers left there. The people are left to the mercy of the mis-educated butchers that hide behind their medical licenses with absolutely no clue how to heal and too brainwashed to realize their handicap and do something about it.

I’d say, England is leading the pack as the stupidity that comes from their medical journals is mind-boggling.

Russia as being separated from the rest of Europe by the political issues has much better medical knowledge and treatments, but their medicine men had been destroyed by the Bolshevik (Zionist collaborators in Russia). Russian scientist being free to explore created some great electronic healing devices based on frequencies. This is great but the wrong knowledge about our diet and how the body really works remains.

Australian people are heavily controlled by the British Crown. They had destroyed the Original people and with them, the medical knowledge that they had possessed. I found the Australian medical system in very poor shape. It is dominated by the false knowledge and the poison, cut, and burn medicine.

New Zealand is in better shape since the Maori people had saved their customs but the same as in South America, people are brainwashed into believing that the Western medicine is superior and pride themselves with the bogus licenses they had obtained which are based on that faulty system.

As people are awakening, they want to change things. Many want to look for health elsewhere but they are being forced to comply with the LAW which is enforced by the armed police.

In Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Canada and many other places where the government is controlled by the European masters, the population is disarmed and cannot defend itself. This is not the case in the USA so straightforward assault cannot be done. This is why there is an ever-increasing pressure made for the US population to be disarmed. Every politician in the United States of America who is calling for the disarmament of its people is committing a treason and should be imprisoned. They are not your friends, and they do not look for your interest.

I had to mention those things so that those of you who are not familiar with what is going on can understand better why are your doctors unable to heal you.

I titled this article Renal Tubular Acidosis because here, on this health problem it is easy to see the incompetent medical system in play.

The Renal Tubular Acidosis is caused by the blood electrolyte imbalance.

Of course, the medical industry has to make money on this as well so what do they do?

They announce that salt is unhealthy especially if the kidneys are not functioning well.

So, you have an electrolyte imbalance and you prevent the body to obtain the necessary electrolytes so that it can correct this problem.

Then you make a fake study and classify the problem in four different compartments and assume the role of the savior by supplementing those minerals but with a fake study so the goal is never reached and you pronounce the problem to be genetic and for that reason unsolvable if the supplementation did not show satisfactory results.

Ten years ago, my wife’s best friends daughter was diagnosed with this “disease” when she was a baby. She was in and out of the hospital on a weekly bases. Her immune system was not functioning, she was forbidden to eat salt and many foods did not agree with her.

mother holding child's hand who have IV solution royalty-free stock photo

When I saw her, she was a pale, skinny and weak child 9 years of age.

In just 6 months on the Self Healers Protocol, her health had been completely restored. No more visits to the hospital, no more antibiotics and other medication that was part of her growing up.

Matter of fact, she was so polluted by the pharmaceutical drugs that as she started the detoxification process, she was vomiting and defecating a green substance. This is a typical symptom of a chemical poisoning of the body.

So many chemical poisons had been used and administered into this young child’s body and the only thing that this body was missing were the electrolytes.

The sea salt with plenty of water was the only thing that her body required to be able to heal itself.

The true healing can be only done by the body itself. By the body, I mean the cellular structure and mind relation. I specifically did not say the brain because the brain is just another organ that has no freedom of choice and it will simply follow the instructions. Those instructions come from the mind. The mind does the programming through its subconscious activity by consulting the accepted beliefs we had implanted there.

Since we had been indoctrinated in false beliefs, our bodies are not doing so well.

It is time to take care of this and change those false programs.

The way to reprogram our subconscious mind is through repetition. This is why I constantly repeat the same thing. Stop eating dietary carbohydrates.

Learn what to eat and how to eat. The reason for over 2000 genetic hiccups the human body has is the wrong diet which has changed the genetic expression.

Instead of reciting other peoples science, try it for yourself. We learn through experience and not through reading what we are being served.

Love and light to us all.



  1. What can I do if I keep looking for snack after a meal. Some say it’s because of lacking a certain nutrient.

    Do you have any good recommendation of healthy snack?

    • Jeri, we are creatures of habits. We play with our food. We make it tasty and desirable. No wonder that we overeat, become fat and unhealthy.
      I will write a blog on this thematic.
      Snacking is a habit. I have it as well. This habit is time related. We have certain time when we feel desire to have a snack. It is all abut the brain programming and very little it has to do with what the body craves for and needs.
      No snack is healthy and I will explain why in my next blog brother.

  2. Very true! I can be completely full – having eaten protocol approved foods – or the raw egg, banana shake – and still crave “something” – I find I can manage it by engaging in other things (reading, sport Etc.) or in an “emergency” a bit of fruit (sometimes dried) or (peeled) nuts/seeds. Cheers!

  3. Great post. Love the break down of medicine by country, nation.

    I think I will move to the Antartica!

    First, I am sending Dr. D, a donation.

    “Well done, Dark Healer!” -MarkB.

  4. Have you ever written about candida darko? Also, I know you recommend fruits but most have been hybridized and contain lots of sugar. The banana is one of the most hybridized fruits available. Cant this cause digestive problems and issues such as candida? Most wild fruit contains lots of seeds and does not contain a lot of flesh.and is extremely low in sugar and not sweet. Jiat wondering your thoughts

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