What is happening with the First lady? Is Melania doing great?

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Those are the most important questions major media is elaborating on. I guess, nothing more important is going on in the world at this moment since Trump’s collusion with the Russians finally feathered away.

Usually, people which are used being in the public eye are eager to show themselves to the public but there is nothing usual about the first lady so talking about her health would be a speculation.

One thing I know for sure is that I would stay away from her doctors as far as possible.

The Major media has its place and that is to be the mouthpiece of our “masters”. Their scripted messages are here to keep us frightened and in line.

What are the best things to use to keep the sickly population scared?

A shortage of medicines (poisons), and at this moment the focus is on the shortage of antibiotics.

REUTERS reports:


Reading this article, you would think that a shortage of antibiotics is a dooms-day disaster.

How important are antibiotics really?

Well, none of my clients is in need of any of them and for potential infections until the immune system recovers, nanoparticle colloidal silver is doing a much better job than antibiotic ever could.

For those of you not familiar with the nanoparticle colloidal silver, nano describes the size of the silver particles in the colloidal solution. The nanoparticles size is a thousand times smaller than a millimeter.

Some people claim that smaller particles from nanoparticles are better because they will penetrate the cellular membranes easier. This is correct but particles which are smaller than nanosize, do not possess the same characteristics of the matter that they represent and their action is not the same.

This is why the so-called ionic colloidal silver is a poor substitute for the nanoparticle size colloid.

Anyway, ionic colloidal silver is not a good name for it if you want to specify that the particles are extremely small. Every liquid with suspended polarized particles is in an ionic state no matter the size of its particles. Water with sea salt is a colloid, our blood is a colloid, sea water is a colloid and they are all in an ionic state with particles of all sizes.

While the antibiotic of a wide spectrum suppress or destroys 4 to 6 different types of bacteria at most, and is completely useless when it comes to viral or fungal infections, the nanoparticle colloidal silver destroys over 460 different bacteria, fungus, virus, mono-cellular parasites, the eggs of multicellular parasites….with absolutely 0 toxic or collateral effects on our body.

Why are doctors unaware of this?

Because the pharmaceutical gangsters cannot profit from it since everyone can easily make it in their home so they boycott it by suppressing the information and misguiding people exhibiting a blue skin man as the direct result of the colloidal silver usage.

The doctors are so blind when it comes to the understanding of the true causes of the health problems labelled as a disease, that the only thing that they know to do is to prescribe an antibiotic and then they are surprised if it does not work and they look for a stronger one since this is the only thing that comes to their mind. Cut, burn, and poison medicine has nothing to do with healing and has everything to do with intensifying the problem while robbing people of their life savings while shortening their lives.

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In my previous article, I pointed this with the instance of the small child being poisoned with strong antibiotic while all he needs is to cleanse his blood.

Through those things that we are accustomed to calling our food, we are being poisoned daily and by teaching us not to eat salt (sea salt is the only salt we should be eating) we cannot hydrate and rid ourselves from those toxins we ingested. This is the reason why our bodies accumulate those toxins and start malfunctioning.

One of the obvious symptoms of the bodies toxicity is a bad odor.

Recently an airplane had to make an emergency landing to evacuate a passenger who stunk the whole airplane making other passengers nauseous.


Many of my clients complain of the foul odor coming from their body during the detoxification process.

Many people believe that the body smells bad because the person did not wash him/herself.

This is not true. Many people living in deserts have no luxury to take a “proper” bath but heir skin and bodily fluids do not have a strong odor. Those people are eating cleaner food and are not being further poisoned with some toxic medicinal remedies.

Our bodies are in desperate need of minerals. Mistakingly we thing that we get those minerals through the vegetable loaded diet.

Vegetables provide a small number of minerals especially these days of a monoculture farming on the mineral-depleted soil. When the aroma is missing, there are no minerals and all you are eating is toxic water which is polluted with artificial chemicals.

Everything these days revolves around the money. The greed is resulting in carelessness and the contamination of our food with the pathogens is a frequent occurrence.


Now those people who are afraid of eating meat because they are afraid of the Escherichia coli infection can add a lettuce to their not to eat food list.

Not understanding the true nature of health problems new bills empowering the criminal pharmaceutical and mad/sin industries to create stronger and stronger poisons and now can use them without any testing. Trump in his ignorance signer this bill in action

The so-called lying mainstream media diverts the attention by accusing Trump of ignoring a small child while the so-called positive media applauds Trump hugging the child, no one objects to the approval of untested medicinal poisons to be used on the unsuspected public.

This is the real horror show in making. Unrestricted criminal activity in action and protected by the rule of law. Now even the licenses to protect the wrongdoers are no longer required.

I do not want you to think that I am against Donald Trump. I love what is happening and I know that the evil system is crumbling but Trump and his advisors have to wake up themselves. There has to be someone who can advise him on the health issues. He and his family are in need of help and they are barking at the wrong tree.

The World is really going insane as the system is collapsing so please, be careful and take care of yourselves.

As the followers of my work, you know what and what not to do so please follow my recommendations and you have nothing to worry about.

Keep your eyes opened and your hearts pure.

Love and light to us all.

Medical cartoons, Medical cartoon, funny, Medical picture, Medical pictures, Medical image, Medical images, Medical illustration, Medical illustrations


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