THE DRAGONS HAVE RETURNED Our Earth is being cleansed.

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My wife told me to keep this experience for myself since it is too unbelievable and may hurt my reputation. I did agree with her until I saw a video from Mudfosil University where Mr. Roger unveils the secrets of our planet.

In my quantum articles, I had mentioned that the Universe is fractal.
What does this really mean?

A fraction of something must have the same characteristic of the object from which it originates.
If you smash a crystal vase, you get thousands of small fractions of that vase and each small part has the same structure of crystal as the vase had when it was intact.

You may say that this is a simple vase, but our complex world is vastly different and that the comparison with the vase is absurd. This could touch just one small component but not the complex creature or any living thing.

Is it really so absurd?
Could there be a possibility that the things for which we believe that are dead, are in fact alive?

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Through the quantum posts, I had explained that everything that exists is conscious of its existence.
An electron knows what it is and it is fractal. It exists in many places at the same time. The same goes for the proton and the neutron. This means that the atom is conscious and fractal and exists in many places at the same time.

The same goes for molecules, objects, and all living creatures.

Now, we can argue with this by saying that there is only one me. I am not in many places, I am here, sitting behind the computer and typing this message.

Well, if you would not be fractal, you would have neither the past nor the future. Those are some of the fractions of your life experience. They are all happening at the same time. Your spirit has fractions and exists in many places at the same time. The dimension of time is very confusing to us because we only experience time in a linear motion and it appears that we humans are the only ones in the whole Universe to experience the time in this way.

Because of this linearity, what we do now, will influence the events in the future, and what we have done in the past, caused the events of the present. Which time-line you are experiencing depends on your focus.

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During her Ayahuasca ceremony, Hilno saw me approaching her and guiding her. I was not consciously aware of this. What Hilno saw was a fraction of myself on which I haven’t focused. My focus at that time was about doing other things.

The same thing is repeating itself as we think of our past life experiences.
What we are interpreting as our past life is simply a life that we are not focusing on at this moment and whose actions had influenced the things that we are experiencing now.
This is the reason why we cannot receive an exact time of things to happen from the spirit world since the spirit does not see the time in a linear fashion. The spirit can see only the events and as one event triggers the other, he can inform us about what is most likely to happen and how close is the event that we are experiencing from the event that will happen after this one (in the future).

This is very complicated and confusing to our mind and it is very difficult for me to explain as well. This is why channelers cannot tell you a date of events. The best that they can do is to let us know that an event is close because there are only a few other events preceding it or that the event is imminent since it is the next thing that will happen but still, no exact linear time can be attached to it.

For example, you know that you are going to the bathroom and after, you will wash your hands, and then you will get dressed, and then you will go to work.
All those things are events that will happen but each of those events depends on the duration of the previous effect which you are controlling in the present and the present is the event on which you are focusing right now. It may happen that you get diarrhea and you have to remain in the bathroom longer or you may not even be able to go to work. Those are all variables and this is the reason why the spirit tells us only the variables, the possibilities, and never an exact time.

According to those possibilities, our planet Earth is in the cleansing state and according to the message that I had received from the spirit through the Ayahuasca is that the metamorphosis has taken a place and we have entered the new grid of the sacred geometry of the New Earth Gaya.

I thought that the Ayahuasca ceremony is personal, about our own healing. Cleansing of our bad emotions and healing of our body. Mi first Ayahuasca ceremony was like that but not this one.

This time around, my entire Ayahuasca experience was about absorbing, processing and cleansing bad emotions of my friends, clients, Mother Earth and I did it in the body of a huge black dragon.

three headed dragon : Stock Illustration
As I was absorbing the negative emotions, the Ayahuascera Christine started to sing, “dragon, healer, help your brothers and sisters”. Christine knew exactly what I was doing.

The mother Ayahuasca had very little to say. I remembered what and how to do those things as if I did them before. Only once I thought that I can do something that we are expecting in the future and the Ayahuasca said, “What are you doing Darko? This is not your job”.

After what seemed like hours of very intense work, everything had changed into white. I thought that I had changed into a white dragon but the Ayahuascera Christine started to sing,” welcome metamorphosis, from dark to a light. Welcome white butterfly”.

Download White butterfly stock photo. Image of tropical, monarch - 46588036

All of this was happening on Saturday night from 8 pm to about midnight Peruvian timezone. If anyone of you was in pain or had felt nausea or lightheaded within this time frame, it could be related to this event. My wife Hilno ended in the bathroom with nausea and diarrhea herself.

There are many unbelievable things that I had experienced during this session but I would not even mention it if I did not receive the sign to do so.
As I sat down to write a blog, I opened a Youtube for inspiration and the first thing I saw was this video:

Yes, Mr. Roger is correct. Our planet is an alive organism, and the dragons are awakening.
We are all just instruments in this game we call reality.
Each one of us has a purpose and plays its role.
We alter the game through our emotions and many of those emotions create an obstruction to the flow of energy. Since the emotion is also a energy with its frequency, it creates a disturbance in the plasma field and it can stay embedded within the genetic pool.
Especially the battlefields are saturated with those disturbances and there cannot be healing done unless those energies are purged. They had been purged and we have entered the new grid.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Earths grid, I suggest that you watch this video:

After the metamorphosis, the mother Ayahuasca confirmed the existence of the new grid. I saw Drunvalo Melchizedek and I asked him if I can enter the new grid and if I can bring my friends, my clients, and family with me. Drunvalo replied, “of course, everyone will enter the new grid with no exceptions”.

As the mother Ayahuasca has shown me, the metamorphosis has occurred and we are in the new grid. We have all started awakening separately having our own experiences and the speed of this awakening to the new Earth will depend on our understanding and our will.

The good had won the war. It is the time to celebrate.
Love and light to us all my brothers and sisters because we are all one.


7 comments on “THE DRAGONS HAVE RETURNED Our Earth is being cleansed.

    • Mike, the whole process of the evolutionary transition will last 36 years. Since 18 years have passed, we have 18 years to go but for some people it will take just couple years to completely awake and for other it may take 10 or more years to do so. Love and light

  1. Hi Darko
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. The last days it is as if there is a shift in my meditations, as if everything goes more smooth and peaceful. May be I have felt your love and support.
    Love and light

  2. Thank you for sharing good news about the new grid. We have indeed been working to clear the chaos and clutter in our lives. Each day gets better, easier.

    When do you feel we will see new changes manifest for humanity in this reality? Social-Political, Financial, Medical technology advances. Here in the U.S.???
    That’s the $$$Billion dollar question.

    • Diana, through the dragon I had been absorbing the financial and the apolitical systems. I saw them being built as a castles of Lego’s and as I increased the plexus pressure to the maximum, those castles had exploded. They shattered in million pieces and disappeared.
      I felt rumbling in my stomach and gas started purging. All of the bad energy involved in those systems had been purged and corrected.
      I have no doubt that this is all done already and now we are going to see the emerging of the new systems. This was shown to me through the occurrence of the metamorphoses and the birth of the white butterfly. The exact time of this manifestation cannot be predicted but it is imminent since it has already occurred. It is the next manifestation for us to experience love.

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