Indoctrination + Faulty science + Enforcement through licensing = Chaos and disaster for humanity.

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The one thing I loved when I came to the United States of America was the freedom to work.

This may sound crazy but here is the thing.

In Yugoslavia and the rest of Europe, the humanity was enslaved way more than in the USA.

The licensing in Europe was and still is something that makes no sense until you realize the reason licenses exist.

I loved the freedom to switch a profession without the headache of obtaining a license for it.

Of course that there were restrictions but not in everything.

Since I had lost the faith in the medicine, I started to work as a furniture salesman in Brooklyn NY and as long as I was productive and sold stuff, I got paid. Nobody asked me about a license to be able to sell.

There are plenty of jobs one can do without a proper license and to be paid for the work it does.

It is not so in Europe.

If you want to work like a salesman or painter, carpenter, metal worker, mechanic… have to be licensed.

So how do you obtain a license to be able to sell fruits in the supermarket?

You have to go through a school of indoctrination where they will teach you what is true, what to think and how to think. You will have classes in mathematics but also of physics, history, chemistry, social studies…..and if you fail one of the classes, there you go, no license for your fruit stand.

My cousin is a phenomenal mechanic but he had to work without a license for a while and gets no benefits just because he could not pass the chemistry exam. What a stupid system and no one is complaining.

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In a high-school a friend of mine was an especially gifted artist and painter but could not go to the art school because before the art school he had to pass the high-school and in Yugoslavia, the high-school was way more demanding than the college in the USA. After repeating a year twice he was let through on the goodness of a mathematics professor because she realized his talent and the absurdity of the law. Many people are not so lucky because when you give a slave just a taste of power (grading a student for example), they turn into monsters.

I am mentioning these things to show you the level of indoctrination we are subjected to and all of it is created so that we can be lied to efficiently. So that we accept the lies because we had been told the “truth” during our indoctrination.

From the nuclear physicist to the garbage collector we all had to be indoctrinated and the higher is our “education” the more lies we had absorbed and the more difficult it is for those people to learn the truth because they already know it all.

This is why these highly educated “experts” are now sampling more than 3000 various bacteria to find a pattern of their mutation and develop a way to possibly stop it in the future:

Even today when the parrots are repeating “the genes are highly adaptable to their environment”, those fine of the finest, are looking through the old garbage in the hope to find what will the bacteria do in the future, when we do not know what environment are we going to provide for those bacteria at that time.

The bacteria is a single cell organism so the gene-reaction to the new poison will determine the gene expression and subsequently the bacteria’s action and structure.

And why do we care so much about the microorganisms when the most common and problematic health issues have nothing to do with pathogens, rather they are a result of a chronic poisoning and dehydration.

Ups, I am sorry, now if I would want to protect my medical license I would be fried since this is not what I have been told in the medical school and the medical “experts” did not agree that such narrative is permissible.

Do not think that it is just the medical mafia we have to watch for, there is the pharmaceutical mafia monitoring the narrative as well and maybe to some of you this will be a surprise, but the religious mafia is on it as well my brothers and sisters.

Just yesterday my dear friend Dr. Pablo who now started to incorporate energy healing into a program of treatments here in Peru, he almost lost his medical license couple of days ago and he is still recuperating from the shock of people’s ignorance and stupidity. The only reason he was allowed to keep his medical license and was just reprimanded is that he is practicing medicine in a small village in a jungle where no doctors want to go.

What had happened is that he helped an old lady easing arthritic pain utilizing an energy manipulation and opening energetic points. No medicine.

The lady must have said to her pastor that the doctor is doing magic and the pastor frightens the old woman saying that those are Devil deeds forcing the old woman to denounce Pablo for practicing unconventional Devil’s medicine.

Pablo was heartbroken losing his faith in the humanity. I do not blame him but now he understands me why I do not want to work with him in the hospital.

Any of us who are disregarding the government enforced restrictions are on a thin ice all the time. Any false statement can get us imprisoned. No license, no protection from the law. You can kill and rob as long as you hide behind the government issued licenses, but help someone the unconventional way and your license is history and your freedom is gone.

The best proof of this are the medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. They are directly responsible for more deaths than all of the wars and traffic caused deaths put together each year on the entire globe.

If you think that the indoctrination is not that bad and that I am exaggerating, there are many instances where I can prove it.

The most recent is a case of my friend Mr. M.

Mr. M has a brother in law who had many health problems. For several years, my friend is telling his brother in law to contact me but in vain. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and still, I haven’t heard from him.

Just yesterday, Mr. M sends me a note that his brother in law is ready to talk to me after he was told by his doctors that the chemotherapy did not work and now he has metastasis all over his body.

Every cancer patient I ever had asked me the same question: “how many people with this type of cancer did you have and how many of them had recovered?”

This is a stupid question since most of them were written off by their doctors like Mr. M’s brother in law. Their immune system was shattered by the treatments of poison they had received and now on a deathbed, they are looking for a miracle.

Yes, those miracles happen but only with total faith and the love for the life.

Every time someone starts with the Protocol, there is a family and friends that will spill their immense knowledge and explain that what they are doing is totally wrong and dangerous. No wonder why many of my clients give up on the Protocol.

Everybody is an expert because they had read an article or two on the subject. The parrots are everywhere. We cannot be surprised, we have been indoctrinated, we are brainwashed slaves to the system and it is very difficult to get out of it.

The indoctrinated person had lost their sense of reasoning. They can be shown things and results of a different approach but they simply cannot accept it because it does not fit the information that they possess and their titles and status depends on those politically accepted “truths”.

To accept another opinion would mean to lose their lives work. Their diplomas would become unimportant. They would lose their identity.

The indoctrination creates a slave mentality. “Do not tell me this nonsense, do you know who I am? I am doctor John Dow, get it. A doctor, you cannot tell me that I do not know what is diabetes. The reason why I cannot cure it is that it is incurable.”

teacher cartoons_Bored Teachers 15

When they see results of healing and diabetes vanishing, they call it a freak of nature. My friend whom I had shown the way to heal himself went to his doctor who is a diabetes specialist and having diabetes herself, after seeing the results shrugged her shoulders and ignored what she had just witnessed. Two months later she was rushed from her hospital to Lima because of the complications caused by diabetes.

Now you can maybe better understand what kind of people you are allowing to treat you and whose advice you are following my brothers and sisters.

Listen to your heart. Follow your instinct. Wake up and smell the roses.

Love and light to us all.


This just came up and I want you to hear it.

Another indoctrinated victim thanking his butchers on the job well done.



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