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Since more and more people are realizing the absurdity of the so-called modern medicine they are really becoming confused. There are so many different opinions on how to go about regaining one’s health and they are so very different one from each other that people are getting lost.

This is very easily understood. One health guru will claim that his juicing is the perfect answer, another will propose the vegan solution, another will claim that the keto-diet is the only way, some say drink your urine and fast… so whom to listen, what to trust and what to do?

I agree it is a difficult task to find someone whom you can trust. There is so much contradiction.

To add to the basket of confusions, we also have to acknowledge that depending on the problem one has, and the physical and the psychological state they are in, their body will react differently to the same treatment especially in the beginning of the healing process.

Some changes could be frightening and the mind starts talking: “I’ve seen this before, there is nothing new, the same pain is awakening….” so it is really difficult to go on and to continue with the program.

There is no difference when it comes to the Self Healers Protocol. The healing pains will pop up and they can be and often are stronger than the original symptoms which were the reason you had started the Healing Protocol in the first place.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Well, there are some major differences between the Self Healers Protocol and all of the other healing methods on this planet and those are:

The realization that you are not sick. What you are experiencing is not a disease. It is just a collage of symptoms triggered by your toxic body.

You will not have to buy any products since you can make them by yourself.

No supplements

No medicines or medicinal remedies

No dependence on other health gurus.

The whole approach is based on a completely different understanding of our physicality and our reality.

All of this adds to the confusion and unless you had been following my work or read my books, you would easily dismiss the whole thing.

When we add to the confusion the intentionally implemented false science on which we have been always counting on as the scientifically proven truth, there is no surprise why even after reading my blogs for over two years some people contact me worrying about a new scientific articles “proving” that the salt overuse is detrimental to the health especially when it comes to the kidneys and the hypertension.

It takes a really strong person to disregard their family and friends constant supply of articles and wisdom why what you are doing is wrong and it will further harm you especially when the early symptoms of the cleansing resemble so closely the very thing that you are desperately trying to get rid off.

Because of all of this, I offer to help you by inviting you here to Peru to jump-start your healing process.

The healing program consists of the cleansing protocol followed by the proper diet and exercise.

There will be lessons on quantum understanding and physicality.

The opening of the chakra system and spiritual work which may include the Ayahuasca if you receive the Ayahuasca call.

The Ayahuasca ceremony is done in the traditional way with the purpose of learning directly from the source so do not bother coming with an expectation of some drug-induced delirious experience of colors and shapes.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare your food so that it is healthy, healing and delicious.

There will be excursions into the pristine nature and swim in the rivers that feed the great Amazon river.

Since it takes three weeks to cleanse the blood, the perfect stay here should be a vacation of three weeks. If this is not possible, then the two-week program can be made which will be a good enough jump-start so that you can continue the rest of the journey on your own with me guiding you from the distance.

If you have a vacation coming, take this opportunity and treat yourself with the best gift that you can give yourself and your family or friend.

I had just returned from the jungle where I had my second Ayahuasca ceremony and now finally I know the purpose of why I had to come here and what is my purpose in this life experience.

I had an amazing experience and a lot of work was done to make it easier for others at this time of the change.

I feel humbled and grateful for the Ayahuascera Christine as we both were just the instruments for some of those changes.

I thank all of you for being a part of my life experience and I hope to see you here.

Love and light to us all.



  1. Hi Darko:

    What a great offer .. to learn and heal from the teacher !!

    Can you post the costs for 2 and 3 weeks stays and also the nearest airport to where you are so we can calculate airfares??

    Thanks for sharing the light!!


    • Tony hi.
      The cost per week per person is 1300 $ US and everything is included. This means the meals, the lessons, the treatments and excursions. It is 2000 $ for a couple .
      I know that many people have financial problems so if the desire is there, all it takes is to send me an e-mail and we can discuss the options.
      Love and light brother.
      People who are helping my work through donations have 30 % discount

      One has to fly to Lima and from Lima to Tarapoto.
      I Welcome people in the Airport in Tarapoto.

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