THE SCHIZOPHRENIA GENE, another pearl of the scientific stupidity.

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I always point to the fact that all of the research and all of the studies based on the current false knowledge are doomed to failure. Two bad can never result in one good no matter how you spin it.

A lot of medical stupidity comes from the UK. these days.

One example of this is the latest article in the Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, the UK. researchers came to the conclusion that stressful pregnancy triggers the schizophrenia gene in the placenta. The stress factor mentioned is the elevated blood pressure. This is one of the most ridiculous things that I had ever heard.

No, I am not surprised at all knowing the information those scientists possess this cannot surprise me. I just feel very sorry for the people under their care. Those poor souls have no place to hide.

Now, by showing us the connection between stress-related hypertension, they can maintain the sickly state of the pregnant women and pollute it even further by the additional drugs necessary to correct the early discovered problem.

This will justify bringing more drugs into a pregnant women’s body ensuring that the fetus becomes toxic and the newborn child sick from the first breath it takes.

Why are the results of this study so ridiculous?

For one, elevated blood pressure does not cause any health problems, it is just a symptom of stronger activity of the heart or a symptom of a bad blood circulation.

The elevated blood pressure will never cause a change of genetic expression. It is the other way around. The changes in the genetic expression will cause the elevated blood pressure.

Now, what will be the causes of the genetic changes?

As followers of my work you already know the answer to that, it is always the environment.

What will change the environment to which genetic code has to be adjusted?

The culprits are the toxins and the stress.

Since the toxins change the genetic expression here is your proof that the dietary glucose is toxic to an animal body. Dietary glucose changes the genetic expression in many ways and it is the major cause of the 2000 genetic defects scientists had discovered in the human body by now.

I have to inject the dietary glucose factor in as many articles as possible because I want to reprogram your sub-conscience to absorb it an act upon it by changing your diet.

The dietary glucose is the slow-acting poison that allows your body to slowly disintegrate and malfunction within a 115 year period.

What dramatically speeds up the toxic load of the body is the lack of water. The water shortage in the body is closely associated with insufficiency of the electrolytes which are provided through the minerals.

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Contrary to what we are being told, the minerals found in the blood do not come from the vegetables and fruits as dietitians are promoting. In my book The Resonance of Nutrition, I explain that this is very difficult to achieve if not impossible.

All of the necessary minerals are provided through the salt we eat.

Only the unrefined sea salt has all the necessary minerals and by avoiding to eat the salt, we contribute to the dehydration of our blood and the dehydration of our cellular structure.

Dehydrated blood cannot be cleansed and the toxic load of the blood increases.

More and more young women are stopping to menstruate. Their doctors have no clue why and of course a hormonal therapy is implemented. This pollutes the blood even more. So will the new medications that will be implemented now to counteract the “schizophrenia gene”.

The whole science as we are being told in the medical schools is a witch hunt designed to keep us occupied and to financially support the fake health industry called the Medicine and its bogus studies.

Why do young women stop menstruating?

When there is not enough blood the cleansing organs cannot perform the cleansing. They have to save the existing water. Since the menstrual bleeding removes a lot of water from the blood, dehydrated women have first short periods with minimal loss of the blood. If no hydration is done, the menstruation stops, there is not a drop of water that can be wasted even when the blood’s cleansing is in question.

Since the blood toxicity rises, so will raise the cellular toxicity since the cells will refuse to hydrate with the toxic blood. The cells themselves become acidic and toxic and this is where all of the chronic health problems come from.

Just last Sunday I saw a young woman with her 2-year-old boy. He was coughing and she was telling her friend that her son is now on antibiotics to prevent a pulmonary infection.

I had to intervene and point to the mother that those antibiotics will not solve anything but they will further increase the toxic load of her son and skin rashes will appear.

As I said it, she flips her son’s shirt exposing his body which was full of red dots. A sign of inflammation of the skin.

I looked at the young mother and I see her bad skin covered by makeup.

This is the genetic connection. A chronic dehydration running in the family. This produces the toxic environment and all of the bad-health symptoms. There is no medicine that can help. But what will help is being discouraged by the medical and the pharmaceutical fake industries and this is sea salt and water.

If you are of child bearing age and eager to get pregnant, please contact me or follow the Self Healers Protocol at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant. If you detoxify your body and if you adjust properly your genome you will have an easy pregnancy and child delivery. Your child will be healthy and resilient to all diseases and so will you.

Toxicity cartoons, Toxicity cartoon, funny, Toxicity picture, Toxicity pictures, Toxicity image, Toxicity images, Toxicity illustration, Toxicity illustrations

More and more women have the problem of conceiving. Now you understand why.

The answer is not to force the pregnancy by any mean necessary because your problem is of toxic nature and your body refuses to create a new life in such a toxic environment,

Profound loss of blood eliminates many toxins and the newly developed blood makes the environment more suitable for pregnancy. This is why many toxic women, after becoming pregnant experience spontaneous abortion. This cleanses the blood sufficiently to allow the mother to support the next pregnancy.

Even in this case, the woman’s body is still very toxic and newborns will often suffer from health related issues.

Now I hope that you are realizing when I am telling you that the chronic diseases do not exist.

All that the chronic diseases are are the various symptoms of toxicity and the bodies response to it.

Open your mind. Ignore what you have been told and absorb the new knowledge. It will save your life.

Love and light to us all.

Toxicity cartoons, Toxicity cartoon, funny, Toxicity picture, Toxicity pictures, Toxicity image, Toxicity images, Toxicity illustration, Toxicity illustrations


2 comments on “THE SCHIZOPHRENIA GENE, another pearl of the scientific stupidity.

  1. Thank you for the constant reminder about dietary glucose. I have to admit I’m struggling with my conscience and other factors (family & public views) regarding what’s good for our body, which stresses me quite a bit.

    Everywhere I see and look (I’m Asian), it involves dietary glucose. My daily dinner is brown rice with stir-fried side dishes, curry, stew.

    • Jeri, do not believe in anything you hear or read including me. You will feel if the information resonates with you and give it a try.
      As I was experimenting, I was vegetarian for 8 months and then vegan for a short time as I had noticed a rapid loss of muscles on that diet.
      Try eating the way I suggest for a month or two and be the judge yourself brother.

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