Many health enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the term humic acids, but most of them had heard and most likely have spent a lot of their hard earned money on supplementing with the fulvic minerals.

The proponents of the fulvic minerals as the supplements of minerals for our body, claim that this is absolutely necessary since the soil is depleted of minerals so we can no longer obtain the necessary minerals through the food we eat and the only way that we can absorb the minerals is if we obtain them through the vegetables or through the fulvic mineral solution. The “experts” claim that the minerals which are dissolved in the water cannot be absorbed into our body because they do not have organically adapted structure.

The minerals add to the flavour of plants. Since the fruits and vegetables, these days have no flavour, it is obvious that the minerals are missing.

We now know that some minerals are synthesized by living organisms and as the organism dies, the minerals become deposited in the soil.

A big portion of our planet, if not all of it, is composed of the remains of gigantic crystallized creatures including the Titans as it is proven by Mr. Roger of the Mudfossil University.

When you crush and pulverize a rock, what you get is sand.

So where does the clay that is being used to make porcelain and the ceramics come from?

Well, Mr. Roger proves that those deposits of clay are nothing more than a fascia of a gigantic creature. This is the reason why it is oily and does not absorb water easily.

When a living organism dies, it decomposes. The decomposition creates acids. The acids dissolve minerals. If you have a calcium buildup, put some citric acid on it and it will dissolve. Then you can wash it away with water.

Those acids that are created during the decomposition process we call the humic acids or the humic substances. Since the decomposition needs oxygen, this process is happening on the surface.

Soil, cultivated dirt, earth, ground, brown land background. Organic gardening, agriculture. Nature closeup. Environmental texture, pattern. Mud on field.

The rain-water dilutes and transports them.

Through the water, the plants absorb those dissolved minerals and reuse them for their own purposes.

There is not a specific organic bond that will make those minerals absorbable.

Every rainfall washes the soil of the humic acids and the dissolved minerals. They flow into the streams, then the rivers, and at the end, they end up in the sea forming a colloid (Seawater).

Experts agree that our vegetables and fruits are mineral depleted and suggest that we have to supplement those minerals if we want to be healthy.

Some “experts” go so far as suggesting that the only way in which we can absorb those minerals is if they are dissolved in the fulvic acid.

The fulvic acid is one of those acids that form the humic acid complex.

Here is an article on this thematics:

Through my articles, I point to the fact that the most important substances for our body are the minerals. The mineral depletion will cause major health issues.

Knowing this, the health enthusiasts are promoting the idea of providing the body with minerals through costly supplements and without any guidance.

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I showed you that the toxic body may have problems manipulating the minerals and may decide to eliminate them in which case their supplementation will not only be a waste of money but will also cause a saturation of those minerals in the body and the consequent increase of the bodies toxicity caused by them.

The dietitians who suggest that we can supplement minerals by eating raw fruits and vegetables if we eat organically raised products are on a wrong track since most of the minerals are within the none-digestible cellular structure of the plants.

The juicing may do a better job but only if the vegetables or the fruits were raised on the mineral-rich land which is almost impossible to do these days since the soil is depleted and intentionally polluted through the usage of pesticides and the chem-trails.

It seems that we are at the mercy of the supplement industry.

Not really. We are just being lied too, by everyone.

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Many times I had explained the importance of the sea salt. The sea water contains 84 minerals. The same minerals that we find in our blood and plasma.

The sea water is a colloid which is easily absorbed into our body.

For those who do not believe this, drink sea water or drink the water with sea salt in it and you will see how quickly you will have to urinate and your urine will be very salty.

I had lived on a sailboat for many years and my dogs were swimming in the sea water daily, and the water we all drank contained sea salt.

After living on land in Peru for two years I had noticed that my dogs are starting to eat the topsoil from my plants.

I put sea salt in the water they drink so I have assumed that they had enough mineral in their body. The thing is that they do not drink two litres of water with sea salt daily. They drink only when they are thirsty and since I am not giving them dry food, they do not drink much. This is the reason why they became low on minerals and started to eat the top-soil. This showed me also that the meat does not contain enough of minerals and we should put sea salt on it before eating it.

As soon as I started to put sea salt on their food (raw fatty meat), they started to drink more water but they had stopped to eat the top-soil.

This is another proof that the sea salt is the best source of minerals for our body.

Now you know that you can save yourself a lot of money by utilizing sea salt in your food and drink it dissolved in your water. Because it contains a great number of minerals. The sea salt has very pleasant taste and it is less salty than other refined salts or rock salts.

The people who visit Sahara and had spent some time with the Bedu people (Bedouin), had noticed that they do not drink much water and they do not sweat much but what they do, is they eat sea salt.

ERG CHEBBI, MOROCCO - JANUARY 6, 2014: Bedouin with camel waiting for tourist in Western Sahara. Tourism is an important item in the economy of Morocco Stock Photo - 64766632

By drinking water, we force water elimination and we lose minerals from our blood. The more water we drink, the fewer minerals we have. Our body cannot hold the water and we dehydrate. The people do not die from the lack of water. They die from the lack of minerals.

Why is this truth hidden from us?

Because hydrating with water and sea salt, allows the body to cleanse itself from all toxic elements. This would keep our bodies healthy and the corporate mafia out of business. The medical and the pharmaceutical corporations will go out of business in an instant.

Well, the truth cannot be contained no longer and the end to the criminal mafia of the “Nobles” is taking their last breath.

Please share this knowledge wide and far so that those unaware and still consuming the pharmaceutical and the natural poisons can free themselves and not go into a state of panic when their “necessary” medication is no longer available.

If you are still taking any kind of the pharmaceutical poison, now is your chance to liberate yourself from it.

If you are afraid, let me know and I will help you by guiding you through the process.

Love and light to us all.

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3 comments on “THE HUMIC SUBSTANCES (acids) versus the SEA SALT

    • Mark, we used to drink the water from a river and this water has dissolved minerals but in a small amount so there was always a need to take more salt. In our polluted world it is beneficial to drink the water with sea salt so that we support our body in eliminating those toxins from the body.

      • Oh ok.. I drink spring water that I harvest myself so I’m sure its full of minerals. For some reason though I feel better eating the salt and then letting my thirst guide me. Either way, every since finding your videos and your blog ive been consuming sea ealt abundantly. My health has improved dramatically..thank you for putting this info out there.

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