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The Institute for Family Studies has shown the decline in fertility among the women in the USA.

Surprisingly, the most affected are the Hispanic women, then the American Indian women, then American African, and the Asian or Pacific Islander women are the least affected.


The doctors are puzzled with these statistics.

We are constantly being reminded of the toxicity of the cleaning products, the laundry detergents, the fireproof coating on the upholstery and the clothing. The health warriors are pointing to the toxic additives in the packaged foods, the BPA and other toxic substances purposefully added to weaken our immune system and to undermine our health. The heavy metals polluting the fish deeming it unsafe for human consumption.

Everybody is exposed to those equally. We may argue that many Hispanic women are working as housekeepers and they have more contact with the cleaning agents but why do I see the same problem here in the Amazonia of Peru where most of the women do not use much of those products because they simply do not care much about cleaning. I am not implying that they are dirty. Simply, the cleaning agents are too expensive for people who live in houses with the floor made of mud.

Whenever I shop for food, I observe what kind of food and other products are people buying in the supermarket. Just one day of observation can paint a pretty good picture of what is going on and the picture is not a happy sight for my eyes.

two friends taking photo of their food with smart phones

When I see what the type of the food parents are buying food for their children and themselves I want to scream. I used to talk to mothers when I saw them loading Coca-Cola, cereals, frankfurters, margarine, soy oil, soy milk, bread, candy, microwave ready meals, and other types of toxic garbage in their carts for the purpose to eat it as a food, but I do not do this anymore.

They would look at me strangely as if I was from another planet because everyone knows how healthy are the cereals for a young growing body and there is nothing healthier than the soy milk.

After all, the movies are showing us how to eat and how important it is to visit our doctor and follow his/her instructions.

The health enthusiasts are parading in protest of the GM foods forcing their opinion and extensive knowledge of a healthy diet which is loaded with carbohydrates and vegetables. Without reservation or hesitation they will approach your table as you enjoy your black and blue steak and with a conviction, they will scream into your ear how ignorant animal hater you are, and that your life will be miserable, sickly, and short.

Daily we are being bombarded with information how to save our health. The warnings of the cholesterol and salt in the food are pasted on all billboards. Do not eat the eggs, the cholesterol will clog your arteries. The egg with banana will make a hole in your stomach and kill you!

How can you eat the pig? It is a dirty animal, it rolls in the mud. I wonder what do they think where do the potatoes come from?

There is no end to the stupidity and just when you think that you had heard it all, some “expert” tells you that your favorite exercise is actually accelerating your bodies aging process.


Whom to trust? What can we do to live healthily?

It is obvious by now that if we do not change the way we are living, the human race is doomed.

The brainwashed millennials are marching and demanding the protection of their safe spaces. Anyone who dares to voice his/her opinion about the global warming or the climate change as they had renamed it after realizing that the warming trend does not exist and dares not to attribute it to the human factor is immediately attacked and labeled as the enemy of humanity.

On the other side, those self-served protectors of the Earth are being silent about the systematic pollution and destruction of our planet from the Zionist run system which supports them, while it is at the same time spraying poison through the chem-trails and the agricultural poisons of the MONSANTO and other chemical corporations.

Those are the real destructive forces.

The Zionist controlled Trump is doing nothing about it. In fact, he is continuing to fight for the oil companies supremacy in the field of energy completely disregarding the fact that electricity will be the energy of the future and the oil industry will cease to exist. No wonder that Trump is buddy with Netanyahu, another Rothschild Zionist servant.

Do not misinterpret my message thinking that I am pro Hilary.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

Luckily there is an occult force that corrects Trumps attempts to please the Zionist agenda so the actions of the Trump presidency are actually very positive.

As you can see, wherever you look, the things are not as they seem to be.

Why am I mixing everything together you may ask?

I just want to show you that everything that you are directed to see and made to understand is all fake. The truth is buried deep inside and difficult to get to. This is why we should not trust anything that is revealed openly.

This is why when we go back and look into the real cause of infertility in women, we have to disregard what is obvious and what we are being told no matter through which channel the information is transmitted.

Through my work, I have shown you how powerful is the defense mechanism of our body to defend itself and adapt to changing circumstances. Our bodies can easily detoxify themselves. They can prevent toxic elements from entering and affecting our health. This is why hydration with the structured water and sea salt is so important.

The Anunnaki knew that the best occult way to dumb down the human race and to make it short-lived and sickly is to reprogram their genetic expression. This they did by introducing us to the dietary glucose. They showed us how to cultivate and manipulate grains including them into our diet.

As the followers of my work, you know that dietary glucose changes the genetic expression. Angelina Jolie was beautiful, healthy human being. Then she became vegetarian and vegan. Because of her active lifestyle, she could not cope with such diet energetically so she started to add the meat to her diet but the genome was changed and the breast cancer gene was activated. Now the poor lost soul has no breasts and no husband. What does it mean to be famous and rich?

Nothing is more important than our health but we do not pay any attention to it until it is late and then, in panic, we look for health in all the wrong places.

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This is why if we want to know the real culprit of infertility in women all that we have to do is to see the amount of the dietary glucose that is ingested daily.

The population that eats the most dietary glucose on a daily basis is the Hispanic population. This is not just true for the USA. It is the same in the Central and South America.

The amount of corn flour, grains, legumes, potatoes, plantains, and other cooked carbohydrates that regularly find themselves as food on the table of Hispanic families is staggering.

The meat and other animal products are used more as a seasoning to add flavor to the meal and not as the nutritional source.

The Asian or Pacific Islander women whose meals are based mostly on fish and other kinds of seafood with some rice and vegetables are the least affected. Since there is more and more rice added to their food as the fish is becoming more and more expensive, their health is starting to suffer as well.

Here in the Amazonia of Peru, people live on the dietary glucose. The same plate will contain rice, potatoes, yucca, beans, fried bananas and accompanied by a small piece of fish or chicken or pork. All this will be washed down with a glass of Coca-Cola or some equally toxic soft drink.

The young women are fat and from the experience, doctors are suggesting them to have babies early in life. They see rapid deterioration of the uterus and their response to this problem is to cut it out.

This is the marvel of the modern “madsin”.

Now you can understand that all this awareness of toxic foods is nothing in the comparison to the damage created by the dietary glucose which nobody is talking about it.

By following my work, you will understand your body in a whole different way. You will learn how to take care of it and how to properly support it.

Please join the growing community of awakened people who are contributing to this process of awakening to the truth and understanding with a completely new science behind it.

Please contribute financially and by spreading this information between your friends and family.

We do not have to wait for the healing machines of the future. The knowledge is here for anyone to use and achieve healing and longevity or even immortality.

There are no secrets here. It is all explained and on the open.

There is no secret agenda.

It is simple, and hard to believe, so if you wonder if it is true, try it for yourself.

Nothing can be cheaper.

No supplements to buy.

No expensive additives and product to use.

No expensive elixirs or snake oils to be purchased.

As you can see for yourself, I do not sell any products except the sea salt and the coconut oil and the colloidal silver and copper 1 to those who are too lazy or to busy to make it for themselves.

All we need is the truth and the will to make the change.

Please donate and become a member of this family.

Love and light to us all



  1. Great article. One of the biggest lies is that the world is overpopulated. Yet we can see that family size continues to shrink and the money to raise kids increases incredibly. The average family size in the 40s was around 5 to 6 kids! Now if you have 6 kids you would get your own tv show. What a joke. How can people not see what is going on? They make the population look like it has increased by forcing people to live in confined spaces called cities. How do they do this? Large corporations have taken over and have taken away small businesses. As a result people are forced to live in cities to work for these corporate giants…..go to the country and you will see its becoming more and more desolate. People can’t afford to live there because of lack of jobs being taken away. .I’m just amazed people can’t see this..no one think anymore. World has gone crazy.

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