THE TOXIC GENERATION the crossroads of humanity

Sick boy wearing oxygen mask sleeping beside teddy bear in hospital bed

First, there were the baby-boomers, then the millennial and now the toxic generation.

Humanity has reached the breaking point. It became toxic and evil.

We can all see what is happening around us. Total destruction of family and family values are rewarded and promoted.

The pedophile infested government is claiming the right over our children but all of this does not really matter if we do not awake. We are being destroyed through the food recommendations and the medical practices of the modern “madsin” or medicine as we are accustomed calling it.

The majority of the people are not capable of thinking clearly and they are so busy with the dummy-phones that they cannot spare a minute to listen to something valuable or to simply observe what is happening around them.

Mi friend Mikie wrote me a message saying, “I believe 98% of people on earth believe birds and other small animals eat greens and fruits. Why is that, when 1 week of observation will show you it is not true? Birds and many animals live off of insects. I see this first hand, as I live in the country. It makes sense when you think about how numerous insects are, even in the winter.”

House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) with a bug in it's beak.

Now, why more people instead of learning a scripted nonsense from books and licensed parrots we call educators do not engage in observation and thinking?

I guess, there is no money in it and this money hungry generation that is stripped of its identity truly behaves like the Zombies of the living dead.

My next-door neighbor’s daughter wanted to have a baby. She is 29 years old, chubby lady. She had menstrual problems and since my wife is friendly with her mother she recommended that her daughter talks to me before getting pregnant.

Of course, this did not happen. They only trust their doctors from the nearby hospital. I believe that the reason is that my neighbours know that change of diet is what I will recommend and they do not want any part of it.

What happened next is like the young woman is following the toxic script.

First, she had a difficulty of becoming pregnant.

Then she had difficulties during the early pregnancy and aborted the fetus.

She conceived easily after the miscarriage which was to be expected since the process is allowing blood to detoxify (through the profound blood-loss) but the body remained toxic. This is why after she had conceived the second time, she started with the standard symptoms of the toxic mother such as are vomiting, stomach pains, and headaches. She is so toxic and her food is so bad that her body is rejecting it. No matter what she eats (from the great variety of rice, yucca, bread, potatoes, grains, and legumes) which are her choices of food, she cannot hold it in. Her body is rejecting them and they cannot understand that body reject toxic elements and this is why she is vomiting all the time.

This is the type of the food that they all eat here every day and loads of it so how can the food be the problem?

Group of carbohydrate food consisted of soybean, sunflower seed, pistachio, almond, cashew, peanut, rice, black, green, and red bean seeds, with dry wheat, in soft light vintage tone

Here you can see how people do not observe, they do not make a correlation between the diseases that they all suffer from and the food that they eat. They look and they see nothing. Zombie mentality.

She spends more of her time in the hospital under the emergency medical care than in her house. Today she has been hospitalized again and she is only in the fourth month of pregnancy.

So what do the doctors do?

They put her on the glucose drip. Perfect. Then people are surprised that infants come down with diabetes.

Now, what do you think her child will look like when it starts to breathe on its own? This is, if it survives at all, which will be a miracle on its own.

What kind of child can such toxic mother produce?

Baby in the pediatric ICU

The poor baby will be toxic from the moment it takes its first breath.

People are so accustomed to hear the baby cry as soon as it takes its first breath that they think that this is how it is supposed to be.

I think that most of us feel like crying before actually throwing-up.

People see their babies burping, vomiting, having diarrhea, skin rashes and fever but they think that this is all normal. They think that this is how the baby adjusts itself to this experience we call the life. Even the mislead health professionals are telling them that this is nothing to worry about, this is normal for babies.

I bet you that even the toughest guy would share a tear if they would feel the way those babies do.

Side view on sick young woman wearing sleeveless shirt in leaning on open toilet seat at indoor bathroom

How can our doctors even think that something like this is normal?

No youngster of any other animal in nature behaves in this way.

Ups, I forgot that people do not observe because everything that they need to know to get their licenses is to read and regurgitate back the information they had read on demand. This is what we call the education. Observation and direct contact with the pristine nature are not required and the truth has to be squashed. Only the scripted information can be repeated and promoted. There is no value in the information if it does not have a title of the “final study” slapped on it.

The majority of the people that are awakening are surprised realizing that all the news that they are getting through the media is scripted and has nothing to do with the truth.

Well, you as the followers of my work know that not only the news is scripted. The whole popular science as we know it is also scripted and false.

Almost every child that comes seeking help is not capable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. They cannot sit and look at you for more than a couple of seconds and they start grabbing things around them and behave irrationally.

I am not surprised at all.

What else can a body do when it is supercharged with energy like if it was under a stress of the fight and flight mode of the brain. This is exactly how the body is supposed to behave in such a situation.

When our body finds itself in a stressful situation, the buster fuel is released (the glycogen releases the glucose), our cells become supercharged with energy. The heart rate increases, the brain quickly assesses the situation of the ambient and muscles are ready to do the work but there is nothing to do, no place to go, no solutions to find. The energy has to be utilized so the organism (in this case a child) is desperately trying to use this energy and behaves in the way we do not expect it to behave since nothing stressful is happening to provoke such a behaviour.

On top of this, the child has its genome changed and his cells behave differently. His immune system does not function properly and since the cellular structure depends on the buster fuel, it cannot function properly without it. This is why as soon as the cellular energy goes down, the brain becomes underpowered and the child becomes cranky and sleepy.

On top of all of these difficulties that the child’s genetically changed body is dealing with, there is an elevated level of toxicity caused by the lack of water and ionic elements of the sea salt.

Babies get into this stage because of the vomiting and frequent diarrheas. They are not given enough water and minerals so that the ones that were lost can be replenished.

The milk that they receive from their toxic mothers is inadequate so they are given the baby formulas (of Hell). Baby formulas are loaded with sugar and lacking minerals. This makes them toxic. They do not provide what the toxic baby needs and instead of allowing the body to cleanse, it further pollutes it.

Now the baby continues with diarrhea so it is given toxic medicines to stop them. Often antibiotics are used and lately the steroid usage has soared. In this way, we lower the inflammation but we also prevent the mucosa from cleansing the blood and the skin takes over.

Eczema and rushes cover a big part of the young child’s skin.

“Nothing to worry about” is what you hear from your health provider, “this is normal for this age, the child will grow out of it” this is the wisdom that you will hear from your doctor’s mouth as he/she prescribes more ointments loaded with antihistamines or steroids further polluting your child.

“Your child needs to be vaccinated because it’s immune system is weak”, is the next most likely fatal recommendation that your doctor will give you.

The amount of pollution that vaccines bring into the young body will most likely spill the cup of already very polluted and toxic body.

The amount of toxic babies and children that I see is staggering. We have a toxic young generation whose survival is questionable.

Wake up, look around you, observe, process what you see and please, please, please, act on it now while you still can.

All the information that you need to know is available in my posts so read them or get my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body and follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Allow me to guide you and please contribute to my work by donating according to your possibility.

Love and light to us all.


In this addendum I will make a brief description of how to easily and rapidly detoxify babies and young children. Because of their age, their detox is fast and they recover their health rapidly.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

4 thoughts on “THE TOXIC GENERATION the crossroads of humanity”

  1. Another amazing article.

    Darko can put together everything that is right in front of our eyes… everything wrong..but that we were taught to Accept as Normal. -But, there is nothing normal about it! -That’s Crazy! We are crazy now. We act crazy. We have a totally crazy nut in White Hut in the USofA….

    Wow! but Darko can still see. “I am following his flash light :__0) ”

    + I am sending a donation right now

  2. The baby picture got me thinking about the problems in England, with the Alfie baby who was just withdrawn from life support after having a degenerative neurological condition. Months ago it was Charlie Gard. Do you remember these on the news, Darko? Doctors said their conditions were not curable, and the Supreme Court made the decision to end life support, when Italy offered to take the baby to give him special treatment. I know socialized medicine may not be the best, but what does one do when a baby has a condition that cannot be cured, and is on life support?

    1. Chris, the government is not working for the people and it is not by the people. It is independent entity to control the people. We have to get rid of the government and I believe that this is in our future.
      The doctors are incompetent and it should be the decision of the parents to decide what will happen to their child.
      How can doctors heal anybody when they “know” that dietary glucose is the perfect cellular fuel and they administer it into the child’s blood when the child cannot eat on its own.
      It is no brainer, what can you expect will happen if you continuously poison a body????

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